There are literally millions of reasons why I love Bones but unsurprisingly alot of it boils down to B&B’s relationship.

For some reason, 90% of TV shows out there only cater for people who like the “thrill of the chase”/UST/on-off relationships, and it’s absolutely fine if people prefer to watch that kind of relationship all the time. And we have seen it in the Bones fandom where some people stopped caring about Bones as much when B&B got together. Personally, I don’t get it. WTF WHY??? WHY WOULD YOU STOP CARING WHEN YOU’RE GETTING THE AMAZING PAY-OFF???

But anyway, Bones is completely unique since it started off as a typical will they/won’t they but they didn’t let that stick throughout the entire show. They actually let B&B be a healthy/committed couple WITH CHILDREN (*cue gasps in TV land!!). They could so easily have decided to play the stupid break-up/make-up game like every other TV show out there. I adore that once B&B got together that was IT. Yes, it may have taken a taken a long time but it was totally worth it because we haven’t had to watch any stupid relationship drama between them.

Back to the children though…REMEMBER 6x23.

Omg how we all lost our minds and then S7 was the land of fluff and unicorns and we just COULD NOT BELIEVE OUR LUCK. And then things just got better and better from thereon.

I remember when we were all excited at the idea of getting to see Christine walk/talk…AND NOW LOOK.

B&B’s son is TWO YEARS OLD. THIS IS REAL. WE GET TO SEE IT ON SCREEN. I will never be over it.

I know every fan proclaims that their ship is the best, which is completely fair and expected…but come on, B&B TRULY ARE THE BEST(:P). Please direct me to another show where we get to see MORE THAN A DECADE of a couple’s deep love with a truly happy ending. I’m not saying that children complete a couple’s love. B&B aren’t the best because they have children we get to see grow up. Happiness for different couples comes in different ways and we get to see B&B’s ultimate endgame which just happens to include children.

I’ve spoken about this many times. but B&B have such a deep and pure love which can only truly be a case you can put forward, when you have years and years of proof to fall back on. Since getting together, their love has only become stronger, the UST days are not the defining part of their relationship. There are so many shows that try to harp back to the “old” days of UST when a couple gets together but Bones has never done that. It’s always been about showing how B&B are better together. In Bones time, B&B have been together for 8 years now (considering that Christine should be 7 in S12)…that is just unprecedented for a show that was all about will they/won’t they at the begininng.

I mean I do understand why people yell about babies/children on TV shows, because often writers don’t know how to deal with it. but that has never been the case on Bones :)

As always, this has been a ridiculously long post which can be summarised in 4 words…BONES IS THE BEST :)

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Sidekick!!! Once again I come to humbly ask (beg) you for a primer on Liam's history! What are the specific devastations of 'Illusion' having been written either before or during the tour? Thank you!


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Uggla I would die in the heat of Australia. It was -40F here in alaska last 3 days.

oh my goshhhhhh THATS FUCKIN TERRIFYING I WOULD NEVER SURVIVE IN THAT KIND OF TEMPERATURE WTF i hope youre all bundled up in blankets and drinking lots of hot cocoa!!!!!!

australian weather isn’t really that much different to where i live so i’m handling it pretty well!! plus there’s an aircon in where im staying so THATS ALWAYS A PLUS :)) ITS SO PRETTY HERE the roads are clean the people are nice THE PARKS ARE BEAUTIFUL and the view is great SO IM HAVING AN OVERALL GREAT TIME SO FAR!!! i hope you’re also having a wonderful day, friend! <3

He was so nice. Honestly, he walked up to me out of nowhere at Billboard awards, and no one does that. Like, in country music they do in the states, but in pop music people are very like too cool for school most of the time. So I thought it was really–he’s such a nice gentleman and he was so kind. I wrote a song for them on their first record and so it was really nice, he came up and thanked me and he was just such a gentleman.
—  Kelly Clarkson on meeting Harry at the Billboard music awards in 2015.
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“Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time.”
-Lyndon B Johnson

Shirabu Kenjirou, setter for Shiratorizawa Academy. Not everything was clear along the way but in the end, the journey was worth it.

HUGE thank you to @starlity, you’ve been so supportive of this whole endeavor and your help through all of this means so muchhhhh! And of course, @tendouaf, my best friend in the entire world, you’re so important to me and so important to this project, this could never have happened without you and your love and your screaming and everything you’ve done for me! I don’t even have wordsssss! You’re EXTRAORDINARY!

  • Someone: *deeply hurts me*
  • Me, five minutes later: ah well we're all just human forgive and forget ahaha :)
  • Bioware: *makes Cassandra Pentaghast straight*
  • Me, three years later: you all deserve to rot in h e l l

oh how lovely. i’m getting ads for that fucking exploitive film on here now. i’d be appalled, but Hollywood has shown endlessly that they’re happy to make a quick buck entertaining cis/neurotypical folk off putting people in danger and stigmatizing them. so i just *shrug* cause what else is new?

seriously though, how disgusting do you have to be to keep pooping out dehumanizing movies like this? the only way you could do it is if you didn’t see trans people or neuroatypical people as human.

i don’t know. i guess it’s just bewildering how ruthlessly media is willing to routinely write off human beings even in the ways that it should be impossible to not know what you’re doing when you do it. *shrug*

So, I did a thing.

I think the difference between my fanfiction writing background and a more typical commercial fiction writing background is very apparent when my pro writing warrants reviewing.

Fanfiction readers and writers know how to go with the flow. They trust the story to lead them down the path they should take and they’re willing to imagine some aspects on their own without wanting the writer to hold their hand the whole way.

People from the commercial fiction world, on the other hand, insist on trying to hack through the underbrush. They seem to want everything explained to them, even the stuff that doesn’t matter. They want the whole world described and itemized, the complete backstory of the entire cast, a scientific publication detailing the properties and probability of all magical occurrences, air quality reports arranged by date and time, all traffic tickets from the last year within 50 miles of the given location…

Friends, these are a short stories about a few (magical) people and how they relate to each other. It is not a novel. You do not need the answer to these things you’re perseverating on. It’s like ordering soup and then picking out each tiny fleck of herb and demanding to know the name of all the farmers involved in their production.

There’s a path, friends. Stop scrutinizing the contours of the main character’s right thumbnail and just follow the map I left for you, okay?

Thank God that Alex Kingston didn’t take the role of that Adipose mom in Partners in Crime, and thank God Kate Winslet didn’t play River as was originally planned. I can’t imagine anyone else besides Alex playing River Song.