happy trans day of visibility everyone! i was debating wether or not i should post about it but i feel like i should. 

some people i know irl follow me on here and i was scared and still am a bit if they see, but i kinda want them to know?? 

i feel like the only way i can accept myself is if i tell others. so this would be the first time im admitting on public social media that i am trans which feels like a big leap for me lmao im lame !!!!!!!! so here it is folks

ftm, he/him pronouns


diastema really does mean a gap in the teeth. i learned a word on good mythical morning.

anonymous asked:

I just want you to know that even though evolution is the main thought in the scientific field, I know many different people that work in the scientific field, doctors, that don't believe in evolution but still are fantastic doctors. They understand where it comes from and why it's believed that it happened, but they still believe in different ideas. So it doesn't affect their judgement as doctors or scientists

I think that not accepting evolution is incompatible with being a biologist, if nothing else, because it evolution is fundamental to biology. It is our first principles, our Newton’s laws of motion. It’s like being a physicist who doesn’t accept general relativity or a chemist who doesn’t believe in the Schrödinger equation.

Can you do good science without accepting evolution? Sure. You can be a great chemist or physicist or whathaveyou, just not a good biologist, because I don’t think someone who does biology without accepting evolution has good scientific judgement.

Medicine is a different thing, because doctors really don’t need to understand evolution to be good physicians. Evolution has little to no bearing on what they do or how they do it on a daily basis. 

But the idea that someone purporting to be a biologist doesn’t accept one of the fundamental tenants of biology is ridiculous to me. Sure you can do your experiments and publish papers on topics having nothing to do (directly) with evolution, but you have demonstrated a rigidity of thought that is incompatible with good scientific judgement. 

A sentence meme made from some of jaclcfrosts hilarious text posts
  • (some are edited so they're shorter, so that they will fit into ones askbox and are rp usable )
  • "Wait so... bear with me here... a werewolf... that has full knowledge of their situation... they're a WERE... are they an AWAREwolf?"
  • "It appears lee pace is from Oklahoma which is surreal because it shatters my original assumption of him not being from earth."
  • "I don't need a valentine, I need to fight."
  • "To everyone that's 6'2 or above, or anyone that's 6'0 or above, how did you do that... how are you doing... what is it like up there."
  • "I wear a hoodie with no shirt underneath it because I, truly, in that moment, when all is said and done, do not care."
  • "My YOUNGER sibling just came up to me and said 'I'm going to be older than you soon.' And like... I don't... I don't think that's how being a younger sibling works. I don't know how to let them down gently."
  • *slowly spins around in a chair with the menacing aura of an antagonist, only instead of a cat there's a potted plant.* *pets the potted plant* "We meet again."
  • "This guy asked me what the point of overly cool socks is if no one will see them, yeah but I'm going to see them and know they're there and feel nice. Also why wouldn't I just stick my foot up and be like 'Hey check these out!'"
  • "I have found a way to work the dark circles under my eyes with everything I wear because they've basically become a permanent part of my being."
  • "Is it ok to sniff every single candle in the candle section of the store?"

if anyone ever wondered how my baby sis ( bananna-mae ) and i talk to each other (in real life and online) this should give you a good idea of what it’s usually like

stop condemning hero characters for their mistakes while praising villains who have done a lot worse 2k15


I haven’t said anything yet!