I love that English is not Entrepreneur’s first language–the turns of phrase he comes up with kill me! Last night, he asked me what “brand” of dog I had and just like…he’s right, they are kind of brands at this point! He also asked me if the yoga class I went to was for “super users”. I love it because he’s always right, but he’s using words I would never think of for certain situations, and it’s always unexpected and makes me stop and think.

The choices were stark: sack a third of our workforce or cut their wages by a third. After a short board meeting we cut their wages, assured they would survive and that, with a bit of cajoling, they would return to our sweatshop in Shenzhen after their two-week break.

But that was only the start. In Zoe Svendsen’s play World Factory at the Young Vic, the audience becomes the cast. Sixteen teams sit around factory desks playing out a carefully constructed game that requires you to run a clothing factory in China. How to deal with a troublemaker? How to dupe the buyers from ethical retail brands? What to do about the ever-present problem of clients that do not pay? Because the choices are binary they are rarely palatable. But what shocked me – and has surprised the theatre – is the capacity of perfectly decent, liberal hipsters on London’s south bank to become ruthless capitalists when seated at the boardroom table.

The classic problem presented by the game is one all managers face: short-term issues, usually involving cashflow, versus the long-term challenge of nurturing your workforce and your client base. Despite the fact that a public-address system was blaring out, in English and Chinese, that “your workforce is your vital asset” our assembled young professionals repeatedly had to be cajoled not to treat them like dirt.

And because the theatre captures data on every choice by every team, for every performance, I know we were not alone. The aggregated flowchart reveals that every audience, on every night, veers towards money and away from ethics.

Svendsen says: “Most people who were given the choice to raise wages – having cut them – did not. There is a route in the decision-tree that will only get played if people pursue a particularly ethical response, but very few people end up there. What we’ve realised is that it is not just the profit motive but also prudence, the need to survive at all costs, that pushes people in the game to go down more capitalist routes.”

Why do so many decent people, when asked to pretend they’re CEOs, become tyrants from central casting? Part of the answer is: capitalism subjects us to economic rationality. It forces us to see ourselves as cashflow generators, profit centres or interest-bearing assets. But that idea is always in conflict with something else: the non-economic priorities of human beings, and the need to sustain the environment. Though World Factory, as a play, is designed to show us the parallels between 19th-century Manchester and 21st-century China, it subtly illustrates what has changed.

corphlsh asked:

whats ur fav brand of makeup?

E.l.f. !!!!! So cheap, most stuff is good , makes my fave baked eyeliner (toast) , and I belieeeeeve they are vegan

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What brand/design of practice pad would you recommend to buy?

I’d say invader. But xymox is good too, they just have the worst customer service in existence.

Signs as jackets
  • Aries:Has a knife in it somewhere
  • Taurus:Gaming jacket, lots of fun colours
  • Gemini:Some bright thing they found at a thrift store
  • Cancer:Band Merch
  • Leo:Designer brand
  • Virgo:What jacket? These are pajamas
  • Libra:Nice blazer, has a hidden booze bottle
  • Scorpio:Red satin cape.
  • Sagittarius:John Winchester.
  • Capricorn:Is actually metal armour they stole from a museum
  • Aquarius:Not even a jacket, just light flowy stuff that flaps in their face
  • Pisces:Has a college or state name on it, comfy pockets.

Some pretty interesting things arrived today so of course I had to lay them all out and make a post about it!
• ‘Just Go’ phone cover from Typo
• '14,000 things to be happy about’ by Barbara Ann Kipfer
• A kindle! I’m really excited for this and my dad surprised me with this☺️
• More Typo stationery because we all know I’m such an addict
• Peppermints via Dad from Trader Joe’s. I really liked these and they don’t sell it here :(
• The ultimate literature student bible aka Penguin’s dictionary of literary terms and literary theory!
• More peppermint this time via mom I don’t know what brand this is? It’s from London {hence all the red bus and royal guard theme} and I quite liked these too.

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I really dislike when someone lists a bunch of "white"cultures, say French, Italian, English! And then someone says something stupid like "lol just listing different brands of mayo lol". Like so what, Nubia, Ethiopian, Somali, what are they? Different brands of chocolate? It doesn't matter what skin color the people of this or that culture is, that doesn't make them interchangeable or all the same.



At last! I’m well past 2000 followers so I think it’s time I did a giveaway. It’s going to be a little different, so read the


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