Rachel Visits the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

The fic I wrote for @magicalmanhattanproject‘s commission, pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, Rachel Lindt gets to hang out with some senior dogs ::) 

Yeah, it’s 2k words of Rachel fluff

The first time Rachel visited the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, she went alone. She’d been to plenty of shelters, and she knew that a cutesy name didn’t mean shit when it came to their treatment of animals and she wasn’t about to trust anywhere without scoping it out first. Taylor offered to look into things for her, but although she knew Taylor would be careful and thorough, she wanted to do this herself. Cain deserved that.

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So while Game Grumps were playing Dog Island and Danny mentioned there were no Afghan hounds, I couldn’t resist the “What dog do they look like”
Everyones will probably be different but this is what I saw Hah!

loserequestrianphotographer  asked:

What do high content wolf dogs look like?

A true high-content wolfdog will look nearly identical to a full wolf. Many people that haven’t had as much experience with wolfdogs would have a difficult time telling them apart.

Here are some good examples of high-content wolfdogs:

Also, here is a good comparison of a high-content next to a low-content wolfdog:

Something that irritates me- when people use wolf anatomy to explain why a piece of dog anatomy is bad.

Look, I hate to break it to you, but dogs haven’t been wolves for thousands of years. Their morphology no longer reverts to “wolf”. They don’t look like wolves, act like wolves, breed like wolves, and generally they aren’t wolves. Some of the most primitive and ancient dog breeds and types look nothing like a wolf, just look at the sighthound and chow. Even spitz have morphology that is completely different from that of a wolf.

You know what dogs do look like when allowed to revert back to “wild”? Pariah dogs. Basenjis. Catahoulas. Working sighthounds. Carolina dogs and dingos. All of these looking nothing like the wolf and all of them being as close to “wild” as we can get with modern dogs.

You know what I’ve noticed about a lot of pariah dogs? A lot of them are very straight in front and rear, lacking even moderate angulation which is generally agreed to be “best” for most working purposes, with high rears or a dip in their topline or roach which again is very different from the horizontal topline generally agreed to be “best” for working dogs, long in body instead of the square working dog ideal.

I’m not saying any of those breeds, types, landraces, or whathaveyou are unhealthy or that their structure is poor- I am saying that I’m tired of people pointing to wolves and saying THIS IS CORRECT and the folks that don’t realize that different structure is needed for different jobs. The breeds mentioned differ so much from most structure rules and yet they are excellent at surviving in their own worlds.