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for that anon asking how to flirt w girls... just do it, be blunt and merciless,, my gf flirted with me like a madman and then was just like 'lol' and made it sound like it was no bi g deal and it KILLED me but also gave me so much hope... and now we've been together for 2 years tru story 100% real no fake

blunt and merciless, u say,

ok. @glitchysims WHAT AMIIBO CARDS DO U WANT

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Hey Bonnie! Now that you’ve finished 19 perfect chapters - what’s on the cards for your writing? Do you have plans for a published book one day? Is this an inlet for bigger work or do you love mini series like this? I’m so new to fandom stuff, Yours is the first fic I’ve read! So I wondered what your dreams and intentions are :) X

Oh, man, this is such a joy to read. 

Truly and honestly, this started as a hobby, but it’s become a true labor of love. the moment I get an inspiration for something original, I’m ready to GO! But I get soooooo in  my head about that kind of thing. In the space of 10 seconds I can (and do) go from ‘OMG I could do a thing’ to ‘yeah but what’ to ‘oh maybe….’ then ‘there’s nothing original about that—pointless’ to ‘yeah better do nothing’. 

But I’m keeping my eyes open this year for the proper inspiration to strike. I know writing is my gift (creative and otherwise) I’m just still waiting for the moment of clarity as how I can best turn that into something amazing. 

Thank you for asking! I don’t have the answers right now, but I’m leaving the door open this year and am going to see if anything good wanders in. 

I’m watching the regular dub now and I’m on the duel between Bakura and Yami, and it’s just… silly. I love this bad attempt of doing the Monster World arc, but in one episode with a really cheesy duel.

Also, Bakura sure likes to use cards that make the opponent discard cards.

What a dick.

Also, let’s be honest, this episode is only really great cause everyone is pretty much in cosplay and this is basically when Yami finally gets his normal, deep voice. He finally finished going through puberty. Then there’s Bakura, trying to be evil, but he’s not really coming off as much of a threat. And everyone’s commentary, especially Jounouchi’s.

I love this season, it’s corny and tries so hard to mimic things from the original manga and even the duelist manga, but fails so hard. Also, the duels are ridiculous and terrible and make no sense at all.

Rivals of Ixalan is almost here!

I’m pretty excited and pre-ordered some cards for the first time in a long time

There’s talk of this making the cut in Sneak and Show, Mono red sneak and other big red strategies. I’m not 100% convinced but I’m willing to give it a shot.

This is the other card I’m excited for. I didn’t get in on the ground floor but it looks like it’s going to be a good to great card in modern so I pre-ordered a playset. @mtggoldfish featured it in a video recently and it was super powerful.

What cards are you excited to finally play with? Did anyone else pre-order anything?

Actions rise

First Move

Dark picked up another card. Red and blue his time. He turned to Mark. If they were going to get out of this then he had to know how much time he had. “So dear Actor, how many cards are even in the deck? And how do we know you haven’t stacked them in your favor?”

The man in question laughed. “Oh this game is already in my favor, considering I’m not at risk. Each deck has 12 cards. And if you’re curious, the chain can move five times before it will break,” He explained. “Now let;’s see what cards you both have now, shall we?” 

Dark rolled his eyes and revealed his card, then looked at Wilford’s. they matched. Mark laughed. “Well it looks like you lose this round Darkipoo,” The two looked up as Dark’s chain lowered this time.

Dark cracked his neck. No real risk yet. He drew a card. confused he looked at Mark, who was just smiling. It was a gold one now,. What did that mean? Whatever, he’d probably explain it soon. 

the two played their cards. Wilford’s was pink this time. “What does the gold card mean?” Dark inquired.

“Oh that’s a special card,” Mark began explaining. “You can hold onto that card and play it whenever you want. It reverses whatever play is happening. So if you lose around, you can play it, then Wilford’s chain is lowered. You only get one so I’d hold onto it in case you get in a jam.”

Dark set the card aside. It was a risky move. On one hand, he would be safe, but that would put Wilford in danger. this is just what Mark wanted, for them to be in danger no matter what happened. All they could do was play.

The next round they both played red and blue again. The chain lowered over Dark’s head. Three more and it would fall.

The next round was different. Dark played pink, Wilford played gold. “Oh so now both of you have your special cards. This should be interesting,” Mark was having far too much fun with this.

The next round Dark played red and blue, and Wilford played pink. Dark let out a sigh. they were safe.

Mark’s sudden laugh however made him think otherwise. He pressed something under the table and both chains lowered one. “Hey wait a minute! they’re different so they cancel out!” Dark yelled.

“Yes, but if you remember the rules, I said if you have two rounds in a row where they don’t match then you both lose. Well last round had two different colors, and so did this one.” He let out a sadistic laugh. “Guess you two need a better understanding of the rules. This is my game, remember?”

yesterday i realized you could totally use this as a tarot spread and i dont even really need to explain what each card would represent because of how memetic imagery works


“over a partner no one even knew camila had”

I have no more to say, so you know what I mean?, The cards have already been thrown…  I’m just waiting for the whole album to come out  👀

these are some language tips that i follow(ed) when i learn(ed) languages. currently, i am using these tips for two languages, so i hope they help all of you as well!

 1. immerse yourself. know the culture really well! don’t let others calling you a “weeb” or “otaku” get in the way. i know it may be discouraging, but you’ve got to understand their culture to really understand what you’re learning. there are going to be different onomatopoeia words, conversational slang, words of endearment, etc. you’re not going to understand it through the textbook. rather, you’ll only understand it through hearing it and understanding it. witness the culture through

-movies/dramas/commercials in that language.
-books in that language.
-conversations. (huh? refer to step 5.)
-the alphabet

if you know how to read the language, you will be able to pick up on pronunciations. knowing how to speak properly is vital to your language learning, as you can only get better this way. listen to conversations and try to imitate the way they speak, the inflections they add, etc. if they roll their “r” and you cannot, practice and substitute. lots of people will add a soft “d” sound to their words where a rolled “r” is. 

reading allows you to learn much more vocabulary (if you look it up). this is great for conversation!

2. speak. huh? how do you do that if no one speaks it around you? speak with yourself, literally. if you’re doing something, going somewhere, or thinking something, try translating your actions in that language. narrate everything you’re going in your language! this way, if you stumble on a word, you can look it up and use it in your sentence. you learn more vocabulary this way and also get familiar with the sentence structure and the grammar. if you speak to a pet, speak it in your learning language. or just have a conversation with yourself. stand in front of the mirror and pretend that you’re talking to someone. answer any questions you ask the mirror so you get comfortable with hearing the answers.

3. practice. regular practice is how you get better. read a word, define words, write them, and say them out loud. this is the best way to remember what you’re learning. associating sounds with pictures (alphabet) and vice versa is the best way to remember, and practice is the only way you can do this. if you’re sitting on the bus or have idle time, think about what you learned and recap everything you know so far. reviewing your already learned knowledge is also a way of practice. practice with others, if you have co-learners or people who already know that certain language.

4. listen. listen to the language. this is not in movies or dramas, but in regular youtube videos of interviews. look for “interviews in ____” and listen to the way they talk. search for conversational videos and listen. you can learn the formal and informal ways of speech and any slang.

-download audio.

i have mp3 of lessons that I listen to. i literally learn on the go. if you travel, if you’re sitting with headphones in, start listening to the lesson. most lessons will repeat the word/phrase/concept more than once, so you usually remember the topic quickly. this is just like being in a class! take notes if you can so you can go back to them.

5. read conversations. what the hell does this mean!? type in “conversation transcripts in ____” and you will often get conversations with the sentences underneath that you can read along to. FIRST, listen to it without reading it and try to understand as much as you can. THEN, read the text, but keep the audio off. anything you might have missed from the audio will stick out. LASTLY, listen and read. this will match sounds with the words, which will make you remember so much easier! reading conversations will get you better at understanding and speaking!

6. share your knowledge. if you can teach it, you definitely know it! share what you know with people who are curious. explain the basics and translate everything, making sure you are 100% correct. or you can resort to explaining to yourself, which is just as good! explain what you have learned and go through any exceptions!

7. keep track. keeping track of what you have learned will let REVIEW be easier. you will be much more motivated when you see how much you have progressed. tracking your knowledge will remind you of how much more you have to learn, too. knowing what you know and knowing what you don’t know are really important! you can learn much more faster this way! use notebooks, blogs (like these) or little cards!

-separate what you have learned by topic. (colours, grammar, etc.)
-keep track of phrases based on formality so that you can differentiate where to use what.
-alphabets that you learn should be a separate category! especially for languages with lots and lots of letters/characters!

 that’s about it! i’ve gotten lots of questions on how i’m good at languages. i practice with my family and myself, because I know that makes me much better! happy studying and good luck!

Happy New Year Folks!

Here’s to a happy year to come!!

The Weasley sweater idea came from @silvermyth872

  • jungkook: hey hyung do you want me to do a tarot card reading for you?
  • jimin: *is excited* ooh sure
  • jungkook: *lays out cards* alright this one tells me you're a beautiful precious angel, this one says your smile is heavenly, this one shows me your thighs look delicious, and-
  • jimin: ...these aren't even tarot cards, they're just pictures of me

I found this card in Walgreens and I can’t tell if it’s in the wrong place or if it really is a friendship card. Like is it for gals being pals or is it for Gals Being Pals™?

(But also this would absolutely be be kind of card a Useless Lesbian would send to a girl she likes, only for her to read it and say “Aww what a sweet card from my really good friend” because she’s also a Useless Lesbian)