listen, this live version up close came back to remind me that y’all still cant compare little mix to other basic artists out there because they ‘sold more’ . i mean basic because after you watch this, i dare you to tell me where else you’ll find this level of talent and burning passion while singing. jade showing her insane vocal ability in a ballad, perrie allowing us to witness the wonder she is, leigh-anne often wrongly doubted doing this holy moment (2:47- 3:00) and jesy letting her heart fuel through her voice to touch you in the most intimate way in this song. these four are right in the place they belong: up in that stage. i really wish people would open their eyes to realize that they deserve so much more than what they get.


Emma Watson is one of the youngest and most successful people out there. Her charm, kindness, and positive outlook on life make her a beacon. She is an ambassador in campaigns for equality for women. In addition, she’s an amazing actress with a knack for showing others who they really are. These are 10 lessons that she has taught us Career Girls about what success means, how to achieve it, and more.

Success does not depend on age, or have a deadline.
Success came to Emma Watson, earliest and most notably, in the form of the Harry Potter movies. She has proven that you can achieve success in whatever you do, no matter your age. In addition, her success didn’t end with the hugely popular movie franchise: she has acted in many more things and continues to reach high levels of success in everything she does.

Be humble about your success, but take credit where it is due.
Emma has taught us, through many interviews about her success, that you can’t be afraid to be proud of your accomplishments. This applies to every part of your life-pat yourself on the back when you’ve done something and succeeded! At the same time, you shouldn’t let success overrule your life: she says, “It can throw your balance off a bit” (Movie Pop News, 2013). Don’t let your success-or your attempts to achieve it-control your entire life.

Be who you are.
If you ask Emma Watson what her goals were in portraying the character Hermione Granger, she will tell you lots of things that all center around girls being proud of who they are: “…told girls that it’s okay to be slightly bossy, that it’s okay to be studious and nerdy.” Emma Watson has taught us that in order to find success, you have to embrace yourself and be you to your fullest potential.

Don’t lose sight of your dreams and goals.
Emma has shown that your goals are achievable, and that once you’ve achieved success in something, you can still strive for something completely different that is a success in its’ own way. For example, although she is a major success in the acting world and in being an ambassador for women, she achieved her dream of a college degree while still maintaining a successful career.

Stand up for what you want, and be willing to work for it.
Speaking of her college degree, Emma Watson could’ve gone to any college she wanted to, and in addition, with her current success, she didn’t necessarily need a college degree. However, since it was something she wanted, she wasn’t afraid to go for it and get out of her comfort zone.

Don’t allow a fear of failing to curb your attempts to be successful.
An amazing quote by Emma Watson is as follows: “I don’t want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about.” She has taught us Career Girls many valuable lessons, but this one could possibly be the most important. By letting a fear of being a failure stop you from trying, you are shooting down all chances of you becoming successful.

Be different.
One of the biggest ways to be successful is to stand out from the crowd, and Emma Watson embodies this. In an interview with Elle, she said “Don’t feel stupid if you don’t love what everyone else pretends to love”. Embrace your personality and use it to make people around you stop and listen to your unique message.

Be grateful for those around you and for the ‘stepping stones’.
Emma Watson is constantly grateful for the years she spent acting as a child, in the Harry Potter films, and more. She is aware that she wouldn’t have the success she has without those films. We should all recognize what and who have helped us to achieve success.

Don’t sacrifice your values to please someone.
Emma has said, “The saddest thing for a girl to do is to dumb herself down for a guy.” This applies to more than that. Don’t change or act differently so that you will achieve success-true success is built on honesty and humility.

Hard work is the foundation of success.
Emma’s constant pushing of herself to the next level shows how drive and determination are the keys to achieving success. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, without letting go of what’s important to you or covering up who you truly are. ©

You’re not any less of a person if you’re not in school. You’re not inferior in intelligence. The skills you learn outside of a classroom are not useless. It is not the degree that matters for creative opportunities. It’s the quality of the work. Put yourself out there. Build a community with creatives around you or online. Collaborate with other creatives. Try new mediums. Create work which scares you. Get involved in shows. Submit your work to magazines and contests. Know that a large number of people are in college because they have the financial means to do so and because they do not know what they’d do otherwise. It’s not stupid to try something other besides what is presented to you. It’s brave.
—  Lora Mathis (x)

These are just a few of many, many examples of the wonderful signs our participants have brought to shows during the Where We Are and On The Road Again tour. 

We hope these will give you some inspiration for your own ones!

What is this Rainbow Direction at One Direction concerts thing about?

Rainbow Direction is about bringing rainbows (or other sexuality/gender flags) to One Direction shows to show visible support for LGBTQ+ fans. This post is full of great examples of what participants have done in the past.

I see people signing up for something. What does that mean?

Signing up means adding your social media handle to our OTRA tour map - this is how you become an official Rainbow Direction participant. If you are going to a OTRA tour show and would like to meet up or connect with other Rainbow Direction participants signing up on our map will help you do so!

How do I sign up correctly?

You can find all the instructions - what to do and what not to do - here

I changed my tumblr, twitter or instagram name / I want to change my entry (delete my last name or a social media account). How can I do that? Do I need to sign up again?

Please do NOT sign up anew to help us avoid double signings - you should also meet a note about that in the signup form.

Either write us a message here, on our twitter @homefromnarnia or send us a mail to takemehomefromnarnia@gmail.com

This also counts when you want to signup additional people as ‘+1′, ‘+2′, ‘+4′ etc

Is there anywhere I can see who else is taking part?

It’s on the same map you use for signing yourself up. When you look in the page’s header, you can also see the participants for the WWA tour and the promo dates.

I am signed up for my concert but I’m confused on what I’m going to do. How am I supposed to show that I support the LGBTQ+ community?

In your very own way, really.
The only thing it requires is that you bring at least one rainbow (or other sexuality/gender flag coloured) item to the show you are going to. It doesn’t matter how big the rainbow is.

It can be banners, signs or flags of any size (even if they are just tiny handheld flags on sticks); shirts - selfmade or from our official store; accessories, makeup,face or body paint, nail polish, jewelry, crafts like rainbow pinwheels, rainbow candy you give out to people and whatever you can and want to come up with. You can ask others whose ideas you liked if you can use them or create your own individual one. The more ideas the better! It doesn’t have to be big or expensive; every rainbow (or other sexuality/gender flag)  counts!

Is it okay if I only wear a bracelet or something even smaller?

We want you to wear or bring whatever you feel comfortable with.  If you do not feel comfortable or safe with a large or visible rainbow, but want to be a part of Rainbow Direction anyway we suggest you wear something small. For example: rainbow underwear, or a rainbow bracelet under your sleeve.

Do I need to do anything after my show?

If you feel comfortable with it, we would love to see pictures or videos of your participation (before or after your show) - please tag “rainbow direction” or #rainbowdirection so we can reblog or retweet them! Rainbow Direction related concert reports are equally welcome and well appreciated.

Can I address ships on the gear I bring to my show to support Rainbow Direction?

No. If you want to be a Rainbow Direction participant we ask that you keep your rainbows and shipping separate. See our policy on shipping here

Can I support a single band member or the band with my rainbow gear?

See our policy on addressing bandmembers here

anonymous asked:

I MUST ask you, but do you love the relationship between Gohan and Piccolo?

I love the relationship that is shared between Gohan and Piccolo.
We are shown that no matter what has happened in our past, or whatever the present is currently dealing us, we can all grow to change from the people we are, to better ourselves by the ones that become a strong meaning in our lives.

I have learned many lessons from Piccolo that have taught me that I can change the person I am, and become better for myself as well as others. That because of my history, I still can be a stronger person in heart and in mind.

Gohan has taught me that you should always see past the person that is in front of you and look deep at the person inside. The way he looks past Piccolo’s evil-monster-like looks and harsh training regime, to see the inner being that was underneath. He showed me to appreciate the time people put in for you even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. But most of all, he taught me that anyone can be a role model in your life if you let them be.

A major learning curve that I encounter from the two’s relationship is that you will do anything for the ones that you love. Both you and your Friends/Family/Loved-ones are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes on both sides to make a compromise in a desired result in shared happiness.

But overall, Gohan and Piccolo’s relationship has helped me be guided to always think outside of the box when it comes to the ones that I have wronged in life and always try my hardest to be there for anyone who has been there for me.

So YES…the relationship between Piccolo and Gohan is one that has been a loved by myself for years and for many more years to come.

Thanks again for the question.

I know a lot of you think guard is great because it helps you express yourself and spend your energy in a positive way, but I just want you to realize that guard also incorporates mathematics, physics, and science disciplines as well, and depending on your program, the subject of your show, and the set of instructors you have, it could also be incorporating language arts and social studies areas. 

I say this because a lot of the time, we know why guard is so important to us, but we can’t express it to other people without thinking we sound hokey. 

The term “authentic assessment” is a set of words that means ‘something that you do in real life that demonstrates concepts you have learned’. The learning of guard technique and the performance of guard shows, striving for that excellence, is authentic assessment of what you have learned in other disciplines. Your knowledge of exactly how your equipment will travel through air is a demonstration of your understanding of physics, including gravity and centrifugal force. The knowledge that the harder you push your left hand down, the faster around your equipment will go, is demonstration of mathematical and physics principles. Further, the more you hone these skills, being able to do whatever guard skill the first time you try, the more you demonstrate precision and accuracy in the way you apply the concepts from other disciplines. And last in this certainly non-exhaustive list, your playing with the ways your equipment travels (in other words, trying new tricks) is an application of scientific method, complete with your own experiments, results, and enough reflection to eventually get whatever you were trying right.

So, apart from being a fantastic way to express creativity and a way to enjoy life, guard is a tool to help you piece together everything you learn in a meaningful way!

I’m letting you know so you can say “shove it” to anyone who thinks guard is irrelevant or unnecessary, with the exact knowledge of how it relates to your academic and/or future life.

This is a ship-friendly blog.

By which I mean, you are welcome here no matter what you ship. Even if I don’t ship it.

There will be no pre-judgement of you here no matter what you ship and no matter what others have done in the name of your ship. I’ll decide how I feel about you based on your actions, and your actions alone. 

I’ll respect your right to love what you love no matter what you ship, and regardless of how much I do not love what you love. I don’t have to like your faves to like YOU.

You are more important to me than whether or not we share the same feelings about who should be making smoochies on our favorite TV show.

And I will tag all my shit.

(I was gonna put a snarky comment here about Believer Queen, but I felt it kinda ruined my zen….)

Tumblah Royals Network (aka. Tumblr Royalty 3.0)

tumblr royalty is a promo group for new tumblr bloggers who want to make friends on tumblr and start gaining followers on their blogs.

What We Do:

  • we’ll help you out with all the tumblr terms you might not know yet.
  • we’ll help you know what each blog type means & what themes to use
  • we’ll help you understand the different types of promos
  • we’ll show you how to gain followers without doing promos
    (as some people don’t like them, but there are other ways to gain)

How To Join: (network page here)

you’ll need a facebook account to join.
just click here - then click “join group”

Admins: (message us if you have any questions)

Owner: Becka Admins: Jacob - Sammi - Gina

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Sasha I'm a little suspicious. Both today's eyelashes sign and the last first crush sign that Liam read were both on tumblr before the show. ALSO the naughty boy sign was on tumblr pre-show too.

Anonymous said:

I feel like Liam is trolling now or told to read Larry signs what do you think ?


Anonymous said:

Do you think people are just starting to use Liam to read Larry signs? I mean, maybe he knew about the aimh one…but the others? And it bothers me that he is probably being used and the fact that most of these ppl never appreciates him for him..


I had a conversation with Jasmine about this earlier. Actually, this same thing came up after the Naughty Boy sign. Because everything seemed to happen so fast. We get the pre-concert pic. Then the signs are conveniently close to the stage. Then they get filmed and put on the monitors by 1D’s crew. Then come the tweets, pix and video before the concert is even over. It happened again with the “My first crush..” sign. And it happened again tonight. A pattern has been established and it’s all in the patterns.

If you’ve been around a while, you probably know that getting a “masterpost” about a concert moment would usually happen the following day. Now it’s happening immediately. To me, that’s a red flag. It’s just…unusual.

So yes, I think there’s a chance these moments aren’t organic. Maybe this is something negotiated between the incoming and outgoing teams? The Naughty Boy incident especially seemed to advance the stunt a bit closer to endgame. The Larry signs seem to be seeding. And while we’re at it, add the “it’s not a real baby” concert moment to the list of recent shady occurrences that are very suspicious. 

I don’t think Liam is trolling or being used. I think he’s participating very willingly and it may be part of a larger plan.

anonymous asked:

Do intj's find it difficult to distinguish themselves among others? People often ask me simple questions about myself, ie "what kind of music do you like?" and I can't seem to find an answer that satisfies me. So, I say something very vague or, more often than not, "I don't know." I feel as though this makes it very difficult for me to make friends.

I believe so. My theory is that it’s because some INTJs are unsure of how to behave in social situations, and overthink what the best answer would be to a question about themselves; even one that might seem simple enough to answer. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they would lie in order to get the best outcome, but perhaps only that they feel pressured to come up with a good answer (and possibly fear that they will be alienated if their answer is deemed strange). I’d guess that “the perfect answer” usually shows up later that night, when the INTJ lies in bed overthinking/analyzing everything that’s happened that day.

If anyone has something to add, replies will be gathered here.

- Rain


 I think people misunderstand calum most out of the group, he’s not so obvious about his feelings and I believe he has what I call “bitch face” where he constantly looks mad or mean/ pissed off when he’s actually perfectly content with everything .. Its a constant.. He wasnt smiling, he isn’t doing this ..he isn’t doing that ..like the other guys. But guess what.. He isn’t like the other guys so why would you expect it from him? He shows emotion in his own way and when you get a true genuine smile from him you learn to appreciate the shit out of it.. Because its rare..he has walls built up just like the rest of us.. Especially with new people, when you finally knock those walls down you get a different calum,you’ll get a prankster, you get a sweet Caring guy, you get a guy who has good intentions and learning how to live life.. Even though most people don’t get that.. He represents us black sheep, the misunderstood, the “kids” still learning about life through their mistakes.. He just has to do it under a microscope.. He has to get all of that shoved in his face.. So I guess what I’m saying is thanks Calum.. Thanks for being that “misfit” thanks for having fun with life.. Thanks for showing kids today that people are flawed and make mistakes but its okay because its just apart of getting to know how this world works. #calumisgoals guys.. Because being the misfit is the new normal.

anonymous asked:

If you could choose between an SE or SC endgame what would you choose?

I would choose SE for endgame. I have to say that I really do enjoy SC and I think that that pairing has a lot of potential. I love that SC is a relationship based primarily in platonic affection, that their friendship means so much to them but that romantic love sort of spirals out from that fundamental friendship. I love  that there’s a great scale to their dynamic, that there’s this pure appreciation for each other as people, that at their simplest they’re sort of each other’s breath of fresh air, and at their most complex there’s this stormy chemistry between them, and they’re unpredictable in that way, you never know if they’re going to scream at each other or kiss one another or hug or cry; they’re kind of chaotic but they’re also incredibly stubborn and to see the tension of that is great. They’re equals in a way we haven’t seen on the show and I want Steroline to be explored truly. I want them to be in love and be in a relationship and have their ups and their downs, I want them to commit to each other because they both deserve one another.


There’s an inherent soulfulness between Stefan and Elena; no matter where they are in their lives, there’s a profound intimacy between them, a connection that can’t be broken. What was beautiful about their relationship was that their love wasn’t selfish, which seems like a simple thing to say but it was bigger than them and it influenced every aspect of their lives; being with Elena reawakened Stefan’s love for Damon because loving Elena and Elena loving him reminded him of compassion, of taking leaps of faith while Stefan’s love and Elena’s happiness being with Stefan gave her the strength to be a role model for Jeremy, to at least try and be the strength for her friends when they were in need. And that type of bond never went away throughout the seasons. Stefan looked to Elena to bring his humanity back in season 6 and in season 5 Elena looked to Stefan for guidance about her life. And while Stefan and Elena have taken different paths and gone through different developments, I don’t believe they’ve ever outgrown their connection to each other or their love for one another no matter how much the show tries to say otherwise (in fact the more the show tried to pry them apart, the more – in my opinion – they reinforced the connection they have for each other). Even when Elena had no humanity in season 4, at prom when Elena explained to Rebekah that she was a terrible person she said, “Remember when you locked us all in a room and ruined my relationship with Stefan?” in season 5, the mere thought of Stefan was enough to make Elena break through Silas’ compulsion while the idea of him being in trouble was how her compulsed rage was triggered and it was so strong she nearly killed herself and Damon. In season 6, their goodbye, “I love you so much” “You changed everything for me” — I’m sorry, I just don’t feel like these are the types of things that happen when you’re just really good friends with someone. No matter where she is in her life, Elena absolutely must be on good terms with Stefan.

I always said it wouldn’t be at all out of the blue if on the series finale of the show, neither Stefan nor Elena were in relationships and they sat down and had a discussion about how they grew apart and fell in love with different people but how no matter what their feelings for each other never changed but simply was pushed to the background for other experiences. I rarely say things like ‘belong’ but I do believe that Stefan and Elena belong together, they’re a pair, like a set, they just fall naturally in place.

Kevin Williamson: Is she single right now? Elena is always, no matter how single she is, she’s still standing there with Stefan. 

Just my opinion :)

anonymous asked:

Any tips on writing a scene where it's purely romantic and not sexual? Like, what are ways to show romance without including sexuality? My one character is ace, but falls in love and idk how I would properly show that.

Romance is all about showing the connection between two people. That means connection on multiple levels. Mental, emotional, and - yes - physical. But physical connection doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual, nor do you have to rely on the physical connection over the other forms of connection. On a concrete level, things like brushing a piece of hair out of someone’s face, or even something as simple as eye contact can be romantic. 

In other words, just focus on the different ways people can make these connections. Conversations with each other, doing things together, etc. And remember that romance may mean something completely different for different people. Romance can be something deep and meaningful, but it can also be light and whimsical and fun. For a lot of people, it’s all of these things at different points of a relationship. 

howltersmovingcastle asked:

I didn't mean fuck you I meant fuck the person who said I was "playing the victim card" I'm done with this ok I just . I didn't mean you

Well, others are telling me that while you try to show me a face of innocence here, you’re meanwhile resorting to petty name-calling behind my back on your own blog, and desperately hoping that I wouldn’t know about it.

Though I doubt you ever intended to be, you are a textbook case of what has gone wrong with today’s young “activists”.  Not only can you not distinguish between people that are against your values, and people simply against how you negatively represent them, but you react to criticism in THE WORST POSSIBLE MANNER.  There’s also the very sick tendency for people to treat honest feedback as though they’re being “harassed” or “abused”, and hiding behind this as a shield to deflect anything they don’t wish to hear.  Do you know who else does that?  Religious zealots.  Elderly bigots.  White supremacists.  You only become exactly as bitter and hateful as those people.  Such tactics are those of cowards, NOT of those with inner fortitude and purity of cause.

I am going to tell you this FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE:  People will never take you seriously if your only response to criticism or discussion is anger and name-calling.  It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to represent.  People don’t enjoy being yelled at, or being told they’re “trash” if they don’t mold their beliefs to mirror your own.  That’s not how reality works, and it’s sure as fuck no way to gain support for a cause.

To support something, GENUINELY, is to understand when and where it is appropriate to do so.  To practice otherwise is to relegate your causes to the fringe, and force others to look down on you.  That isn’t what humanity needs.  And frankly, one wonders if such reactions have been preventing genuine progress from being made.

It’s 2015.  We should have fuckin’ hoverboards by now, but not only can’t humanity get the fuck over the fact that we all look and think differently, but even the people trying to showcase this fault are becoming the very monsters they sought to destroy.

Inviting more monsters will not rebuild a city.  It just further stomps it into the ground.

Before you ever think about sending anon hate, think to yourself; what would Bellamy Blake think of this? Surley he would not be happy or impressed, in fact he would be very well disappointed. Actually, if you were one of the 100 and he heard you were being mean to people he’d probably put you on latrine duty for 2 months or give you the worst jobs possible around camp. A lot of the 100 wouldn’t like you either, for example look at murphy, he was a little shit and he ended up getting hung in a tree and kicked out of camp then tortured by grounders. Not that any of that would happen to you but I’m just showing how being an ass gets you no where. The point I’m trying to make is don’t send anon hate, don’t be mean at all. Bellamy Blake is counting on you to do the right thing, don’t let him down bc even if you are being a jerk he’d still sneak into mw, become a human blood bag, and kill someone to save your ass bc that’s the kind of person Bellamy Blake is and the kiND OF PERSON YOU SHOULD ASPIRE TO BE. DONT SEND THAT ANON HATE, DONT BE MEAN.

To be honest, the recent shuploc picture isn’t much NSFW… It is pg-13. As long as it ain’t showing his dong or doing stuff with other people, it’s fine! Some of you are overly sensitive at times. I mean it looks like he could also be sneezing… :) If Mark doesn’t like it if he sees it, I’m pretty sure he would contact her to tell her to take it down (considering she is one of many lead markiplier fanartists..)

She is also an artist that takes request from the Mark fandom, most people in the fandom are hormonal teens. (not her fault) so somehow you guys weren’t expecting this?

Also to the lady herself, you have a little Dino boy right behind you offering hugs :) so keep up your talent darling and do what makes your followers happy and most importantly, you happy!
The "n" word

You will rarely catch me using the word because I just don’t like it personally.
Now I know people are like “Well if black people can use it, why can’t other races use it?”
Personally I feel that other races casually using it just don’t understand the depth of the word but “it’s just a word” right?
The way I see it a black person calling another black person a “nigga” isn’t racist because neither people are showing any type of belief supremacy over each other which is required in racism. That black person isn’t assuming that they’re better than the other black person for using the word you see.
Now you’re probably like “but it’s the same with white people! We don’t mean anything bad by it”.
Okay but do you even understand the history behind the word?
What do you call a black person with a college education?
What do you call a black person wanting respect?
What do you call a black athlete?
What do you call a black parent?
before and even up til today the correct answer would be and is “a nigger” to many racially insensitive people around the country and world.
Do you see how the word was originally meant to make black people seem like they were completely worthless despite their efforts?
When the KKK used the word they did not mean it in the sweetest way, it’s a derogatory term period.
Now imagine being tired of it and wanting to embrace it because there’s no way that you can get others to stop using it harmfully against you, you can’t control what other people say no matter how much you threaten or beg them.
That’s why black people calling each other “nigga” is so different.
It’s the history behind it that really matters, even if your group wasn’t behind the hatred that the word originally came with, it’s just no.
Sure you can be ignorant and say whatever you want because it’s just a word but when there are people putting things like “Kill all niggers” and even going as far as to call deceased black people “niggers” and mock their deaths, I think you should be trying to stop them before you can comfortably use the “ga” ending.
It’s just that you want to use the word so badly for God knows what reason but you also are able to ignore it when people of the same group as you use it to insult black people as well.
You want to say “nigga” freely but you don’t care when someone calls a black person a “nigger” :)
It’s like a person with a broken arm making fun of their arm injury but then another person with no ties to them making the same jokes about the injury without even knowing the initial pain, and for what?
If you think that anyone can say the word then I’m sorry that you’re so needy and want to feel included in things that literally will not improve your life.
Why can’t you come up with your own slang?
Why don’t you claim a slur used against your own people and make it hip??

lamusiqe13 asked:

Okay, so when I listen to the chorus of Modern Chemistry, I always hear something kind of sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek. Like, you're saying you don't actually believe in medication and therapy, but you're trying to convince yourself you do, or you're being sarcastic. And then I showed it to my friend - unlike me, she's been though therapy and been on medication. And she said, "I don't normally like uplifting stuff like this, but this one is really genuine." What was your intention there?

That has always been my intention. To write words in a way that different people can find different meanings in them for themselves (depending on how they are looking at them), even if said meanings are polar opposites. I was more successful with some songs than others, but I always tried to leave several trails of breadcrumbs leading every which way.

With this particular example, I most definitely was in agreement with one of you, but I won’t tell you which one.

Hey guys, I just recently hit 900 followers so I thought I would show my appreciation for all of you by doing a follow forever!

people who mean a lot to me; don’t know what i’d do without ya’ll

thenewleafchronicles: My roommate, my best friend, and the one who allows me to indulge in my obsessions with full support. I can’t think of anyone better to be friends with tbh!

nessarose-charlebois: The Phoebs to my Sibs - we have full conversations using only hashtags and Sam just gets me. One day we’ll eat bagels together in NYC and that will be the day. She’s incredibly sweet, check her out!

adkinsmenzel: Lara is one of my best tumblr friends! I’m so excited for the day she comes to visit NYC and we eat ourselves sick of ice cream. She reblogs everything musicals, has a love for N2N and everyone should follow her!

other AMAZING blogs i enjoy a lot - ya’ll make tumblr a better place

ahelluvatown, akatcard, an0therdayan0therdestiny, avery-darlingbethmalones, broadwayecatherineewalker, doyoufeelmyheartsayinghi, elphiewonderful, fgsbellamygabrielladysquithgoldenpuppies-at-heart, jeffkreadykeliohara, kittybenettkristenanneslisajaneoharemontynavarro, queenidinamenzelseeminglysteamedartichoke, sibellahalllwardsibellla

You’re all super cool and I’m glad I have you guys on my dash! Some of you I talk to and some of you I admire from afar, but nevertheless keep being awesome :D

anonymous asked:

PR. PR. PR. Where is this phantom PR pushing them as a couple? Enough already. It's not even referred to as PR in the industry-it's publicity. I have worked as a publicist and this is not how it goes. There would be actual coverage, not journos and fans observing them. Where are the blind items? Where are the "spottings" of them together on a romantic date? Set sources talking how they can't keep their hands off each other? etc. That is publicity, people.

(+) There would have been strategy meetings discussing how to sell/promote the show long before it aired. Roomfuls of people. If they were pushing Sam and Cait as a couple to “sell the show”, you really think this is the best they can do? Sheesh.

Thanks for the insight anon.  I totally agree with you.  I would imagine too that it would be hard to keep up with this façade.  I mean, what we see is so genuine and so natural, it’s hard to see otherwise.  I find it fascinating too with the amount of privacy these two manage to keep, why not say they’re in relationships with other people.  They’re doing such a bang up job with it if they are.  There would be no difference, eh?