so i mentioned that rembrandt is clicker trained, and we’ve been reinforcing that whenever he does his tricks

but today he just decided he wanted a treat, and instead of coming over and whining or looking for the treat bag, he fished the clicker off the counter and carried it by the elastic attached to it to my feet, and pushed it toward me until i picked it up

Man I do a lot of thinking about Karamatsu aha… Especially concerning how he got from Osomatsu-Kun to Osomatsu-San. We’re given basically 0 info on how their teen years were so I’m just gonna… Make some up of my own under the cut! 

(Oh also as for Ichi’s weird school photo, I feel like he was totally that kid that was always photographed mid-sneeze, and that no one ever took the time to retake any of them.)

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“You wanna go, my lady?”
“Oh just shut up and dance with me, kitty.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @starrycove !!

your art is just… ehhh i can’t explain it! i’m speechless. all i can say is that i just really wanna be able to draw like you one day. thank you for blessing us with your drawings and lovely personality! i hope this drawing will suffice as a gift? (you also absolutely kill me with your ml art btw. thank you for helping me getting through this terrible hiatus)

again, happy birthday!! i hope you have a blessed day, week, month, year! :D


when u wanna post more art to ur blog but also u keep forgetting to install ur tablet driver software on ur new laptop so guess who’s settled for traditional art in the meantime!!!!! im so goddamn tired

anyways have some npcs from my current dnd campaign

11x15 coda
Dean/Gunner Lawless, Dean/bisexuality
(Subtle) age kink lol I’m trash, warning for brief references to underage stuff
2.9k words

“You see him, boy? That’s the Hangman. Watch what he does to his opponents.”

Dean pulled his legs up onto the hard metal chair and tucked his feet under his butt so he could see better over the man sitting in front of him. He wished they were sitting on the front row, but sitting in the back gave his dad easier access to the concession stand. Dean didn’t mind, because sometimes his dad would come back with a bag of peanuts and let him throw the empty shells on the floor like all the men did.

“Corner him, Hangman!” his dad shouted. He set his beer down at his feet so he could clap.

“Yeah, Hangman! Corner him!” Dean repeated as loudly as he could.

A man in front of him turned around and smiled.

“Whatchu looking at, huh?”

“Dad, it’s OK.” Dean put a hand on his dad’s arm and tried to get him to sit back.

Sam scoffed at Dean and rolled his eyes.

“You got a problem, Sammy?” Dean whispered so his dad wouldn’t hear.

“No. You just don’t have to fight Dad’s battles for him.”

“Yeah, well, maybe I want to.”


The Hangman won the fight, and John Winchester told his sons to “stay put” while he went to get another beer.


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Niall*SYNC (a masterpost)

niall’s kinda great at synchronization and  has great timing especially when dancing with the boys.

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i accidentally cinderella au

I tried many times but I did not succeed so INSTEAD OF WRITING THIS FANFIC I’LL THROW THIS AT THE TAG AND SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO IT SAVE ME FROM WRITING FANFIC oh my god this was supposed to be a brief plot outline but it’s 2000 words long save me this wasn’t supposed to be long enough to need proofreading THANK YOU NONNIE FROM MY INBOX FOR YOUR HELP!!!!

Okay so: Cinderella Reaper76 AU. Gabe is a spy in an enemy nation where Jack is the youngest prince. People in Jack’s kingdom just kinda casually waltz over to Gabe’s every once in a while and take shit and are generally assholes but it isn’t enough of a problem for the royal family to notice lol it’s mostly just a local thing. Jack may be the youngest prince with the fewest responsibilities but he’s still just a dude who wants to live his life without his bodyguards tailing him all the time (he loves Ana, Reinhardt and Genji to pieces but oh my god let him live you guys)

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Christmas Cookie Surprise!

A/N: My FB feed has been blown up with proposals lately, I caught the ridiculous bug and just wanted to write something short and fluffy. Probably dumb but it’s out of my system now. As always, let me know if you don’t want to be tagged. Happy Holidays, y’all!

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This is my contribution to the figurative and literal tumblr Blackout today complete with a Pikachu and a Children’s card game

Fun fact

When I was a senior in high school at our mandatory senior camp our class was divided into teams. Needless to say there weren’t many black individuals in my class and in a completely random turn of events myself and another black gentleman ended up on the same team. We had to name our team and since we were 2 of the only black people in the class we decided to call our team “Blackout” we didn’t really win any events but that was beside the point.

This post is also considered storytime