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BTS Reaction to You Being Too Nervous to Confess to Them

None of the gifs belong to me~ <3

Note: This is after they find out that you wanted to confess to them.


*be prepared ‘cause he’s about to man up and confess first–*

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*smoothly mentions this as a hint (hoping that you might feel less nervous)*


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Rap Monster:

*becomes super shy around you because he’s now aware of your feelings for him and his feelings for you*

but can you imagine him not being able to maintain normal eye contact?? this cutie would be so shy!!!!!!

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*looks at you like this ‘cause he loves to tease you when you’re nervous*

*those eyes tell secrets*

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“I know I’m irresistible Y/N, but why are you too nervous to confess your feelings for me? I’m handsome, yes. I’m cool, yes. But I won’t be the one to admit my feelings for you.”


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“She’s talking about how she wants extra sauce for her food. This is it. This is how she’s going to confess to me.”

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Good morning!

yes, that’s my face with the latest potential prize for Seal’s Follower Appreciation Week and Kissing Day festival. (if you haven’t, be sure to enter! :D) no, I’m totes not dressed for the day and yes, I’m terrible at the selfie artform (do I smile? am I to pretend the camera is a person…what?). It’s the necklace that matters. :)

Anyway, it’s friday around here which means fic. Since I’ve not had time to read a bunch, I’m going to post the kissing day pieces that started this whole silliness so if you have no idea how all this silliness started, today will be a great day to catch up. I’m also going to reblog some Bethany Hawke and Fin Larkson pieces (from the noir au) because I think they’ll be a lot of fun to write fluff for during the festival. Unlike Essa, Bethany loves Kissing Day and is a very enthusiastic observer of the holiday. 

How’s everyone else doing this week?

anonymous asked:

Hi Andrew, i go to work everyday and it sometimes bothers me cus my coworker confessed he likes me. we always been great friends, ppl tease us sometimes just for fun and we laugh it off but he gets alittle shy about it. i feel like its awkward between us sometimes. he knows i have a bf and i said i don't feel the same way, and he said we are still friends, nothing changed. we both have a good career here and i don't want to lose him as a friend too. is the correct way to act nothing happened?

I think the correct way to act would be in the way that makes you most comfortable. If that means pretending nothing happened, then that’s what you should do.

If he knew you had a boyfriend when he told you he liked you then that’s his problem. He can’t expect for you to reciprocate his feelings or perform emotional labor for him to feel better about his feelings or the situation.

You’re allowed to focus on your career, maintains a distance from him, and do what you need to to not feel uncomfortable. If it’s possible you could have a follow up discussion and just say, “I want to maintain strictly a friendly work relationship and I really like working here and with you so I would appreciate it if you respected that.”

Nobody should ever be making you uncomfortable in the work place.

you can love villains and anti-heroes and antagonists without justifying their behaviour, You don’t have to make up excuses for the horrible shit they do. It’s totally fine to love these characters as they are, to accept the ugly parts of them- that doesn’t mean that you agree with the choices they make, it just means that you happen to love complex and three dimensional individuals.


Journal 3 shitpost doodle dump part 2! (Part 1 is over here and part 3 is over here)

To be honest, I don’t think I’m done yet. There’ll probably be a part 3 as well because there’s just so much more I want to poke fun of. This book truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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