Toby built the game board

Mona was admiring the game board and the writers made a big point for her to say it was lovingly handmade and that it wasn’t so much a computer, but pulleys, levers, and other construction materials. This whole time we thought it was a super computer but no, it was built with objects from a hardware store. This makes me think Toby built it because we know he was on the A team (or still is), knows construction (built Spencer a chair and Yvonne a house) so why couldn’t he have built this game board? He could have also built the dollhouse, too! Toby is still super shady and we haven’t seen him since Yvonne died. What do you guys think?


So it’s actually all the Ghibli’s movies I saw ! Spirited away is definitely my favorite , then comes Howl’s Moving Castle , Ponyo and after them Princess Mononoke ! I thought it would be a good idea to draw them as Bookmark, so i did .
Also I’m thinking about opening a redbubble shop … what do you think guys ?

BTS When Their Girlfriend is The Younger Sister of Big Bang

I’m thinking of starting to do bts fake texts so what do you guys think?


*Namjoon would definitely be surprised when he sees you walking towards him with your older brother T.O.P before he’s about to go on stage for his performance. He’ll be even more surprised when T.O.P hands him flowers and asks him to take care of his sister. He’ll regain his composure quick and probably make some small talk before leaving.*

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*Jin would be very excited to find that you are actually the younger sister of Seungri! He would be very speechless in seeing you walk towards him with the said member and he would probably be the first to greet and tell the member that he doesn’t need to worry since he cares very much for you.* 

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*Suga would most likely be chill on the outside when seeing you with your older brother Taeyang but would probably be freaking out on the inside. He also might be mentally worried that Taeyang might’ve seen him pretending to cover his solo song. He would greet him and have a little bit of an awkward conversation.*

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*Hoseok would definitely be excited to have you tell him that you are the younger sister of Daesung. He would probably ask you questions about what the members are like and ask if they have ever talked about BTS. Hoseok would just be adorably excited.*

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*Jimin would probably die a little on the inside when he sees you with Taeyang, his ultimate idol. He would probably greet Taeyang (A LOT) and then ask him about his life and probably try sneak in a little hug. He might even try to ask Taeyang for a collab!*

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*Taehyung meeting T.O.P would probably be one of the cutest thing ever. He would greet him with the deepest bow and give him his biggest smile ever. Taehyung would probably tell T.O.P how much he admires him and how he basically knows all of their songs by heart.* 

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*Now this boy would just fall in love with you even more if he found out that you were G-Dragon’s little sister. When Jungkook meets him in person though, it’ll be like you don’t exist at the moment because he’ll be too busy talking to your older brother about various things. it would just be a cute fanboy meeting him most favorite idol.* 

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What do you guys think about this quote?

Especially interested in hearing opinions from @feminism-is-communist and @aawb on this. Also @anarchistmermaid has opinions on this I think

But any woman with some thoughts on this should pipe in

Isn’t the end goal of a communist society functionally anarchist?

Let’s get some anarchy and communism discourse going in the radfem community

I need to learn more and check how arguments about these things are constructed.

Im thinking about doing a Next Gen High School fic while i do the one im doing now since I am collaborating with Renee on the one im writing now and shes on break. What do you guys think? Would you be willing to read it?

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Oh! I know this a subject nobody talks about but what do you guys think of Sonic human characters? I rarely see them but people always shame them or tell people not to make human characters. I always thought it might be interesting to see some humans like eggman running around doing their own thing.

I actually think they can be done pretty well! I mean I really liked the humans in Unleashed as well as the ghost girl, if she counts. And don’t even get me started on Sara, man she’s awesome. But I agree, I think it would be interesting to see more humans, especially cartoony ones, to build the world Sonic lives in some more. 

-Mod Sarah

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this is about csa but i'm just wondering... (followers can answer too pls) is it possible to not remember the incident at all, yet have many signs pointing to csa, to still be csa? sorry if i worded this weird and feel free to delete this if you're not comfortable w answering!

yeah i think so! repressed memories are a thing for sure! @ followers what do you guys think?

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What do you think about guys in more feminine clothing? I have a friend who wears dungarees alot and it just made me wonder!

I think it’s great! Wear whatever you want! A girl can wear men’s clothes and a guy can wear girls! As long as you’re not hurting anyone do what makes you happy

TC&TF spoilers... not really

I kinda like how, in book 2+3, Dom has romantic feelings for Kenna. It supports my theory that, pre-book 1, they both did have strong feelings for the other. Then, after Luther took control of Stormholt and Kenna fled, they grew apart. Kenna changed a lot while Dom, not that he didn’t, but it was less significant. Kenna went from a princess who was short tempered, reckless, kinda like movie 1 Thor then grew into a respectable military commander, an honorable Queen, and force of nature on the battlefield. Then when they were reunited, they were just different. Too different. They remained friends, of course, but Kenna just didn’t feel the same anymore while Dom is still trying to get over her. 

I just wish Dom’s story wasn’t soooo revolved around ‘I love Kenna’ cause the guy’s a cool dude, I want him to have a sub-story all his own.

What do you guys think?