What if rp... =)

Warning: some gore and/or maybe death, and FEEEELS. 
Do Note That: This is a “What if…” senario/rp that is not canon. If you do not want to read this and the responses just scroll on ahead.

Nike: *in her mind as she lays on the ground* I’ve been betrayed… It was just supposed to be an easy kill, but they knew I was coming and laid a trap.. DAMMIT HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?? They’ve tied me up with something that’s draining my magic non-stop and I can’t heal……

[About a minute later…]

Nike: … I’m going to die here… *coughs up some blood* Sketch… I’m so sorry…. *her consciousness starts to fade but she is not dead yet*

maxineartistwriter  asked:

OKAY CAN WE DISCUSS HOW SH O O K BELLARKE HAD ME THIS EPISODE??????????????? also murphy's existence, raven's slayage, roan <3 <3??? i usually am not a fan of indra but this episode i really liked her storyline. octavia, wtf you trying to do? i just want to know where she's going with what she's doing. hope you're having a lovely week

hello sweetie! omgomg sorry for answering so late, I was so busy lately. YES BELLARKE FUCKING KILLED ME, THAT FUCKING LIST I DIE OH MY GOOOOOOD!!!!!! Murphy was so fucking perfect omg, how he gave that little girl that medicine, he knows that, his dad died for the same cause omgggg that shit gave me FEEEELS!!! Raven my poor wife, she has to deal with so much shit someone give that woman a break please, she deserves some happiness :/ Roan as always killed me. Yeah I really enjoyed Indra here, also I already really like her daughter, I think her name is Gaia? idk. I think Octavia’s loyalty lies with Indra first and THEN with Roan, that’s why she played that lil game so that Gaia would be safe and all. Overall, I loved this episode as always, no Jonty tho but there’ll probably be some of that next episode so yay! Have a lovely week as well <3