I’m always super uncomfortable with a future based scifi or fantasy that doesn’t mention what happens to Palestine, did we win liberation, did Israel kill all of us, are thier still I let’s of Palestinian resistance trying to free those of our people that live under occupations in the year 2167 this is what I need to know.

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ehi :) I'm sending you a challenge... tell me your top 5 favourite cute/fluffy/romantic moments between harry and louis that we know and describe one that you imagine

Okay I took a week to answer this because I was literally trying to pick a top 5 and that’s impossible, but here are 5 of my favorite of thousands of moments.

1.  The very end of 1DDay when they performed Little Things.  Harry’s blatant serenading was the biggest fuck you to HQ after a LOOONNNNGGG 7 hours of pretending they didn’t know the other existed. This was the first REALLY intense example of serenading in Big Gay War times and it’s only gotten better from here. And it was romantic AF.

2.  Another 1DDay moment. They gave Harry the nasty bubble tea. Harry didn’t like it. And Harry’s immediate reaction to give it to Louis (you can’t see him in the gif but he’s where Harry aims first) to make the bad thing go away was DOMESTIC AF, I WANT TO RIP MY OWN FLESH OFF.  Look at his face it’s like OH IT’S NASTY TAKE IT AWAY DADDY PLEASE.  But Daddy couldn’t act like Baby existed because closet restrictions so he turned for anyone else in the entire room to help.  


3.  THE BRITS.  Have you ever seen anything cuter?  Louis ABSOLUTELY PANICKING over his boy’s badly timed disappearance?  LOOK AT HIS FACE HE IS SO WORRIED AND LOST.  Look at Zayn. Zayn doesn’t give a fuck. Liam is a confused puppy like when you pretend to throw the ball but really didn’t. Louis? LOSING HIS DAMN MIND.

THEN HARRY GETS THERE. This domestic motherfucker bypasses the other two boys right next to him on each side, he ignores Niall who is looking RIGHT AT HIM, to ask his husband (who is turned away in another direction entirely to hide his fond) what they’d won.  HUSBANDS AF.

4.  THE WEDDING WRISTBAND.  The wedding was the first big Not Entirely One Direction related thing that Harry got to attend with Louis.  I think it was very very, extremely special for them.  I wouldn’t be as convinced if he hadn’t worn the wristband until they literally made him take it off.  Swoon.


5.  This was the second Chicago date of the TMH Tour.  As some of you know, TMH was AWFUL closeting wise, they could barely even look at each other, and orbited around each other like satellites.  This is important to me because I saw it with my own eyes.  Because Eleanor and Richard Griffiths were both there the day before. And Eleanor was gone this next day, and I didn’t see Dick again either.  They bowed and this gentle gentle gentle touch while they bowed really solidified them for me, and it felt like an act of defiance and yall know how much I love when they rebel. So SOFT GOD DAMNIT AND MY BFF TOOK THIS WITH HER CAMERA I SAW THIS WITH MY EYES RIGHT NEXT TO HER.

And one I imagine?  Hmm.  I just love imagining little domestic things. Since Christmas I’ve really been wondering what they get for each other as gifts. They’re loaded, they have more than they need and everything they want, so I imagine the thoughtfulness of their gifts is much more important than the gifts themselves, and definitely more important than the value of the gifts.  And not just at Christmas or on their birthdays.  I imagine Harry running to the store to pick up eggs and milk and he sees a pair of Spiderman socks at the register and picks them up for Louis.  Louis goes into a gas station to pee and get a drink and brings back a cheesy rom com for them to watch cuddled up in bed later.  (HAHAH THAT HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE GOD BLESS)

Personally, I think they probably spend more money on experiences (vacations, nice dinners out in private, etc) where they’re hidden enough that they can be themselves, and safe, where they can make memories together.  Those will last forever.  The Spiderman socks will have holes in them in a month,