A series?

Story idea: Y/N and Tom knew each other since school and both grew up to be actors Y/N being more successful than Tom though, until Spider-Man. They meet again on a talk show and discover they really like each other but they both have partners… What do you guys think? Depending on the response I might do this series!

Leave me a like, follow or any feedback if you guys want this series to go ahead or have any ideas on ways to make it better! Lots of love

Hogwarts Combinations

So you’ve got ya combined house names: I think most people agree on Slytherpuff and while arguments can be made for both Griffinpuff and Huffledor, I see Griffinpuff around more. But what do you call Hufflepuff combined with Ravenclaw? Ravenpuff? Huffleclaw? I need answers! I’ve literally never seen anything about this!

Guys serious question should I make a Mystic Messenger debate side blog where anyone can freely send in an ask and politely share their views without fear of being attacked and just talk about everything with everyone

*Just for a..less chaotic change, cause i know I’m gonna wanna talk on here so Yeah, what do you guys think?! IN FACT, my children, comment “yes” or “no” when you see this, just so I can get some feedback on it! or message or inbox, whatever the deal*

You: Barry didn’t have TIME to consult anybody! Iris is being selfish!

Me, an intellectual: Barry literally had no clue what was happening and guessed that the speedforce needed a speedster. When that was confirmed he ignored the fact that not only were there three speedsters present but that among them were also scientists (well, Cisco) who knew enough about the speedforce to both pay a visit there and to alter a weapon into a speedforce key that actually freed the last speedster it held prisoner. Barry jumped ahead of all of that and decided that he needed to make the ultimate sacrifice forever and ever, the end. No ‘well maybe Jay would be willing to go back for a few days while we try to find a solution to stabilize the speedforce another way,’ no ‘Iris, Joe, everyone, I really have the feeling this has to be me, what do you guys think? You know as much about this shit as I do.’ No nothing. Just ‘must be me, gotta go, bye forever!’ It was an absolutely noble decision and it signified Barry taking total responsibility for his flashpoint fuck-up and actually accepting the consequences, so yes, it was probably the right choice. But you bet your ass that the people who love him and who fought so hard all season to stay with him have the right to get pissed that he made that choice in a split second, all alone.

Unpopular opinion regarding "fledglings"

I feel like people in this community talk about being a “fledgling” or saying they were ___ years old. Personally, I don’t believe that angels have age. Because age implies having been born and being alive. Well, angels aren’t and were never “alive” And therefore could not have been “born” or have age. Idk i just don’t agree with people who say they “remember” being a child as an angel. Yeah, there were probably angels that were created at separate times and thus some angels would be more naive than others, but I don’t really think we/they are/were ever “children” as humans think. Idk tho. What do you guys think? I’m not trying to offend anyone btw. Just putting my opinion out there lmao

Thinking about doing a giveaway with two or three themed prize packs eventually. Current ideas for themes are divination, spirit work, and glamour magic. What do you guys think? O:

It would probably be months in advance, maybe on Halloween? Or for a big milestone like 15k followers.

cars 3 merchandise

should i post all my merch?? it’d be a REALLY long post?? maybe i should do it for 200 followers ? what do you guys think


((So AFTER NEARLY A FUCKING YEAR I got this done….sort of. I still need a quote for this one and will probally keep tweaking it but considering it was supposed to be a set with the Candlehead one (and that I had it nearly in limbo for a year, half finsihed) I didn’t want to make the coloring style so different than the original despite me wanting to make a better one than this.

Maybe I will do updates of both with better colors and lines and….EVERYTHING but I don’t know. What do you guys think?

Also including the blank Candlehead one, the one that I’ve had sitting on my laptop for a year, and the precolors for THIS one.




lonelyblackwing-kt  asked:

Random question. I know alot of the ship pairs, and some eventually created a child for some shippings. What would the child(ren) of Code and Echo look like, their personality and powers. It would be funny if Code and Echo just suddenly saw said child(ren) out of nowhere though...(just like that POOF!)😅

Wow really good question my friend. i never thought about it…but you are right!

At first i didn´t know what to draw but… how about twins XD:

arent they the cutest >v< What do you guys think? i think they came out really good. Code will love these two little angels. For sure! u.u Hey @12-drawsz do they look like code and echo´s children. How would they react?

btw code belongs to meh and 12-drawsz is the creator of echo you can find ´em in my blog (soo cuteee)

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red-werewolf-of-london  asked:

I love your guys' YouTube channel and have subscribed to it under my YouTube account: SeaIsMe. Your one of my favorite YouTube channels of all time. I have a question: what do you guys think about the Ice Age movies not having any humans after the first one? Could it be that their dead? Or that the creators just don't have the time to animate humans into their movies anymore?

Thanks for the message! Frederator loves you! And, hmmmm, interesting theory. We will talk with out Cartoon Conspiracy team about this! Thank yoU!

Hey 5 Secs After Discourse and I wanna Bounce a Change to Lawful-verse Riddler off Y'all

So I’ve been debating making Eddie mixed race for awhile but have held off because, well, I really like Eddie as a ginger.

So, my brain offered a compromise: Make Eddie’s hair auburn, and he can be mixed race or fully East Asian, which is exactly what I wanted anyway.

So it all works out, what do you guys think?