I was thinking of a ii au

A au that takes place in the medieval times

MePhone is a king (not really) and he takes random objects throughout his kingdom to compete. They consist of peasants, servants, Knights, and other roles.

What do you guys think?

Bechdel Test Project

Alright guys, so I’m thinking of starting a project of looking at different types of media (books, movies, tv shows, anime, video games, etc.) and saying “does this pass the Bechdel Test?” /maybe some other notes about its diversity and inclusiveness.

What do you guys think of that? 

Also, @asmcosplay how would you feel if I used the Aila test as well? Would you maybe be willing to collaborate?

For those of you who don’t know what the Aila Test is, you can should check it out!

Mod Bethany

What was this look for? 

I’ve been mulling over it for days and I just can’t seem to decipher it. At first, I thought it was maybe Alec going “oh wow, he actually said yes, was not expecting it to be that easy!” But then it doesn’t seem to be that simple. My gut’s saying there’s something else, however I have no idea what it could be. What do you guys think? Or am I just over analyzing this, like I do with everything in my life. PS I apologize for the crappy gif.

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I was wondering if it's possible that you start taking out the romanization from your posts? I love your blog, but I find the romanization to be distracting and I know it can stunt the learning process, so I was just curious as to if you had ever considered it :)

Haha it’s funny you bring that up, I actually have considered removing the romanization–it would be a lot easier so that I don’t have to type so much on my phone c:! I keep the romanization for the beginners who come to my blog and even though I put that reminder on each post I know the romanization is probably distracting for my more advanced followers. What do you guys think? Is the romanization more bothersome than it is helpful? Let me know down below haha

So I have a theory...

That demon that they showed destroying the Soul Sword in 2x07. Is it possible that, that is Magnus’s blood father? (Forgive me if I’m wrong I haven’t read the books but I have heard his dad is one of the most powerful demons) So in the 2x10 stills Magnus is holding both clary and jaces heads. It’s as if he’s trying to see something. Maybe to see if he knows what demon they saw? Maybe it’s his blood father and that’s why he looks so out of sorts on the balcony before clary comes out and shows Magnus whatever is on her phone (what I think is most likely to do with Alec, the institute, and valentine.) What do you guys think? Bonus:

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Our friends from the Dominican Republic, @giusbonarelli & @gustavoluismore, playing our @fender Custom #DoubleNeck #Telecaster #Guitar/#Bass here at #NormansRareGuitars! What do you guys think? (at Norman’s Rare Guitars)

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For real??? He unfollowed her? Isn't she like one of lat's closest friends? I don't want to get my hopes up or anything. But what do you guys think it means? I'm not surprised he unfollowed newhope stunts guy because from what we know GG never met him. But he met the other two girls. He in fact liked one of K@rissa's post less than a month ago. And like you said went to a party with the other one. Just seems an odd thing to do.

GG is an odd duck, there is no telling what it means. He may have just wanted to declutter his IG timeline a bit, which is perfectly normal and understandable. It makes sense to remove people that you no longer see or really have any type of relationship with.

On the other hand removing people that you have met and more than likely *could* interact with again in the future since they are related/connected to the person you’re involved with is a a little strange to say the least…

But like we said, Grant is an odd duck.


Okay! So I have two more horses to train and then I’ll be getting another, so it’s down to these three geldings. Anyone want to help me pick? The chestnut would be Starfire (Orion) and I’d probably have him be a showjumper. The seal (?) brown would be a dressage horse called Nightwind (Casanova). I haven’t thought about the grey yet but I think I might call him either Farcry or Greyjoy, and he’d be maybe cross country or something. Coming up with backstories helps me give them a bit more personality :) At any rate, what do you guys think? It basically comes down to color, in all honesty, but I can’t pick. Thanks!