♡ — au where yoongi is a rapper and a producer while jungkook is a music student trying to become a singer


Let’s help Jin and Namjoon with a plan to make Yoongi and Jungkook realize their feelings so they can finally be together! What do you guys think it would be the best plan? 🤔💕


what do you guys think of people wanting/letting abled bodied people play disabled characters in shows/movies/etc

i think its honestly gross and disrespectful, almost always because whatever illness some abled bodied brenda is pretending to have, they almost always do it poorly because no matter how well you practice pretending to be sick, itll never be as real or as well acted as a disabled actor, because that disabled actor WOULDNT BE ACTING IT.

so if an abled bodied actor pretends to have said illness, and does it even slightly wrong, then it isnt well acted and comes off far more disrespectful than probably intended.

i also feel this as a disabled actress, i know i WOULD NEVER be someones first choice to pick for an abled bodied character, and it makes me annoyed that due to my illness, theres a big chance no matter where i go, an abled bodied character would get any disabled role over me, it happens all the time, ableism aside, its just in poor fucking taste. this isnt an attack on them as actors, this isnt an attack at all, im just tired of how wrong and unfair it is.

and honestly, i get that actors act, i get that an actor can act disabled but, that is not representation, thats the exact opposite, when people choose abled actors over disabled ones for disabled roles, they are, whether intended or not, implying that theyre fine w disabled characters as long as theyre not actually disabled, its wrong and disrespectful.

i just wanna know other opinions on this,

also, i dont usually put something like this in my post, but after a lot of discussions posts and alot of whiny abled people in the notes being ableist, i feel like i have to.

its okay for abled peeps to like/reblog this post but this is a discussion for disabled people about disabled issues and id appreciate it if abled people who do reblog this dont give their opinion on it, as it is not needed nor wanted.

Alright Spidey-fans & Gang

I can kinda feel some of you getting annoyed with the potentially-somewhat-overwhelming amount of Tom Holland/Spider-Man trash that I’ve been posting (not that anyone has said anything, you lovely people, but I’m paranoid and all that)

Sooo I’m thinking about making a separate blog for that stuff
But I’d love your input on usernames!

Potentials are:
#1 - butimspider-man (but im spider-man)

#2 - fortheloveoftom (for the love of tom) 

#3 - peterparker-man

#4 - butimspiderparker (but im spider parker)

#5 -butimpeterholland (but im peter holland)

I am leaning towards @bitimspider-man since that’s a bit of a meme and it’s kind of known, but @fortheloveoftom is also a solid contender. 

What do you guys think? Please lemme know!

Dany can’t get pregnant?

Okay so I’m dumb, I guess. Because I forgot that?? She said the dragons are the only kids she’ll have twice… So does that mean she can’t get pregnant at all? No matter how much her and Jon love one another they can’t have kids? 

ps. Can’t wait to see where the last episode takes this ship and also where it goes in season 08! I’m a bit afraid that once they find out they’re related they won’t be in love anymore? Or that they’ll just have sex and be like k bye. :( What do you guys think?

I want them together SO BAD.



I was on youtube catching up on the Destiel requests list and came across this song while I took a break.
What do you guys think? Edit worthy for Destiel?

what do you guys think about real people fanfiction? on my main blog i’m a big advocate against it, because in that scenario it’s fanfic about actors who play characters, and actors don’t ask for their personal lives to be broadcast and speculated about.
with reality tv i feel it’s different because these people are putting their personal lives out there to show everyone. i think it’s okay, but to an extent. if you’re going to write it, remember that they’re real people, and don’t write something they would be horrified to read if they came across it.
what do you guys think?


Like darry on mondays
Twobit on tuesdays…. etc do you guys think that’s a cool idea or do you like the way I’m doing it now? Please please give me some feedback!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

What do you guys think of the name mason? I'm honestly new to all this, I'm pre everything. One thing that makes me so much more happier is that i cut my hair super short just last Friday & I just feel so much more happier than i have ever before in my life. I'm just taking this small steps at a time & making sure I feel comfy. I'm still super scared though. Its difficult and a lot of the time I dont feel valid for anything. I've felt more masculine for years & now I'm doing something about it.

Ah congratulations on taking those steps! Taking small steps at a time is a great way to do it. You will get more comfy over time, and remember that you’re valid! I really like the name Mason :)

- Alex

So who just seen the video of the little boy slapping Alexa’s butt?

Anyway I just had a 30 minute argument with my mom over it, I showed her the video and her reaction was “oh that’s cool”

She said she’s famous and she’s wrestling and it’s all fake so who cares if someone got slapped or touched in their private.

I don’t know if I’m making a huge deal about this but her mentality fucked me up, the way she thinks is mind blowing.

What do you guys think about all this?

anonymous asked:

Just a quick question, do you think that sm might make Jinki enlist earlier because of this? To try and make it more calm?? I have heard fans speculated about it, but I'm not sure if they will do that... what do you guys think??

nah, i don’t think so. 

there is another anon in the ask box after this one that had a very similar question, so i’ll just answer it here. the question: When is onew most likely going to enlist if sm doesnt fuck it up and make it early? 

they won’t make him enlist earlier. he will most likely enlist within the first half of 2019. 



Trixie shouted in the distance, which made an echo. She then ran to Ace as fast as possible and went downwards into a knee slide, setting her arms in a grand position as shown from the gif above. As she reaches to Ace, she ends it by hugging his leg.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU GUYS ARE DOING, MESSING WITH MY MAN LIKE THAT?!” She spoke, side points moving upwards.


T-Trixie? *is blushing badly* What are you doing here? Don't you know its Dangerous with me like this?

2/15 (Counting it cause he cant be in it TOO long)

I have this theory that if they had given the emoji guy like the simple dot emoji eyes then he wouldn’t be as inherently hateable what do you guys think

so my friend @writerblvd and i just birthed this theory about shiro’s white hair (we’re probably not the only ones to think of it, but i’m posting it anyway).

now, we came up with this at 6am/4am (in our respective time zones) so keep that in mind as there may be a few holes or mistakes, but just… hear me out for a sec.

as we all know, it turned white during his time held captive by the galra. the voltron wiki says that it was due to stress. but what if (dun dun dun) that’s not it at all.

as we saw in 3x07, honerva/haggar didn’t always have white hair. it was originally a dark grey, until she was exposed to quintessence (before/after shown below).

so, our theory is that when they gave shiro his metal arm, they had to expose him to quintessence in order for him to properly be able to control it and use it like a normal arm.

think about it, his body would most likely not be able to form its own connection to the foreign technology and treat it like a regular limb. so the galra probably had to do something to fabricate that connection, hence the quintessence.

this theory only makes more sense when you look at the placement of the white hair on shiro’s head.

it seems like it would be weird for only that part of his head to be exposed right? until my friend pointed out the fact that it’s directly over the frontal lobe.

the frontal lobe of the brain controls all sorts of things, so at first we thought that they would have done surgery on that. but then we realized, oh fuck, it’s actually the motor strip that controls the voluntary movements of the skeletal muscles.

but, umm… look at where the roots of the white hair actually stem from.

the front part of the white hair is actually mostly grown out. but the roots of the white streak seem to be growing, yep you guessed it, right over the motor strip.

my friend also pointed out that arm has to be powered by something, right? like that thing can cut through metal and weld doors shut. if the arm is truly connected to his brain by quintessence, that would also explain the fact that there seems to be a power source inside of him.

so, yeah, those are just our thoughts. but, like i said, it’s super late, so maybe we’re both just completely insane. what do you guys think?


In case you guys can’t read my handwriting :

“These are photos of my father in my mother’s possessions.”

“Say… Giorno?”


“Just who is your dad. What’s with these poses?

“I…I don’t know either. What do you guys think?”

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s an actor.”

“Nah, I think he’s a fashion model.”


I’d love to save the world
But I don’t know what to do

I already did an edit with this song but I wanted to make something with the fight from the new episode!! so spoiler warning if you didn’t see the one that came out saturday! hope you like this edit though it took a while!!

also, tumblr will inevitably butcher the quality of this video when it encodes it, like it always does. im thinking about maybe making a channel just to upload random stuff like this, what do you guys think of that?