Second Time Around - (Taeoh’s  4th Birthday)

Synopsis: Jongin struggles to balance life as an idol and life as a father. His four year old son is growing up and beginning to notice his absence and attempts to find a fatherly figure in your boyfriend, Seunghyun. 

Word count: 5,538

Characters: Kim Jongin a.ka Kai (EXO), Oh Sehun (EXO), Choi Seunghyun (BigBang), Kim Taeoh, and other EXO members. 

Warnings: Eyebrow Shaving, Gum Stuck in Hair, Sehun’s dancing skills, and Taeoh and Kai’s cuteness. 

Part One

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The flight to Paris was horrible. It was ten hours of constant panic attacks from you, Taeoh fidgeting in his seat whining at the top of his lungs that he wanted to get off the plane, then there was Seunghyun who had lost his phone and made all the flight attendants help him look for it because he didn’t have a lock on his phone and had things in it that were not suitable for the public eye. To top it all off, you were sprawled on the bathroom floor of the plan for almost half of the trip vomiting because of altitude sickness.

When the three of you finally got off of the plane you were all half dead and beyond pissed off. You reeked of vomit and had dark circles under your eyes which contrasted your sickly green skin. Seunghyun had bags on every limb of his body and apart from having to hold Taeoh’s hand, he had to half-carry half-drag you through the airport because you were so weak your knees wobbled every time you took a step. Taeoh looked like a train wreck, his usually silk hair resembled a bird’s nest. He had snuck a piece of gum out of your purse and somehow managed to get it stuck in his hair. You were honestly too sick to care.

Seunghyun looks at you then Taeoh before chuckling to himself. “Thank god for masks.”

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a/n: asdfghjkl ok so I actually had a request for vampire bap but didn’t realize until I was done writing that I somehow wrote a werewolf au instead so .. sorry for that, anon, but vamp!bap & big bang will be coming soon ;;


  • One of the best werewolf leaders of all time. Other clans praise and admire him for his leadership, his ability to lead his pack through every conflict and issue and come out stronger on the other end.
  • He’s admired for other things too, apart from his leadership, such as his looks. While he puts his pack first, he sees no issue with fooling around when he has time. There are many wolves who would give their lives for a night with him.
  • And despite all these handsome and beautiful wolves, the one person who’s truly captured his attention is .. you. A human.
  • After being injured in a fight, Yongguk passed out in wolf form and when you found him, you feared for his life and tended to the wolves wounds .. Only to watch in shock as the wolf shifts into a human.
  • When he’s conscious, he’s shocked to have been looked after by you. And would have killed you for finding out his secret if you hadn’t shown him such kindness and saved his life.
  • But he can’t just let you walk free.
  • Instead, he takes you to his pack and you become a healer, and their inside person for the humans. You can walk freely through the town and grocery shop for them when the hunters kill off too much game.
  • He begins to spend his free time not in the sheets with other wolves, but talking to you, walking through the woods with you. He tells you his story, opens up about his thoughts and is flattered when you call him poetic.
  • “There’s nothing beautiful about my life. I have to either kill or get killed .. It’s the only way there is.”
  • Because of this, he’s afraid to bring you into his inner circle. If an enemy discovers his soft spot for you, it could lead to endangering your life.
  • So he settles instead for loving you from afar. Although he longs to claim you as his, this is the best way to keep you safe …

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  • As the motherly figure and voice of reason to the pack, he’s sometimes known to nag. Although he does this out of concern and love, he can sometimes rub the new pack members the wrong way. They think he’s trying to challenge Yongguk’s position as Alpha when that’s the last thing he wants.
  • Rumour spreads within the lower ranks and they come up with an ingenious plan, to earn themselves in Yongguk’s good books; They’re going to get rid of Himchan once and for all.
  • You happen to stumble upon the group of “puppies” surrounding Himchan and leap to his defense. While he is already strong alone, he does appreciate that you would help … that you understand he’s only trying to look out for everyone when he nags.
  • He begins to spend more time with you after this.
  • You both read books and hunt together. He takes you to his favourite meadow, where he goes to think and relax.
  • The love blossoms naturally, over a few months. It’s a mutual love that is supported by everyone. When he finally asks you out, he almost doesn’t need to. The feelings you had were so clear, that words were not needed. But he still wants to confess, to voice his feelings.
  • “I never thought I would place anyone above my own pack but then .. I met you. And I would follow you to Hell and back, if you let me.”

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  • This ray of sunshine spreads so much positivity and warmth wherever he goes.
  • You both grew up together, in the same pack. When Yongguk came and offered you two a place in his, you both were sad to leave but knew you wouldn’t regret taking up his offer. He saw potential in you both. And it’s like a two for one offer; you get one, you get the other.
  • You’re still allowed to visit your own pack and family members, as Yongguk has faith you won’t reveal secret information he’ll kill you if you do.
  • And somehow, during your years together, you fell in love. You can’t pinpoint when or how. But you know you don’t regret it.
  • “Dae, I really love you.”
  • “I know, you’ve been telling me that since we were kids.”
  • “No, I mean, I love you.
  • He smiles. “Didn’t I just say that I already knew? Even a blind man can see how you look at me. But don’t be so embarrassed .. I look the same way at you too.”

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  • You have been “enemies” since you two were small pups. He’s been in all your training classes, trying to compete and outsmart you. You’re often paired up for tasks too, since your abilities complement each other. Too bad your personalities don’t or so you think.
  • Every second you spend together is spent bickering and disagreeing and fighting. It’s never been serious, really, no injuries or fist fights. His bark is worse than his bite, as they say. But it’s still frustrating to listen to him all the time.
  • Whoever he dates, he tries to flaunt to you.
  • So you do likewise.
  • It’s a constant game of cat and mouse.
  • Until one day, out of nowhere, he kisses you.
  • “W - what was .. !?”
  • “Don’t act so confused. We all knew this moment would come .. So dump your ugly mutt of a wolf and date me instead. You know you’ve always wanted to.”

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  • He’s a master deceiver. Despite his innocent nature and cute looks, he can be cunning when he wants to be.
  • You first meet when he joins your pack. He spends weeks getting to know everyone, fitting in, and growing comfortable. You sense a soft nature from him that you long to protect. So you, most of all, make an effort to make him feel welcomed.
  • …..
  • Until he betrays you.
  • Your pack wakes up one morning, under attack by Yongguk’s pack. They’re vicious and ruthless and standing among them .. is Jongup.
  • He saves your life, telling Yongguk that you would be useful to them, and become the sole survivor of the pack you grew up with.
  • Hurt and disgusted, you avoid him with a passion. And if he corners you, you do all you can to hurt him. To save your own life, you don’t dare run away or try to fight the other members. But you know that Jongup will defend you from Yongguk’s wrath, arguing that he deserves your insults and hits.
  • Because he does.
  • “I know that infiltrating your pack was bad. And I only did so on orders. While that was a lie, the rest of me wasn’t. All that time we spent together, all those things I told you, that time we kissed .. I meant all of it. I don’t expect you to forgive me. But can you at least give me a chance?”

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  • You’d always thought he was cute, since you were both kids. He had cute cheeks and was so smol and soft and you just wanted to protect him. Your parents took you on a task with them, that lasted a few weeks and when you returned, the smol pup you once called Junhong was gone.
  • In his place was a giant.
  • “What did .. What did you eat when I was gone!?”
  • While the innocent boy you once knew was gone, you found that you didn’t much mind. He had matured while you were gone only a little, he’s still bratty at times and you found it charming.
  • You were hunting for rabbits together one day when he blurts out; “So, when are you going to finally say it?”
  • “Say what?”
  • “That you think I’m hot and always have.”

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My Mess

Summary / Request : “ Could I get a Tom Holland x reader where they are in a relationship, but it’s like, a normal relationship, not super Romantic, but still sweet, where one gets grossed out because the other one drools in their sleep, or one gets mad at the other for touching them with their cold feet, or for wiping their popcorn fingers on them? Just normal things? Thanks!” / The morning after a date night with Tom comes to settle the score.

Warnings: swearing

Fluff / Gender neutral reader

Requested: @hammernailsandscrewdriver

Word count: 832

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The sun is finally starting to set, but a few rays caught in the little tufts in Tom’s hair, bringing out the slight red undertone. Driving through the city together is calming, speeding through its heart and really seeing the character. Flashing by are the neon signs of nightlife, places to drink to forget or to drink to remember.

The summer nights with Tom are the best. When you’re not being sucked into his unbelievably hectic lifestyle, but rather when he’s with you to keep him grounded. The bags under his eyes start to brighten up for he’s finally getting an adequate amount of sleep.

The radio playing is only but a low hum to simply help wind the two of you down after date night. Tom reaches over to the passenger side to grab ahold of your hand, resting his hand on your thigh. No words need to be exchanged to better the moment, it was perfect.

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[ image description: A screen shot of a post that reads “Don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you.” Someone has crossed this out with a big grey X and underneath added “No, do it. Do cross oceans for people. Love people, all people. No conditions attached, no wondering whether or not they’re worthy. Cross oceans, climb mountains. Life and love isn’t about what you gain, it’s about what you give.” End of descripton ]

I hate this post, I hate it so much. And let me tell you why.

At first it seems like a pretty good post, right? You should love people and do things for them because you want to or because it’s nice, or just because you love them, not because you expect something in return. Yeah. We learn that as kids. But listen. Listen to me. It is not that simple. Yes you should do nice things for people. Carry in your grandmother’s grocerys even if she forgets to say thank you. Sure. But you should never, never, pour yourself into someone who does not give back to you.

Doing everything for someone who gives you nothing in return is not love.

A friend of mine worded it really well “The point of the original post was to emphasise that your own mental/physical health is more important than someone’s selfish needs.” It’s not romantic to run yourself into the ground for someone who can’t even be bothered to care about you. And not only is it not romantic, it’s unhealthy.

I have, on more than one occasion, “crossed oceans” for people who I do believe loved me, but who didn’t even come close to crossing them for me. And do you know what I got out of that? The first one I lost 10 pounds because I was so miserable I could barely eat and I was throwing up what I did eat. And I was still doing whatever I could to be with them, and make them happy, even though they didn’t seem to be willing to put any work in themself. Why bother, I was always there. The second one I ran my own mental health so thin that that literally could not do anything for him, all I could do is sit in the bathtub and think about how I coudln’t feel anything. But I still refused to turn my phone off and ignore his messages. I still made myself avaible to him because he “needed me.”

There was nothing romantic about either of those situations (note: only one was a romantic relationship but the idea of giving and giving and giving when you’re gettin nothing back is romanticized whether it’s in a romantic or platonic relationship.) There was nothing beautiful or selfless about it. It was miserable. I was miserable. I can remember one of my friends telling me he missed me because all I could talk about was the person I had allowed to become my whole life.

And in the end, both of them stopped talking to me.

Don’t believe anyone when they say the second part of that post. It’s bullshit and I’m really tired of seeing it romanticized. It tells people (especailly young girls) that this is an okay way for a relationship to be, that this is what they should be doing. 

There is nothing selfish about demanding that your emotional labour be reciprocated. That’s what makes a relationship (romantic, platonic, or otherwise) healthy. That’s what love is. Both people giving. Both people supportin each other. Not one person giving until they have nothing left for themself. 

Near Light

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Request: Happy Imagine based on ‘Near Light’ by Ólafur Arnalds.

I highly recommend you listen to this song for this one. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here.

I apologise in advance.

Text in italics is flashbacks.


“You been baking, Ma?”
Happy’s mother looked up from her spot in her armchair by the large bay window and saw her son walking out of the kitchen, a mouthful of muffin and one more in the grasp of his large hands.
“No, the girl next door made them. And what did I teach you about eating with your mouth full?”
“Sorry Ma.” He swallowed and smiled at his mother apologetically.
“Do me a favour, Happy? Take the basket back to her. Its on the bench.”
“Of course.”
He shoved the last muffin in his mouth and wiped his hands on his jeans before lifting his kutte off the back of the sofa, where he had left it when he entered the house.
He pulled it over his shoulders and crossed the room, leaning down to his mother and pressing a kiss to her cheek.
“I should head back to TM anyway, but I’ll be back later tonight with some dinner.”
She nodded. “Be safe, Happy.”
“Always, Ma.”
He headed out of the door with the basket in his hand and closed the front door behind him.
He placed the empty basket on the chair next to the door as he pulled his boots on.
The day was warm and the sun shone down on him as he walked down the path leading to his mothers house and he turned to the left once he reached the gate.
The house next door to his mothers had been vacant for a while but someone had recently moved in.
It used to be a mess, overgrown yard filled with weeds and flaking paint on the outer walls of the house but over the last few weeks it had been improving.
The white picket fence with missing pickets and flaking paint that bordered the property had been given new life with a fresh lick of white paint and rose bushes now ran alongside it, still to young to bloom.
The lawns were freshly mowed and the porch was filled with two chairs littered with brightly coloured cushions and woollen throws.
The front door had been painted red while the surrounding weatherboards of the house had been painted an egg-shell white.
Happy had never paid much attention to the neighbouring property but as he walked up the paved pathway to the front door, basket in his hand he found himself glancing at the pot plants filled with different flowers and the new ‘Welcome’ mat that sat in front of the door.
His stepped onto the porch and rapped on the wooden door.
He waited ten seconds and there was no answer.
Was that more baking he could smell?
He knocked again and adjusted his grip on the basket.
After another fifteen seconds he heard footsteps running to the door and a woman yanked it open.
His jaw clenched as he took in the sight of her. She was beautiful.
“Hi!Sorry! I was in the back yard doing some gardening and I didn’t hear the door knock.”
She wiped a loose strand of hair out of her face with the back of her hand, still clad in her gardening gloves and left a smear of dirt across her forehead. “Well actually I did but I didn’t think it could be someone at my door because I’m so new here and I don’t really know anyone yet but when I heard it the second time I knew it was for me so I came as fast as I could. Sorry, I’m rambling aren’t I? I just never get visitors and I certainly wasn’t expecting anyone today. Oh, there I go again. Is that my basket?”
A ghost of a smirk played on Happys lips and he nodded.
“I hope Mrs Lowman enjoyed them. She’s been so kind to me, giving me tips on how to keep my dahlias from drying out in this heat. I don’t really know anyone else on the block yet and it was only by chance that I met her cause the postman delivered her mail to my door and- sorry Im rambling again aren’t I?”
This time Happy did smirk as a blush rose on her cheeks.
“Whats your name?” He asked, his gravelly voice taking her by surprise.
“(Y/n) (y/l/n). Are you a friend of Mrs Lowmans?”
“Im her son, Happy.”
She gasped. “Oh Ive heard so much about you! Mrs Lowman talks about you all the time! I wasn’t expecting you to look like this though!”
Her eyes widened and the blush on her cheeks darkened. “I mean not that theres anything wrong with the way you look, you look great. Like really great, its just I wasn’t expecting a bad boy cause you kinda give off that vibe and Mrs Lowman is always saying how good you are and-“
“Here’s your basket.” Happy interrupted, lifting the basket with an amused look on his face.
“Thank you.” She gulped and took the basket from his grip.
“I need to go, but it was nice to meet you, (y/n).”
She nodded and smiled warmly at him.
He turned and walked down the porch steps.
He was halfway out the gate when he heard her yell after him. “It was nice to meet you too, Happy.”
From her window, Mrs Lowman watched with a smile on her face. It had been a long time since she had seen her son smile.


Huh. Usually he was always greeted by her the moment he walked through the doors, her arms throwing around his neck and her strawberry scented lips crashing against his.
Perhaps she was out in the garden and hadn’t heard him pull up.
He twirled a toothpick across his lips and walked to the back door.
It was open and the warm breeze drifted through the house, making lights shimmer around in patterns from the ornaments she had hanging off the back porch.
The yard was empty though and a frown came to his lips.
“Babe?” He called again.
No answer.
He pulled the gun from his waistband and gripped in his hand as he walked through the house, moving with urgency now.
The living room was empty and the hallway.
He headed for the kitchen.
Broken glass was scattered across the floor and the top drawer was pulled open and a knife was lying on the kitchen tiles. Was that..? Blood covered the knife on the floor.
Dread filled his body as he stepped further into the room, lifting the gun in his hands.
Glass crunched beneath his heavy boots as his eyes darted around the scene in front of him.
He clenched his jaw.
Blood was splattered across the white tiles and a smear of blood led to the carpet,suggesting a struggle. A wave of nausea flooded through him.
He ran for the front door and bolted down the pathway, his heavy footsteps echoing against the wood of his mothers porch. The front door slammed open.
“Ma! Ma!?”
He tore through the house, his eyes searching frantically.
“Happy? Whats wrong?”
His mother stepped out of the kitchen, a cup of tea in her fragile hands.
Happy rubbed his hand over his face. Both relief and fear filling his veins.
“Stay inside, Ma.”
“Whats going on, Happy? Why is your gun out? Wheres (y/n)?”
“Stay inside Ma! I’m gonna send someone to wait with you.”
He stepped towards her and kissed her cheek.
He could see the worry in her eyes and he swallowed deeply, trying to stop his own emotions from showing on his face.
“Be safe, Happy.”
He nodded and turned away.
She watched the reaper on his back as he ran down the steps of the porch as worry filled her, both for the safety of you and her son.
Her tea went cold as she prayed that you both come home safely.


“Almost there.”
She smiled as she held Mrs Lowmans arm as she helped the elderly woman move forward along the grass.
Happy smiled as he watched the two woman in his life.
Finally they reached the bench and (y/n) helped his mother sit down carefully.
(y/n) stepped away, revealing the yard her and Happy had been working on for weeks.
The luscious green grass was freshly cut and rows of flowers edged the garden while the old oak tree provided shade for half the yard. The bird house Happy had built stood in the middle of the yard and already several birds were flying around it.
“It looks beautiful,” Mrs Lowman smiled, her eyes gleaming as she took in the sight.
(Y/n) smiled widely, flashing the pearly whites of her teeth and she met Happys eye.
The afternoon sun was beginning to set and Happy studied the way the golden light illuminated the features of her face.
She was so beautiful.
“You two make a good team,” his mother commented and (y/n) blushed while Happy smiled.
“And look, plenty of room for the kids to run around in, eh?”
(Y/n) laughed and Happy rolled his eyes.
She chuckled and gestured for him to come forward.
“I’m proud of you, my son.”
Happy smiled at his mother and she reached for (y/n)’s hand.
She squeezed it tight.
“Im proud of both of you. You really do make a good team.”


Jax was sat around the bar at the clubhouse, Opie to his left and Chibs to his right.
Tig and Juice sat at the table and the prospects worked behind the bar.
Their laughter was loud as they talked, teasing the newest prospect for his earlier mistakes when the door to the clubhouse slammed open.
Happy ran inside, his eyes wide and angry.
“I need your help.”
Jax exchanged a glance with Chibs and both men stood.
“Whats going on, brother?”
“Shes gone. Someone took her-“
“Who, Hap? Your mom?”
“No, my.. “ He realised he had never told his brothers about her. She was so pure and he had been afraid of exposing her to what he did.
“My old lady.”
“Who are you talking about?” Juice asked.
All his brothers looked at him with confusion.
Happy was always calm. His expression never changed whether he was cleaning his gun or shooting it.
But as he stood in the clubhouse his face was filled with a mixture of emotion.

“Please,I need your help. I need to find her.”
“Of course, brother. We’ll get her.”


She hummed to herself as she walked along the road,a brown paper bag full of groceries in her arms.
A smile played on her face as she walked. Tonight was family night. She had never had much of a family and when she had moved here she never expected to find just that.
Mrs Lowman had welcomed her with open arms and she was madly in love with her son.
Happy Lowman was just as crazy about her too, yet the three words that constantly played on her mind had never left her mouth.
Maybe tonight. She was cooking tonight and she had just finished doing her groceries and was making her way home to start on her recipe.
She turned the corner in to the street she lived on and froze when she saw it.
The ambulance sitting outside Mrs Lowmans house.
The brown paper bag fell to the concrete, the groceries spilling out but she didn’t care.
She ran as fast as she could, dread filling her heart.
Paramedics pushed the trolley onto the porch with a worried Happy following close behind.
Mrs Lowman sat in the trolley with an oxygen mask pressed to her face. Her hands clung desperately to Happys as the paramedics rolled her down the path.
He looked up as he heard her footsteps on the pavement.
Her eyes were wide and she could only stare as the paramedics loaded her neighbour into the back of the ambulance.
Mrs Lowman pulled the mask away from her face and just before the paramedics shut the door she spoke, her voice fragile and croaky.
“Look after each other. Don’t worry about me.”
The doors closed.
“What happened? Is she okay?”
Happy didn’t say anything but his eyes spoke a million words and she was overwhelmed by the pain she saw in his dark eyes.
She stepped closer to him and grabbed his hand.
His hand was rough and calloused but it was warm and her hand fit his perfectly.
Together they watched as the ambulance drove away.
Neither of them spoke, there was no need.
They only needed the comfort of each other.


“Where is she?!” Happy yelled, at no one in particular.
Juice gulped and continued working on his laptop, searching desperately for anything he could find that could lead to her location.
Happy paced the clubhouse, his panic only growing louder in his mind.
Bobby and the prospects had gone to his mothers house and the rest of the club was scattered around the club house.
Clay was on the phone to Alvarez while Jax spoke to the chinese.
Everyone was doing all they could to find her, but it still wasn’t enough.
A cell phone rang out and Chibs answered the call.
It was a brief conversation and he quickly snapped his phone shut and called across the room to Juice and Happy.
“Somebody seen Darby carrying a struggling woman.”
Happy was seething, his muscles tensing and his jaw clenched tight.
“Im on it.”
Juice tapped into his laptop, tracking Darbys phone.
Happy was staring at the screen over his shoulder and as soon as the map popped up with the location Happy was out the door.
Juice called to the club and they gathered around, looking at the screen before loading up on guns and heading out after Happy.


They walked hand in hand up the pathway to her house, bellies full from the meal she had cooked at Mrs Lowmans.
She had been spending more time there and so had he, as they cared for his mother who had fallen ill once again.
The night was warm and they reached the front door.
They turned to face each other, his hand still holding hers.
“Do you want to come in?”
Happy nodded and took a step forward, closing the gap between their bodies.
She looked up at him, his dark eyes gleaming down at her with a look she had began to see in his eyes when he looked at her.
She swallowed as butterflies fluttered in her stomach.
His breath was on her lips as his head inched closer.
He dropped her hand and lifted his own, cupping her face softly.
His ran his thumb across her cheek and lifted her head towards his.
Her hands wrapped around his wrists, holding his hands to her face and he rested his forehead against hers.
They both closed their eyes.
She could smell him, the leather, the ciggarettes, the faint smell of weed. His scent filled her lungs and she licked her lips in anticipation.
His lips pressed against hers. it was slow and soft and comforting in a way that words could never be.
His hand sat below her ear and his thumb caressed her cheek as his lips moved against hers.
Her hands fell to his chest and she clutched at the leather of his kutte.
She wanted to pull away before she lost herself completely in his arms but she couldn’t bring herself to do so.
“(Y/n).” He whispered.
She smiled against his lips. Never before had the sound of her name been spoken with such admiration and warmth spread throughout her body.
Her hand released the grip on his kutte and she fumbled her way to the handle, her his still intertwined with his.
They clumsily stumbled their way inside, unable to break their kiss and when the door shut behind them he lifted her and pressed her against it.
She wrapped her legs around his waist and wrapped her hand around his neck, pulling him closer to her.
For the first time in forever Happy forgot about the things he had done, the things he was. He savoured her lips and lost himself in the kiss. A kiss like that was a beginning, a promise of more to come.
His lips left hers only for a moment and pulled away, studying her face.
She blushed under his gaze and his eyes softened as he studied the curves of her lips and the burning in her eyes.
“I love you.” She whispered, no longer able to hold in the words.
“I know,” He whispered and pulled her in for another long deep kiss.
“I love you too.”


Happy ran every red light and broke every speed limit as he made his way to the old barn.
The map on Juice’s laptop had shown the location and Happy recognised the road.
It was quiet and the sound of his motorcycle broke through the peacefulness as he rode along the dirt road, a cloud of dust billowing out behind him.
Finally he saw it, the old barn with faded red walls.
There were no cars around it and Happy pulled up in front of it and jumped off his bike, letting it to fall to the ground in his haste.
He ran to the barn door and yanked it open, and the sunlight pooled into the darkened area.
His eyes searched desperately as he moved through the barn, his gun gripped tightly in his hand.
“(Y/n)?!” He called again.
A faint moan could be heard and Happy ran towards the back of the barn.
A faint trail of blood led him to her location and for a moment he froze when he saw her.
She was laid against a bale of hay, her white blouse stained red and her hands clutching at the stab wound beneath her ribs.
Her delicate fingers were coated in her scarlet blood and her face was pale. Her breathing was shallow and her eyes were clenched shut, slow to adjust to the sudden light in the barn.
Her voice croaked out.
He sunk to her knees beside her, his eyes wide as he took in the nightmare in front of him.
Within a second he snapped out of his shock and he pulled her to him.
“Im here, baby Im here.”
She smiled through her dry and cracked lips. Her face was pale and clammy and her hair clung to her forehead.
“Im so sorry, baby. Oh god,” He studied her wound and a wave of nausea washed over him.
“Im gonna get you help, okay? Your going to be okay.”
She shook her head.
It took all the energy she had left to raise her hand and she cupped his face, the blood on her fingers smudging onto his cheek.
“Its okay, Happy.”
The pain that had burned through her like a raging fire had faded and now she only felt an icy cold numbness. Darkness clouded the edges of her vision and all she could see was the face of the man she loved.
“Stay with me baby.” He begged. “Dont leave me.”
Tears pooled in his eyes and he rocked her gently, holding her head against his chest.
“I love you, Happy.”
Her voice broke with every word she spoke and her breathing was becoming more ragged by the second as she fought through her pain.
“I love you my baby girl.” Happy sobbed.


Ma? You need a hand?”
Happy watched his mother as she rummaged through the drawers of her dressing table.
She waved her hand at him, shooing him away. “No, go sit down my Happy.”
Happy obeyed and went to the living room and sat on the sofa.
Through the window he could see (Y/n), sitting in a yellow sundress, curled up on the rocking chair on her porch and her head buried in a book.
He smiled as he watched the woman he loved. too engulfed in her novel to notice him watching from the window.
He had never known a love like hers. To be in her company was blessing and to be loved by her.. Happy knew he was the luckiest man alive.
His mother shuffled into the room and Happy stood to help her into her chair.
Once she was seated she looked to her son.
“I have something for you.”
She opened her hand,  showing a small box.
“It was my mothers. I want you to have it.”
Happy gulped and lifted the small box. He opened it and inspected the ring inside.
“She is good for you, Happy. I see the way you look at her and she looks at you the same way.”
Happy smiled, a rare blush creeping up his neck.
“I wont be around forever and-“
“Listen to me. I won’t be around forever. I need to know that you are happy, my Happy.” She smiled at her son as he listened to her every word. “You make her yours.”
Happy closed the box and slid it into the pocket of his kutte.
He stood and kissed his mothers forehead. She squeezed his hand warmly.
“I will, ma.”


The rest of the club pulled up outside the barn.
Happy’s bike was lying in the dirt and they hastily got off their bikes, their guns cocked and ready.
One by one the brothers entered the barn.
Jax was the first to notice the trail of blood and then they heard it.
“No! Baby!”
They followed the sound of Happy yelling but nothing could have prepared them for what they saw.
Happy, knelt in the dirt, covered in blood and clutching her lifeless body to his chest as he sobbed.
“Wake up!” Happy sobbed. “Please, baby.”
Tears streamed down his face and his body shook.
He whispered ‘No’ over and over and his whispers turned into yells as he hugged her body close to his.
After a moment Jax stepped forward and he wrapped his arms around his broken brother.
Happy lifted his head to the sky as a heart wrenching sob ripped from his chest.
There wasn’t a dry eye left as the Sons watched their Killer become something so broken, so raw.
Silence fell as Happys tears began to dry out and he gently lowered her body to the fllor.
He reached in his pocket and pulled the ring out.
Carefully, he lifted her limp hand, her warmth already draining from her body.
He slid the ring on her finger and brought her hand to his lips.
He had to kiss her, one last time. While their was still warmth in her body, still warmth in her lips..
He bowed his head over her body and brought his lips to hers once more.
She was so beautiful. And she was his. She would always be his.



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When bts answers to “daddy” at a dinner with your family

lolololll i died while making this it was so fun



He would be eating so peacefully when you realized that you were unable to reach something you desperately needed

You: daddy? can you get that for me?

Jin & pops: sure!

Everyone: *bursts out laughing*

Jin: *is obviously internally screaming but laughs along with the rest of your family* ‘ahsjhsud’


He would be confused af and would give you a questioning look when he saw everyone dying of laughter.. When you finally explained it to him, he’d be a shy and embarrassed yoongs

“You.. weren’t talking to me?’


He would be so dramatic and would repeat nothing but apologies once he answered to you when you were calling out for your father.. He’d pretty much be dying inside.

“omgomgomgomg im so sorry omgg”

Rap Monster:

He would pretty much be yoongs tbh

“Oh.. you weren’t talking to me..? Okay..”

*mentally runs into a wall*


*pretends nothing happened*

“Hmm?? What did I say? Oh, I don’t know.. What diD I say?”

*continues to eat like an innocent bab*


*EmBARraSsED tAe*

He would laugh along with everyone and hide his face since he’d be a shy tomato



*pretty much chim*

“I said nothing…”


lawlll hope you enjoyed it as much as i did lmfao

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Yuri!!! on RADIO 05 Suwabe Junichi's introduction
Suwabe Junichi, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Uchiyama Kouki
Yuri!!! on RADIO 05 Suwabe Junichi's introduction

A snip of the part where Suwabe Junichi, the guest from Yuri!!! on RADIO 05 gets introduced.
Note that he also voices Makkachin, Viktor’s dog.

Tosshi: - Hello, my name is Toyonaga Toshiyuki.
Ucchi: - I am Uchiyama Kouki.
Tosshi: - Well then, let’s introduce today’s guest. It’s this person!
*woof woof*
Tosshi: - Huh? It’s Makkachin!
Ucchi: - Makkachin?
Suwabe: *barking gets rugged* Vkusno!!!
Ucchi: - What did he eat…
Suwabe: - I came to make a mess out of this show!
Hello, I voice Viktor Nikiforov, my name is Suwabe Junichi.
All: - Please take care of me!
Tosshi: - What did you eat thay you’re saying that? (vkusno means tasty)
Suwabe: - I thought I should become tasty.
Tosshi: - Tasty?
Suwabe: - That I should make myself tasty.
Tosshi: - That was a good one.
Suwabe: - I’ll savour you two well!
*Ucchi laughs*
Tosshi: - Thank you very much.

Masquerade 2.1: The Birth of Red Mask

Nothing changes people more than other people. 

These 2.somethings will consist of little drabbles related to the characters in Masquerade II. (Mostly, Red Mask, because he is a complex character and there is still a lot to tell about his story, but the other characters will probably get their own drabbles eventually too ^_^)

If you haven’t already, please read Masquerade II first !!

Summary: Join Red Mask in this flashback to find out what exactly happened in his past that led him to become the very alluring man we had grown to love so dearly. 

Park Jimin ft. other characters

High school au

Some fluff, some smut, a bit of comedy, a bit of angst

A/N: I made this drabble in first person so hopefully it’s not a bit weird. It’ll be told from Jimin’s POV because I wanted you all to get a little bit deeper inside his head and hear his hopefully somewhat relatable inner monologues, so I decided to stray from my usual POV style. Please read it as if you were listening to Jimin telling you this story! Enjoy! ^_^

Originally posted by 9taefox

            I wasn’t always Red Mask.

           Contrary to what I made everyone believe, I wasn’t always this charming, good looking, attractive, sexy, incredibly skilled –

           “PARK JIMIN, please get on with your flashback!”

           You get the gist.

           I wasn’t always the person that you’ve all met. In fact, I was pretty much different. I was naive and gullible. Unconfident and timid.

           Back in my younger days, I didn’t think much about love. Love and relationships, to me, were just some sort of rite of passage. Everybody would get love. Everybody that was older than me was in a relationship. And one day soon, it was going to be my turn.

           Love to me back then was probably what most children envisioned. The passion, the romance, the butterflies, the awkward moments that end up being romantic and cute anyway. The perfect girl was someone whose hair billowed in nonexistent wind when she walked into the room, and she would flash you a smile that would stop your world for a few seconds. And when your eyes locked, you both would know that you two were destined for each other.

           Love to me seemed so simple.

           Once two people liked each other, that was that. Happily ever after!

           So I fell in “love” constantly. I use quotation marks because who, at such a young age, could truly say they were in love with someone they hardly knew? Someone they fantasized about; someone they saw through a beauty filter; someone who they thought was perfect.

           I had many, many crushes. And while I was always a proponent of nice guys being the best choice, it never turned out that way.

           I was just average in all fields. I didn’t stand out particularly. I was decent looking, but not enough to turn heads. I still possessed some of my baby fat and I later found that that made me look more childish than attractive to others. While all the girls were sweet and friendly to me, I soon realized it was because I was harmless to them.

           They didn’t even consider me an option.

           I was always, always friend-zoned.

           But I didn’t give up. No, I just stepped up my game. I found things I was good at– dancing, drawing, singing– and I tried to use that to my advantage.

           You could say Red Mask was born from the culmination of rejections and excuses that I was given throughout my years. Every time I heard “I’m sorry I don’t think of you like that” or an “Oh you’re a great friend Jimin, but I don’t have feelings for you” or my favorite one, “Oh no. I really like your friend…does he know that you like me? Can you put in a good word for me?”, I began losing my ideals and beliefs about love. That foolish yet elusive feeling.

           I became frustrated. What was I lacking? What was not good enough about me? People who I considered less talented and less good looking than me were getting girlfriends, why was I asking all the wrong ones out? Why wouldn’t anyone give me a chance??

           But then in high school, someone finally did.

           Let’s call her Temptress.

           Because she was seduction personified. She was one of the girls that bloomed early and filled in her uniform well. She walked with dignified confidence, with her large chest out and a bright smile. She knew that the boys went crazy when she smoothed her fingers through her hair, and she would lock eyes with you if you were staring, just to fluster you. Even the girls befriended her out of envy.

           She was the alpha female of my class.

           And like most of the guys in the school, I immediately fell for her.

           I gave her homework when and if she forgot it, which was often. I let her copy off my tests just so she would flash me one of her smiles and nudge me while saying, “Thanks, stud!”. I literally melted into my seat whenever she called me that.

           Eventually, I confessed that I liked her, expecting to get rejected of course, but I just couldn’t hold my feelings in anymore.

           "I like you!“ I yelled as I handed her a bouquet of roses.

           She smiled sweetly and took the flowers out of my grip. I perked up expectantly.

           "Jimin.” she called as she cupped my chin with one hand so I could look up at her.

           I gulped. “Yes?”

           "Have you ever been with a girl?“

           I, of course, being the honest, innocent kid I was, shook my head. "Never.”

           "So you’ve never…kissed anyone before?“

           She traced my lips with her delicate fingers and my heart was racing faster than an ambulance at this point. No girl had ever been this close to me, much less touched my face. It was almost always a light smack on the shoulder as a sign of gratitude or a reflex if they were laughing at something funny.

           "N-n-no.” I stammered foolishly and then mentally kicked myself for being so uncool.

           "Aww…“ she pouted. "Poor Jiminnie.”

           She leaned closer to my face, and I can honestly remember my eyes bulging out of its sockets. I wasn’t prepared. Yes, I had fantasized kissing girls more often than I’d like to admit, and in middle school, I embarrassingly tried teaching myself by watching videos and kissing pillows, but obviously those never prepared me for the real life event.

           I panicked as ten thousand plans and questions ran through my mind.

           Should I stick my lips out? Did she want tongue? What the hell do I even do with my tongue when it’s in there? (Videos don’t really show us what’s happening in there, you know, for aesthetic purposes.)

           Oh my goodness, did I brush my teeth? What did I eat for lunch? Oh no, do I have bad breath? What if she hates it after this? What if I’m TERRIBLE? How should I move my lips? Is it slow? Fast? What is slow or fast? Should I just run? What if she’s not even kissing me and I’m freaking myself out? Oh wait, I should close my eyes. Right, that’s step one.

           So I shut my eyes tightly and pursed my lips out.

           And she chuckled.

           I felt my cheeks warm up immediately. Well, chuckling was definitely not what I expected to happen in this situation. Did I screw up already?

           "You’re so cute, Park Jimin.“

           The Temptress called me CUTE. I was literally soaring, having an out of body experience.

           "Relax and follow me.” she whispered.

           Surprisingly, she didn’t back away. She simply traced my lips again to relax me and I felt my knees buckle with the sensation. Suddenly, I felt her soft lips against mine, and I pushed forward eagerly. She pulled back and laughed.

           "I told you to follow me.“ she repeated. "I’ll show you how to kiss.”

           My heart was beating rapidly. The most popular and gorgeous girl at my school just KISSED me and she’s KISSING ME AGAIN. She leaned back in and this time, I closed my eyes slowly, and took in the full feeling of her lips.

           It was steady at first. Like what little kids do to each other because they were mimicking their parents. Lip to lip, we stood there for a few seconds not moving, but despite the lack of action, I still felt my entire being tingling. Then without warning, she parted my lips with hers and slipped her lips into the space between easily. She grabbed arms and pulled our bodies flush together. I literally felt like I was on fire.

           The kiss was a bit…wetter…than I had imagined it to be. And there were no big fireworks or angels singing or anything, but damn did it feel good, especially with her breasts squishing into my chest.

           I was a hormonal teenager (but I guess that much hasn’t changed about me) and I felt my male instincts being enflamed. I followed her lead clumsily. Our teeth clashed together a lot because I really had no idea about the spatial awareness between our lips, or anything for that matter. I was just so enthused about being kissed by my crush that all I could think about was keeping my lips on hers forever. Kindly, she didn’t scold me or make fun of my lack of skill. She just pulled back a bit, adjusting herself, and kept on kissing me until I found the proper rhythm.

           Every time I made a mistake, I would apologize, but she would hear none of it and just grab my face to go back at it again. Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to grab her waist, and as if I had passed the first round boss, she gave me a reward that caused my knees to buckle immediately. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and slid against mine.

           OH. That’s what it did.

           "Oh Jimin.“ she cracked up as I literally gasped for air and stumbled back. I had lost all ability to breathe with the new sensation. Frankly, everything about the moment was overwhelming.

           Here was a beautiful girl kissing me…a lot. And not to mention that I had had the biggest crush on her for a year now. I had my first kiss and my first French kiss on the same day with the hottest girl I had ever seen.

           Talk about saving my luck.

           "Breathe Jimin. You did good.” she smiled and patted my back. “Would you like to learn more things from me?”

           My eyes widened. Was that her way of saying yes? Who was I to turn that offer down?

           "Yes, please.“ I squeaked out breathlessly.

           "Perfect.” She kissed me deeply and I swear I almost fainted on the spot. “I’ll meet you here, same time, tomorrow?”

           Obviously, I showed up bright-eyed and eager to learn the very next day. Maybe a little too eager because I showed up an hour early.

           But anyway, for an entire two weeks, we made out constantly after school. Each day, I learned new techniques by following her lead. And soon, I was pulling her moves out on her and she would become more aggressive. Until one day, on our third week of us being girlfriend and boyfriend, she invited me over her house.

           Boy, I was REALLY not prepared for what she had in mind.

           Shakily, I rang her doorbell, holding my books to my chest tightly. When the door swung open, she welcomed me wearing a thin, satin robe that left nothing to the imagination. My grip slackened and my books scattered onto the ground as I gulped. Immediately, my hands flew in front of my face to cover my eyes.

           "Wh-wha– I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have come so early before you got to change!“ I panicked.

           Temptress chuckled and pried my hands away from my face. My eyes respectfully stared above her head, not wanting to gawk at her clearly exposed body. I had never seen a naked girl in real life before. Sure, there were magazines and videos…but it was like watching a movie or reading a book. But this…this was beyond anything I had imagined, my body was hyperaware of all her curves and I found myself wondering how soft women actually felt.

           I shook my head and turned around, embarrassed as she bent down to pick up my books. Her cleavage was deep and the sides of her breasts were peeking out from the thin fabric.

           "You’re so cute Jimin.” she giggled. “Come in. I’ve been waiting for you like this.”

           I stepped inside backwards, still not wanting to rake my eyes over her body, in fear that I would do something she didn’t like.

           "I-I thought we were just going to do homework and watch TV together.“ I stumbled a little.  

           "No Jimin.” she chuckled as she grabbed my shoulders to turn me around. “When a girl invites you over after making out with you several times, they most likely mean they want to have sex with you.”


           "Yes. Please tell me you’ve at least HEARD of sex, my innocent little nugget.” she squeezed my cheeks.

           "Of course I have…I just…well… I thought we’d at least…you know love each other before thinking about that.“

           "Oh Jimin.” she shook her head and threw off her satin robe boldly. “So are you saying you don’t want to have sex with me?”

           I felt my cock twitch as my eyes were now fully allowed to peruse her body. Nothing compared to seeing a real, live, lingerie-clad female in front of me.

           "Can I?“ I reached my hand out towards her breasts curiously.

           "Please.” She took my hands and put both of them on each boob.

           "Oh my gosh.“ I gasped as I just cupped them awkwardly; my hand a little stiff, like they would pop if I pressed too hard. "Now what do I do?”

           "Massage them Jimin.“

           "Um…okay…” I moved my hands in small circles.

           "Jimin, they’re not going to break, massage hard.“ she guided my hands. "Make me feel good.”


           I was sure my entire face and neck was red. Was it out of embarrassment? Out of excitement? I couldn’t exactly remember the emotion that overwhelmed me at that point. But regardless, I had never seen, much less touched a real breast before and there I was, massaging two for the first time. I hadn’t even gotten this far in my research on women.

           "Come here, Jimin.” she whispered, tilting my chin up so she could swipe her tongue across my lip.

           I moaned as her lips traveled down to my neck, as it usually did when our make out sessions escalated passionately. As a reaction, my hands worked her breast hard. My thumb accidentally swiped across her nipple through the see-through lacy fabric and I felt myself harden when she breathed desperately into my neck. Enlightened, I repeated the motion and found that it had her react in the best way. She nipped at my neck and brought her hips closer to my erection. So mustering my courage, I began drawing small circles around her nipples gently. She began grinding into me, her voice breathy and needy.

           "Come with me.“ she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. "Get on the bed.”

           I nodded meekly. I was unprepared, but there was no way I was going to break this series of events. She wanted me. She wanted to have sex with me. Something I had only dreamt about. Something I thought I wouldn’t get to experience until much, much later in life.

           I lay on the bed and watched her shut her door softly. She had a supple ass, round and perky, and her legs were fairly toned. If I remember correctly, she was an athlete of sorts. My thoughts stopped short when I watched her hands come up behind her to unclip her bra. My mouth immediately became dry and there was a fire of need brewing in my lower region. My pants suddenly felt too restricting.

           "Would you like to taste?“ she smirked, probably seeing the way I was gawking at her like a starving child.

           All I could do was nod and she climbed over me. My eyes were wide with awe as she lowered her breasts in front of my face. What was I supposed to do?

           "Have a taste.” she urged.

           "Um…“ I looked around nervously. "Is like…milk going to come out or something?”

           She threw her head back and laughed. I felt myself press my body further into her bed, ashamed.

           "No, Jimin.“ she looked down at me amused. "But it’s going to make me feel really good.”

           "Um so…like…“ I nervously stuck my tongue out and licked her nipple.

           Her body reacted almost instantaneously. She sighed and her elbows buckled a little. I felt empowered so I did the same thing.

           "Suck on it, please.” she pleaded and I covered as much of her breast with my mouth. “The other hand, play with my other one.”

           I followed her instructions obediently, and watched in surprise as those simple actions had her whispering my name and rolling her hips into mine. What was this magic?

           "I’m so wet for you Jimin.“ she hummed.

           I raised an eyebrow. Wet? Did that mean I was using too much saliva on her boobs? But it didn’t sound like a bad thing.

           As if seeing my confusion, she chuckled and pulled herself out of my mouth.

           "I’m wet for you down there.” she explained.


           I gulped as she tugged her panties down and rolled over on her back beside me.

           "Would you like to feel?“

           I nodded, my words still failing me.

           "Give me your hand.” I did so, and she guided my fingers lower and lower…until I felt something sticky and warm. I flinched a little. What the heck was that?

           "That’s how good you made me feel.“ she smiled. "I’ll show you how to make me scream your name and beg for more.”

           I blinked. Those words flustered me, but something inside me really wanted to hear her screaming my name and begging for me, so I moved down so I could see her entrance clearly. It wasn’t as attractive as I thought it’d be. A valley of pink folds lay in front of my fingers, and I had no idea what to do about them.

           She still held my hand, guiding my thumb over a certain part of herself and she gently had me rub it. She winced and moaned, throwing her head back. I panicked, thinking that I was hurting her, but she gripped my wrist to continue. Worriedly and carefully, I continued as she writhed under my touch.

           "Put a finger inside me.“ she instructed.

           I furrowed my brows. "Where…uh… ”

           She smiled and grabbed my index finger, pushing it into one of her holes as I spazzed out at the tightness. Something was clenching around my finger and I was afraid to go any further inside. Just how far did this go? It was a weird feeling. My finger felt like they had just dipped themselves in a narrow jar of thinned out honey.

           But she shoved my finger inside and cried out. My cheeks were flushed because as scared as I was that she was in pain, her noises were turning me on. My boxers were soaked already just from how she sounded and looked. She hadn’t even touched me yet. I shivered at the thought.

           "Push in and out.“ She panted, and I began moving my finger in and out of her hole, mesmerized by the way my finger disappeared and reappeared; by the way she clutched the sheets and bucked her hips up at the command of my index finger. "Add another.”

           "But–“ I protested. There was no way another finger would fit.

           "Do it…please.” she begged.

           Did she like pain? I pushed both my index and middle finger inside her and found her stretching accordingly to the size, much to my surprise. She yelped loudly.

           "Oh my god, Jimin.“

           I decided that I very much loved hearing that phrase, in that manner, in that tone. I smirked and began pushing in and out of her with my finger.

           "Jimin…” she heaved. “Remember that place where you rubbed your thumb before?”

           I nodded as I concentrated on my fingers staying in the proper hole, maintaining the proper rhythm.

           "I need your tongue there.“

           I looked at her in disbelief. She wanted my tongue…where?

           "My tongue?”

           "Yes, taste me. Please.“

           My ears warmed at her request, but I couldn’t refuse. I licked my lips nervously. Was it edible? Would I die? Would I gag? Would she taste okay? I flicked my tongue out and pretended like I was licking ice cream; my fingers still continuing their motion.

           "Mmm…” I hummed. She didn’t taste bad at all. It was soft. It kind of felt like a small version of her lips. Her hips began moving wildly as my tongue worked its way again.

           "Oh my gosh. Yes. Like that.“ she moaned and it ignited my confidence. My body took over, wanting to taste every inch of her nether region, wanting to see how deep my fingers went. Suddenly, I felt myself being ripped from the steady motion, only to have her tongue enter my mouth. The thought of her tasting herself was a bit nauseating, but I shoved that thought away when I felt her unzipping my pants.

           "Wh-wha–” I was flustered and climbed off the bed nervously.

           "I need to return the favor.“ she grinned as she approached me, and pulled down my pants, boxers and all, in one motion.

           I covered my cock timidly. I felt so exposed. I was worried about what she thought of my body.

           "Hands off.” she swatted them away as she knelt down, and stared at me hungrily.

           Was that a good or bad thing?

           Then she opened her mouth and dipped her head down my entire length. I stumbled backwards slightly, but her grip on my hip steadied me. My eyes rolled back at the wave of pleasure that had just coursed through my body.

           "Oh…oh my…“ I moaned as she bobbed her head back and forth.

           I looked down and felt like I was about to faint at the sight. For some reason, it was extremely hott. She was on her knees in front of me, humming happily as she pleasured me expertly. And to top it off, this wasn’t a dream. It was reality. She was sucking me off and enjoying it. And when she added her tongue to the mix, my hand instinctively grabbed her head and slammed myself deeper into her throat. Then I realized what I was doing.

           "I’m so sor–”

           "Do it again.“ she looked up at me in pure delight. "I liked it.”

           She covered my length again and I bucked into her, gripping her hair tightly to keep my sanity. I needed more. I wanted more. This felt so good, it was indescribable. I was addicted. But just when I thought it was already wonderful enough, she pulled away and stated something that had me leaking shamefully.

           "I need you inside me.“

           When I agreed with her using a subtle nod, she handed me a condom wrapper, "Here. I’m not planning to get pregnant anytime soon, so I always have some protection on me.”

           I nodded understandably and fumbled to open it with much difficulty. I must’ve looked extremely foolish because she gently ripped it open for me. With my hands shaking, I took the rubber and tried to line it with the tip of my cock, but it kept missing. I was growing anxious by the second.

           "Relax.“ she guided my hands and I was able to roll it down easily.

           I took a deep breath. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this was all happening.

           "Since it’s your first time, how about I top for now?”

           "Top what?“ I tilted my head inquisitively.

           She looked at me amused. "Lay on the bed, Jimin.”

           I got back into the sea of blankets, my heart racing incredibly fast. I was dazed and beyond myself. I wanted the pleasure back, the high that I was climbing to a few minutes ago with her mouth around my dick. I felt the bed dip a few seconds later and she soon straddled me. Her warmth was right above my cock and my breathing became labored as she pushed herself down. I groaned and grabbed her thighs tightly. What was this feeling of unrivaled pleasure and electricity? My blood rushed downwards and I was sweating profusely. This had to be illegal.

           But I was wrong.

           When she started riding me, first slowly then roughly, THAT was illegal. Embarrassingly though, I finished quickly, releasing myself before she even built up to her climax. But she didn’t press further; she slid off of me with a satisfied smile.

           "It happens during your first time. Don’t worry.“ she cuddled beside me after I had thrown the condom out and plopped onto the bed. I was extremely sleepy and exhausted for some reason. I hadn’t even done much, but it felt like I had worked out intensely. "We’ll be doing this a lot more often and you’ll be great.”

           She whispered into my ear as I was lulled into sleep.

           And she was true to her word. Every time we met up, it would end up with our bodies tangled in her bed, sweaty and panting. She taught me a lot, and I learned a lot about women and my own body from our sessions. We hardly saw each other in school, but knowing that we had a set time to meet up afterwards, made it all better. I mean, girlfriends and boyfriends didn’t HAVE to be attached to each other all day. Although, I did really want to walk to class holding her hand, flaunting that I, Park Jimin, was dating the Temptress.

           But I soon found that I had been deluding myself all along.

           I decided to search for her during lunch time one day. I had seen her walk out with one of the popular guys so I followed her, worried that he would ask her out or something like that. I lost their track, so I wandered around. They were heading towards the bleachers for some reason so I perused the area. I was about to give up when I heard a very familiar moan coming from underneath the bleachers.

           Nervously, I journeyed there and found the popular guy rocking into her roughly while she grinned, her face painted with pleasure. I stood there in horror. I knew I should’ve ran. I knew I shouldn’t have stared, but I was floored. What was she doing? Why was she looking so happy to have someone else inside her? Why?

           They both finished and only then did she notice me.

           "Oh. Jimin. Hi!“ She beamed as she patted down her skirt. She dangerously had no underwear underneath, but it had given the other man easy access. "Did you want some to? It’ll be easy to slip inside me now.”

           I stared at her, nearing tears.

           "Why…what’re you…“ I couldn’t form any coherent sentences because I was so overwhelmingly upset.

           "Oh honey. Did you really think I was your girlfriend?” she chuckled as she walked over to me.

           "But you kissed me and we had…“ I leaned over to whisper (because I thought it was such a taboo word at the time). ”…sex.“

           "Oh Jimin.” she looked at me sympathetically. “I felt sorry for you. It was clear you were new to everything and I wanted to help you out.”

           "What? But the sex…you said I was amazing. It felt amazing!“

           "Oh sweetie.” She giggled as the popular guy approached her, giving her a warm embrace from behind. “Sex feels amazing even when you don’t love someone. And most of the time, people don’t do it for love anymore. That’s so old fashioned. And if you wanted it to be so special, don’t you think you should’ve been more careful about who you had your first time with?”

           She cupped my face gently, and I was torn between chucking her hand away, having seen her touching another man with it, and holding onto it tightly, afraid that the only girl who had ever shown interest in me would disappear.

           "You have a lot of potential, Jimin. I sensed it in you all along. Out of all the guys I taught, your skills genuinely turned me on. And if you’re looking to learn more in the bedroom, you know how to reach me. I really think you would be fantastic in bed with more lessons. But let’s make it clear that this doesn’t mean we’re in a relationship, okay?“

           I hung my head down, mind blown. In those few minutes, my entire notion of love and sex was shattered. But I nodded. If there was one thing I understood from everything she said, it was that she didn’t love me at all.

           But I refused to believe that she didn’t like me.

           I remained naive and foolish, and I continued to go for lessons at her house, doing my best to learn how to please her, reveling in the way she focused on just me when my fingers or my dick was inside her. Just for that moment in time, I wanted to believe that she was attracted to me, that if I could show her just how amazing I was in bed, she wouldn’t need to go to anyone else. I was determined to make her fall for me, by being the best of her pupils.  

           But one day, my plans were foiled.

           "Jimin. We have to stop this.” She smiled warmly. She had asked to see me after school and I thought we were going to try something new excitedly. But she had actually called me out to sever whatever it was that we were doing. “I found someone that I want to keep forever.”

           "What?“ I felt the wind get knocked out of me.

           "I have a boyfriend now, and you’ve honestly learned everything I could teach you and mastered it.” she grinned as she caressed my cheek. “I am so proud of you.”

           In anger, I slapped her hand away and sprinted from her, ignoring her calling my name. If she had wanted a boyfriend, why hadn’t she chosen me? If she had wanted to be in a stable relationship, I was always there, waiting for her. I was infuriated and couldn’t see which way I was going so I ended up bumping into someone in the middle of the hallway.

           In my rage and pain, only one thought coursed through me –I wanted to feel someone want me, even if it was forcefully. The girl looked up at me surprised as I stared at her. She was pretty. So I grabbed her face and pressed my lips against hers. She struggled a bit, but soon relaxed and kissed me back.

           "Do you want to have sex with me?“ I breathed desperately against her lips.

           Surprisingly, she nodded, blushing profusely. So I took her to an empty classroom and pleasured her the only way I knew how. I touched her the way the Temptress enjoyed, finding that it wasn’t just specific to her; it worked on girls in general. I was prepared with a condom, and I released my frustrations and desires into this girl, who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But she had agreed without questions, so I just let go and did what I wanted until we were both satisfied.

           "Wow…that was great…” the girl heaved as she slipped back into her uniform.

           "Yeah. Thanks. I needed to just get that out of my system.“ I ruffled my hair.


           "Thanks for that.“ I smiled at her.

           "Wait…you didn’t have feelings for me?”

           "Oh…no. I’m not even sure who you are.“ I blinked.

           In the next second, I felt a sting on my cheek, and it didn’t dawn on me until a few seconds after that I had just gotten slapped.

           "We’ve been in the same class for years you asshole!” She hissed and ran out of the classroom, leaving me stunned, but not feeling guilty in the slightest.

           It was her fault for making assumptions, just as it was mine with Temptress. 

          So with renewed vigor, I pursued Temptress seriously this time around. My pride and my social standing didn’t matter anymore as long as it ended with me getting her. I professed my love to her childishly and boldly. In front of school, in the middle of school, after school. I showered her with roses, made her lunch, anything that I could think of to have her look my way.

           But she soon had enough.

           "I need you to stop this, Jimin. I will never be with you. You need to get over me and move on.“ Temptress crossed her arms angrily.

           "You’re the only girl I ever wanted to be with. I wanted the person I shared my first time with to be my one and only. I truly believe that we’re meant to be.” I confessed desperately.

           "Jimin, whatever you think we were is only in your head. I was seeing about five other guys while we were having lessons. And I slept with someone right after you left my house every single time we had sex.“ she admitted.

           I gawked at her, not believing what I was hearing. I really wasn’t the only one. I never was the only one.

           "Jimin. You’re forcing your ideals and desires on me when you don’t know the first thing about me. And besides, love hurts. So why bother with it? Sex is enough to keep me happy. I don’t want anything other than that. It’s too much.”

           "But you have a boyfriend?“

           She laughed. "Yeah. He’s hott, fantastic in bed, and rich, but I don’t love him. I do want to keep him as long as I can though.”

           I collapsed on my knees, overwhelmed.

           "Goodbye Jimin.“

           As she walked away, I felt my world crashing down and I wondered if everybody around me was actually the person I was seeing. Did everyone have a darker side to them? Did everyone feel this nonchalant about hurting someone else? Did everyone think of love as something so trivial and unnecessary? Was I not worth loving?

           I was filled with doubts and trust issues. I was terrified of getting hurt again. Day after day, I was traumatized by past memories and the unknown future, all the times that I had gotten rejected.

           To make matters worse, the girl that had turned out to be in the same class as me, had told everyone about how I had used her. I was permanently labeled as a playboy and gossips ravaged that I toyed with women’s feelings, that my nice facade had all been an act to get close enough to use them for their body. 

           I was isolated, bullied, and looked down upon. The girls that had been so nice to me before distanced themselves and began looking at me with wary eyes constantly, like I had betrayed them, when in truth, it was I that had been betrayed. 

           And finally, one day, as I stared at myself in the mirror, it all clicked. A switch was flipped inside me, and I smirked at my reflection. I had had enough of it all.

           "Fine. If it’s a playboy they see,” I combed my hair up, exposing my forehead. “then a playboy they’ll get. Park Jimin doesn’t need love. Sex is enough to make me happy.”

           I accepted my fate, and became the bad boy openly. Once I embraced that side of myself, I realized that women fell and swooned for me. I had the power of seduction at my fingertips all along, but I had been suppressing it, believing that nice guys were what girls wanted. Even women thought they wanted good guys, yet they still found themselves magnetized towards the bad boys for some reason.

           No longer was I friend zoned. No longer was I not seen as an option. No longer did I take a backseat to all the other guys. No longer did I set myself up to get hurt.

           Until of course, I fell in love with someone just as excellent in bed and just as attractive as I was. And it made me realize that I no longer wanted to live that kind of life and be that kind of person. So now, here I am with a successful job and a beautiful girlfriend who I am insanely in love with. And hell, I have the best sex life ever!

           Yet, when I received an ominous letter, I sat in my living room, staring at it in horror; the flood of negative emotions coming back to me. Three simple words froze time and whisked me back to the days when I was the most vulnerable, to the days that had started it all, to the days that had given birth to Red Mask: High School Reunion.


Lesson 10: 으러 가요/와요 go/come in order to do something, “and”, and directional words

When you want to say you went to a location for a specific purpose, the grammar point 으러 가요/와요 is used to express this. The phrase is attached directly to the verb indicating the action that was performed in the location.

으러 가요/와요 is used when the preceding verb stem spelling ends in a consonant, except for ㄹ.
러 가요/와요 is used when the preceding verb stem spelling ends in a vowel, or ㄹ.

For example:
Consonants except ㄹ + 으러 가다: 먹다 (to eat) → 먹으러 가다
Vowels or ‘ㄹ’ + 러 가다: 사다 (to buy) →  사러 가다
                                        살다 (to live) →  살러 가다

Additionally, the location the action is taking place at is usually added between the action verb, and the final verb.

책을 읽으러 도서관에 가요.
I go to the library to read books.

Using these constructions, we can create sentences like the following:

책을 사러 사점에 가요. (I go to the bookstore to buy books.)
레오 씨가 밥을 먹으러 식당에 가요. (Leo goes to the restaurant to eat.)

An important thing to note: Sentence tense is only reflected by the final verb 가다/오다, and not in the verb preceding it.

책을 사러 사점에 갔어요. (I went to the bookstore to buy books.)
레오 씨가 밥을 먹으러 식당에 갔어요. (Leo went to the restaurant to eat.)

Let’s pretend for a minute you went to eat at the restaurant with Leo. Now it’s time to leave and you want him to hand you your scarf to you, but he doesn’t see it. How would you describe where to locate it for him? This is where directional words come in. Today we’re going to look at six different directional words.

위 above, on, on top of
아래 under
앞 in front of
뒤 behind
옆 beside, next to
사이 between

Using these words and the location marker -에 you can tell him exactly where the scarf is.

레오: 스카프가 어디에 있어요? (Where is the scarf?)

스카프가 가방 위에 있어요. (The scarf is on top of the bag.)
스카프가 가방 아래에 있어요. (The scarf is under the bag.)
스카프가 가방 앞에 있어요. (The scarf is in front of the bag.)
스카프가 가방 뒤에 있어요. (The scarf is behind the bag.)
스카프가 가방 옆에 있어요. (The scarf is beside the bag.)
스카프가 가방하고 지갑 사이에 있어요. (The scarf is between the bag and the wallet.)

Note that the location marker -에 comes after the directional word, not the location noun itself as it usually would.

Now for the last part of the lesson, let’s look at a sentence from above again.

스카프가 가방하고 지갑 사이에 있어요.

Using the word “and” to connect two (or more) nouns is very simple. There are a couple different ways to do this, but the suffix -하고 is generally the easiest to remember. It’s attached directly to the noun, without a space like in English.

하고 빵을 먹었어요. (I ate rice and bread.)
사점에서 책하고 연필을 샀어요. (I bought a book and a pencil at the bookstore.)

Another easy way of saying “and” is to use (이)랑. “랑” is used if the noun ends in a vowel, and 이랑 is used if the noun ends in a consonant.

우유 빵을 샀어요. (I bought milk and bread.)
이랑 신문을 읽었어요. (I read a book and the newspaper.)

The main difference between -하고 and -(이)랑 is that the latter is more casual, so you often won’t find it used in more formal settings. If you’re unsure which to use, it’s always best to stick with -하고!

Additionally, -하고 and -(이)랑 can mean “with” instead of “and” depending on the context of the sentence. Generally it is very easy to tell by the context of the sentence whether it is supposed to mean “with” or “and”.

남자친구하고 영화를 봤어요. (I watched a movie with my boyfriend.)
In the case of a sentence like this, it’s unlikely that the speaker watched both a movie and their boyfriend, so we can conclude the movie was watched WITH the boyfriend instead.

여동생이랑 쇼핑했어요. (I went shopping with my younger sister.)
In a sentence like this, the only way it can be interpretted is the shopping was done with the younger sister.

어제 남자친구하고 사점에서 책하고 공책을 샀어요. (Yesterday, I bought a book and a notebook at the bookstore with my boyfriend).

So bundling everything we’ve covered in today’s lesson, have a look at the following conversation.

켄: 어제 뭐 했어요?
너: 레오 씨하고 밥을 먹으러 식당에 갔어요.
켄: 뭐 먹었어요?
너: 떡볶이하고 라면을 먹었어요.
켄: 아…. 스카프가 어디에 있어요?
너: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Did you understand? Check below to make sure!

Ken: What did you do yesterday?
You: I went with Leo to the resturant in order to eat.
Ken: What did you eat?
You: I ate ddukbokki and ramyeon.
Ken: Ah…. Where’s your scarf?

I guess Leo couldn’t find it! See you in the next lesson!