tfw it’s not self-insert week but you really wanna draw ur newsiesona

fun facts:
-illustrator for the Sun
-has no fancy nickname, only goes by Kelsey :(
-her dress used to be pastel blue and cream but then Joey drew her in purple and I just kinda went with it man
-has a crush on a newsboy who wears glasses
-that’s about it. she’s kinda boring.

I’m challenging all of you artsy folks on here to draw their self-insert newsies. Indulge with me, please.


listens to disclosure’s latch on repeat

turns out i can only do two before my arm starts breaking. 
here’s dan’s erotic fanfiction as interpreted by korein. submission for the thingy 
also there is no way for me not to make this erotic im sorry dan. 

edit: both artworks have been selected for dan’s video the urge :)