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why do you keep adding muses when you literally never rp?

first of all, just because i don’t rp on tumblr doesn’t mean i don’t rp. a lot of my stuff is done on chatzy or on skype.

second, i can do whatever the fuck i want. if i wanna add one hundred more muses? guess what? i’ll fucking add them.

third, i do things AT MY OWN PACE not for anyone else. excuse the fuck out of me for having a real life and issues i gotta deal with. if you don’t like it? unfollow/block me and i’ll hand you a spoon to eat my ass on your way out.

One of the hardest things in life is trying not to care about what people think of you. I’ve constantly been battling with this for all of my life because it’s something that worries me every single day. There’s the feeling of acceptance that one craves and how easy it would be to get it if we just did the things that everyone else did. I worry a lot about how people see me as well as how they judge me. Whenever I do something that I don’t think is right, a small pool of anxiety settles at the bottom of my stomach and I keep on regretting what I did. 

It’s terribly difficult to not think about something after you’ve said or written it. It’s really hard to not wish that you could have taken it back because you’re now panicking over what everyone has thought about the thing that you did. You can try and convince yourself not to care and it may last for a couple of days but after that, the worry settles in once again. 

Things begin to get awfully comfortable until the safest thing to do is hide out and not do or say anything. 

It’s like a cycle of trying not to care and then caring too much or caring too little. Finding the perfect balance is so tough that maybe doing nothing is the best choice. 

Obviously, it’s not because we shouldn’t really care about what people think of us unless they are significant in our lives and they mean something to us. It also matters if they only have our best interests at heart and aren’t out to push you into a mold that you don’t fit in. It goes with many different paths in life, trying not to care, but each path is just as difficult, maybe some a bit a more. 

But it’s always best to try and live life in a way that makes you happy, that makes you smile and enjoy everyday that comes. 

(I’m just very anxious today). 

The Fight To Be Alive pt7

Chapter Seven


I assume that is the name you prefer but if you have been known as something else during your time on Earth, please let me know.

I have already told you who I am several times and it appeared as though you had some recollection as to what I do and my public persona.  Rest assured, that I am not using you for some journalistic endeavor.  Aside from the fact that you saved my life, and I abhor what LordTech and Cadmus have been doing, you also remind me of an old friend.

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morning venting

What I want to know is how the fuck does anyone get support for any kind of mental disorder, because my executive functioning has always been garbage but everyone was like, ‘well, you’re lazy’, and I was a kid without any awareness that things like ADHD existed. People thought I had a learning disorder at one point, but that got quietly dropped after my literacy level (and just my literacy, nothing else) reached the level of my peers. So I flubbed my way through the rest of my life as a pretty unhappy individual who found basic things difficult, and people were like, ‘YOU’RE ALIVE AND YOU’RE NOT STARVING, RIGHT? WHAT ARE YOU BITCHING ABOUT?’ and now I’m considering getting tested for ADHD but by this point I can’t really be bothered, since I can’t see it improving anything. All I can do at this point is continue finding ways to improve my executive dysfunction by myself.

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u post that shit on ur story about how disgusting it is for ppl to text n drive yet that's exactly what u do.. just bc that woman drove w her knees doesn't make u texting n driving with one hand ANY less dangerous. what's disgusting is that ur a role model for young kids....

Don’t you dare say i fucking drive while i’m on my phone because I don’t. Maybe i used to when i first got my license because i didn’t know better but since realising what can happen AND being in a car crash i would NEVER risk my life or anyone else’s life just to send a 1 second text message that can wait. Honestly, i don’t want to swear, but get the fuck off my tumblr and don’t you ever say i would do something that dangerous and disgusting again.

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shut the fuck up becky, you're making yourself look more dumb than you already do

And the name calling begins!

Now, why, exactly, am I dumb? Because I don’t have the time to keep up with a show because of my personal life outside of Tumblr, Fandom, and TV Shows, so I keep up with it online and through some Youtube clips? Because I don’t automatically agree with what someone else says? Because I don’t think Daryl Dixon is at fault? Because I’m capable of logical thinking? What, exactly, is it?

Sure, I might have been a little rude in my last response to the post, but don’t pretend it wasn’t justified and don’t pretend I started bringing down from a discussion to an argument. 

If you think calling me names and telling me what to do and swearing at me will solve anything, then go ahead and try. But it ain’t gonna do anything to me and it ain’t gonna change the outcome of the show. Sorry to disappoint.

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Shapeshifter: What would you change about yourself? What would you change about one other person in Sumner?

“Ayyy I know the obvious answer would be that I would want my leg back, and a few years ago you would be right, but now. Tch, I don’t know. I’m fine with my leg. I would stop my hair loss that is what I would do. I have to keep it grown out a little bit now so no one notices the receding hairline.”

“Someone else? I dunno I’d want to change someone for the better I think, but no one else I talk to seems all that upset with their lot in life. I won’t say give Cassie, maybe, a bigger behind, I won’t say it won’t think it because that is a bad thing and sexiest, and I don’t want to make her unhappy. So, I’ll say to make Ephram’s hair nice and thick too, he’s a good guy he deserves it.”

i’m falling for you more and more every single day i think about you, and trust me, i can’t get you off of my mind. i never knew i could get as many butterflies in my stomach as i feel when i’m with you and i had no idea that anyone else could understand exactly what i’m thinking. i used to have the idea that love is nothing but pain, but with you i want to make sure you feel loved every second of the day. there’s so much i want to say to you, yet when we’re together i’d rather listen to you talk forever because i love the sound of your voice. i’ve had trust issues since i can remember yet i trust you with my entire life. they say people are never perfect but anyone who could make me feel like you do is obviously flawless. all i can do is hope that you feel the same and i’m not left swimming without a lifejacket in the middle of the ocean.
—  i’m taking a big leap and i just hope you’re there to catch me.

(Zimbits, slight AU, 2.8K, under a cut because it got long.)

They asked him every year. Sometimes, even more than once a year if he wanted to be on Samwell’s promotional material.

Jack said no every time because he really didn’t have any interest in having his face plastered on billboards and on every brochure and course calendar they handed out to students, both prospective and current. He’d had enough secondhand publicity from his parents’ careers and he wasn’t going to go seeking it out while he was at Samwell.

The only allowance he made was when he was photographed with the rest of the hockey team because he understood that hockey was a big selling point when it came to convincing people to attend their school. One of the team photos was enlarged and put up in the sports complex, right between the women’s volleyball team and Samwell’s dance team. It had already gotten vandalized this year by some drunk LAX bros and had to be replaced (which the university was not happy about and last Jack heard, the bros responsible were on suspension from the team).

The university couldn’t get Jack, but they got Ransom and Holster to agree to photos other than the team one. There were some of them pretending to study in the library, or looking happy and not-stressed as they socialized. These ended up on the cover of last year’s Campus Life magazine and both Holster and Ransom both joked that they were wasting their time at school when they should be modelling instead. It still didn’t stop the recruitment team from continually asking Jack who refused to change his mind.

Little did he know it was about to be changed for him.

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“I’ve always believed in heaven. But it was so hard to lean on that understanding after my father passed away. I was a Daddy’s girl. His death was an emotional clusterfuck. I could close my eyes and imagine he was somewhere else. But for the first time in my life, I couldn’t pinpoint his location on a map. And even though I’d taken an astronomy class in college, I couldn’t find him with a telescope. His absence was so much more real than I thought it would be. And it really shook my beliefs. I had to form a deeper understanding of what exactly ‘heaven’ means. And I’m still working on that. But I do still talk to him everyday. And I still believe that I’ll see him again.”