Me brothers found this and showed me it, the first picture we’ve got about trolls the beat goes on.
Not really what I expected but hey if it’s trolls related, I’ll love it :)
Also they didn’t just get branch’s color wrong, where are his adorable pointy ears?!
What do you guys think about this?

Someone just told me Gorgeous sounds like another song by Tay

Does anyone else think this? What song do you guys think it is? She says she can’t quite put her finger on it and I honestly did not get this impression at all.

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What do you think the guys would do if they started rattling off in Japanese one day about how much they like their crush (was in the room at the time), and then not long after that they crush (who is a bit flustered) casually reveals that they are fluent in Japanese? 😂 that would be so embarrassing.

here’s a submission that relates to your ask!

Leo: could he make the moment any more awkward? the answer will shock you

Raph: chill? composure? coherent words? eye contact? sounds fake

Donnie: nervous smiling/laughing followed by excusing himself out of existence

Mikey: both accepts his fate and is crying inside all the while looking at you

-Mod Yaka

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Hello, so I started a new job recently and I got invited to this "club" (idk what else to call it) within the company for women in business, and I'm torn about whether or not I should join. I'm an afab demigirl and I do want to support it, but I also don't want to invalidate my own identity. What do you guys think I should do? I love your blog btw, it's helped me a lot :)

Is there anyone associated with the organization that you feel comfortable coming out to? Organizations for women often include and support AFAB trans people as well - see for example Harrison Browne, an out trans man in the National Women’s Hockey League - because they often are fighting a lot of the same prejudice that women do. Asking if their membership is open to demigirls seems like a logical way to deal with at least some of your concerns.

(If you feel uncomfortable using the term “demigirl” in a professional context, I sometimes use “demifemale” as an adjective - something like that might work for you.)

That said, even if they’re explicitly willing to include demigirls in their organization? You still don’t have to join if you feel uncomfortable joining. I’m still not 100% sure what gender is, but a lot of it seems to do with what group you belong in, and if you feel like you don’t belong in a club for women, you don’t need to join.

Good luck!

- mod robin

p.s. If you’re not comfortable asking yet, it’s fine to say, “I need more time to think about it, thank you.” Or, “I’m not sure I want to join - may I sit in on a meeting and get a sense of what you’re about?”