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So did Adam basically confirm Emma and Killian won't meet in the AU world when he went straight to talking about them in 6b instead of actually answering the question?

No, he didn’t confirm that at all. What I think he did confirm is that we won’t be seeing them meet before they go to hiatus. From filming spoilers, we know there was at least one scene filmed with Colin in this AU world (this is where the ‘older Killian’ rumors sprung from, which with all the other evidence seems to be what will be happening*). That was also when they were supposedly filming for 6x11, which is the first episode back from hiatus. Everything is pointing to the AU/wish world storyline carrying over to the second half of the season for the first episode. And THAT’S when Emma and Killian will meet up in that world. 

*The whole ‘he’s really really old’ rumor remains just that - all other indicators point to a 50/60 year old Killian.


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okay i’m gonna summarise the clip as best as i can (please someone correct me if i’m wrong about anything, i speak 0.8% norwegian): isak texts his mum about having a boyfriend and how does god feel about this etc, even picks him up and tells him he’s got a hotel room booked, they check in (he tells the lady isak is his boyfriend etc), they go to the room, have sex, eat on the floor and even compares(?) them to romeo and juliet and talks about marriage and is generally really high-strung. they go to bed, isak wakes up to even roaming around a few times and then he realises even leaves the room naked. he tries to chase after him and doesn’t find him so he calls sonja. they meet, sonja tells him the police picked even up and that he’s manic-depressive (also was there a quip about how even didn’t tell isak about it?) and how he only imagines to be in love with isak..

Late night and laying in bed.

I feel like I need to sleep. I feel like I have to wake up at the normal 5:30 routine. I feel like I have to do something and deal with problems at a place I was so used to.

But I don’t right now. I honestly think that’s what’s bothering me the worst right now.

But at least I have good distractions. I’ll just keep trying to push it out of my mind for now.

Shiro headcanons with Josh Keaton
  • Shiro headcanons with Josh Keaton

In which the spectacular Josh Keaton (Shiro’s va) talks Shiro’s time in captivity; breaks my heart a little bit  

(Taken from the Let’s Voltron podcast. Listen to the full interview, which I highly recommend doing, over here)


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

Actual things that happened in the Kingdom Hearts manga:

• The dusks like to fuck with Roxas as he sleeps. They draw shit on his face and tie up his hair.

• Kairi escapes from jail in the world that never was because Demyx was too lazy to watch over her

• Kairi escapes by communicating with Dusks through wiggling

• Kairi is caught by Demyx, to which she punches him in the face repeatedly. She then proceeds to allow herself to get caught again so Saïx wont kill Demyx.

•Demyx finds a stray Pluto and he and Roxas beg to keep him. Saïx allows this.

• Luxord becomes tiny in wonderland and questions reality. He then becomes giant and proceeds to flirt with the queen of hearts.

• Luxord can no longer enter the Castle that Never Was because he’s too huge

• Vexen makes a shit ton of clones of himself, most of which kind of just hang out in Castle Oblivion and harass the Riku clone.

• One of the clones goes back to TWTNW to get revenge against the organization, and ends up killing Xaldin.

• Yen Sid makes a sock for Sora’s Keyblade. It looks like Mickey Mouse.

• Xaldin has an existential crisis about dried fruit.

• Demyx and Xion play Twister

• No one pays attention to Xemnas during his monologueing.

• Xaldin eats a fruit that makes him laugh uncontrollably.

• Xigbar getting a cold is conflict

• Saïx is basically the entire Organization’s babysitter

• Marluxia and Larxene get KFC for lunch

• Sora smushes cotton candy in Seifer’s face

• Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus have a chore chart

• Luxord is legitimately upset that he didn’t get a dramatic entrance to reveal himself to Sora

• Marluxia has a cloud of flowers that perpetually floats behind him. The dusks hate him because they have to clean up the petals.

Just to name a few