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So my sister is coming down from North Carolina for about two weeks tomorrow. I’ve been wanting to get her into SU for some time now, but don’t wanna start her off at the pilot in the case it doesn’t click. what episode do you guys think would be the perfect introduction to SU for her?

Visual prompts via Music Videos/Shorts?

This is kind of a random idea but what do you guys think of me also reblogging music videos/short films/animated shorts as visual prompts?

Music is a HUGE motivator for me when I’m writing.  Sometimes with lyrics, sometimes without.  And I figure that might be a nice addition to the media we share here.  I will still be curating it in a similar way, where I’ve kinda avoided things that are too NSFW or of an N-17/XXX nature so that a wider audience can enjoy this blog.

Tell my what you think!

been listening to 1989 and noah fence but it really wasn’t all that tbh

i love that taylor tried new sounds and there’s stuff I LOVE production wise bc I’m really into the little musical and tonal nuances in everything i listen to but on a whole it was v underwhelming for me, lyrically. it may be more sonically cohesive or whatever the fuck than red but red >>>> 

also you’re entitled to your wrong opinions but clean is the best song on the album bye

Important Things N Stuff

I think I will put all blogs except fixwell’s blog, which you guys will be notified about later, on a update schedule of once a month. That way I can build a queue, hopefully even out the workload as I start College in a week. What do you guys think?

With Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild winning best of Gamescom 2016, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime realizes the failure of the Wii U and doesn’t plan on making the same mistakes with the Nintendo NX due next March 2017. If this system performs better than the PS4 and Xbox One, would they dominate the console competition again? What do you guys think?
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So. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Gerald from Finding Dory? 

Finding Dory did so so well at spreading a positive message about disabilities. But there seems to be a lot of criticism on how Pixar handled Gerald as a character and a lot of people have taken offence to a potentially disabled character being bullied/how he was portrayed etc etc. 

I. don’t think it’s a big deal. Sea lions are territorial and it’s a funny gag. But maybe I’m not in a position to form a ~well-informed~ opinion.

So what do you guys think? 

theonecinnamonroll  asked:

I kinda had another mental breakdown last night because of them...? Think u guys could give me tips on clearing my mind or what you guys do to think of better things?

I just try to distract myself, watch something ridiculous like a funny vine collection video or look at cat pictures. Also if you have friends you feel you can talk to just let it all out to them, that usually helps. A problem shared is a problem halved! Any other mods have any advice?

-Mod V