Past Life Shadow Work Spread

*This spread will help you discover the weaknesses you had in your past life (or lives) that you’ve carried over to this life. It will show you the weakness and provide a solution. How you lay put the cards should be more personal to you however I’ve outlined what each card means to give you some guidance. I am still working on this spread so the details are a bit fuzzy. I’ve used it and it gave me some insight on the personal weaknesses that I seem to have.*

Tags: Past life, shadow work, 8 card spread

1) What was my biggest weakness mentally? This card will have to do with the thoughts you had and any faulty logic you had in your past life that worked against you.
- The card you pull next will be what you can do in this life to overcome that weakness. What you can do in this life to change your thought process, logic, etc for the better.

2) What was my biggest weakness emotionally? This card will have to do with any negative emotions that haunted you and held you back from achieving your full potential.
- The card you pull next will be what you can do in this life to overcome this weakness. What can you do in this life to work past these negative emotions that haunt you so that you can live an emotionally peaceful life.

3) What was my biggest weakness spiritually? This card will have to do with weaknesses you had in your spiritual lifetime that held you back from having a strong faith foundation.
-The card you pull next will be what you can do in this lifetime to overcome this weakness. What can you do to strengthen your faith. Perhaps not even religiously but also faith in yourself as well so that you can become one with the universe.

4) What was my biggest weakness skill-wise in my past life? This card will pin point what other skills you need to focus your attention on. This weakness caused you to falter in your past life and still remains in this lifetime. It may be a physical talent such as writing or it may simply be that you need to focus on some internal skill such as wisdom or patience or intuition.
-The card you pull next will be the solution to this problem. What you can do in this life to gain a better handle on this skill so that you have the tools you need to do better in this lifetime.

CC doesn’t show up in game?

This post is for the people who have downloaded Custom content from me and it doesn’t show up in their game. 
You need to know that my CC works on cracked games as long as they are updated to the latest patch(or to atleast )!!But please buy the actual game if you can to support the creators!!!

What you can do to make the items show up ig:

  • Remove all tags in CAS(some CC doesnt work well with the gender tags)
  • Make sure no other mod is conflicting with mine(i recommend downloading mod conflict detector)
  • Move the mods folder on your desktop and create a new one with just the items that arent showing in game(if they show up then,its probably because you have a lot of cc or that you have conflicting files)
  • Update your game
  • Look for it carefully in CAS because some items dont have a custom thumbnail and are harder to see/find
  • You may be missing a game pack that the item requires(Open the file in sims 4 studio to see if it requires some sort of game pack,or find the original post from which you downloaded the cc and read it carefully to see if it needs some sort of mesh or game pack)
  • Have a working antivirus program(Maybe your computer has a virus that damaged the .package file)
  • Enable Custom Content in game,if you havent already ( Open your Game; open the Options Menu; choose Game Options; Other; Check Enable Custom Content & Mods; Exit & Restart game)
  • Maybe the item you downloaded is a recolor and you need the original mesh(read carfully the post description from which you downloaded your file)
  • Read the post description from which you downloaded the cc(this is a general thing that YOU HAVE to do,there is probably important information there)
  • Contact me(or the creator of the cc you downloaded) and ask for help

Targeted ads are so annoying because every other one I see is from a university or college telling me that it’s so great to go there and I really don’t need to be seeing that right now!! It’s hard enough that everyone my age just got their a-level results and my 2-year-younger brother has overtaken me etc etc

Like of course I am happy for them but it’s hard to distract myself from feeling rubbishy about not being able to do things when said things are constantly pushed into my face just because I’m the ‘right’ age.

It’s tiresome.


woke up today looking for some videos of reading festival bc tøp had performed. expected some lovely videos just like ones from emotional roadshow. you know, just tyler and josh enjoying themselves performing. they love what they’re doing.

nope, instead i find tøp accounts upset, the #RespectTylerJoseph tag trending, and videos that break my heart. tyler and josh have contributed so much to music today, and it sickens me that they’re treated like animals. i found a picture of him, with his clothes torn and he looked sad, and lost.

no artist should be treated that way. they should be able to perform at festivals and concerts without worrying about their own safety and the crowd. tyler and josh love interacting with us when they do shows. that’s what makes them so special. we can connect to them in endless ways.

i sincerely hope that if you were part of the clique, you didn’t join in on the attacks on tyler and josh. this is no way to treat any human being, and now you may have destroyed the chances of some of the uk clique, like me, being able to experience a live show.

who knows, they might not do dates in the uk now. this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

so please, please, please- do not ever try to take advantage of or assault artists. you’ve not only made an impact on the clique right now, but ruined people’s experiences at that festival too.

Anet Appreciation:

So, kinda curious but I wonder if anyone else does this. I kinda got inspired to share this little thing I do after reading that “Common Decency by Saying Thank You” post floating around.

Anyway, whenever I see a person with an Anet tag walk by I always leave a PM for them thanking them for all the hard work they and everyone else at Anet does. I mean yeah the game has a few flaws but what game doesn’t? GW2 is a great game that’s got a special place in my heart and I am always willing to show my appreciation to the wonderful people who bring it to life.

So thanks ArenaNet!

A Real PSA:

  I like writing fandom critique on things presented to me in my favorite show. I think it’s fun to debate it and talk about it. Whenever I talk about things I dislike, and criticize them, I always tag them anti-_____. I censor the character’s name, and I censor the ship name because I’m not here to ruin anyone’s fun of shipping. That’s not what I’m doing when I write meta. I’m writing it to discuss with people how I interpreted the media, and a lot of the time, people agree with me. Sometimes, people disagree with me. Doesn’t mean I want to tear your head off. This is a show- I like to talk about it because representation and portrayals can matter, but politics matters more, and I’m still friends with people I disagree with there. 

    It’s come to my attention that an entire blog has been made dedicated to “refuting claims” that people they disagree with have made. They claim we’re bullies and shouldn’t be able to do this or ship at all. But, the problem is, I have never sent hate in my life. I’ve never hated on someone personally over a ship. I write metas on my own blog as a critique. Would you call a film critic a bully? No, that’s absurd. Just because you like something and I’m dissecting it as wrong doesn’t make me a bad person. You dissecting something I like doesn’t make you bad either– as long as you stay in your own lane. 

     What I find perturbing here is that this person has this whole blog set up, dedicated so much time with a whole separate account (whereas my blog has snippets of meta, but the meta is varied and my blog’s purpose is role-play and an Avatar/Zutara fan blog). They focus on one thing solely for the blog. Not only that, but the most disturbing faction of the blog is their “Repeat Offenders”. People who commonly write against m@iko. I don’t know all of them, but many of them I do, and they are all calm, rationale people who don’t send hate to individuals, and simply critique against ships they find problematic. They’re allowed to do this. It’s not harassment, it’s part of fandom. To pinpoint, ostracize, and single out these individuals is what true harassment is. This person is linking to our blogs, almost as a grant to go “get us” for our meta against their cinnamon roll character. Putting up a blacklist of people who write about things you disagree with is bullying. These are real, fucking people. “Hating” on a ship/character? No, that’s not bullying… this isn’t your religion. It’s a fictional portrayal being dissected. 

   Get over yourselves. 

If you’d like more information, feel free to send me an ask or message me! If you write critique/meta against m@iko as well and would like to know this blog’s title so you can block them from future direct harassment, please message me. Thanks, guys! Most of you are so supportive and cool, so thank you! 

music tag

Rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer the 10 questions and tag 10 people.

i was tagged by @merflk thanks love!

Band/Artist: The Neighbourhood

What is your gender? Female Robbery
Describe yourself? Flawless
How do you feel? A Little Death
If you could go anywhere? West Coast
Favourite mode of transportation? Ferrari
Your best friend? Me & My Bitch
Favourite time of day? Staying Up
If your life was a TV show? #icanteven
Relationship status? Single
Your fear? RIP 2 My Youth

i feel like this chosen songs are perfect

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I’m going to copy @johnnyramonesanticommunistshirt and use The Cramps because they’ve got perfect song titles for this sort of thing & I was coincidentally listening to them when I saw his post. 

What is your gender? Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
Describe yourself. Dr. Fucker M.D. (Musical Deviant)
How do you feel? Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs
If you could go anywhere? Out Of The Unknown
Favorite mode of transportation? Bend Over, I’ll Drive
Your best friend? Hardworkin’ Man
Favorite time of day? Strollin’ After Dark
If your life was a TV show? How Far Can Too Far Go?
Relationship status? I Only Have Eyes For You
Your fear? Wrong Way Ticket

I tag @chojimaru @libertarian–princess @kotarule @ozsploitation @ultrayaycatsfan @aesthetically-conservative @usayyylmao @krycega and everyone else tbh 

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Nickname: Jayne, Ash, Ashy

Starsign: Capricorn

Height: 5′5″

Time Right Now: 8:45 PM

Last thing googled: “Deaths in Las Vegas”

Favorite Music Artist: Circus Contraption, Nicole Dollanganger, Maddy Ellwanger, and Chris Garneau

Song stuck in your head: Coma Baby by Nicole Dollanganger

Last movie i watched: Sleepy Hollow

Last TV show i watched: Stranger Things

What am I wearing: A cat shirt and black shorts

Do you have any other blogs: i have a lot but @pitty-eyedprinc3 (aesthetic) and @myknubbybloodystubs (gore) are the only two i’m actually active on (i update them each day)

Do you get asks regularly: nah i get them occasionally  but a majority of them are full of hate. very rarely do i get nice anons

Why did you choose your URL: because i was tired of not having a suzuya juuzou URL and since i call him “my sweet prince” and he has very big, creepy eyes i kinda just merged the two together to make a unique juuzou URL ??? yeah

Gender: i’m non-binary

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Pokemon Team: Mystic

Favorite Color: Yellow and Green

Average hours of sleep: Between 4-6 hours 

Lucky Numbers: 7 and 29

Favorite Character(s): (hooooo boy) Suzuya Juuzou, Twelve (Hisami Touji), Mami Tomoe, Nico Niyama, nakarai keijin, Peridot, Osamu Dazai, Saiko Yonebayashi, Akira Mado, Yosano Akiko, ummmmmmmmmmmmm

How many Blankets: i sleep with one but i have three on my bed

Dream job: idk tbh

Following: I follow 513 blogs :D


@hannibal-the-cannibal-fannibal @anditheawesome @bravest-hobbit @brittneifrawley @dirty-hipster-scum @81jtx @bm-vagabond-is-going-psycho @suzuyasxstitches @darkrosie209 @forced-out-of-heaven @curls-and-cats  @buddhaandcoffee  @nonbinary-shinji 

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K-pop questions ✧

tagged by @berribaek thanks sweetie!

Rules: Just answer these questions and try to have fun! Be proud of Kpop!!

Picture(s) of me:
I’ll do the selfie tag soon :)

Bias (up to 3 only):
Jimin,Sehun and U-Kwon <3

Do you watch K-dramas, if so, what is your favorite one:
Yes! My favorite one is probably pinnochio

What is your favorite word in Korean:
꿈 (i like to pronounce haha)

What is the first kpop song you ever heard:
Either fantastic baby by bigbang or the boys by gg

Was your blog originally a kpop blog:
Yep,this sideblog was created just for kpop edits <3

Do you get made fun of for liking kpop:
I dont think so,i showed to all my friends and they liked a lot  haha

Do your parents accept you liking kpop:
Yep! My mom loves cheer up by Twice and she said that she will dance like them

Do you have someone who you talk to that shares your Kpop interests:
yes! @amotae (my unnie linda diva estrelinha)

Describe Kpop in ONE word:
fanstastic baby

Do you make kpop gifs, if yes show 2:
no :( i don’t know how to make, but i will try <3

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Only if you want <3


i was tagged by @coffeemahtay thank u v much 

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better. 

nickname: clarinette (my name is clara and clarinette is like a french thing idk my fam is french so that’s what they call me sometimes, and it has nothing to do with the instrument lmao)

star sign: sagittarius

height: 5′4

time right now: 9:26pm

last thing i googled: nyx

favourite music artists: melanie martinez, twenty-one pilots, the 1975, lana del rey and blackbear

song stuck in your head: ‘cyberbully channels are cancer!!!’ by misha

last movie i watched: Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

last tv show watched: sherlock, season 2

what are you wearing: grey hoodie, shorts and crybaby t-shirt (the movie not the album)

when did u create your blog: july 30th or something

what kind of stuff do you post: i mean it’s in the name i post leafy shit

do you have any other blogs: nope my whole existence is dedicated to calvin

do you get asks regularly: i get them sometimes but not often, send me more pls

why did you choose your url: i mean again, i post leafy shit

gender: female

pokemon team: mystic 

favourite colour: black/grey/dark red/white/peach/etc.. literally all the fuckin pastel colours

average hours of sleep: 3-11 hours it really depends on when i have to wake up, i sleep a lot when i don’t have to wake up and i go to sleep really early in the morning (yeah my sleep schedule is fucked)

lucky number: 9

favourite characters: um i have a lot but among others draco, batman, harley quinn, poison ivy, catwoman, iron man, the joker etc.

how many blankets do you sleep with: one or two it depends

dream job: anything to do with writing, make up artist, something really creative or something where you get to go places 

following: 204

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UHM IDK I’LL USE TAYLOR SWIFT because i went through a hUGE phase when i was younger aha

What is your gender? red
Describe yourself? innocent
How do you feel? fearless
If you could go anywhere? stay stay stay
Favourite mode of transportation? sparks fly
Your best friend? tim mcgraw
Favourite time of day? forever and always
If your life was a TV show? today was a fairytale
Relationship status? we are never getting back together
Your fear? the story of us

I tag: uhm IDK @solosprincess @galaxy-dove @theaqueenofficial UHHHH IDK WHO ELSE TO TAG everyone just go for this

Birthday: March 17.

Gender: Female.

Relationship: Single.

Favorite Subject: History.

First three songs on shuffle: (I don’t have a music device)/.

Siblings: 1brother.

Height: 1,73m.

Favourite Colour: beige?


What time do I wake up: 11am.

Last thing I googled: Zoe Saldana.

Favourite Books: The sorrows of young Werther, Lolita, American psycho…

Favourite bands: /.

Favourite TV shows: The Simpsons, American dad!, Six feet under, Dexter.

Dream job: lawyer or model.

Why I made my blog: Because I have been stupid enough to delete my previous blogs so I came back. Because I have a lot of free time and enjoy sharing true crime stuff fangurling and complaining online.

Lemonade or Iced Tea: Iced tea.

Cats or Dogs: omg…

Coke or Pepsi: /.

Day or Night: Night.

Text or Call: Text.

Met a celebrity?: /.

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@avatarem tagged me to answer these questions, I’m totally doing this because I want to… help me…

Anyway these are the questions;

1. Who is your favorite main character of a video game or anime?

Link, Shulk and Hibiki Kuze are contending that spot.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show/anime/video game?

I liked Pandora’s Tower but I never meet people who have heard of it.

3. Favorite 90′s cartoon or show.

Uh I didn’t watch a whole lot of tv soo I’ll skip.

4. If you could have any skill, what would it be?

Playing in instrument sounds interesting, I’m starting to think I may be tone deaf.

5. Your superhero name.

Super hero name, eh? Cop-out anwser go: The Phantom.

6. Hobbies outside of video games/anime/tumblr.

I do my fair share of art, and quite a lot more.

7. Favorite fandom.

I’m always amazed how the Persona fandom is with the series, there’s this user named avatar…something who does a lot with this series.

8. Dream cosplay (If you don’t cosplay, dream outfit to own)

I can’t lie the Phantom outfit for Chair-kun is freaking amazing.

9. Fictional character you feel is most like you?

Hibiki Kuze’s personality is so similar.

10. Favorite music artist/artists!~

I like Bayside, it’s a good band you don’t hear often.

11. What anime or game genre describes your life?



Chair-kun is hands down the best, it’s like he’s the protagonist or something. Haru is pretty cool too. As for the people I’ll tag they will respond the same questions except the bonus one. I’ll tag @athenaroses @deltaaltais @jag2583 @alicinaverdi @ninten-doll @flower-merchant @supersmashdoll

Using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer the 10 questions and tag 10 people.

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What is your gender? Dirty White Boy 
Describe yourself. Seventeen
How do you feel? Hot Blooded
If you could go anywhere? Girl on the Moon
Favorite mode of transportation? Street Thunder
Your best friend? Double Vision
Favorite time of day? A Night to Remember
If your life was a TV show? Ready or Not
Relationship status? Waiting for a Girl Like You
Your fear? Cold as Ice

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I didn’t tag people who I thought already were

Rules: using only the song titles from one artist, cleverly answer the 10 questions and tag 10 people. i got lazy

i was tagged by the lovely @mooncourt xoxo <3

Band/Artist: Fall Out Boy
What is your gender? Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?
Describe yourself? Growing Up
How do you feel? Short, Fast and Loud
If you could go anywhere? Death Valley
Favourite mode of transportation? I Don’t Care
Your best friend? She’s My Winona
Favourite time of day? Saturday
If your life was a TV show? Pretty in Punk
Relationship status? Love, Sex, Death
Your fear? Switchblades and Infidelity 

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Always post the rules:
-answer the questions and write 11 new ones
-tag 11 people
-tell the person who tagged you that you answered their questions

I don’t normally do these but i  was tagged by @avatarem -senpai but I was on a plane for six hours and couldn’t answer until now oops but I still did it because how can I say no to senpai (you can also do this again too if you want).

How to do the post: copy the questions I MADE to a separate text post and create questions of your own :D tag me and other people if you wish~

1. Who is your favorite main character of a video game or anime?
I would say Gundam Tanaka or Sonia Nevermind but then you said “Main character” so now I gotta think but probably either Madoka Kaname or Yu Narukami! They’re such kind people I want to be more like them tbh.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show/anime/video game?
Rupaul’s Drag Race!

3. Favorite 90′s cartoon or show.
Sailor Moon!

4. If you could have any skill, what would it be?

Honestly? I know this sounds kind of wrong but I wish I had the skill and power to have anybody I meet love me and pledge their loyalty and and love to me so that anyone I want will have me as their first choice and priority. It’s pretty selfish but I’m often lonely and alone as hell and my BPD doesn’t make anything easier for me.

5. Your superhero name.
The Golden Voice ???? Idk where this came from I’m just unnaturally loud so if I were a superhero and had a supersonic voice + electricity manipulation powers that’d be pretty dope.

6. Hobbies outside of video games/anime/tumblr.

I mean does cosplay count? If not probably musical theater although I don’t do that very often anymore. Or swimming!

7. Favorite fandom.
I have a lot of fandoms but my favorite ones to be an active part of are the Dangan ronpa and persona fandoms

8. Dream cosplay (If you don’t cosplay, dream outfit to own)
I need to Fix up my Homucifer but I also have literal dreams of cosplaying Milady (Haru’s persona) as well as Sonia Nevermind’s princess dress.

9. Fictional character you feel is most like you?
It’s a mix between Makoto Kino, Anthy Himemiya, Sonia Nevermind, Chiaki Nanami and Amethyst from Steven Universe.

10. Favorite music artist/artists!~
Chiptune and whatever genre Persona 3, 4, and 5’s soundtrack is what I listen to but I also really like 80’s hits, alt/punk/pop rock, showtunes and top 40’s hits!

11. What anime or game genre describes your life?
School/slice-of-life simulator tbh with a social link aspect thrown in.


I’m honestly so excited to see these two interact as the Dad and Mom friends of the group (Emperor and Empress arcana yo)

1. Current favorite song?
2. Absolute least favorite character?
3. What is one place you’ve always wanted to visit?
4. What fandom have you always wanted to get into but just couldn’t no matter how hard you tried?
5. Favorite Movie?
6. Favorite piece of fandom merch that you own?
7. Current obsession/special interest?
8. Favorite animal?
9. Talk about your favorite video game!
10. Favorite ice cream flavor?
11. Pet peeve?

I tag

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and whoever else wants to do this!  

music tag

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Band/Artist: Hurts

  1. What is your gender? Cupid
  2. Describe yourself? Kaleidoscope
  3. How do you feel? Blind
  4. If you could go anywhere? Verona 
  5. Favourite mode of transportation? Wings
  6. Your best friend? The Crow
  7. Favourite time of day? Lights
  8. If your life was a TV show? The Road
  9. Relationship status? Wish
  10. Your fear? Exile

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no pressure!!!!

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I’m gonna use… Finish Ticket

What is your gender? Doctor
Describe yourself? Scavenger
How do you feel? Wrong
If you could go anywhere? Catch You On My Way Out
Favourite mode of transportation? Pockets
Your best friend? Killing Me
Favourite time of day? When Night Becomes Day
If your life was a TV show? Naïvé-Tea
Relationship status? Never Alone
Your fear? Numb  

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