AD-LIVE’16 9/25 Report (Nakamura Yuuichi x Fukuyama Jun)

I attended the afternoon live viewing show~

Yuukyan (Yuji) got in an accident and became stuck in a coma. Jun jun (Junji) uses “Mind Dive” to enter Yuji’s mind in an attempt to help Yuji regain his consciousness. What’s the relationship between Yuji and Junji? Will Yuji regain his consciousness?

Jun jun’s outfit that took 3 month to make: half naked. HALF NAKED. He had breast plates and a six pack armor thing on but you can see some of his chest and stomach it’s beautiful. One of the spiky things on top of his head broke though… Also had a red J written on his left cheek (it’s pretty chuuni and cool at the same time –which is really jun like)

Nakamura’s outfit: a Shinigami robe (with a hood) and a death scythe. Started out wearing glasses but took it off later saying that he had perfect vision

I won’t reveal too much about the story, but I’ll summarize the discussion after the show since I don’t think it’s included in the DVD~ Suzuken appeared in the discussion (so it was like 3 of my fav people on the same stage

1. Suzu said that Jun’s outfit was super Jun-like (which everyone understands

2. In this ADLIVE series, one cast plans the entire story and the other cast doesn’t know anything until he/she is standing on stage. In this show, Jun planned the entire story board and character design.

3. Yuukyan didn’t even see Jun’s outfit until the show started –actually, in the first 5 minutes, he only saw shadows of Jun’s outfit because he was hidden behind a screen
3.5 Yuukyan was like why are there spiky things where Jun’s head was

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I had this woman this morning come in to do a return, it was a deadbolt. She set the alarm off coming in so that was a red flag to me right off the bat. So she comes to my till starting off cheery and whatever that’s fine. It comes from a bigger store so I check my stock and we have it so I begin to process it. All was fine until I checked the numbers on her card to the receipt. They don’t match. So I tell her it has to be the original payment method. She gets mad at me asking “even for just a debit?!” And I told her its company policy. I tell her we could do a store credit and she doesn’t like that answer. She gets huffy and tells me she’ll be back tomorrow with her husbands card. Like what do you think is gonna happen when you don’t have matching cards? Obviously this policy is in place to protect the consumer. Sorry not sorry.


first selfies in london… i’m tired


The djinn of the four elements from Golden Sun.

My design for this card concept has really improved since I first posted it in December 2013. Originally, I wasn’t sure how to phrase the Fuse reminder text for a split card with four modes. But the Escalate ability from Eldritch Moon showed that Wizards phrases such choices as “one or more” so that’s what I’m going with.

This design was inspired by one of my favorite un-cards, Who/What/When/Where/Why from Unhinged. It’s one of those silver-bordered cards Wizards has printed which is admittedly a little silly, but there’s absolutely nothing about it that violates the rules in a way that stops it from being printed in black-border Magic.

I’m not going to hold my breath that one day we may see four-way split cards, but I’m also hopeful that this is something we might see in the next Commander product that’s coming out this fall, since it’s going to be themed around four-color decks.

(If you’re wondering why there are two of the same card posted here, the one on the left is the high resolution version and the one on the right is correctly sized to be printer-ready if you wanted to make a proxy).

sad-little-witch  asked:

Im just kind of at a loss of where to start with tarot. It seems so difficult, I'm not sure if I can do it. I have a book on self tarot but that's really the extent of my knowledge on how it works. Where do you suggest I start building a foundation?

Oh I’m certain you can go it! Baby steps!

Is the book you have Tarot for Yourself by Mary K Greer? I adore that book, and her work. She teaches you to read the cards, rather than what the cards mean. Really helpful!

The mainn thing for building a foundation is to get a deck (or app) and a notebook and whatever helps you to be in a calm, open mindset (that’s meditation, incense and tea for me!). Work slowly, don’t tackle the whole deck at once. Just pull a card asking something simple and open ended, like “what do I need to know today?” Write down Wray you see in the picture, write down how it makes you feel. Write about what stands out in the image, and see if you can figure out why you’re drawn to that. Try to see if you can take all of that and turn it into a coherent sentence answering your question. Check out the little white book from the deck - maybe it’ll confirm what you found out, maybe it’ll give you additional insight. Maybe you and the author have different ways of seeing the card right now, and that’s OK.

Do this every day, or as close to every day, as you are able, until you have a comfortable relationship with the deck. Maybe it’ll just take one day and you’ll feel an immediate deep connection, maybe it’ll take a month or longer. But when you feel that connection, it’ll be easier to move on to bigger spreads. Try a 3 card spread - there are many lists out there, but some of my faves are past-present-future (especially because for this one, you have 2 cards you KNOW about already, so it’s easy to confirm you’re on the right track!), body-mind-soul, feel-heal-reveal (what do I feel? How do I heal? What will this reveal?). When using multiple cards, read them individually as sbove, but also look at how the scenes and characters interact with each other. Notice if there is a lot of one suit, but lack of others. Are there patterns in the numbers drawn? After you read each card on its own, use details like that to tie the reading together!

Feel free to post your readings online and ask for feedback/extra insight from other readers! Or trade readings with someone you trust for extra experience.

Hope this helps!

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NAME: jamie
GENDER: male
HAIR COLOR: black but I do have a white streak  like my muse
RELATIONSHIP: It’s complicated if that makes sense
ZODIAC: gemini
FAVORITE SEASON: autumn or winter
FAVOURITE PLACE: movie theatre or by the harbor or a comic book shop
FAVOURITE HOLIDAY: not really a holiday person
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: probably the elder scrolls skyrim or bioshock infinite
LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED: house of cards
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE? I think he’s sad & disturbed. I love him & I feel sorry for him because of his past. He can be an ass a dork or your worst enemy.
WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MUSE? yes of course if he had matthew daddarios face.
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE KINDS OF THREADS? I like angst but I also love threads where they flirt & “stuff”. I also love threads with anger & hate or where they are placed in a situation where it’s wrong for them do be doing what they are doing.
ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER? yes unfortunately it’s just something personal.
DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MUSE (IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE)? jason is my favourite he’s basically a release valve if that makes sense. mephisto is my second favourite, I love how fun & bad he can be but he’s not completely moustache twirling evil. Also he doesn’t have a tragic backstory he’s just bad.
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM? this year actually I was really impressed with batman v superman the ultimate cut it’s still my favourite movie of the year & also I was happy with what dc was doing finally we are getting a shared universe with batman superman, wonderwoman & also the movies are more in tone with the comics & they teased my favourite character which is jason todd so I had to play him. with mephisto I wanted to play a villain in the mcu & I do like the marvel comics I do love the mcu & I wanted to play someone whose a bad guy. I don’t have much threads with the fandom with either dc or marvel most of them are really selective  but I really don’t care I just love having threads with my muses. You can’t always expect people in your fandom to write with you & you don’t have to be restricted to one fandom. 
DO YOU SEE YOURSELF STAYING WITH THE FANDOM FOR A LONG TIME? with jason yes he’ll have more dceu influences & with mephisto it’s a “maybe”

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Financial Update 25/09/16

I would like to start by thanking @mtggoldfish for their AMAZING website which makes mtg finances so much easier. Go see their great quality content!


There’s only 1 week left before the release of Kaladesh and with the prerelease weekend going on, people are already starting to have an idea of what cards are good. Verdurous Gearhulk went up, because 8/8 trample for 5cmc is good! I don’t think it will go over 20$ though, but it WILL see a lot of Standard play. Smuggler’s Copter obviously went up again, the card is very good, it’s probably going to go over 10$, probably stabilize around 10-15$; we’ll see. Like I said last week, Fleewheel Cruiser was hitting a low and it was a good time to preorder some; this week it skyrocketed by a whopping 228%! The card is super good in Standard and will for sure see lots of play. I wouldn’t be surprised if it kept going up to stop around 5-10$ On the downslide now; Dovin Baan, Saheeli Rai & Chandra Torch of Defiance are all dropping (their initial price was way to high to start with); I would expect them to keep dropping for a bit still. Toolcraft Exemplar is also dropping, but I’d recommend getting your hands on them while they’re cheap, it’s most likely going to see the same pattern as Thalia’s Lieutenant; dropping pretty low, spiking to around 10$ and then dropping again. That’s about it for Kaladesh; besides that I’d still recommend you guys that could be interested to invest in getting some Dynavolt Towers, the card is around 50 cents now and I’m baffled because it has SO MUCH potential. If anything, with the prerelease we were shown that the Energy mechanic is pretty strong & free Lightning Bolts every couple of spells is HUGE; over the long run I’m sure the card will go up in price. Same applies for Electrostatic Pummeller; I already wrapped a playset & people at the prerelease were finding it kind of funny I was excited about it, I played a bit around with a brew I’m working on & the Pummeller can easily finish a game with 1 attack, consistently.


Nothing too exciting for Standard; Collective Brutality is slowly going up because of Dredge, Reanimator & Jund. I would expect it to just keep a steady, slow increase over the next few months to eventually reach around 10$ when EMN rotates out of Standard. Besides that, nothing to talk about really. If you want to trade for Spell Quellers now might be a good time (you can probably wait a bit still); the card is super good in Standard and also played in Modern, I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t went up yet.


Besides Platinum Emperion going up, Modern hasn’t see any change in prices in the past week. The raise is probably due to Madcap Experiment which has talk to show up in Modern. 


Natural Selection went up in price for no reason (that I know of) and that’s pretty much it. Nothing note-worthy happening in the Legacy prices this week.

Come back next week for a big update as the release of Kaladesh will affect standard prices quite a bit! Also, in a few weeks we’ll have the Kaladesh Pro-tour, which will also affect Standard prices A LOT. So keep an eye out and I’ll try to keep up with all the changes ahead!

Offspring Meme for Gravitas

(aka: If the mountain won’t come to the prophet, then the prohet has to hijack other people’s meme asks…)

Note: This I did for how I imagine things to be in our Copyshipping-verse (Gravitas), which means that Anzu as a third parent enters the picture at some point. Just so you know^^

The parents -

  • Who first brought up having/adopting kids? Accident child. It just happens and when they realize what they’ve done (congratulations, it’s an it), they just decide, after a given number of freak-outs, to go with this. 
    Although I personally think that Jou is more likely to at least have thought about having kids before (because he’s a family person like that). For Mai, it just wasn’t ever really in the cards, what with her hectic lifestyle and her baggage.
  • Which parent is most overprotective? I would say Jou, because he’s simply wired that way. I could see him safe-proving the entire house after they get the news, while Mai’s just like “Dude, chill. Our baby will just have to be smart enough not to get themself killed…”
  • Which parent is most supportive? Rephrase, Anzu is the most effectively supportive^^
  • Which parent expects the most from their child? Mai…? I dunno, somehow I see her as a seemingly-detached-but-still-well-meaning kind of mom. Typically, the mothers are always the nurturing ones while the father is just there, at best. I’d like to flip this on it’s head, with Jou easily settling into parenthood while Mai really has to work and struggle. 
  • Which parent is more likely to spoil their child? Jou will probably spoil them with extra treats and get into trouble for it from Mai and Anzu
  • Which parent does the child go to to get their way? They try, but really… oldest trick in the book. Jou and Mai work well together on this, and the whole “migrating from one parent to the next till one gives in” just doesn’t fly with them. With Anzu, I could either see her firmly on Jou and Mai’s side (the united parent front^^), or maybe more lenient towards Rory because she’s just so relieved that Rory would include her in the parent-I-go-to-after-last-parent-said-no chain^^
  • Which parent is the best at singing lullabies? Anzu :D  
  • Which parent finds it harder to let go? I’d imagine Anzu is the one most emotionally outspoken about it, but secretly, it’s Mai. possibly because she thinks that hasn’t been as good/much a mom to Rory as she should have been… (yes, angsty Mai is my drug can you tell?)

The kid -

  • What the kids name is and the meaning behind it. Rory. It just happened on a whim  and now we’re stuck with it :D
  • What traits the kid has that doesn’t reflect their parents. I see Rory as a shy and somewhat reclusive child. She’s not a crowd-person but likes to read and is good at spending time with herself
  • What the kids favorite clothing style is. Practically-girlish…? I picture her in jersey dresses, mostly.
  • What their favorite cartoon is. Phew… dunno. I’d have to know what typical kids’ cartoons are in Japan. 
  • What skills their parents try to pass down to them. Dueling, and Dancing (Anzu)
  • What their future might be. Literally no idea. :’D

The family -

  • Who the child’s godparents are. This is HARD. I personally would say Anzu, or sure (because it works well with the living arrangements they’ve already got). But second godparent… Jou especially has so many friends that he’d want to feel included in this. 
    Part of me (big part) revels in the idea of the second godparent being Seto. 
    a) because “Lottery Ticket” by @the-cryptographer is destroying my life 
    b) it would come totally out of nowhere and totally freak Seto out (I like freaking Seto out!)
    c) it actually makes sense on a practial level. THAT child would most certainly be provided for, should something happen to its parents. 
  • Do their parents plan on giving them any siblings? I dunno… @improfem ?
  • What is the child’s first pet? Something weird they find in the garden and keep in a box under their bed :’D
  • How do they get along with any extended family members? Pretty well, since I see Rory as an uncomplicated, if introvert child. Therefore, I think she’d mostly connect with Yugi (they could get immersed in a game for hours on end), Shizuka, and - Seto. 
    Babysitting in the latter’s case would probably consist of Rory coming to Kaiba Corp, bringing a book/game/… and just quietly sitting in a corner, doing her thing, while Seto has an internal meltdown (”Why is she so quiet? Is this ok? Can I just leave her like this? Don’t children need attention of some sort? What if I leave the room and something happens? How should I know - she’s so quiet! Is she bored, maybe? Or hungry/thirsty? Come to think, what do kids EAT these days?” … ). After getting over the initial shock of how surprisingly low-maintenance this child is, it works out surprisingly well. 
    Rory likes how quiet it is and that nobody makes her mingle. She just reads, makes chains and bracelets out of paperclips and (after she gets more used to the place) starts chatting with the secretaries, cleaning personel etc and just becomes a regular fixture at Kaiba Corp to the point where people notice when she’s absent for more than a week.

    I’m enjoying this last bit of headcanon way too much… Maybe because I could also see it happen with Ettushipping^^