okay so i don’t usually post about this sort of stuff but i’ve seen that one post going around for the past couple of hours. it is great and yeah, it’s super inclusive and everything, and it should totally happen! i just don’t think the “whiteout” day should happen. at all. if this happens, it should not be about white people. it’s about poc and representation of everyone who sadly never gets enough of it. and white people get way too much representation.

So you enjoy that one odd pair no one else has ever heard of and the only fanfic you found was abandoned in 2009? You’ve spent hours trying to find the correct tag on pixiv to find two pieces of art all in all of your OTP?

You should probably take a look at APH rarepair week!

What is APH rarepair week?

A week to celebrate the odd ships, the uncommon pairings and to bring people in the Hetalia community together! During seven days the tag aphrpw will hopefully fill up with art, fic and other stuff geared towards odd ships and rare pairings.

How do I participate?

  • follow the aphrpw tag
  • upload whatever it is you come up with and make sure you tag it!

The rules:

Every day for seven days after start a post will show up in the tag with a set of prompts, aus and a randomised ship. There is no need to make something every day, you choose for yourself what and when you want to contribute with. You don’t have to work with that specified ship or even those prompts, it’s just there to serve as an inspiration.

Since this a week to celebrate the small and often unnoticed pairings avoid the bigger ones like UsUk, Spamano, Gerita, Aushun, Sufin, otherwise, go nuts!

Your favourite is Spain and Norway combined with a coffeeshop AU? Go for it. It’ll all end up in the tag for everyone to enjoy.

Any kind of contribution is accepted, be it fanart, fanfic, fanmix, cosplay.


It starts on Friday the 16th of May

Any questions?

Excuse my theme and shoot me an ask. I’ll do my best to explain ;v;

Even though I’m a very small blog I hope people will want to signalboost and participate in this. Thank you for reading!

         in honor of recently hitting 1k (u see what i did with the trees)


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for a better chance:

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  • i will have a special place/way to indicate friends
  • idk how many blogs/people but probably a bunch
  • i will make the page/choose the people on august 29th which is 20 days from now

“I’m blocked by LGBTLaughs, what did I do?”

Probably nothing!

Tumblr’s blocking system used to be nearly worthless. All it did was hide people from tracked tags and stop them messaging you - didn’t stop them reblogging you or anything the new and much improved tumblr blocking system does.

So back in the day, I used to liberally block people. Not just for horrible things, but just if they were a mild inconvenience in any tag I frequented, posted stuff I wasn’t interested in, etc. I’ve been on tumblr since 2010, so I have blocked literally thousands of blogs.

Whereas before, there was one blocklist for all, when tumblr changed the system it gave individual blogs (main blogs and side blogs) associated with the same account their own block list. So you can block someone on your main blog to stop them reblogging, but leave them unblocked on your sideblog(s). 

But when it changed, tumblr auto-populated all your blogs blocklists with every blog you had blocked before the change. That means every sideblog I have associated with this email has thousands and thousands of blogs blocked.

There is currently no way to mass unblock blogs. You have to go through and do it manually, which is tedious and impractical.

Can you unblock me?

Yes! You can contact me at my personal blog or lgbtlaughs[at]gmail.com with your username and I will unblock you from LGBTLaughs.


A/N: hello okay so i’m writing now nd stuff nd i’ve wanted to write this for a loooooooooooooong time so here i go

Summary: (AU where Dan is a really famous YouTuber and Phil is not) this is literally basically all fluff okay (we’re going to have a high school! AU here too, people) so Dan is like, non-YouTube celebrity famous, like movie star famous (magazines, interviews, tabloids, paparazzi, etc.) and people know he has a boyfriend but they don’t know who. Phil’s in class one day and this group of people who are constantly mean to him arrive on the subject of celebrities, and they all start talking about how much they love Dan. So Phil smiles whilst looking at them and they get all defensive and stuff and I think you know what happens from there on out

Pairing: Phan 

Trigger warnings: A bit of cursing and i mention sex like twice 

Tags: AU, fluff, non youtuber!, famous!, high school!

The Do I Really Need I Disclaimer? Disclaimer: i dont own any characters or themes or titles or any of that blah blah copyright blah blah

Word Count: 1.3k nice


also everything is american. there’s a breakdown of the american grades under the cut followed by the actual story

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Baidu Downloads

Edit (2014/11/15): Since I noticed this was used for other Baidu downloads, and I still get occasional notes on this, I revised it and reorganized it. Cleaned it up a little bit as well.

Note: This is using QQ to log in / register because I find it easy, since QQ accounts can be used for registering for other Chinese websites and the registration page is available in English.

- - - - - - - -

Errr. I know this isn’t really seiyuu related… but future reference… I noticed a lot of people were saying how Baidu downloads take 2-3 days and stuff for the Daiya no Ace All Star Game event Baidu downloads in general.

It’ll take a lot less time in comparison if you make an account with Baidu

It’ll go from this: 

To this: 

If you do it this way it downloads a lot faster than other download websites (eg: mega, mediafire). It also usually uploads a lot faster. 

- - -

If for some reason it’s still slow (for me that’d be 0 kb ~ 50 kb / sec), it’s usually an issue with your internet / the server (since it’s meant to be used in mainland China). Usually it’ll return to it’s normal speed within a few days. 

- - - 

Also, since a lot of free stuff is in Chinese I recommend making a Baidu account anyways.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pictures + Instructions.

Tutorial + Download + instructions on making your own account + a brief basic Chinese lesson under cut.

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Heya guys! So here it is as promised, a thingie to thank you guys for 3k cause holy crap aint that amazing? :D So follow the rules and let’s be a familie!!

Da Rules

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check who’s available here*
send me your name/nickname + who/what you want to be ^^

*if you want to be someone/something that is not listed just tell me that i’ll add it there :)

What do you gain?

a special place in my fam page 
promos whenever you want (per request)
a tag (#stardustfam) to track and use to post your fabulous stuff ;)
lots of new blogs with good content to check out!!
new people to talk with (srsly guys, go talk with each other, we’re family now hah)

if you have any doubts, feel free to ask/message me c:

And that’s it, hope you’re having a nice day and thank you once again for getting me here, i love you ❤️

anonymous asked:

hi! i just got into haikyuu recently and i ship kurotsuki alooottttt (i love your krtk fan arts btw) but i've heard about the growing hate of this ship? could you explain what was going on? why do people dislike this ship? thanks :))) have a nice day~

Hello, hello ;w; Thank you for enjoying my arts!

As for the hate, it has always been there.

This is gonna be long so under the cut it is. Warning, ramblings about ship hate.

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okay so some of you are really persistant because I mentioned that I had some extra reasoning/foreshadowing/evidence that I couldn’t fit into that aa5 alt ending comic and I stg I have had people asking about it every other day since posting it

anyway I am too snowed under with stuff to do another wall of text but here’s some scans of some of the notes from around the sketches I did (not in any order but if you’re able to read my awful hand writing you’re probably smart enough to put the pieces together)

How about we try and spend a day without hating on Kaylor shippers? How about we don’t go on their blogs and find things that makes us uncomfortable? These people don’t tag anything so we won’t come across all the kaylor stuff unless we are following them or stalking their blogs.

Seriously why do you people go on kaylor theory blogs when you know you’re not gonna like what you read? There is absolutely no way you’re gonna find that kind of stuff on your dashboard if you are not following them. Why then, can’t people stay in their lane and on their blogs and just keep blogging their own shit?

You have no business stalking these Kaylor blogs and then bitching about what you find there when you KNOW the kind of content they entail.

And Taylor is ok with kaylor blogs. Stop using ‘it makes Taylor uncomfortable’ argument when she follows so many of them. She’s ok with it, Karlie(honey sunshine cupcake baby angel) is ok with it. Just stay in your lane and let us ship in peace.

So I actually waffled over posting this for a day because of what it’s discussing, and that stuff like this can seem pretty dicey. But at the same time, I kept noticing it, and I felt like it needed to be said. It’s very long because I come from DWRP, where you’re expected to show evidence and explain your point, so I still do that here because habits die hard :V

I’m not going to tag this because ahahahaha WOW I don’t..really want arguments about this. Like, at all? I’m fine if people disagree, but this is something I noticed so. Let’s get into it. 

What is this about? Well, in a sentence….

This Is how I believe Ichigo has ADHD, and how his RSD (rejection sensitive dysphoria) caused IR shippers to latch onto something that wasn’t inherently romantic but actually just a symptom of ADHD in of itself.

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hello im Charisse I co-own @dawnofthefinalday and I sometimes post here when Kai is away. 

I just wanted to let you know that Kai had a severe panic attack/meltdown due to something in his personal life this evening and tried his best to uphold conversations but at this point in time it had gotten to much for him. 

for those concerned about him he is resting, I’m watching over him as he sleeps, hes mumbling in Gaelic which is good! It shows he’s having a pleasant dream. 

I also want you to know that while he recovers, I’ll be manning this blog for a while and any convos with Kai will be stopped until he is able to reply to them himself this also means if you have his Skype/Kik/Snapchat I’d suggest only contacting him if it’s super duper urgent or a message of a quick recovery! 

 If you want to know how he is doing please message this blog. I’ll try to update this blog on Kai’s behalf but my may concern in Kai getting better. 

Thank you so much for reading this! 

Hey! Do YOU remember the “good old days” of The Social Network fandom? Remember “Jewnicorns” (? Awards season? The pain of everything? Well, this is a network to commiserate reminisce with other people who love The Social Network and remember when it had a widespread fandom, and to celebrate what a damn good film TSN is. Because, even now, you can’t pretend that you aren’t still in love with it.


  • Since this is a network for a single film, you can have any type of blog, as long as there is some fandom stuff on it and you have a TSN tag.
  • Despite the name of the network, you do not have to have been around in the height of the fandom, however you must have a love for the movie and a general idea of the fandom.
  • Must be following Stina (she will be posting info about the network and running the network blog).
  • Must be an active blogger with a clean theme, relatively good tagging system, and love for The Social Network.
  • Must reblog this post.
  • Must have your askbox open.
  • Everyone who applies will get in, but only if this post gets between 25 and 100 reblogs.

When You Get In:

  • You get a place on the network page.
  • I will follow you (maybe that’s not a perk, but you’ll get it).
  • You get new friends to cry/reminisce over TSN with.
  • Must follow at least 5 other network members.
  • Must send a short biography (including main fandoms) and a square icon to me, as well as your email for the collaborative blog. A message will be sent to you prompting you for these things. 
  • You will be able to update the network blog.

I will choose/finalize the first list of members on August 6th :)

Before I say this, I’m not posting this so that you will go and reblog everything I’ve ever written out of pity.
When someone writes something, they put their heart and soul into it. They are offering a little piece of themselves to you. You don’t have to love it, you don’t have to want to get it tattooed on yourself, but you do need to understand the effort that other people put in. Someone who works their ass off writing something that is accessible to you (FOR FREE, mind you) 24/7 deserves more than just you thinking to yourself that what they wrote is nice. Trust me, none of us authors think we are too good for praise or get annoyed when we are approached about our writing, in fact we feel sad without it. Take a moment out of your day to reblog the stuff you read, leave kudos, maybe even write a comment or gush in the tags if you’re up for it. But I am so sick of seeing talented people feel hurt and unwanted on this site. Please, show your authors some love.

🌞🌊🌻Funnest day at the beach with my bestie linda- certainly knows how to make me laugh. The joke was: “a man goes to the bar, what’s a mango doing in a bar” 😂 Filmed some stuff for my next vlog!
All the people wanting the recipe for my “raw vegan blackberry slice” the LINK is in my bio- tag me if your create it😁 (at recipe link in bio)

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