A bullet attachment that could save lives?
It looks like a toy attachment for a gun, but this new device is intended to give suspects a chance to live if shot. CNN's Sara Sidner reports. More from CNN...

What do you guys think of this? Do you think its actually worth using or is it more dangerous? I personally think it will make people more willing to shoot it at someone and cause way worse and longer affects. Plus the recovery time on the damage this thing causes has to be major. 

What are some basic jobs that are present in every society?

What I mean is, what are the major categories of jobs? 

For example:








This is just a question I randomly was wondering about. No real purpose for asking it, other than curiosity, I guess. What do you guys think? 

             Presenting Grace’s Fan Script Special: VIBE

My Special Project is finally here! I’ve been sitting on this project for some time now, and I’m very excited to be able to share it with all of you guys!

Firstly, I’d like to thank @vitess for supporting me and helping me through some of my ruts when I was working on this. If it wasn’t for Misha, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to finish this. If no one else enjoys this series, at the very least I know you will Mish. The same thanks goes out to the rest of my squad, @alwaysxlate, @offorensiics, @offrostyexpressions, @chainedwitch, & @im-a-hawker! You guy’s enthusiasm really got me going in this fandom, and helped keep my steam rolling.

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Hi! I was wondering if you know anything about the Human Japanese apps and if they're good to use? A friend recommended them to me since I'm starting to self study Japanese. Thanks!!

Hi! I haven’t used them, but have heard good things, would anyone care to comment who has used them? What do you guy think?

Remember when I made undies out of a shirt @shawntriple6 design was printed on?✂️ I’ve been wanting to do a collaboration with him for over a year now, I think when we get to LA this type of project finally needs to happen!! What do you guys think? I already have lots of ideas for the designs I just have to convince Shawn to want to work with me 😁

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What do you think each of the guys' kinks are? (Daddy kink, Dom kink etc) love your blog btw

I can see a Tig with a daddy kink and as my followers established, probably a thing for virgins. 😂😂

I can see maybe Hap, Jax and Kozik having a type of d/s type of kink going on.

I’m not totally sure for the others. We all know Juice has a thing for panties so there’s that. 😉

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Hi guys, in one of FSOG BTS pic in Heathman Hotel scene I think, Dakota and Jamie holding hands in bed while listen to Sam Taylor explain something for the scene. Can you post the pic guys? Also, what do you think about the pic , is it purely because of rehearsal they're doing it or is it completely Damie moment? Coz when I watch the movie there's no holding hands in that scene at all..

You mean this one?………. For me yes it’s a Damie moment….not only because the hand holding is not included in the film, but also if you think about the dialogue they have, a hand holding is irrelevant and unnecessary. It’s a tender gesture which shows romantic feelings and Christian at that early stage was not there yet to express himself this way(i don’t do romance). If you remember he touched her lips. Which shows his intetions to be purely sexual related. And of course yes…why did they hold hands while Sam was speaking, only adds to the situation. ♥ E

And now check this below…that’s BTS too, so even in rehearsal he touched her lips(like in the film) and not her hand.