ATTENTION EXO FANDOM:  Stop calling Yixing a homophobe.

This is an incredibly important post, one that everyone should take into consideration very seriously. I’ve reached my boiling point, and I can no longer quietly watch on as keyboard warriors who don’t know a thing about Yixing tarnish his reputation without considering the consequences of their actions, all over a single comment made by him that does not even indicate that he’s homophobic, just possibly misinformed. I’ve put off posting this because it seemed to have died down a bit around their comeback and I didn’t want to bring unnecessary attention to it, but I’ve been seeing comments about this topic almost everyday now and it’s just too much. In fact, “yixing homophobic” is his top search on twitter as I’m writing this. This is going to be a long post and I understand that it may be too much of a hassle to read, but I hope everyone here cares enough about Yixing or this topic to actually power through it entirely and understand what kind of a human being this amazing man is.

I have so many points to make that I don’t even know where to start. A short introduction.

This is my third year with Yixing, my first and ultimate bias in kpop who I’ve been following everyday since I found him and EXO. Got into them while they were in the midst of their one year hiatus in December 2012, so I quickly caught up to everything EXO-M had done previously and even got acquainted with predebut Yixing. I’m majoring in psychology, and while, of course, I’m no expert as of now, I’ve always payed extremely close attention to his micro-expressions to the best of my ability in order gauge whether or not he’s showing us his true self, as who wants to devote that much time on a person who’s being fake as hell?

This is not a case of a smitten fangirl defending her “oppa” who has clearly said something inexcusable. This is about being a decent person by giving people the benefit of the doubt and not aggressively labeling someone as a disgusting human being because of one remark that was blown way out of proportion. I’ve read so many people calling him names like “asshole,” “jerk,” “douche bag” because of this and genuinely believing he’s of the type. Because of one comment. A mistranslated comment. Completely disregarding the countless wonderful things he’s said and done even since before debut. That makes you the asshole. Please, think. How would you like it if someone held one comment against you for months or years? Ignored how kind you’ve attempted to be at every moment of your life and just marked you as scum? I would just LOVE to hear you guys say that you’ve never said anything even mildly offensive, intentional or not. If you’re new to the fandom or just don’t know anything about Yixing, then please stop spreading nonsense. It’s great to stand up for what’s right and trying to make the world a more open-minded place, but you have to realize when you’re taking things too far. A lesson for everyone:  approach misinformed comments in a kind manner, not with attacks. Sometimes, people just don’t know any better because of where they’re from and what they’ve been taught from a young age. You may think you’re doing the right thing, but being hateful makes you look immature, not wise. Be mindful of your words.

Let me also state that I began to ponder on what his standing is with the topic of homosexuality long before he made the comment at the conference. Anyone that pays attention to him will know that he used to wear a cross around his neck pretty much daily, and this worried me only because most (I repeat, most. Not all.) of the Christians that I’ve met and heard about, including my parents, do not agree with it. Considering that he may be really religious, I carefully watched out for any signs of disgust. Some of my closest friends are gay or have been in a same sex relationship, so it would have been a personal stab if I found him to be homophobic. My conclusion? He gives zero fucks and, as MANY have stated before, he acts the “gayest.”

I’m going to have to remind everyone here that the person who has kissed and groped the members the most is Yixing. Whether they’re in rehearsals, traveling the streets as normal people, away from their fans (with the evidence of official pictures, which I will include in this post) or in front of flashing cameras, on TV, in the middle of conferences with reporters all around keeping an eye on every move, Yixing is the one to almost always find a way to have contact with another man. It’s not just regular skinship that’s common in Korea, it’s a level up.  

Let’s look at the definition of homophobia with the help of our little friend, Google.
1. intense hatred or fear of homosexuals or homosexuality
2. irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

Now let’s list a couple of behavioral patterns displayed by homophobes.
1. making unnecessary or rude comments about, or feeling repulsed by public displays of affection between same-sex partners
2. Constantly saying “no homo” after simple compliments, signs of affection, or physical contact. 

Note how extreme this word is. 

First off, let’s apply those definitions to Yixing. He has never publicly discriminated against homosexuals or made hateful comments and has ABSOLUTELY no problem with going through with public displays of affection. We’ve never really seen them interact with gay couples, so we’re going to have to base everything on his own behavior around men. The only time he has ever shown hesitance was during TLP when he had to replace Luhan during the Xiuhan kissing moment in front of the single lucky fan they brought up and that was around the time where he had made the “manly men” comment, which I will get to shortly. In the gifs you’ll see at the end of this post, you’ll realize that he never before had a problem with kissing Minseok. He didn’t even have to actually do it, just pretend. 



Remember this? Pretty much the same thing he hesitated to do with Xiumin, but he’s the one who randomly initiated it with Baekhyun. Everyone (say it with me) has the right to feel uncomfortable in certain situations. Isn’t that what people on tumblr are always going on about? If it’s not all just talk, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Them picking Yixing to be the replacement, to me, is a good indicator that he has most likely not made homophobic remarks in private with the members either. Why would the members force a homophobic man to act out a male on male kiss? EXO likes to joke around, but they wouldn’t go that far, and most definitely not repeatedly. If Yixing were homophobic, do you really think the rest of EXO wouldn’t have gotten an ear full about the kissing scene at their apartment? Do you think that, after hearing his complaints (which a homophobe would certainly make loud and clear), they would have happily pushed Yixing up against Minseok with splitting smiles and bright eyes again and again? Tao and Jongdae were there ready to be taken. Why Yixing? The company? I doubt it. Not with the way Jongdae easily inserted himself into the mess to claim Minseok’s mouth as his (we wish?).

I’ll create a long compilation of the abundant amount of times he’s intimately touched the members, with no care in the world (sometimes much to the rest of EXO’s annoyance, especially Kyungsoo lmao) after going over the SOLE reason why so many people went ape shit and started calling him homophobic in the first place. If you can’t read through this whole thing, at least look through the gifs and ask yourself if a homophobe would follow through with such actions.

Onto the second behavioral pattern, which is basically what Yixing said here. Okay, guys. Very, VERY important point here. He did not say “real men.” He said “manly men.” It was a mistranslation. There is a bloody HUGE difference between the two. There was basically a whole lesson on this during Showtime. You should be able to figure that out yourself. Here’s a link to someone fully explaining what he said. x Can I emphasize that this is the first time in his career that he has said something similar to “no homo” in front of us like that? How many fucking times throughout the years have they been asked which member they would date if they were girls? Exact situation as this one, and yet, he’s never had a problem with it before. In fact, when asked during Love Radio if they would date any of the members as girls, he put his hands up in a circle to indicate that he would date someone there if he were a girl.
x Here’s a link that you may have to convert to mp4.
When he found out that Jongdae would want to date him (45:55), he got red and shy (according to the member’s reactions and his tone of voice), saying he didn’t know Jongdae felt that way about him in the just about the cutest way possible, a sweet smile on his face when the cameraman/woman finally (and holy shit, do I mean finally) panned over to show everyone’s faces. At 48:10, when they were saying their goodbyes, Suho mentioned how they were leaving with two new couples (Chenlay and Sudo). The host afterwards basically reiterated what he said by saying they’re now couples. Yixing nodded with a smile (like, “yes, we are~”) and started clapping with everyone else.

Again, saying “no homo” is supposed to be a behavioral pattern, meaning it’s done often. He’s said it once. He’s publicly kissed just about every member except maybe Chanyeol and Kai on some part of their bodies or groped them happily and he’s not once said anything like ‘no homo” afterwards.

You can cross this off the list.

However, since this is what everyone is hung up about, let’s analyze this instance. Before jumping to conclusions, which basically the majority of the people that know about the situation have, much to my frustration, we have to look at the overall situation that they were in at the time. They were neck deep in scandals with people shitting on them from left to right because of what was happening with Kris and Baekhyun. For some reason, he clearly thought that someone would take their words to try to further make their lives more difficult. He only thought to make the comment because Chanyeol was already getting uncomfortable and even had to say himself that he doesn’t actually like Kyungsoo like that. Notice that the other members were kind of relieved when Yixing made the comment. Ever think that maybe sometimes they just get tired of being linked romantically with their members? When under stress, things like that can just be plain irritating. Everyone has to realize that Korea obviously still does not accept homosexuality. The youth there are doing what they can to change their country, but it’s going to take time just like everywhere else. The point is, if a rumor started to go around that they’re gay, then, well, put two and two together. It’s not a pretty situation. Also, Korean is not Yixing’s first language. It is VERY likely that he didn’t know how to properly articulate his thoughts. He might not know how to say “gay” and things could have been lost in translation. Yes, it was an unnecessary comment, but this is not something you stubbornly label someone “homophobe” with. Do you even understand the severity of this word? How horrible it can make a person seem? All you know is this single comment in all the years that we’ve known him that wasn’t even in his native language. That is not enough.   

The words “manly men” when talking about not being gay, believe it or not, does not automatically lead to homophobia. This can easily just be a misperception of what it is to be gay. He can be completely fine with homosexuality, but maybe think that actions that society deems to be more feminine are shared by all gays, or at least by the majority. There are tons of people even in America that still get shocked when men that have never acted in a feminine way turn out to be gay. How do most “gaydars” work? It’s mostly based on stereotypes. People try to pick up on body language mostly, the way words are spoken and the clothes being worn. The person may have more of a sway in their hips when walking, a higher pitch when speaking, a higher sass level. Hardly anyone is going to automatically assume that a super buff dude that has a straight face most of the time with a deep voice and plain clothing is a homosexual. Generally, in most parts of Asia, people are extremely afraid of coming out due to the society they were born into. Because of the likelihood that Yixing has not been surrounded by gay people that fill the role of what’s traditionally thought of as being a macho guy or has only really seen those popular on the internet acting like stereotypical gay men, his way of saying “not gay” is “manly men.” This is called being misinformed. He moved out of China when he was about 17 and entered a country he couldn’t understand anything in. The chances of his old friends that were gay (if he had any) coming out before he left are pretty slim, unless they were super close. Entering Korea, it would have been difficult to make friends because of the language barrier, and what are the chances that the friends he did make were gays that would actually be willing to disclose such an important secret to a newcomer they can barely understand? Once again, if this is the case, your first response should not be to insult and use vicious words. You should be understanding of where such a person is coming from and try to educate them respectfully.

x Here is getlayd’s interpretation of his usage of words.

I’ve heard some people saying that he only acted normal in past situations where they were asked who they would date if they were girls because they were pretending to be girls and it didn’t have anything to do with homosexuality. Then allow me to bring up one of their early mama era interviews, Spicy Microphone, in which the host (who a lot people assumed to be gay himself) put all of them in a hilariously awkward situation in which he obviously attempted to make Tao and Xiumin seem like they were gay for each other. Pay close attention to Yixing at 19:53-21:30. He, along with the rest of the Chinese members, almost instantly realized what the host was insinuating by asking Tao about how he hugs Xiumin at night in their beds. Not only did he not show any signs of disgust throughout this whole ordeal, he smiled and snickered to himself while they were talking, simply finding the situation both funny and embarrassing. Is this how a homophobic person would react? Obviously, even if he were homophobic, he most likely wouldn’t say anything because it’s a broadcast, but his initial reaction would not be to laugh at the situation. He would probably look serious throughout with slightly curled down lips or an unhappy stare after being taken aback by the sudden turn of events. He took things very lightheartedly, and treated the host with utmost respect the entire interview, acting even more bubbly after. His smile reached his eyes.

One of the most iconic shipping moments for EXO would be the pepero kiss that occurred between Yixing and Sehun. This video should explain itself, honestly. Just look at his body language and his complete lack of trepidation for what is to come. He picks the member he wants to play the game with pretty much instantly (have you though about this before, Yixing? /smirk) and smiled as Sehun approached him and even as he was biting into the stick. They both showed no hesitation, their lips touching in a flash and Yixing even forgot about the entire purpose of the game, which is to measure the remaining part of the stick. He chews whatever is left, which, to me, shows that he kind of just wanted a kiss tbh. Or forgot to spit it out in all the excitement. His every move in that situation just showed how little he cared about coming off as gay. His whole body was lax, and he knew this would be aired on television.

There was a day when Yixing got to travel to his hometown solo and took his sweet time signing for the fans that were waiting for him at the airport. Go to 4:02 and look at his adorable reaction to a fan asking him if he knew what his and Sehun’s shipping name is. Actually, just watch the whole video and realize who you’re putting down. 

Him talking about crossdressing also became an issue at some point. But those people seemed to completely ignore just about everything he said except him saying he won’t do it. Are you serious? He clearly said it’s cool if anyone else wants to do it, but he won’t. Sorry he has boundaries?? My brother is the farthest thing from a homophobe, but do you think he’d ever step foot in a skirt and put on makeup in front of a huge crowd? You don’t know him, so I’ll tell you. No.

All sources for the gifs have been provided underneath each.

x Look at their eye smiles.


x Sehun gently kissing Yixing’s shoulder, who does not pull away even slightly. While I’m here, how come we don’t talk about this moment more often?!?! I mean, come on.


x “Innocently” tapping against Kyungsoo’s dick, getting his butt pinched in retaliation. Kissing him on the cheek and then pointing to the camera so he doesn’t get slaughtered. Obviously knows he’s being watched. Also doesn’t know when to quit (ily).


x Grabbing Sehun’s ass during Playboy.

x Fanservice during Playboy, going by the way he smirked and looked to the fans right after. (“Go ahead and ship, bishes”)

x Sneaking a kiss in with a whisper.

x Giving no shits about Sehun sitting on his D.



x Kissing Jongdae’s ear(?)

One of the only ones to actually kiss his cheek that day. 

x Completely unprompted peck on the cheek. Again, never had a problem getting close.


x Not even getting defensive even though everyone was clearly thinking about how gay they were acting. 


Poking Lu’s butthole.

(can’t find the source)


I just don’t understand how all of this can be ignored. Once people come on tumblr, it seems that a lot are almost aching to find fault in others in order to feel like they’ve done a good deed. I love this website and most of the people here are amazing, but just check yourselves once in a while and make sure you’re not being too much. It really is great to be involved, just do it correctly. 

None of us know him personally. We don’t know anything 100%. Yixing, just like everybody else we don’t actually know, can be a homophobe in private. If you’re going to make judgements, however, they have to be based on what we know. And this post is pretty much what we know. 

As much as we love to say it, Yixing is not an angel. Nobody is. He has faults just like the rest of us. He can’t say everything perfectly all the time, even though he’s actually a really good public speaker. He’s been under so much stress since Kris left especially and he’s working so so hard. He’s one of the sweetest guys that I’ve seen, who doesn’t deserve to be treated like shit by people he’s done so much for. 

This issue has been making me feel sick for almost a year now. Kind of ruined tumblr for me for a while. Please, if you agree with this post, spread it. It can be reblogs or directly sending it to people that are going on about him being homophobic. This is seriously affecting how international kpop fans view him.

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What do you think is one of the secret thoughts Carol and Daryl have about each other? Please tag it and share the love, so others can get the feels too. :)

I think they each feel like they will never be able to deserve the other.

To get into specifics, I think every now and then Carol looks at him and can’t help looking back at the way he was back at the farm.  It amazes her how much he has changed.  She is so happy to have such a rich friendship with him because she really didn’t have any friends all the time that she was married to Ed.  It takes her by surprise when she thinks about how she has deeper feelings for and trusts Daryl more than Ed, though she has only known Daryl for about 2 years and she was with Ed for at least 12 years.

She’s afraid of letting herself be vulnerable again in a romantic and sexual sense and she doesn’t know if anyone, let alone Daryl, would ever view her that way.  She’s certainly thought about it, wondered what Daryl would be like in bed, but she’s afraid of how overwhelming it would be for her if she was actually in a situation like that again.  After all the physical, psychological, and sexual abuse that Ed inflicted on her, she’s not sure if she can allow herself to be that open and vulnerable again, even with someone she trusts deeply, like Daryl.

Once in awhile, when Daryl’s looking at Carol, he can’t wondering what would have happened to him if Carol had not come to his camp the night after Sophia emerged from the barn.  He can’t help cringing at his behavior that night and has been trying to make up for it ever since.  Like Carol, Daryl didn’t have many friends, and certainly hadn’t had such a strong friendship with anyone when he was with Merle.

He’s also never had such strong feelings for a woman before.  He was never with anyone long enough to get close and that was how he preferred it.  But slowly Daryl’s been changing how he thinks about that and wondering if there could be something more with Carol.  He’s deathly terrified of what would happen if he told her how he felt and she doesn’t reciprocate those feelings because he knows that it would change their friendship forever.  He cares more about her than just wanting to bone, so it would be devastating to him if his feelings for her drove a wedge in their close friendship.

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Alan and 19

What do they think about before falling asleep at night?

There are a lot of things that go through Alan’s mind on a day-to-day basis.  His brothers always joke around and call him an airhead, with Gordon always making a snarky comment when he finds his baby brother daydreaming about something.

“You know, Alan…If your brains were dynamite you wouldn’t have enough to blow out your own eardrums!”

However, he does have quite an active imagination.  He’s the kind of boy who’ll find himself in a confrontation and dream up an epic response…only two days late.

At night he’ll think through the rescues of the day and how he would have aced it far better than Scott had.  But, on occasion, his mind will drift to a dark place.

He’s had nightmares before, which sane person hasn’t?!  But, since the disappearance of his Father they have escalated in number.  In his grief he would wake up in a cold sweat.  Whether he was crying out or not he never knew, but Scott was always at the side of his bed when he woke up.

He’s gotten better at hiding them as time goes by, the grief of losing his Father has never lessened, but his grip on handling it has improved.  He’s learned now that, if he remembers back to all the good times before sleep takes him, the nightmares seem a little easier to take.

challenge no. 131: bistro (team rakuzan)

title: bistro
characters/pairing/team: nijiaka, team rakuzan
challenge: no. 131; team battle
summary: akashi is a waiter at a bistro and niji is some poor sap
additional tags: nijiaka + nijimura shuzo would be highly appreciated!

“May I take your order?” Akashi said to the couple sitting by the window, and they both looked at him and smiled even though the young man looked like he was on the verge of punching himself in the neck.

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Do you think you could do like a general blurb thing about fans were giving you shit about your race and culture so you get really sad so you just kind of straddle Luke and have him hold you really tight while he lets you cry and vent to him

Okay so this is vagueish but you’d see a trending topic on twitter one night while scrolling through your feed while waiting for luke to get home from the studio. you’d scroll through pages of name calling, and insensitive tweets about your background and your upbringing, and how you weren’t good enough for luke. some would even have tweeted you sending slurs. you’d immediately close the app and you’d fear your eyes tear up but before you could actually allow yourself to cry, the familiar jingle of keys at your door would alert you luke was home, and you’d wipe at your eyes and try to muster a smile. you’d walk quietly out of your room, in one of his old t-shirts, and you’d stand at the doorway in the kitchen, watching as he rummaged through the fridge, trying to find something to eat. you’d feel bad, wondering if perhaps he didn’t like your cooking, or the food you’d grown up on, all the spices you were so accustomed to but he wasn’t. and you’d clear your throat, and luke would look up from the fridge, smiling at you but you’d feel upset still so you’d fake a smile in return. “is there anything to eat?” he’d ask, pulling out tupperware with one of the dishes you’d made, your mother’s old recipe. “nope.” you’d answer, walking over to where he was and prying the plastic container from his hands, ready to throw it in the trash. “i can make you some pasta, we can order some pizza if you like?” he’d look at you confused, “that was perfectly good” you’d scoff, setting the plate on the counter. “it’s okay, i’ve been torturing you long enough with my food, i can make something you like.” luke would sit down, looking at you and motioning you to sit down with him, a look of concern on his face, but you’d hesitate. “i love your cooking.” he’d say in a small voice. you’d laugh, “you don’t have to pretend luke.” your voice would be breaking, and he’d look at you with clouded eyes, hurt and confused at your outburst. “we’re just too different,” you’d ramble, “you know it, i know it… your fans know it.” luke would clench his jaw then, “is this what this is all about?” he’d ask, and you’d nod, inching closer to him as his shoulders fall, a pang of guilt hitting his chest. “they hate me, they don’t even want to get to know me… i’m too weird for them, they can’t see how someone like you would like someone like me.” luke would pull you in by your hand then, and into his chest, and you’d get comfortable, the tears flowing freely now and lip quivering as you settle on his lap. luke’s arms would wrap around you, his face buried in your neck as you cry, and then he’d pull away and grab your face, his thumbs trying to wipe away the tears on your cheeks, and he’d place a gentle kiss on your forehead, reassuring you, “you can’t listen to them, okay? i don’t care that we’re different, i love you, and your culture, and your cooking. so much okay?” and you’d nod, although you’d still feel that slight insecurity gnawing at the back of your mind but luke would flash you a smile and lean in, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips, laughing lowly as he pulls away, licking his lower lip, “mmm… spicy.” and you’d laugh, feeling more sure because you’ve found a boy who loves you so much.

~nana (admin) 

p.s: i tried to make it really relatable for all fans of color :-)

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(Please tag as ken) [Pt. 1] Earlier I was talking to mom (who's very conservative) about how the states have legalized same sex marriage and she gave me a whole speech on how men and women were meant to be together and how getting married is about being intimate and sexual. I mentioned to her that some people don't like being sexual or want to have children and I told her what asexuality was, but she just brushed it off and continued on with her lecture. I really wanted to come out to her-

(Please tag as ken) [Pt. 2] I want someone close to me that I can talk to about these things, but I don’t think she would accept me and I already know she doesn’t approve of my sister wanting to be trans. My dad is more open than my mom but if I just came out to him he would tell her. Ughhh I don’t know what to do this is just so stressful and annoying. ))))):

I’m sorry she’s so unsupportive! Unfortunately, the combination of conservative and homophobic leads me to suspect that she will be very acephobic, and coming out will be unpleasant for you. I don’t recommend it unless you’re prepared to fight and deal with all that nastiness and invalidation. 

You’ll find more support with a friend, probably. Younger people are generally more accepting and more likely to do research to learn to support you. 


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Name/Nickname: Katie, some people call me Kate if they’re two lazy to pronounce two syllables. 

Pronouns: She/her

Whereabouts in the world are you?: Essex, England

Last thing I Googled: “Can cats eat donuts” (I’m writing okay)

Birthday: 8th March

Interesting fact about me: I’m a loser? idk I’m not very interesting.

Favorite (non-marvel) Sebastian Stan movie: Hot Tub Time Machine

Favorite (non-marvel) Chris Evans movie: Sunshine

(Currently-running) Favorite Tv series: Humans.

Favorite Seb Stan gif:

Edward Norton or Mark Ruffalo as Hulk?: I had to google who Edward Norton is so I guess that means fluffalo automatically wins.

What do you do when waiting for new Marvel movies to come out: In this case, check the Sebastian Stan tag every 5 minutes hoping for photos of him on set.

Favorite Chris Evans gif:

What I’m wearing right now: A hecking cute dress with flowers on that makes my boobs look rad thank u very much

Last book I read: I’m halfway through the fourth got book so I guess the last book I finished was the third.

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Last Movie I watched: Jurassic World

Dream Vacation: Italy, or a roadtrip around the US.

Dream Pet: Two kitties :3 or if we’re talking any animal ever I’d have a pet jaguar.

Favorite Marvel Movie: The Winter Soldier

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give and take

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1GXtKzA

by PinkJasMink

Erwin is always glad to give Levi what he wants, and it never ceases to amaze him to find out what exactly that is.

Words: 3285, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 14 of The 30 day smutty challenge

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1GXtKzA

I was tagged by the-love-equation-has-n-error thank youuuu again >.<

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#1: I ship you with our dork Ravi. You like him so much and once you said that he’s the closest to your ideal type and yeah. You 2 would do a cute couple, maybe you’d go to cross dressing parties together bc we all know how much Ravi likes to cross dress in a woman haha


What is your Chinese zodiac/animal? Tiger I guess
What is your sun sign? Sagittarius
What is your height?  5′10″ (1.80 m)
What kind of body shape do you have? pear
Describe your fashion type: I don’t like to wear dresses or skirts, idk they are just not my style. I wear when it’s summer bright clothes and very colorful clothes, like I had a favorite pair of pants purple with a lot of color splashes on it, I hope you understand what I mean, in the winter I like to wear big and fluffy sweaters.
What are your hobbies? drawing, writing, bloging on tumblr, listen to music, learning new languages, talking with foreigners, annoying my father haha, doying DIY stuffs for my room.
Describe your personality: I’m a very loud person, I’m shy at first, but then I’m the craziest person you met in the last 3 years, to start with my bad things (bc I aknowledged them) : I get easily upset, my pride is very big, like very big, I don’t always like to talk about my feelings even tho I need to talk about them, I just don’t want to bother another people with them, I cry very easy, and my good things : I’m open minded, I can keep a secret, I’m that person that you can say everything to bc I’ll never judge you and I’ll try to find a way to help you, I’d do everything for my family and friends, if sb says sth bad about them I get very mad and idk how I can react in that moment.

What do you like and dislike? I like many things, but I’ll write some of them : sleeping, dreams, music, friends, plush animals, animals, ice-cream, owls, my nails, my lips.
I also dislike many things : racism, homophobism, hate, stupid people, when my friends are crying, when sb says something bad about my family, violence.

Any other hints? (photo is optional): I’m 16 years old, I study natural science, I’m a very tall girl, I’m chubby to say like this, I have big lips which I totally love, curly hair but it’s not that curly as it used to be, I have a small nose and my parent always make fun of it. 

What kind of height do you prefer? taller than me, obviously, or at least as tall as me, but I think that if you truly love someone the height doesn’t matter.

What kind of position do you prefer? (i.e. vocal line, rapper): man, this is weird, bc I like both, sometimes the dance line, but most of the times I like first the rapper and then it can change to a vocal or a dancer.
Do you prefer innocent or sexy? innocent bc all my ultimate biases are innocent (Kris, Hyuk, Joshua)
What are some turn ons? nice butt (sorry), nice thighs, cute attitude but manly in the same time, to be a gentelman, if he’s funny this is like the biggest turn on.

What are some turn offs? rudeness, too posesive, not accepting all of me and my life before meeting him.
What kind of fear would it be okay for him/her to have? he’s still a person, I can’t say what kind of fear would be okay him to have.
What would be an ideal date for you? This question makes me feel so good. I don’t like those romantic dates. I prefer going to a movie and then to walk throw the park all evening or the best date for me : you+me at your home or my home eating pizza, watching tv series together and cuddling
Any other hints? I like tall and dumb guys, as you can see who are my ultimate biases lool.

#3: VIXX, Seventeen, Nu’Est, EXO.

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do you know of any poc models?


(this is just an assorted list of my faves. there are a lot of models out there!!) 

(bolded = absolute favourites)

Abiah Hostvedt  - America

Adonis Bosso - Canada 

Arjan van Hesteren - The Netherlands 

Dajé Barbour - America 

Deion Smith - America

Dudley O'Shaughnessy - England

Han Seung Soo - South Korean

Harry Uzoka - England

Henrico Van Niekerk - England?

Jake Lockhart - England

Jino Chun - South Korea 

Joo Eojin - South Korea 

Josh Bartley - England

Jordun Love - Trinidad & Tabago

Kim Sang Woo - England/South Korea

Kim Won Jung - South Korea

Louis Mayhew - America

Markel Williams - America

Michael Lockley - America

Noa Thomas - America

Noma Han - South Korea

Ola-J. Adeyemi - America

Omar Borkan Al Gala - Iraq

Philippe Koo - Canada (Half Chinese-Mauritian)

Richard Edwardes - England

Satoshi Toda - Japan 

Sen Mitsuji - Australia (Japanese)

Sol Goss - England

Ted Velasquez - America

Vince Harrington - England

Willy Cartier - France (Half Vietnamese)

Zach Picotte - America

Zakaria Khiare - Denmark

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About the shooting... Why do people call him terrorist? Is it because of a solid evidence, or because thats what news would call him if he were muslim? Just curious, since in my country they just said it was "probably" a hate crime

(I’m white as hell and I feel like I’m not entirely qualified to answer this question, but I am going to try. If anyone would like to add to this, please do. Hell, rip my words to pieces if you think I deserve it. My heart goes out to those of you that are suffering because of this. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through.)

Okay. Let’s say someone kills people just for the sake of killing people, right? They kill because they want to, and because they enjoy it. It’s a game to them. They feel no remorse. They are a psychopath. A serial killer. That person is evil, but they are not a terrorist. They have no agenda to perpetuate. They are genuinely deranged.

Now let’s say there’s a white man who is unapologetically racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, and overall a terrible person. This person sees a gay black woman and chooses to hurt her just because of what she is. That is, of course, serious business, and he is a terrible person. There is nothing in the world that could justify his crime. But it wasn’t planned. He was motivated only by his own anger and prejudice, and it was an isolated incident. It was a crime of passion and hatred. That’s what a hate crime is.

This wasn’t either of those things.

This man, the one we’ve all seen on the news, had an agenda. He is a white supremacist, and a proud one at that. He targeted a sacred place, a church. Not only a sacred place, but a place with historical and cultural significance to black people. The people he killed were defenseless. He knew he was going to kill them before he even saw their faces. He planned this. It was all purposeful. 

It wasn’t random. He wasn’t insane. This was an act of terror. 

This was meant to instill fear in the black community. It was meant to make them feel unsafe. It was meant to “put them in their place,” probably, as disgusting and terrible as that is. This man hurt innocent people in the name of perpetuating white supremacy.

And if that isn’t terrorism, then what is?