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if i have someone in my life that puts words into my mouth and makes me feel like shit and when i point that crap out they get upset and if i say i don't want to be your friend they pull the I'm gonna kill myself card , what do I do?

you drop ‘em. if they say they’re gonna kill themselves then literally call the police. bc it’s not your job to be the caregiver of a toxic person. i hear so many stories about how friends or partners threaten to kill themselves if the person leaves and that is literal textbook manipulative behavior. don’t feel bad bc of that shit

I just had a really bad time in quick play with an asshole D/va player. Anytime I wasn’t healing them they kept spamming ‘I need healing!’ even at full health and anytime they died they would put ‘fuck you mercy’ or ‘do your fucking job mercy’ in chat and I just ahhhh. 

Cardless Tarot Reading

Client: It’s been fifteen years. Fifteen years he’s been saying he’ll get a job, and it never happens. Now he says he wants to get his tooth fixed before he starts applying anywhere. Is he really going to get a job?

Tarot Reader: <doesn’t need to turn over a card> No. Also, don’t pay for the tooth. 

Challenge Mode: Kozilek, the Great Distortion ($3.65 USD)

Challenge Mode is a new post designed to challenge the MTG/EDH Tumblr community to seek out budget cards that will fit into a specific commander deck. Through this, other players can be inspired to build a fun yet capable budget deck.

Our third challenge is the most recent printing of Kozilek. Remember-colorless is not a color, but it is also a great corner of the EDH/Commander meta to be feared! What budget cards would you use to optimize this deck?

Dear gomez-alonzo-addams,

He wasn’t much of a funny or embarrassing man.

He was an excellent attorney and a surprisingly adept businessman.  I always did want him to leave the law behind and help out with the Amano Group, but he never would.  A shame, really.

The funniest story I have is when he showed up to my annual Christmas party, took one look, and left!  What a card!

-Ernest Amano

I got tagged by @embulalia. Git ready nerds for the awkward self-indulgent confessions of a confused somewhat adult.

DREAM JOB: Eh, I’d say psychologist but right now anything that got me not broke and still leaves me some free time for myself is ok.

WHAT ARE YOU TALENTED AT?: Probably drawing and getting myself really invested in something if I want to. (Well! You can do anything you set ur mind to amirite? That is, if ur not a depressed mess sometimes.)

WHAT’S YOUR AESTHETIC: Space I think. Thought I don’t really have a specific aesthetic I just like things that look pretty.

WHAT IS A BIG GOAL YOU’RE WORKING TOWARDS?: Getting out of this hellhole where I’m living and starting a better life.

DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING?: Probably shiny things, jewelry, gift cards, etc.

WHAT’S A TOPIC YOU’RE ALWAYS UP TO TALK ABOUT?: Fandom theories and MBTI analysis.

WHAT’S A PET PEEVE OF YOURS?: My inability to give emotional support.

GOOD ADVICE TO GIVE?: Yeah of course you’ll get there and of course you’ll be fine. Life has ups and downs and you keep trying, that’s all.


I’ll use this chance to slip some of my Filthy Homestuck songs in.

And the tagging.. I literally want to tag every mutuals but luckily decided against it so hey gals @aoile @siriuslymeg @danidery if you wanna do this thing be my guests. Also if anyone’s interested.

Explanation to each of the Arclight’s Number Cards and what they mean Number wise


  • 6: 3 x 2
  • 33: literally 3 twice


  • 15: the I means 1, and the V means 5. I V: 1 5, IV:15
  • 40: 4, with a zero after it
  • 88: 4 doubled but then twice??? Jesus Thomas, you’re extra


  • 9: wait no this one doesn’t even make sense


  • 8: He’s actually 8 centimeters tall, lol
  • 69: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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12, 27, 45, 50, 55, 59, 97 sorry if that's a lot

12: what’s your favorite planet?
pluto, bc everyone’s always telling her what she is and what she isn’t & i relate to that so much

27: what’s your favorite bubblegum flavor?
i only ever chew icebreaker cubes :~) i think it’s just mint

45: do you trust your instincts a lot?
too much, @ my instincts get ur shit together pls

50: what’s an odd thing you collect?
i have a few bottlecaps but i have an insane amount of old post cards

55: what’s the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to prove a point?
i broke up with someone so they’d realize that i don’t date people who use drugs & that it wasn’t just a preference

59: what’s your favorite myth?
i’m more of a conspiracy kinda gal and my favorite has to be that tupac is still alive & living in the basement of the white house

97: myer briggs type, zodiac sign, and hogwarts house?
enfp, pisces, hufflepuff

This is my friend, Pepper. I’ve had him since I was four and he was just an egg. He’s 20 now, and he’s not doing so well. 

Some of you know him from this blog, some of you may have just seen some of his posts around Tumblr, and for some of you this may be the first time you’re seeing him. For over a year Pepper has gained followers and made friends through the bird community here on Tumblr. He’s been with me through so much and now I want to there for him. I’m hoping that you guys will help me with that. 

This morning I woke up to find Pepper had vomited all over himself. I washed him up and he is currently in a hospital cage. He’s continued to periodically vomit, and he is very fluffed up and sleepy. He is sick. I am not sure what’s wrong yet. I made an appointment for him with an avian vet, but they won’t be able to see him until tomorrow. 

These things always seem to happen at the worst time. I’m in a bit of a bind financially at the moment. I was told it would be $65 for the vet to see Pepper plus additional fees for any tests they have to run and medications. 

I can cover some of this, but I will have to dig into my rent money. I do not yet know how much this will cost, but vet bills for small animals like birds can really pile up. I’m asking for $250 to help cover what will likely be a high bill tomorrow. All of this will go towards my birds. If there is extra money, I will put it away specifically in case an emergency like this happens again. I hate to ask my followers and Tumblr for this, and I want to make it the last time. 

I do not possess the words to describe to you what this little cockatiel means to me. I barely have any memories of before he came into my life. Please, if you can donate, please do here. The site I am using (FundAnything) allows you to donate by PayPal or credit card. I will send thank you cards to anyone who donates. If you donate and would like one, please send me your address in an ask here on Tumblr. 

Even if you cannot donate, a signal boost would mean the world to me. 

Please help my friend.