Daniel Radcliffe surprises fans in a movie theater after a What If screening (thanks to danedehaann for sending me the link).


Ten being a puppy in Born Again


Ford, you made a big mistake when you called THAT to save your ass.

@hntrgurl13, what did you make me do?!??!?

And I noticed at least 4 different mistakes about Stan after I finished colors but if I want to fix them, I had to do almost everything over again so… I’M DONE!!! (But backgrounds looks fine ^^’‘‘‘)

But hey my first turning head animation! And original gif here


Why would I accept defeat? Why would I accept it, if you won’t? Mulder, you say that you’ve failed, but you only fail if you give up. And I know you - you can’t give up. It’s what I saw in you when we first met. It’s what made me follow you… why I’d do it all over again.

Exo reaction when your teenage kid walks in on you two doing it

Sehun:*tries to fool his kid* If I was you I would be worried cause you started to see things son

Kai: Well sweety I think we need to talk after that…..

Tao:*minding his own business when he sees his son coming through the door* Omg babe pull the duvet over quickly  

Kyungsoo: Why are you shocked? did you thought that we made you from flour?

Chanyeol: What do you mean I don’t need to explain what you just saw? how much of that do you know?

Baekhyun:I wasn’t expecting this when I started……

Chen: I though you said she was already sleeping? I guess now she won’t sleep for sure

Lay: Sweety, sweety this is not what you think it is, come back…I mean don’t…wait on the hallway until I get dressed for daddy to explain it to you

Suho:*the gif is enough*

Kris: We did it again.I guess this is becoming a tradition for our kids now to find out about sex like this

Luhan: Oh god I’m not ready to talk with him about it

Xiumin: wife: It could have been worst.

Are you kidding me now?


lost meme: [1/1] season
all of them


She had always heard that love was a surer route to the people’s loyalty than fear

Headcanon/AU: Sansa’s personal and political role in the future of the story (based on sansalayned‘s amazing thoughts and headcanons)

Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend, María! ♥


What do you know about my father? I met him. I visited the Wall. When I asked him about his men, he knew all their stories. Every one of them. He actually cared about the people under his command. How did they put it in the Watch? ‘We shall never see his like again.’

minikaaka  asked:

Hello darling, how are you? I'm good, but i got quite an important question tho, well for me that is, who do you think tops? I personally think it's Liam, but what do you think?

Hi dear,I’m fine thanks for asking ! 

Well,I was waiting for someone to ask me this question honestly haha 

Ya know,I think Liam tops,bc : 




4- *cough* ten inches *cough*

5-I don’t know where did I put them,but I had many gifs of Liam thrusting during the take me home tour.


7-Jealous Liam

BUT ! 

Sometimes I really think Zayn tops..bc : 

1-The thirst 

2-The boy’s obsession with Liam’s butt



5-1D day (believe me,Ziam during the 1D day made me think again about a lot of things,one of them was if Liam really tops)

6-The way Zayn looks at Liam,like he’s planning what to do with him,which way he’s gonna take him,like he’s gonna WRECK HIM

Wel,I think I’ve come to the conclusion that our men switch,and I don’t really mind if it’s Zayn who tops or Liam who does,because at the end we know that something like this happen : 

So yeah

ok so! I was looking at this photoset and the fact that it lagged a little made me realize something, especially while looking at this gif: 

If you watched the scene, it mostly just sounds like Sebastian’s making incoherent grunting noises. But looking at his mouth in this gif, he looks like he’s actually saying something. The  'O’ shape it makes made me think he was saying “go”, presumably “let go” in this situation. 

Then I went ahead and watched the cutscene again. 

It’s still really gross and garbled, but if you listen carefully, he says “Laura”. He actually says “Laura, let go.

And what do you know? 

She lets go. 

Sebastian would have died here. Even if it was unintentional, because she took her hands off his body, he was able to reach the panel. Laura let him go. 

EXO reaction: used condom during sex but you find out that you’re pregnant

Xiumin: “Are you telling me that you’re pregnant? No joke? What is this! I even used protection!” *still can’t believe it*

Luhan: “Pregnant?! H-how?

Kris: *shocks* “You are what?! Say it again!”

Suho: “Are you…sure? *at first he’s shocked but then gets excited* You have a tiny person inside of you and I made that!

Lay: “But I used a condom” *gif*

Baekhyun:  You: “Baekhyun-ah…you know a few days ago we…you know…well, I’m pregnant”

B: “Yeah, yeah…WAIT! You are….”

Chen: “We are going to have a baby?” *gif*

Chanyeol: “What did you just say?!”

D.O: “What the…”

Tao: “What?! Pregnant! You mean we’re gonna have a baby?”

Kai: “Baby? What baby? How did that happen?! Aaaah!”

Sehun: “I’m amazing. Aren’t I? Even with a condom I got you pregnant *brags* Wait…what are we going to do with a baby? *realizes the situation*


Hey, I’m working on requests in my own time

Not taking requests, only holiday related reactions, not scenarios. Thank you :)

Enjoy your vacations.


It’s Easter weekend (well, almost), and over the course of the past four months I’ve met an exceptional number of absolutely wonderful people, and I felt like it was time to do an ~updated follow forever! You guys are the absolute best and I don’t know what I’d do without you- you’ve made my almost-three-years on this website some of the best and I adore each and everyone person who follows me and that I follow (so you should check out my blogroll for the full list of people who make my dash great!). I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday!

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EXO Reaction to You (Their Friend) Wanting Plastic Surgery

I really hope that you all feel comfortable or can learn to feel comfortable with yourself. I know that plastic surgery isn’t seen the same in Korea as it is in America, but this is just how I feel their reactions would be. Again, I don’t know them. So. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: The moment you said you were interested in plastic surgery, he felt his mood drop a bit. He didn’t want to tell you what you could and couldn’t do, but he made it clear from the expression on his face that he was not keen on the idea of altering yourself. But he would support you no matter what.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Chanyeol: He was surprised that you had really been thinking about plastic surgery. Although it wasn’t really looked down on, he just felt bad that you didn’t feel comfortable with yourself enough to just accept the way you looked. He didn’t argue with you though, he let you choose for yourself.

Originally posted by lionsbruises

Chen: “That is a silly idea. You shouldn’t have to get surgery to like yourself or for others to like you.” He told you in a stern voice as he stared at you as though you were crazy. He was very outspoken about his opinion, but he made sure to not push it so far as to make upset you.

Originally posted by chenc-17

D.O.: He was completely silent about the situation. He didn’t know how to feel. He wanted you to be happy with yourself, but he also didn’t really want you to feel that was the only way to become comfortable. He tried to remind you that you were fine as you were, but he never told you how he felt about it.

Originally posted by missdyoo

Kai: He knew how hard it could be to not be comfortable with your outwards appearance. He was always the type of person to try and help others feel better about themselves. “You really don’t have to do something like surgery to have others accept you. Accept yourself first. You are fine as you are.”

Originally posted by porokrong

Lay: You told him a bit hesitantly, and when he heard, he thought it was a joke at first. He stared at you in confusion, waiting for you to explain the joke or at least explain why you were thinking about surgery. He wasn’t one for pushing his ideas on others, but he did remind you daily that you were fine as you were.

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu

Sehun: “Well, maybe it will help you look nearly as good as your best friend.” He said in a teasing voice. When you didn’t get angry or object, he let out a sigh. “I’m just joking, stupid. You look fine the way you are. Trust me, I would be friends with someone who would make me look bad.” He teased even more.

Originally posted by luderella

Suho: “If you are going to get surgery, then so I am.” He announced as he covered his face, exaggerating that he was super ugly. When you insisted that he looked fine the way he was, he smiled at you. “Yes, then why are you making it a big point to get surgery. You’re fine too.” He pointed out, sounding like a nagging parent.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Xiumin: One thing he always believed, was that you should do what you want to do in life, as long as it didn’t hurt anyone. But when he heard you wanted surgery, he wasn’t completely sure if he saw it as hurting yourself. But he also didn’t want to push his own ideas on you, so he remained silent about the matter.

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Love Again.

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Stiles Stilinski Imagine #002

Time Slot: February 15th 2016

Inspired By: All I Ask by Adele

I Do Not Own The Gif Or Song

It was a long night and the car ride back from the animal clinic only made it longer. You had finally made it back to Stiles house and instantly headed up to his bedroom.

“It’s been a long night.” It was the first words he’d shared as he walked into his room and threw his jacket on the floor.

“What’s next Stiles?” You asked.

“What do you mean?” He asked taken back a bit.

“For us.”

“Well I was thinking maybe dinner and a movie you know-”

“No…I mean for Beacon Hills. What violent creature are we going to have fight off next? Who's at risk next? When am I going to have to pretend to be okay when really I’m mortally terrified for every ones life.” The tone in your voice had gotten harsher as the volume rose.

“Y/N are you okay?”

“No. Stiles I’m not okay. Nothing has been okay for years now and….Well I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

“What are you saying?” He stepped towards you lightly grabbing your elbows but you pushed him off.

“Allison’s dead. Aiden’s dead. Boid and Erica are dead. Okay? Jackson, Danny, Isaac, Ethan, Cora, Derek, everybody is gone! I watched each and every one of them leave. There’s nothing left.”

“Y/N no you’re wrong. We have the pack remember? Scott, and Lyds, Kira, Liam, Malia. And you have me and I have you. Okay we’re still us-” He continued, trying to make you look at him by grabbing at your arms but you shoved him off. Shaking your head viciously.

“Stiles. Stop!” You shut your eyes to blink away the tears, and shook your head.

“Are you breaking up with me then?” He choked on his own words but didn’t bother to hide the tears that fell down his cheeks. Opening your eyes, you continued to stair at the floor. Your mind drew a blank, it was to hard to think of such a thing.

“I don’t know what to say.” You let out a deep breath at this break in silence and finally looked up but over his shoulder, knowing his eyes never left you.

“Everything’s already been said.” There really was nothing left, however you couldn’t take another moment of standing across from the love or your life in silence and heart break. So you grabbed his hand and lead him to the bed.

“What are you doing?” He asked with a sniffle.

“If this is my last night with you. I want one more memory I can hold onto.” You could hear him suck in his breath but he nodded in agreement, letting you crawl onto the bed before following. You slipped your feet under his blankets and he followed slowly, stuttering a bit to wrap himself around you.

“Don’t be scared Stiles. Just hold me. I want to do what lovers do one last time.” You said as you sunk deeper into his body as if trying to connect the two. Forge them into one.

“I wish you wouldn’t leave me.” He whispered into your hair before kissing your head.

“Shh…Don’t talk.”


“It matters how this night ends. I’m utterly in love right with you right now, and I want to remember how it feels in case I never love again.” You never opened your eyes, or lifted your head until you finally fell asleep to your boyfriends heart beat.

Stiles POV:

I woke up the next morning, thinking it had all been one bad dream until I realized she was really gone. That empty sinking feeling had returned and I shot out of bed to puke in the bathroom.

“Stiles?!” I wiped my mouth and headed to open my bedroom door. It was only Scott.

“Hey dude. Are you okay? You seem a bit pale.”

“I’m fine.” I said as I took a seat at the end of my bed.

“Where’s Y/N?” Just her name sent a shocked to my heart and made me sick all over again. I felt my hands grow clammy and my head grow light.


“She left.”


“She’s gone Scott. She left this morning and she’s never coming back.” The tears started again and I felt Scott’s presence beside me instantly.

“I-I’m so sorry.”

“She left me. The girl I planned to spend the rest of my life with. Who spent the last night and every night for the past two years in my arms. Just left me.”

“It’s going to be okay. At least she’s okay.”

“How did you get through it? Losing Allison?” It was a stupid question and I instantly regretted it.

“Support. A lot of denial, but also accepting it. Thinking about what she would want for me. For everyone. That’s how I learned to love Kira.”

“What if I never love again?”

The Electrifying Neighbour *Steve Rogers x Darcy Lewis*

Summary: Steve gets a new neighbour, only he doesn’t know that she’s hired to watch over him or the fact, she’s Darcy Lewis; she’s here to help him get acquainted with the world again, with her ‘Darcy’s Awesome Recommendation List’.
Admins Note: Blame Mikie, the adorable angel that I have had the pleasure of knowing since joining Tumblr, who always hardcore ships these two and gave me the greatest idea for something ever. - Ro

Gif of Steve and Darcy made by me, please, ask permission before using or even give credit. -

“Hey, Darcy,” she glanced up at Steve who was walking up the stairs, she frowned, looked like he just came back from a run, “what you doing up this early?” he asked cheerily.

He’s way to human at seven in the morning, plus, who gets up for morning runs anymore? This was is the living embodiment of ‘Monday person’, a person Darcy swore she’d end up hating, yet here this tall tree of a human is and it’s impossible to even glare at him this early.

“I have a job interview, cause I am an adult,” She crossed her arms over her chest, smirking at how grown up she sounded, she had jobs before, well if you call volunteering to listen to Erik and Jane’s ramblings work… then she fucking aced that job.

“Really, a job interview? Thought you were a student? Wouldn’t that mess up your schedule or something,” he asked curiously.

“It will be part time, weekends mostly, that’s if I get it” Darcy shrugged “plus, I need money for real stuff, like gummy bears” she could hear the whine lace in her voice, Steve laughed at her, soon enough Darcy was laughing alongside him.

(Gif credit to owner-I tried finding them but couldn’t)

“Well, I know you are gonna ace it,” he smiled and nudged her “where is it?”

“Just a local diner, nothing too special” Darcy shrugged, pulling her coat on, he nodded lightly with a small frown in thought.

“The one just down the road, right?” he asked and she nodded, “yeah, I get my coffee from there some mornings, if I get up late enough for my run, that is.”

Darcy could tell it was rare for him to get up late or maybe, he doesn’t sleep at all, she hadn’t really thought about the fact he just may not be sleeping at night. If he does sleep he probably suffers from night terrors, she may not know a lot, but enough to know that he had a difficult time. He probably still has his military time, which never usually leaves someone; Darcy first hand witnessed that with her family.

“Anyway, gotta get going, if I see you I’ll let you know” Darcy smiles and walks down the hallway, pushing her keys inside her coat pocket and pulling on a hat.

“Darcy,” she stops at the stairs, “when you get back, knock my door, I wanna be the first to know how it went.” He smiled as he unlocked his door; she nodded with a smile herself before waving and going down the stairs.

“Progress, you are making progress, Darcy,” Darcy muttered to herself, pushing the apartment complex doors open, walking down the street to the diner for her interview.

He obviously, feels comfortable around her, hence why he told her to knock his door. Maybe, they are on the fast track to becoming friends? She didn’t really expect it to happen, this quick but maybe, he’s looking for normality. First, kinda, sorta normalish person to come into his life and he’s allowing them to be his friend- could be a mistake with it being Darcy.


Darcy bounded up the stairs, allowing a few seconds to breathe and compose herself before tapped on Steve’s door, waiting patiently for him to open the door; it was silent. She knocked a few more times, slightly harder than the first few knocks, still nothing.

God, dammit, SHIELD. Just when she had made progress, they got and call him for some mission, granted he’s probably saving the world from certain doom but still, she had made progress and they had to ruin it.

Sighing gently she strolled over to her door, unlocking it and stepping inside, for some reason she was a little deflated by it. Captain Fucking America had stood her up on a friend date, what an asshole, he didn’t even know it but that’s a dick move. She couldn’t really blame him either, which was even more annoying, because how can you be mad at superhero? They save people and make the world better, kinda; they could try not to destroy half of New York.

“Are you sure this is the right decision?” Jane asked from the down the phone, she had no other friends to call who would understand, she had to resort to Jane “probing into Steve Rogers life is kind of… bad.”

“Not a good enough reason to use the word probe,” Darcy tells her, making a cup of coffee, “when have I ever done anything good? I need some solid advice, Jane, come on.”

“Okay, I guess, if you really want to be his friend and not be doing this for SHIELD” Darcy hummed, “then help him get used to, this time, take him to museums and galleries, just be a friend.”

“Okay, Dr Phil, but how does one befriend a hero? How did you get Thor to like you?” Darcy asked she swore she could hear and feel Jane’s eye roll from here, and Jane was in Florida.

“Okay, first off, you aren’t trying to befriend a hero” Darcy rolled her eyes, “and I don’t know, take him on an all exclusive Darcy Lewis day out, you are good at those. I gotta go, Darcy, stop getting involved with SHIELD. They won’t give you back your iPod, not matter what you do.” The line goes dead and Darcy sighs.


Tapping on her door jerks her up, her right hand still holding her pen and paper all sprawled out across her bed, she had fallen asleep mid writing; the life of a student. The tapping is slightly louder the second time, she frowns and grabs the Taser that’s under her bed, getting up and tip toeing to the door.

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

“Steve?” she frowns, looking through the peep hole, unlocking her door and opening it with tired eyes as Steve looks down at her; equally looking tired also, “did I sleep through Thursday again?” she asked.

He chuckled, “no, you didn’t but I obviously woke you, sorry” he shakes his head, she waves a hand and gestures him inside, turning a light on and heading to the kitchen “little early for coffee or late, however, you view three in the morning?”

“Go in my bedroom and you’ll see the sleep schedule of a student, I feel asleep whilst studying, well think you woke me” she shrugged, flipping the kettle on and watching as Steve sat on the sofa, “so, what’s up?”

“Wanted to know how that interview went, honestly,” he tells her, looking up to see Darcy looking at him with raised eyebrows “and to apologise for not being around earlier,” her expression didn’t change “I could do with the company.” He sighed faintly.

“It’s cool, I told you it’s fine to ask for coffee and company, because a) I am great company and b) I have great coffee” he chuckled and nodded in agreement, taking the mug from her, the Star Wars one from last time, “so, tell me, what this time?”

“Just some big drug organisation, turns out they weren’t just drug lords but worked within the weaponry trade also,” he trailed off, “probably, shouldn’t be telling you any of this.”

“Who am I gonna tell?” Darcy asked, resting her feet up on her coffee table, looking at Steve “but talking about work is boring, well, not yours but no one wants to talk about what they’ve done all day; as for my interview? I aced it, I think, they liked me and I hope they phone me tomorrow.”

Steve grinned brightly, “that’s great, I knew you’d do well, it’s hard to resist the Lewis charm; tell me, did you threaten any of them with a Taser?” he joked, Darcy rolled her eyes at his sarcasm.

“No, but if you aren’t careful” she threatened, he sipped his coffee in silence, “hey, I hope this isn’t me over stepping a mark but I actually have something for you.” He frowned as she got up and walked to her bedroom, coming back with a piece of paper.

“What is it?” he asked taking it from her, opening it up, “Darcy’s Awesome Recommendations,” he said the title out loud, cobalt eyes scanning her hand writing “you made a list for me?” he asked with a frown.

“No, not just any list” she smirked “that there is everything, I am, recommending to you. You are looking at the most pop culture nut here, I mean, sure you had a great list an’ all but this… is the list of all lists, it’s the daddy of lists; I don’t recommend looking up the new term for ‘daddy’ either.” That last bit made him frown for a moment, he smiled and nodded.

“This is actually really great, thank you” Darcy shrugged, “I don’t know half of these things on here, Sims? Why do I need to keep up with the Kardashians?” he looked up, Darcy burst out laughing, tapping his shoulder whilst wiping away tears.

“Stick with me, kid” he chuckled at that, “perhaps my list is the stuff I show you, that way you aren’t completely clueless; ooh write that down under movies, it’s a must nineties classic. Anyway, also, at least you aren’t experiencing them alone, you have a… friend?” she offered, his eyes still scanning the page.

“Yeah, I’d like that” he looked up and smiled at her, Darcy nodded and leant back, drinking her coffee as Steve asked about some of the things on her list. 

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(Let me know what you guys think, I am loving this so far, it’s good to write something that isn’t Steve x Reader. Catch the latest Alternate part HERE. - Rosalee)

Scene: I made Mr. Virgata watch the ET segment

Me (looking at him like I just showed him an alternate angle of the Zapruder Footage): SO WHAT DID YOU THINK?

Him (defensive and also nervous): The revival looks good. I said that, I told you that when you showed me the special.

Me: I know that for Christ’s sake, ugh, the OTHER thing.

Him (looking relieved): Ohhhhh, you mean because he made a sex joke, ha ha. I bet the fangirls loved that amirite? (Beams proudly.)


Him (backing up, looking concerned): There are no lemurs and you are not ready to watch this TV show again.