I FINALLY BEAT MY STOMACH FLU (In a quite epic boss battle might i add.)

So i made these a while ago and never took screenies and now i have so i can share them (Yay?) 

Random Wallpaper 03

  • 4 Patterns
  • With and Without Molding
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Includes my weird logo (What do you guys think?) 

(And if someone wants to send me a Sims file share code i’d love you forever)




The voice memos were me cackling as haha didn’t quite capture how hilarious I think I am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He hasn’t responded to the marriage proposal refusal. Though I saw him typing the (…) but then it stopped as there really is no way to respond to me. Haven’t heard from him since… 😙

anonymous asked:

What do you guys think about when a person A likes a person B, who is A's best friend, but it's not sure if B would like A back or even if B ~swings that way~, should A tell how they fell to B or it would just ruin their friendship in case B doesn't return A's feelings?

Silly Answer

“You’re talking about Stan and Kyle aren’t you?”

Kyle: Wait…

Stan: What?

Serious Answer (Admin Advice Corner)

Admin Tweek: It depends. If you’re cool with just being friends and are willing to move forward with NO expectations of ever dating then don’t say anything. That doesn’t mean you never will but you have to put your feelings on the back-burner. BUT if don’t think you can do that…

Admin Tweek: You’re just gonna end up getting hurt by keeping quiet. If your feelings are starting to get in the way of just being normal friends, and you’re as close as you say, then your friend is going to find out one way or another. You might as well just tell them yourself and go from there. 

Admin Craig: Exactly.

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do you have an instagram account? c:


uhm, yes I have, but it has nothing to do with Granada Holmes (so, I’ll not going to tell you ;) ).. but.. as you mention it, I could think about doing one for exactly this???

What do you guys think?

EDIT: Okay, on a whim, and thanks to you anon, I just created an Instagram for this blog or in general for Granada Holmes. It’s still empty of course, but soon I will fill it with Gifs and Pics. We will see if it works out and maybe I can attract  new lovers for Jeremy Brett and Granada Holmes.

In case you would like to follow: @granada_brettish_holmes 

I’m thinking about making some short comic strips about my gargoyle gecko, Lapillus. The problem is, I’m lazy af and I won’t do them unless people expect me to do them because that overrules my laziness. Like or reblog if you’d be interested in seeing short strips about my derpy (but loveable) gecko child. I’d make a new profile specifically for the comics or I will just have them on this one with a specific tag.
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What do you guys think?

Hey guys! I have these new edits!! What do you think? I think it turned out pretty cool ❤️😊.
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I hardly ever draw any of the Don’t Starve characters, so I went ahead and drew up WX-78.
Since I haven’t really drawn him, I had to figure out my suitable drawing style. Mostly towards the eyes. I’m kinda stuck in-between the “lenses shutter” eyes, or the “window wipe” kind of eyes.

What do you guys think? Also, what other character should I draw next?



Fuyuki & Noe - will you fall for the real me? (26)

Meanwhile Fuyuki sat with Lucijan. Yuki did not take his eyes off Sam who still danced with the Guy and kissed him. Lucijan waved his hand before his face to get his attention. “What are you starring at?”
“wait a minute.”
Yuki stood up and walked straight up to Sam and her new boyfriend. He knew exactly what he was doing, even if he really had nothing to do with it, so he thought he had to do something.
“May I interrupt you.” he reached between the two to get their attention while he looked at Sam. “Hey cut it off!” said the guy to him. Sam smiled at him.
“We can drive with a rented limousine to my villa.” He looked at Sam turned his head then to the guy “What do you think?”
The guy was about to protest when Sam spoke before him “Yes we can.“ She said smiling, snuggled her arms around Yuki’s arm and retired to him. "What is that Sam? leave this Guy alone. You’re here with me.”
“What do I want with you.” Sam threw at his head. “I have a new boyfriend.”
Yuki broke away gently from her,
“I think you have misunderstood something.” he turns to him “I was asking him.”
“Me?” the guy looked at Yuki questioningly but changed his facial expression suddenly “do I look for you like a gay?”
“If he do not want you, you can take me instead.” Sam said to focus attention back on herself.
“I’m sorry but I am only into Guys.”
“Eh. That’s so disgusting.” Sam said and turns him off but turned back to the Guy “let’s go.” she grabbed his arms.
“What do you want from me?” asked the guy, shoving her away.
“You’re here with me.”
“Oh now.”
Yuki crept slowly away of the two, watching what happen further with a grin on his face.
“Earlier, the other guy was so important for you.”
“I’m sorry.”
“No, Sam. Forget it. we are over.” he walked away from her.

Yuki went back to Lucijan. “What did you do?”
“help someone to opened his eyes.”
“Kenji sent me a message Noe went home and he will not come too.”
“Okay.” Yuki had the feeling that it was his fault.
“He wants us to meet tomorrow in the studio.”
“Go alone.”
“that’s not a question you’re part of the band.”
he sighed
“I think I’ve made a mistake.”
“Such a big mistake?”
“It is better if I do not see Noe again. He has ignored me all the time anyway.”

Next Generation Anarchy

I’ve decided on the TF2 story line because I think I’ll have more fun writing that. So I need a cast next. I have two options;

Use pre-existing NGBronies

or make some new one’s based on the ships from Analysis Anarchy (I like this idea)

I already want Prelude, and Feather in it. So what do you guys think?

@ask-keyframe, @goldblaze-phoenix, @eliyora, @toonkriticy2k Looking forward to seeing your kids kick some ass?