Yes, it is a BIG deal that the Smackdown Women’s Championship match is on the kick-off show at Mania, and for a number of reasons. One, not everyone is watching the kick-off show and most of the people in the audience are still coming in and finding their seats at that point. Two, if someone wants to go back at watch Wrestlemania 33 on the Network, the Smackdown Women’s Championship match won’t be on it. Putting a match on the kick-off show, they know not everyone is watching it. They’re putting a Women’s Championship match on the kick-off show knowing that not everyone in the live audience or the audience at home are going to be able to see it.

And that’s a shitty move on WWE’s part. On any other PPV maybe that would’ve been okay, but this is Wrestlemania, the BIGGEST show of the year. It’s also the first Wrestlemania since the draft, and WWE is playing blatant favoritism with the Raw women’s division. And this isn’t a shot at the Raw Women’s division, it just doesn’t make any sense to me why BOTH women’s championship matches can’t be on the main card, especially in the ‘Women’s Revolution’ era.

Sure, the kick-off show is meant to hype up the crowd but the women’s championship match isn’t meant to be a hype match. It’s meant to be a match that everyone is paying attention to. There a plenty of matches that are more suited for the kick-off. Hell, the musical guests are more suited for the kick-off show. Not the Smackdown Women’s Championship match. 

I’m gonna be mad about this for next 20 years.

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aku/blossom, star/marco, and jack/aku :3c


  • Name: Utonia
  • Sex/Gender: Female
  • Which parent they take after more (physically): Both
  • Which parent they take after more (personality): Aku
  • Who do they like better: They like both of them a lot but she doesn’t understand the whole dynamic of  their relationship and finds Aku to be a bit obsessive. She isn’t 100% on board with the whole “taking over the world” bit but she loves him and wants to help.
  • What their Christmas Card/Family Portrait looks like: They’ve never really made a family portrait, rather tricky when you have a family dynamic like that.
  • What do they like to do/what games they play: Destroy cities? Help dad thwart the samurai’s plans? Beat up unwanted monsters?
  • What does family night consist of: Utonia doesn’t live with them and only really helps her dad when he specifically requests it. She lives in the woods in mostly solitude. She wanted to become a heroine like her mother was but people were scared of her and attacked her. Now she just tries to get by. She tends to disguise herself and go to towns and try to mingle but she’s really insecure about her non-humanness and feels like a freak. She likes watching TV.
  • FC:

Something like this, I don’t know who the original artist of this is since going through pages of reverse image search yielded only reposts to various zalgo stories. Of course its not exactly like this, in my mind she’s black like her dad and has no jewels on her and her eyes would glow pink and the outfit would be different. Also i dont think she would have horns.


  • Name: Mercury Butterfly-Diaz
  • Sex/Gender: Male
  • Which parent they take after more (physically): Star
  • Which parent they take after more (personality): Both of them, altho he also takes after his grandmother, Moon. He loves the thrill of adventure but tends to be strategic about things. He loves math, figuring things out and planning ahead. His plans don’t always works but he sure does try to do things more safely than his mom.
  • Who do they like better: They don’t make favorites but they do l ike that Star lets them go on wacky adventures while her dad is more careful about things.
  • What their Christmas Card/Family Portrait looks like: Like a royal painting, similar to Star’s family portrait. He’s a prince after all.
  • What do they like to do/what games they play: Star takes Mercury on many adventures throughout various dimensions which sometimes almost gets them killed but Mercury like his mom likes the rush of it. As a family they like to play Scrabble or Uno.
  • What does family night consist of: Mostly quiet evenings of watching TV.
  • FC:


Pretty much this except he wouldnt have horns, just headphones. I also think he would not wear these pants or shoes or that shirt. His color scheme is more red, black and yellow.


  • Name: Kijar
  • Sex/Gender: Nonbinary/Fluid
  • Which parent they take after more (physically): Aku
  • Which parent they take after more (personality): Jack
  • Who do they like better: Jack, they hate Aku for what he’s doing to the world. They spent years training with her father. However during a run in with one of Aku’s bounty hunters it looked like she died (from Jack’s POV) and he thought her dead when she fell down a waterfall. They pretend to be dead in order to not arose the attention of Aku, even tho it pains them to not be with Jack. They have shapeshifting abilities like Aku and live in a town and have made a good life for themselves.
  • What their Christmas Card/Family Portrait looks like:Nonexistant due to circumstances.
  • What do they like to do/what games they play:They enjoy carving figures out of wood. Its something of a passion of theirs which is why they opened up a little shop for their crafts and such. They also sell craft materials.
  • What does family night consist of:N/A
  • FC:


Pretty much this at least in their natural form, minus the wings and they have more sharp teeths. Their eyes are also a different shade of green, more matching their fathers. Also their clothes aren’t tattered but the hairstyle is spot on.

@fenton-to-phantom and I were talking about ghosts betting on the legendary battles of stubbornness between Danny and Clockwork and ghosts having casinos for gambling.

Imagine that. Imagine what kind of gambling they’d have.

In the Ghost Zone, Tarot is actually a form of gambling. Ghosts and their buddies bet on what cards will show up for them as a way of guessing what events will happen to them. Whoever is the most accurate gets the money. Then the ghost can bet against the card reader whether or not these events will actually happen. But the tarot card readers are tricky, so beware if you take that bet. They can make anything sound like the cards they flipped up for you.

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My girlfriend and I were happy until she found out she had to leave and go back to her hometown and focus on school. It's getting to be down to the last days. We decided had to end it when she leaves because we can't handle the stress of a long distance relationship. We'll still be friends. And we both said something to the effect of if we can get back together in the future we would. Right now that hope is what's sustaining me because I love her so much. I recognize that's no guarantee.(1/2)

Continued: And that we might just have different paths. But I still want to end up with her again someday. It’s like she’ll be the one that got away if I don’t. I keep trying to read my tarot cards but that’s not telling my much. (Thanks for nothing cards!) What do you think about the situation? I’m not asking for the future just some advice. Sorry about the grammar, it’s not my strong suit. (2/2)
Maybe the cards can’t give you an answer because right now, there is no answer. Nobody can tell you if your relationship will grow stronger or fall apart. Nobody can tell you if you will get back together.

It makes sense that you still want to end up with her. Because right now you’re still in love with her. But distance has a way of changing a heart’s landscape. In some ways, it’s kinder to both of you to leave a door open than to try to force things to stay the same.

But if you’re counting on that possibility, you aren’t letting her go. That’s keeping her as your girlfriend in your heart. That’s keeping yourself lonely. Being loyal to somebody who is absent won’t serve your heart well. And friend, you have to serve your heart well.

After she leaves, you’re going to wake up the next day. And the day after. And someday you’re going to know the answer to a lot of these questions.

But for now, all you do is let go as peacefully as you can. And then don’t waste your life waiting in the wings. Nothing hurts more than waiting only to find someone isn’t coming back.

Be well, anon, and I hope you feel better. Take good care of your heart.


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

To all women, never be ashamed of -

● Periods
● your body
● sexual orientation
● breastfeeding
● your curves
● being skinny
● being chubby
● flaunting your body
● going to parties
● doing what you want
● wearing makeup
● not wearing makeup
● dressing as you feel comfortable
● having short hair
● being educated
● being smarter than all boys
● dying your hair
● having a attitude
● not wanting to be married or have kids
● having no interest in cooking and cleaning and looking pretty and do nothing else
● spending weekends by going to movies by yourself
● wanting to live in your own way
● going for shopping
● not going for shopping
● not having/wanting a boyfriend
● looking like hell
● putting career first
● being girly
● not being girly
● not wanting to have sex
● not wanting to give a blowjob
● returning late from work
● working in another country
● being badass, punkish,goth, emo
● wearing ratty leather shorts
● making tattoos
● making your own decisions
● decorating your body as you like it
● wanting to sleep 5 minutes more
● going to the college you want
● going for higher studies with your fav subject
● being ultra modern
● listening to rock metal
● drinking only if you want to
● B E I N G A W E S O M E

I drew sailor moon from a stream request, and I gotta admit that’s one of the iconics that I’ve never watched

(And she looked kinda lonely but I barely knew the show so I ended up drawing the other two iconic magic girls)

(Drawn on iPad Pro with the app Procreate)


TFA valentines for everyone you love…EVERYONE