It’s really frustrating to me when the guys I know can’t just take off their Man Goggles and see what the world is like for people who aren’t afforded the privileges they are.

Like, the guys I hang out with are amazing, thoughtful, gentle people who listen to my feminist rants and ask questions and engage and generally believe me and sometimes do their own research. But there are so many things where it’s just like… I feel like I’m describing smells to someone who not only can’t smell, but is from a species that doesn’t have a concept of smell.

The programming is embedded so deep and it takes so much effort and focus to untangle and start to color-correct and sharpen to make up for the weird tint and blurriness that comes from privilege goggles.

It makes me think about how many pairs of goggles I’m wearing, and how much more tweaking my perspective needs to be anywhere close to accurate.

Listen, if you’re kin, I am not judging you for that. I don’t have anything against otherkin whatsoever. I am, however, judging every single one of you who thinks it’s okay to knowingly continue doing something that upsets a lot of artists.

Here’s a suggestion. If you need a tag for things that give you kin feelings, make up a tag that isn’t one of the ones that many, many artists specifically ask people not to use. Instead of #me or #kin, you could tag it basically anything else as long as it doesn’t imply that it is you or yours.

If you don’t see what’s wrong with those specific things, that’s fine, but at least understand that those specific things make loads of people extremely uncomfortable. Knowingly doing it is a big, deliberate “fuck you” to all of us.

Additionally, because it is often difficult to tell if something is an OC (which, as others have pointed out, are very often created to deal with one’s own mental illnesses or life problems!) or just a random drawing, play it safe and never tag that way unless the artist has explicitly stated that it’s okay. In every other case, assume it’s not okay.

Please, this is entirely a matter of common decency.


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What kind of girl do you think would work best in a relationship with the different gladers? Like personality wise :)

Hmm. Okay, I talked about Minho, Newt, Gally and Thomas here~ if you want me to talk about anyone else just drop me an ask! ^^

  • For Minho, I think he’d go for a feisty, firecracker type? Someone who can hold her own and banter with him. Someone who can outwit him. She’d probably have to be able to roll with what he thinks is fun and put up with him being sulky when he loses at video games. Maybe someone fairly sporty? (This is because I usually headcanon Minho is pretty into sports and running, you feel?) I think having cooking skills would be a plus because Minho would be SO shitty in the kitchen oh man. Pretty sure I just described sarcasminho like this ship is legit, people.
  • Newt… Idk I think he’d be into someone who is fairly snarky but is still kind of sweet? In the books I think I remember a scene where Newt was disgusted at Thomas and Minho’s lack of care for when people died, so I think he’d want someone who showed compassion and empathy. I think he’d be a good match with someone positive, someone patient, who doesn’t push him to always tell her what he’s feeling if he’s down, but to just be there, y'know?
  • For Gally, I have them impression he’d like someone who wouldn’t mind being taken care of? A girl who can take care of herself, but still would be okay with him taking care of her. Y'know? I also think he’d be pretty impressed by a girl who could throw a solid punch. OKAY I THINK maybe his type would be: I can punch someone but I’d be down for you punching someone for me.
  • THOMAS oh man he’d need someone who could help him with impulse control? The boy thinks 0.02 seconds (on average) before doing things? Maybe he could do well with someone who knows when to be like, “THOMAS NO.” But also someone who believes in him, and, when stuff isn’t dangerous, grins at him and is like, “Thomas yes.”

@artistefish meselfandwhy inu-tachi inubae inukagkids wreathoflaurels kearere toward-tomorrow @ anyone else who uses a digital art program that I forgot to tag in my haste

What art programs do y’all use? I’m in need of something since I lost my Photoshop disk, and I can’t get it patched through to the new computer since it was so old…and are any of them free because i’m broke after getting this laptop?

If I tag something to not be reblogged, and you reblog it? I will block you. Unless you reblogged it from someone else then I will ask you. Ive noticed a lot of times people wont have ask boxes open so yeah. I will block you.

Half the time its under a fuckin read more and is really personal to me like its specifically ABOUT me and MY LIFE and MY FAMILY and what has happened specifically to ME.  WHY would you reblog that.

I dont care how much you relate to it. If i ask it not to be reblogged, and you reblog it, I will make sure you arent able to do that again.  Please read my tags. I will block you if you do. I’ve already blocked several people for this.

Also, dont ever ask someone to take a post down for me, and dont ever go after someone that does this, not that I think anyone would do that, you guys rock, but yeah. Please. Let me know. Thats all.

Alright, so I was tagged for the “show your purse” meme-thing by the ALWAYS wonderful andavs and I feel like this is going to be pretty much super lame because unlike everyone else who appears to be ready for ANYTHING (seriously, obroech WHAT IS THAT?), I carry almost nothing in my purse.

Here it is:

No need for a read more! My trusty target purse has a wallet, my car keys, a pile of target receipts (that will get thrown away once stuff gets divvied up for the new apartment), two lipsticks and a lip gloss (which i never wear and will now take out), my old oyster card that will get put somewhere and forgotten about, and then my new shiny metro card.

To be fair, there should be an emergency tampon in there but I ran out in London and need to restock. I also have a bigger purse I take to school but all that has is room for my laptop. The wallet and the keys get transferred and that’s it.

Basically, if woman’s clothes were designed like men’s, I would be a pockets-only gal. In fact, when I can, I still am pockets-only. I just HATE carrying around a big bag or a purse of any kind really. I HATE IT SO MUCH. 


Plot twist

 The IkeSoren ending in Radiant Dawn was a mistranslation by historians who did not check their sources. What actually happened was Ike and Soren eloped and went on a romantic vacation together. They eventually came back to visit family and friends, but Titania was doing such a great job taking care of the mercenaries, and they were enjoying their vacation so much that they decided to keep traveling together.

But they’d always come back to visit. Sometimes seasons would pass between when they were staying in cheap inns or camping out. But before winter came, they would make their way back home to visit family and friends.

Neither Ike nor Soren were skilled in writing letters, for Soren’s were too dry, and Ike was not eloquent. But Soren would send off short missives to Mist and Titania to let everyone know they were faring well.

There was never an address to send every letter, so Mist would deliver her daily letters to them in a giant bag whenever they came back.

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1. spell your name with songs:

aristocratic anarchy // da$h

reila // the gazette

things fall apart // zomby

hilarity duff // kaytranada

unknown verses // e-sens

raison d’etre // dir en grey

2.  why did you choose your url: because all the good ones were taken and i joined the tumblr train too late lol

3. middle name:  Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa

4. if you were a fictional character what would you be: male version of carrie

5. favorite color: black or red

6. favorite song: stay cool by simon d currently

7. top four fandoms: prefer not to say

8. why do you enjoy tumblr: cause it has better people than irl if i’m honest and it’s fun to have a blog

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five favorite underrated kpop songs~

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(not in any particular order)
1. #loveme - melody day
2. hey you - 24k
3. what u - speed
4. my oh my - myB
5. xox - z.hera

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1. spell your name with songs:

ideologia - cazuza

good girl gone bad - rihanna

obsesion - Aventura

ready or not - the fugees

2.  why did you choose your url: short and easy to remember 

3. middle name: none

4. if you were a fictional character what would you be: khaleesi

5. favorite color: black, red and white

6. favorite song: right now my favorite song is obsesion by aventura

7. top four fandoms: harra potter, game of thrones, grey’s anatomy, scrubs 

8. why do you enjoy tumblr: why am i even hereeeeee

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My current level of being done with things is “I want to leave that website and for good this time” but at the same time got nowhere else to go plus I know I’d regret it once I calmed down
But also I want to start fights because I am super done with some people who don’t know/remember what it’s like to be in a tiny obscure corner of your fandom
“If you don’t like it do your own stuff!!!” Say the people with a network of followers and an active, well known ship tag that allows them to super easily reach their intended audience
As if we’ve never tried that one before