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(Wander Over Yonder is a more than just a cartoon, and I wanted to share that sentiment with everyone.)

That is not relaxation
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Person A:</b> I just wanna relax today and watch some YouTube.<p/><b>Person B:</b> What do you wanna watch?<p/><b>Person A:</b> *scrolling* How bout this? Markiplier plays Five Nights at Freddies?<p/><b>Person B:</b> I'm not sure you know what relax means.<p/></p><p/></p>

stay, you’re not what you’re hearing. ‘cause i’ve been watching you changing. and who said you’re one in a million? you’re so much better than that


Of course the QR codes in ‘Mr. Robot’ actually work — here’s the latest one

However you may feel about the second season of Mr. Robot, you can’t deny the show’s commitment to tech realism. What other show rewards you for watching with a QR reader in your pocket? In Thursday night’s episode, following the on-screen QR code brought the world of the show and ours even closer together.

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Bloody hell, I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates, I am terribly busy at the moment and hopefully I’ll find the time to update soon. Considering that Mun’s birthday is occurring within this upcoming Tuesday, I also have a break within that following week, I’ll try and update this blog from the best of my abilities. Man, I feel like a drongo for unexpectedly abandoning this blog, sorry folks! 

I never made any sort of contribution to the Olympics 2016 Event, however, I’m quite impressed by our fellow athletes whom contributed and gave it their fullest within the entire event, I applaud them for that. I can’t wait for what our future athletes have in stall for us within the next Olympics, watch out folks  You know what they say, don’t let your mates down, don’t let your nation down, we’ll just get stronger hahaha

Overall Jacko out!

  • Ichika:*Draws Chappy Bunny and friends on the walls of uncle Byaykuya's office because daddy stopped watching her...*
  • Byakuya:*Walks into his office with Renji, Talking important stuff. Stops and watched Ichika.*
  • Renji:I-Ichika! What are you doing! Shit! Taichou, I'm so sorry I--
  • Byakuya:*Holds up hand to silence Renji* I love it, it's perfect. It stays. Thank you, Ichika.
  • Ichika:You're welcome! *Happy smile*

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nickname: yannah, ya-yang (by my papa), yam, ellie, lance-fucker (by lattekitten<3)
star sign: pisces
height: 5′4 and ¾. 5′5 if i’m feeling generous
time right now: 8:15 pm
last thing googled: “the twelfth amendment history” ap gov project gross–
favorite music artists: eden, uh…. tbh I just click on shit ‘n listen
song stuck in your head: little game- benny
last movie watched: the little prince!!! it was so goooood!!!
last tv show watched: SU!
what are you wearing right now: white jean jacket, tank top, and blue palm tree-print leggings (too lazy to change rn)
when did you create your blog: december 15th 2013
what kind of stuff do you post: well rn mostly voltron
do you have any other blogs: @ask-lancevld (inactive/hiatus) @ask-nathanml (inactive), @ya-nyasty (nsfw art blog)

do you get asks regularly: ye! i can’t respond to a good lot of it though and often forget to reply to the ones i need to–

why did you choose your URL: my first url…  i can’t remember? but the one i have rn is just my nickname with a dash bc i’m conceited like that

gender: agender?? nonbinary?? I’m not sure I don’t like putting myself in boxes like choosing my gender and stuff. (remember when I got shit for “hating on nonbinaries” i just think it’s rlly funny and ironic lmaohahai’mstillsaltyaboutthis:))))) )
pokemon team: you talkin’ bout pokemon go? i chose instinct even if i do tend to gravitate towards water pokemon.
favorite color: BLUE IS MY HUE.
average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours nightly now because of school rip. 
lucky number: I have no idea

favorite character(s): i’m a lance enthusiast. lance is my fuckin g bABY ok. i will fucking fight every single one of you for him.
how many blankets do you sleep with: 1-2. Depends if it’s hot hot hot hot
dream job: Working at CN and making cool cartoons that kids’ll loooooove
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Y/N: *walking around the room in only panties and Sirius’s shirt, doing the last chores before bed* I mean it would go alot faster if you helped me out

Sirius: *GIF, sitting on mattress, watching you*

Y/N: What? *chuckles*

Sirius: Nothing.. you’re beautiful

Y/N: *blushes and then knealing infront of him, kissing him*

Sirius: *snaking an arm around your waist* I love you Y/N

YN: *smiling* I love you too Sirius. But you do know that flattering wont get you out of chores right?

Sirius: *chuckling and pulling you down on the mattress, hoovering over you* Why do you always presume that I’m trying to distract you? *kissing your jaw*

Y/N: *sarcastically* Oh, I don’t know

Sirius: *laughing and then snuggling you, arms wrapped around your middle* I do love you though

Y/N: *stroking his hair* I know, and I love you

Both: *slowly falling asleep*

Duties to attend

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Peter go on a double date with their friends at the fair and Peter has to ditch the reader in the middle of the date because something bad happens? Thank youuu

You rested your head on Peter’s shoulder as you waited for your friends to get candy floss. You were bored and you wanted to head home and watch some movies with Peter by your side, but you had promised your best friend months ago that you would go on a double date with her and her boyfriend, and when you had run out of excuses, you were forced to convince Peter to go.
‘’Shit’’ Peter whispered under his breath, looking at his watch.
‘’What’s wrong?’’ you asked him, a worried looked in your eyes as you looked at him.
‘’I don’t really know. There is some trouble going on near Times Square and Tony needs me to take care of it’’ he told you. You knew what that meant, so you simply smiled and shrugged your shoulders.
‘’Well, you know what to do’’ you told him. ‘’Don’t look at me like that,’’ you said as he saw him look at you with guilt in your eyes ‘’I understand. I will make something up for you. Just go before they come back’’ you said, quickly looking over at your friends, who were already paying.
‘’I love you so much’’ he told you before kissing you quickly and running off the fair.
You stood there, a smile on your lips as you watched him leave.
‘’Hey, where’s Peter?’’ your friend asked you as she approached you.
‘’His aunt called’’ you said, trying to sound realistic. ‘’She needed some help with something, I don’t really know. He rushed off before I had the chance to ask for details’’ you told her, shrugging your shoulders once more.
‘’Sometimes I think he doesn’t deserve you’’ your friend’s boyfriend said, stealing a glance at you. ‘’He always ditches you and you never confront him.’’
You laughed and shook your head, putting your hands in your jacket pockets.
‘’What can I do,’’ you said, a soft smile on your lips. ‘’He always has duties to attend.’’

If your only argument is “its incest”. You are clearly NOT watching the show as it is on TV.

More importantly, you CLEARLY fail to understand what incest actually is.

You’re just watching a version in your head. One that is consistently trying to remove Iris from the narrative and wipe out the actual history of these characters. Not to mention the actual story.

It’s fine to create a story in your head if you don’t like the show as it plays out. Fine. KEEP IT THERE. Spare us your ridiculous prejudiced rhetoric.

We’re 2 Seasons in and about to start Season 3. Just STOP.