people joke about how miranda ~doesn’t handle rejection well~ if you break up with her in me3, BUT I REMEMBER a time when the majority of people shit all over her romance for being just about sex and not serious and how she doesn’t ‘really’ care about you. i think if i went to the bsn circa 2011 and said that miranda is the only LI to cry if you break up with them i would have been laughed into another universe


my photo final went so well!!!!! i was doing a series of 20 prints exploring the concept of engagement and disengagement. after much awkward silence my professor said that everything was very hazy and dream like and in another whole reality, and that i essentially created a photo diary of what it was like to be me. she said that nobody else could have taken photos like that, and they are all very purple. abby helped me sequence them last night and today in class i just told a few tiny stories from my life and was very excited that my professor loved my work so much. also nobody in my class knows what my last name is but they all liked my things except for one person !!

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i'm mixed and part black, and i feel like my anxiety & depression overshadows everything i try to do to contribute even a small part to anti-racist movements. i'm too anxious & overwhelmed to be in marches or speak up in public. my white best friend says vaguely racist-sounding shit sometimes on fb but i'm too scared to call her on it. i want to write about anti-racism but i feel like i have no good ideas & that i don't really have a voice. i just wonder if anyone else can relate, or has advice.

I can relate to this for sure. I have a lot of mental health issues and I totally feel you on things getting overwhelming. You have to take care of yourself. You have to look out for yourself and do what you need to do to keep yourself safe. For me, it took a very long time to get into a position where I’m comfortable cutting people out of my life in regards to how they react to what’s been going on. I post a lot of articles and write a lot about how I feel about the state of Things a lot on my Facebook and for the most part, I’ve not had to directly confront anyone very often–they’ve been removing themselves. I have had a few “friends” message me or comment on threads about how they’re “disappointed” in my “anti-White propaganda” (seriously, that was said) but honestly the anxiety about the possibility of those kinds of confrontations ended up being far more damaging then when they actually happened

I suggest that if this is something that you want to talk about and get into, to start out by posting informative articles and if you feel moved to, share your thoughts about the article. You do have a voice; sometimes you just may need a little nudge to get you going and I find that talking about articles/videos/news reports helps to find that voice a lot. Just gauge how you’re feeling and remind yourself that you have the right to delete people’s comments and you have the right to delete the whole thread altogether with no warning to anyone else. Eventually, through making something habitual, it’ll get more comfortable and you may find that you’re less anxious about the idea of calling out a friend or a family member either online or in person

Don’t be hard on yourself though, okay? Yes activism is important and yes standing up and being involved is important; but you are important too and ignoring your mental health and mental/emotional safety in favour of compounding issues that can contribute to your anxieties and depression is dangerous. Doing what you’re able to (safely) do is important too. Mental health is a funny thing because someone who is visibly physically unwell wouldn’t be expected to do things beyond their physical limitations but those of us who are mentally unwell often feel shame and guilt for not being able to do things beyond our mental/emotional limitations. Sometimes it helps me to remind myself of that; that I’m unwell and as such, sometimes i can’t do things I think I should be able to or meet expectations people expect me to

Taking care of yourself isn’t a copout or a dismissal to what’s been going on

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i hate that im ace. i feel like im missing out on something massive and important and i feel really alone and like i have no purpose and im just gonna be lonely forever and looked at weird. i just want to find peace with it and move on with my life but im always so upset about it. how do i stop hating it so much?

My best advice is fake it till you make it. If you tell yourself that it’s all okay, that being ace is just how you are and how you are is wonderful, then one day you’ll believe it. 

That and read what other aces say. We talk so much about the ways we’re mistreated and whatnot, but look at everything else aces talk about beyond just our asexuality. We all have these complex, fascinating lives full of pleasures and passions, and so can you. Not feeling sexual attraction is just one aspect of who we are, and it doesn’t rule anyone’s life. Sexual attraction is not that important. Your life will be great and amazing because you make it so. No one’s life is magically better just because of attraction. 

Read asexual stories. Spend less time thinking about what you don’t feel and focus on what you do feel. Enjoy the good in your life and the friends you have. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts pushed on you by society and its heteronormative compulsory sexuality. Savor the good in your life. 


Are your songs autobiographical at all?

Neil Simon said, “Everything’s autobiographical, even the stuff you make up.” I tend to agree with that. It’s not confessional, about me, or about anybody, but these are my life experiences. I’m not trying to make a statement of any kind other than this is what I see, this is what I felt, this is what I want to sing about. Straight autobiography is interesting and artful, but what makes it art is that you turn it into something else. I could write lyrics that were straight autobiography but I think the song would really suck.

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hey, do you have any klapollo fics you'd recommend?:)

[cracks fingers] hello friend do i have some fics for you

there’s a sad lack of klapollo fics knocking around nowadays (sadface) so some of the ones i rec are classics of a sort that you may have read before (like who hasn’t read hot for justice) but i tried to hunt down some of my favourites! 

they all have links, and my personal favs have bolded titles! also please be aware that some are nsfw.

if anyone else has recs for this lovely mithrandir, please let me know!

yo no sabia by atlasspeaks (also known as my real life buddy icarusuns)

Like most things that were happening to Klavier these days, Apollo Justice was responsible for it (aka the fic where Klavier finds out that Apollo can speak Spanish and doesn’t know what to do with himself).

give me a break by pkmya

Apollo didn’t know what had possessed Klavier to invite him to a music awards night, glitzy crowds and attention were probably his least favourite things in the world and Klavier knew this.
But you know, here he was.

grind by mintyink

Apollo loves his boyfriend Klavier and he cares about his best friend, Clay, but he didn’t expect to start fantasizing about his two favorite people going at it. And he didn’t expect to like it so much. He thinks that nobody knows about it, but Klavier and Clay are smarter than they let on and they want to give him a good Christmas present. Filled for the pw kink meme

ten weeks by patchling

“… this time was different. This time Apollo was aware that she might, for once, be on the receiving end of someone’s affections—and not weeks after the fact.”

NOTE: I completely forgot to say this is a cis swap fic that has Apollo as a cisgender woman. I know some people aren’t comfortable with these kind of fics, so I wanted to add this warning.

call me sometime by saevam

Originally filled on the PW Kink Meme!
Original prompt: This anon could really use some steamy, dirty talkin’ phone sex! Don’t skimp on the details– I wanna see our fave courtroom dork duo melt into a pair of whimpering messes before it’s all said and done!
After getting busted for receiving dirty sexts from Klavier, Apollo decides to turn the tables and get his revenge. After tonight, Klavier will never call him “Herr Vanilla” again…

flirting by TrinesRUs

Klavier has this way of looking at Apollo, leaning down with his head slightly tilted and a soft smile on his lips. It’s just another way of mocking him. It has to be.

i can see it now by lakehymn

The conversation had been friendly and casual, and Apollo hadn’t really been paying attention, and that’s why he thought he felt—
“What? I just said I’m happy we’re friends.”
But then Apollo’s bracelet tightens around his wrist again, and he knows he wasn’t wrong. Klavier is lying to him.

the prosecutor on the couch by tu_et_nuage

Does the world need another Klavier-and-Apollo-fall-in-love-post-AA4 fic? Probably not, but that’s what this is.

hot for justice by indirectkissesiniceland

After the events of State v. Misham, Klavier finds himself in a slump, stressed at the prosecutor’s office and unable to pen new songs. To his surprise, he finds creative inspiration–and unexpected feelings–by spending time with Apollo and is able to write and record an album’s worth of new material. Now if only he could release the new tracks without raising any suspicion as to whom his love songs are for.

ever the same by fantasy world

Klavier is secretly trans, female to male. He’s been very lucky in the fact that despite being female, he’s been pretty masculine.
He’s really close to being able to have transition surgery, and being able to ditch the binder and such for good, but until then, his partner Apollo absolutely cannot find out, seeing as Klavier’s scared his 100% gay boyfriend will leave him if he does.
Of course, Apollo’s gonna find out.

SHEPHERD NOTE: i do like this fic because it’s one of the few trans ace attorney characters i can’t find without the fic seeming poorly written/inaccurate, but because i’m cis i don’t know if this particular fic is going to be inaccurate/offensive in any ways for people who are actually trans. i don’t think it is as far as i know, but i’d like to place this warning just in case :)

discord by mirrankei

“There! Again! I mean, yes, we are investigating.” Athena gestured aimlessly. “But there is something in your voice that’s off. Come on. Tell me. Why do you feel happy whenever you talk about this case?”
“Miss Cykes,” Klavier said carefully, “I may take pride in my work, but I can assure you, I am not so deranged as to feel pleasure at the thought of violent homicides.”

just a curiosity by GigglingGraves

Klavier is curious about how Apollo can see through lies. So, of course, he tries to figure it out. What he learns, however, is really much better than what he set out for.

as the body tells it by mllelaurel

Apollo’s Perceive can’t help but sense arousal, along with the normal lies and nervousness tells. (Written for a kink meme prompt.)

easier by tastewithouttalent

“Everything is a lot easier once they make it back to Klavier’s apartment.” Klavier complicates Apollo’s life but some things he makes easier.

run my mouth by The LimeGreenMachine

Apollo Justice did not get jealous. And even if he did, like hell he’d get jealous over Klavier Gavin.
Takes place during the events of Dual Destinies, spoilers for endgame.

EDIT: Somehow, I completely forgot this fic. Thank you very much to skyesisters for reminding me! For this one I’d like to state a trigger warning for stalking and emotional manipulation- please see the fics tags and description below for a little more information :)

gravity by euphorion 

In the aftermath of his brother’s arrest, Klavier is trying to balance his law career and a solo music career, with some success—but with less savory consequences as well. His fans are fixating on every aspect of his life, desperate for his attention and jealous of his relationships with the people around him. They’ve singled out his courtroom rival, Apollo Justice, as the target of their frustrations.

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tbh your mom isnt really responsible for your uni stuff being sorted, or for figuring your travel out, and definitely not for finding out if your room is furnished. Don't blame your failings on others

shut the fuck up since you dont know anything.

  • i have spent past few weeks at campus and my mom had all the info papers at home. she only informed me about that i am supposed to sign up for the exam and she didnt bother to tell anything else what was written on the papers. she could have sent the papers for me or at least told what they said.
  • i am mentally disabled and completing even simple tasks on my own is extremely difficult for me. i do not have some basic life skills, i fucking do not survive on my own without help and guidance.
  • she fucking promised to help me with the travels but she didnt, instead she sent me fuckload of summerjob descriptions

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Have you eaten today, Love? Prayed? Spent a few minutes talking to God and laughing with him? I just want to make sure you don't forget to do what's important <3 I'm praying for you

I’ve eaten (I’m actually eating now), I’ve prayed, and I’ve loved God. I don’t really have anyone else in my life other than my close friends and family to love though. At least God is always constant .

I just got out of a toxic fling that I had off and on for about three years, which wasn’t even really fun now that I think back because it was solely a physical relationship. 

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a physical relationship but if that’s all that is done and nothing else it’s kinda toxic. If you talk and it always leads to something…. sexual. It’s kinda toxic. 

I finally decided to stop bothering because when I asked if we could start doing friend things he told me I ask for too much. Like?? WHAT. 

So, that moment, I know it took me a while, sue me, I realized what a complete and utter tool this dude is and I deserve better in my life and I’m young and beautiful and smart and funny and I DON’T NEED HIS SHIT.

So, I got rid of him from my life. Hopefully  for a while. I just don’t need to deal with it anymore, I’m moving on to bigger and better things, and though he was a big part of my high school life, I am graduating any feelings I had towards him, my infatuation if you will, along with me graduating with high school. I just know one day I’ll get out of this town, and he will stay here. I’ll prove to be something more than that.


if i could just be someone else, if i could live in other body, i promise i would do my best in working hard, helping people and - first of all - myself, because now i cant see any sense it in? i dont know who is the person i see in the mirror? it is not me, i cant feel comfortable with this body, i want to leave it, i cant just do what id really want to, i already failed my life in this body, i want to go outside and start living as the real me, but i cant, im trapped in this fucking piece of meat for eternity, i will never be able to show up to people, to let them see me, its impossible, im invisible, do i even exist? or am i just a part of this persons mind? maybe in fact im just some kind of error, mistake, a result of an illness?

Top 10 Dragon Age characters!

l was tagged by talivasthedas

Better named “What characters ruined my life: Dragon Age edition”.

1. Fenris

2. Anders

3. Isabela

4. Hawke

5. Varric

6. Cole

7. Cassandra

8. Carver

9. Vivienne

10. Saemus

I’m actually really happy I was tagged for this! I really wanted to do it XD

I tag mydearmadamekirby sinandcakeinorlais rad-pax-personal and anyone else who wants to do it! 

Solavellan Breaks My Heart….and here is why

Why is the Solas romance still ruining my life? Let’s consider some things, shall we? 

  • The Solavellan romance has the least amount of interaction of all the romances. 
  • The intimate details of the romance are left ambiguous and open for the player to interpret. 
  • It’s the only romance where the lover leaves! 

What else do we lack in Solavellan? We never get the option to start a romance with Solas! We never have the option to lock in a relationship with him!

As a result of this, there are no tender moments with stolen kisses on the battlements. There are no interludes of long walks with our lover. There are no cuddles on couches. And to make matters worse, you’re not locked into the Solavellan romance until he dumps you, breaks off your relationship, and walks away from you with no further explanation! Locked in! There is no running to Cullen for consolation. No burying your head in Blackwall’s chest and having him console you. Rebound relationships are not an option unless you ended it first.

Why? you ask between choking tears and ugly crying. Here’s my theory. 

Because, until this moment, Solas was not committed. 

You’ve shared kisses on balconies, you discussed pursuing a relationship, you’ve had fade tongue…but no actual commitment. He’s never given you the option to start that romance, to lock him in place. In Crestwood, after he tells you he’s been trying to think of a way to show you what you mean to him, Lavellan fumbles for the words to define their relationship. 

Lavellan - That’s not necessary Solas, you’re my….*glances away, confused*

Solas - That is the question, is it not?

Even he concedes that there is no true definition for your relationship status. And he’s brought Lavellan to Crestwood to change that. He’s brought you here to advance to the next level of your relationship. We, as the player, never get the option to start the romance with Solas, to officially choose to be bonded to only him, like the other romances. Why?

Because Solas makes that choice. 

Solas is the one who gets the option to choose to start the romance and to make it official. He is the one who gets to lock the two of you together in the relationship. He is the partner doing the wooing here so of course the choice is his to make because you’ve already expressed your interest in him again and again to get this far. 

He chooses Lavellan. He locks them and himself together in the committed relationship. Then, he leaves and says he can’t do this. 

But guess what? You’re not single. That means that neither is he. You are still locked in that romance. And so is he. 

I think Solas realizes that if he truly loves Lavellan, and he does, he owes it to them to fix the world that he has broken. If he gives up himself, his duty, then he turns his back on his responsibilities and now Lavellan is one of his responsibilities and a much more compelling reason to right his wrongs. And because he loves them, and they love him, his enemies can hurt them and use them against him. That’s assuming that his mission to right his wrongs does not cost him his life and cause Lavellan further pain. So, he leaves. 

People say he is an ass, selfish, arrogant, etc. He’s not perfect. But he’s willing to sacrifice his happiness in order to make the world a better place than how he left it and that’s a selfless act. You could argue that it is Lavellan’s love and Lavellan’s belief in him that give him the strength to walk away.

Solas, and the Solavellan romance, break my heart because he walks away from Lavellan even more in love now than he was when he called them vhenan for the first time. 

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Gotta ask, how did that Rupert pic happen??

Haha well I was actually working in the photobooth that day, and as I was watching everyone else get their pics taken, I realised he was pretty chill about doing funny pictures.

So for mine, I went up to him and asked, “Okay can we do something crazy?”
And he was like “no JUST KIDDING YES WHAT IS IT”

And I asked if he would lift me somehow. Bridal style, piggy back, whatever he was comfortable with. He immediately turned and crouched and told me to get on his back!

PS there were three photos taken, this one being right as he was letting out quite the animalistic (and sexy) growl haha

Most amazing experience of my life tbh


If I could, I would not do anything else. I’d just be in the studio for my whole life. I would never go to parties, events, and red carpets. I would rather just be in the studio for the whole time. I don’t even care. Nobody has to know what I look like. I just want to make music.

Does anyone else go straight to Troye and Connor’s accounts to see who they’ve replied to when they log onto Twitter? Or is that just me? Pretty sure it’s just me.

does anyone else think it’s crazy that the last harry potter movie came out nearly four years ago but people are still making new gifs and edits and posting them and still having so many feels and headcanons and everything else about the series??? it’s impacted everybody’s lives so much and i feel like it’s never really going to die because this honestly seems like a pretty nostalgic generation and i feel like nobody is ever going to let it go and that we’re going to make sure that, as long as we’re around, nobody is going to forget the story of the boy who lived.