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How do you feel about princess mechanic? And if you do like/appreciate it do you have a favorite scene?

their dynamic is one that had me enraptured from the beginning, honestly. the thing i really like about clarke and raven’s relationship is that, despite the fact that they had so much stuff thrown at them that should have made this friendship impossible, the writers made sure that these two do come together, have been a team since the beginning actually. clarke and raven find ways to deal with their problems that allows them to have this very special bond at the same time.

for example, this show doesn’t shy away from confrontations and both clarke and raven are very confrontational characters, but not necessarily in the traditional sense. they aren’t hateful towards each other. what really humanizes them and makes their interactions spell-binding is the fact that clarke likes raven as much as raven likes clarke. yes, they have pretty rough fall-outs, covered in sharp speeches and brutal honesty - combined with hard-hitting physical blows (2x09/3x11) - but it never changes the way they look at each other, how much they care. i actually like that they are not afraid to be blunt and can fight without destroying one another, how they manage to bring down the walls together. it’s what makes their dynamic so incredibly complex: they can be strangely at odds but simultaneously very much in synch. they learn together, which makes the level of admiration and respect between them so great, strong and ever-present. It takes a lot to have two characters who are so aware of a lot of things, are ready to challenge and be challenged, try to sort out their disagreements (which is one thing I wish the show would actually go more in depth) since they are both very adamant on achieving their goals and then repesent these two fortresses of strength who form this great team together. the love-triangle is subverted, and the focus instead lies heavily on the characters as individuals who also happen to be amazing when they work side by side. the mixture between ‘morality’ and ‘survival’ that clarke and raven bring into their relationship is intense and makes room for extremely interesting arcs/conflicts too (head and hand).

what i absolutely love is that neither clarke nor raven really shuts the other down, which is so great because usually TV shows would jump into that kind of storytelling, especially when the plot involves two girls, a boy and love. but, no, we never get a long-time emotional distance between them. Instead, it’s all about real emotions and confrontations (both good and bad) that connect to them in this very human way. the way they enter the scenes, that specifically focus on them, come with a weight that highlights the support they give each other at the end of the day. from arguing to comforting to tending and believing/inspiring, it’s these aspects that really define their friendship and make it so real and outstanding to me.

as for my favorite scene, i gotta say that i’m not that good with favorites when it comes to princess mechanic because i adore the small moments as much as i love the very big and explosive ones. but one scene i truly love is the one from 1x13 where clarke and raven are on the dropship.

raven:  I used to be picked first for everything. Earth skills, zero-g mech course. First every time. So, how the hell did I end up here?

clarke: Hey, Raven? I’d pick you first.

raven’s lines are far more layered then she initially lets on. ‘i used to be picked first’ doesn’t just apply to her skills as a mechanic, or someone who is extraordinarily good at earth skills. this moment acts more as a catalyst to dealing with the issue that raven has been avoiding since the second she came to earth - finn. she literally risked everything without a moments hesitation to catapult herself into the arms of the love of her life, repairing a space pod with her bare hands to get to him and be with him once again. but the second she makes it there she falls into the hands of a love triangle instead.

from her perspective, it used to be finn and her, her childhood friend, her boyfriend, her family. but when she arrives finn doesn’t only have eyes for another girl, but he also morphs into this different person who just keeps doing things for clarke and leaves her alone. he is pulling away from raven and she tries over and over again to repair what they had. but she fails and it breaks her heart because she came down for him, risking her life. i think, in many ways, this actually blindsided raven very early on, because she didn’t expect this at all, and even if she was somewhat aware of it later, she kept fighting until she couldn’t anymore and put an end to it. her comment ‘guess we finally found something you’re not good at’ isn’t something i see as an insult towards clarke. she knows it’s not clarke’s fault, that finn managed to let her go so easily and call everything raven does ‘keeping busy’, but it’s hard to accept the bitter truth if you don’t wanna crumble completely, so you direct your anger somewhere, to hold onto something, even if you don’t mean it. then, also add the fact that raven has a bullet stuck in her spine, thanks to murphy, that literally turns her immobile. she can’t do anything right now except to tell people what to do. she feels limited in every sense of the word and it frustrates her endlessly. she is not used to not being able to do anything.

but look at raven when clarke says ‘hey, raven? i’d pick you first’

this is not a face that says ‘shut up’. this is a face that says ‘i know you would’, because raven does know, knows that clarke would pick her, always picked her first. her entire body language screams that she is aware of this, that deep down she never was angry with clarke but always knew that clarke has chosen her over finn time and time again.

honestly, look at clarke and look at raven. clarke has backed off the second she found out about finn and ravens history, always putting raven’s feelings first, respecting her as a person and locking her own away. she has the choice and she chooses her and thats big, coming from someone who got betrayed as well. her words have a very profound meaning in my opinion, because it’s a sign that clarke wants raven to hold onto what they have, what they have become ever since raven landed on earth. and raven’s reaction is moving and all-knowing because to me it’s not a look of surprise, she never was angry with clarke in the first place: the way she looks into clarke’s direction, the smile that she almost lets happen, the quick dip of her head that looks more like a nod, acknowledging the honesty of clarke’s words, the swallow - ‘of course you would, I’m awesome’ she is downplaying it a bit, but this is a line that connects to their friendship, because clarke sees raven as the girl everyone needs - the fighter, and raven knows that. it works wonderfully as a reminder of how incredible raven is too.

i love how this moment shows that this is about them, that this is about two girls holding onto another. yes, finn is tied to this, but thats what makes it so good because they kick him out. in this moment, clarke’s words are directed to raven as ravens emotions are directed to clarke. this moment is about their friendship and nothing else. clarke sees raven, sees her as a person and the brilliant brain and extraordinary mechanic that she is, and shows that she needs her, that they have no chance in surviving without her. and raven sees clarke, sees the girl who picked her first, sees the seriousness of it all, how her physical reaction is connected to what clarke says about her, despite that she is at the end of her wits, shot in the leg, unable to move, the acknowledgement that comes with it moves and fulfills her, she is thankful. she is seen not as the girl that people should give up on, but rather Raven fucking Reyes, the girl that the world needs to look up to.

i love the visual connection of these two scenes the most. in concept, she is the shooting star that clarke wished upon. and now she is here with her, ready to work with this girl who never doubted her and her abilities in the first place.

this friendship is real and was always meant to be.

Just Harry

Harry was going away for two months.

He’d just finished up his album, and his new single was going to be released in less than a week. The goal was to have him on the road and promoting his new material before the single was released, and I knew that some stations and companies had struck deals for a sneak peek before it was even released.

You were excited for him—no, you were absolutely over the moon. There was nothing that gave you more pride than to see the man you loved succeed at what he loved to do, and it made you happy that everyone was falling in love with him as well. 

But it’d been a while since the two of you had been apart. He hadn’t left your side since he’d finished filming Dunkirk, and when he did it was never for longer than a couple of days. You were severely out of practice in terms of missing him, and the thought of him leaving again brought tears to your eyes.

You were doing dishes when he arrived back home. He was picking up take out for your last night together—you’d both opted for a quiet night in where you could just be together.

“Hooooooooney, I’m home!” He shouted into the apartment, something that he’d gotten into the habit of doing when you first moved in together. It always managed to bring a smile to your features, except for today. Today you were too busy sniffling and biting back tears as you stared at the soapy water in the sink.

You felt his presence when he walked into the kitchen.


You opened your mouth to reply, but the only thing that came out was a soft hiccup of a sob and the moment he heard that he knew that you were on the brink of falling apart.

“Oh, (Y/N)…” he cooed softly, and you could hear his footsteps as you continued to aggressively scrub the plate in your hand even though it was spotless. Only then did you become aware of the tears that were streaming down your cheeks. You suddenly felt his strong arms slipping around your frame—he placed his hands over yours, getting the soapy suds in his large rings as he guided you in releasing the dish that was in your grasp. As soon as you did you choked out another little sob, and he looped his fingers through yours and held onto you firmly.

“S’gonna be okay, I promise, m’love,” he murmured in your ear, holding you against his chest and swaying side to side ever so slightly. It absolutely broke his heart that this was happening—he knew that all this pain you were going through was his fault, even though you would deny that statement. You knew he had to leave, even though he didn’t want to. 

“Two m-months is a really long t-time,” you protested, your words shaky as you sniffled and tried to compose yourself. You were grateful that Harry was there holding you together, because you knew you were terribly close to falling apart. 

“Look at me, princess,” he asked, and you squirmed a little to break free of his grasp only so you could turn around and approve of his request, looking up into the green eyes that you loved so much with every single cell of your being. It made your heart hurt even more, and he could see it in your gaze, causing him to expel a soft sigh. “(Y/N), this isn’t gonna change anythin’. Yeah, we have to be apart for a little while…but tha’ doesn’t mean that we’re gonna change.”

“I know,” you whispered softly, nuzzling your features against his chest where his sparrows were peeking out of the material of his silk button-up shirt. You slid your hands around his waist and your fingers curled around the soft material of his garment as you gave him a tight squeeze, as if holding him to you there would stop him from having to leave. “But you’re still going to be gone, and it’s going to suck, and no matter what we do and how often you call me I’m still going to miss you. I know you’re coming back and I know you love me, I do, but I you just have to let be miss you. Okay?”

You felt the rise and fall of Harry’s chest as silence filled the air for a moment, and you were perfectly content to just stand there in his arms for the rest of time.

“I’m going to miss you too, beautiful,” he admitted with a quiet voice, and you felt him brush the tip of his nose against the top of your head.

You stood there for a few minutes, simply enjoying each other’s embrace. Eventually you forced yourself to release his frame only because you knew that your plans for the evening consisted of holding him close for as long as possible.

You ate your take out together on the couch—Harry tried teaching you how to use chopsticks for the seventeenth thousandth time, and just like every other time you just couldn’t get the hang of it. It didn’t matter, though, because Harry knew you like the back of his hand and he’d brought a fork for you along with him. You watched your favorite Disney movie as you ate, and after you finished eating you snuggled up to his side for the remainder of the film.

After the movie the two of you ended up hiding underneath a blanket on the couch and talking. You talked about everything and nothing in particular all at once—he didn’t talk too much about his promo tour, only because you’d already heard a lot of the details and he didn’t want to make you upset again like earlier. You told him about your plans to visit your parents next week, and the book that you were excited about reading that was coming in the mail in a few days. The two of you spoke of little things, the things that you’d probably miss the most.

You made love. It was slow and patient, and the two of you committed each other to memory over and over again because you knew that you’d have to live off of the memory for what would seem like an eternity. You only stopped when you could feel the imprint of his hands all over every inch of your skin, when he had committed your moans to memory, when you could compose the movements of each of your bodies into a symphony and sing it from memory.

You lay together afterwards, your head tucked into the crook of his neck as your bodies rested against one another. You were wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts. His lips were at your ear, pressing delicate kisses against the skin there before whispering softly. 

“Go to sleep, gorgeous.”

You shook your head a little bit. Even though your eyelids were droopy and your body was definitely ready for sleep, you weren’t just yet. You knew that as soon as you woke up it’d be time to say goodbye, and you weren’t ready.

“No,” you huffed softly, your lips jutting out in a small pout and tucking your features against his shoulder. You heard him chuckle softly and felt his shoulders shake a little along with it.

“You’re half asleep,” he tried to reason, but you weren’t having it. You retaliated by biting down on his shoulder lightly, which caused him to flinch a little and deliver a gentle pinch to your side. “Oi!”

“The sooner I go to sleep the sooner we’ll have to say goodbye,” you whispered almost silently against his skin, lifting yourself up on your elbow so that you could look down at his features. It was dark, and you could barely make them out, but your eyes were slowly adjusting and you could see the outline of his lips and the tip of his nose. “I can sleep once you’re gone…but right now I just want to hold you.” 

“Alright, sweetheart,” he agreed, his heart swelling at your words.

“Turn around,” you said quietly, and you waited for him to turn over so that his back was to you. You molded yourself to his frame, your chest pressed against his back as your arms wound tightly around him and you looped your legs through his. You were so much smaller than him that being the big spoon should have felt unnatural, but you and Harry fit together perfectly. You always had. 

As soon as you settled in, Harry grabbed ahold of both of your hands and brought them to his lips for the millionth time that night. It was something he did often, yet every single time made you feel as loved and safe as the first time.

“I love you, precious,” he declared, and you responded initially by pressing your lips against the space between his shoulder blades, exhaling a soft hum before your words penetrated the air. 

“I love you, Harry. I’m so proud of you.”

You could feel yourself starting to doze off against all of your willpower, and you knew that you would soon have to give in.

You eventually did fall asleep, and it couldn’t have been more than half an hour after you’d fallen into slumber that you were awoken by sound of faint crying.

“Harry?” You mumbled groggily, lifting your head slightly to look at him even though you couldn’t make anything out in the dark. He was no longer in your arms, and when you reached out to the space beside you all you felt was the mattress. You didn’t hear anything at first, but after a few seconds you heard a sniffle and you turned over to flick the switch on for the lamp on your bedside table. Once the room was illuminated you turned back to look at the love of your life—his back was to you, and he was sitting up with his head in his hands. You could tell that something was wrong by the way he curled up into himself.

“Love, what’s going on?” Your voice was raised a pitch due to the fear that coursed through your body—you were afraid that something had gone wrong, and you immediately sat up and pressed a hand to his back. As soon as you did this another shudder ran through his body, and his voice came out raspy and weak from sobs.

“S’nothing…go back to sleep,” he whispered softly. A red flag went off in your head, and you crawled further down the bed so that you could sit on your bum and face him. You saw his tear-stained cheeks and it made your heart break a little bit—you instinctively reached out to wipe them away with the pads of your thumbs, brows furrowed with concern.

“Talk to me, baby,” you pleaded, your palms resting on either side of his features. He visibly relaxed under your touch, and only a couple of seconds passed before he spoke. 

“I’m…I’m scared,” he admitted quietly, lowering his head at the words. It broke your heart to see him so ashamed to say it—he always put so much pressure on himself, and you knew that it got to him sometimes. “I don’ know if I’m makin’ the right choices, going solo an’ releasing this album…it’s very different. What if nobody likes it? What if they realize that they don’ like me on my own? Everyone’s always known me as Harry Styles from One Direction. What if they don’t like Harry Styles, the solo artist? I can’t do this, I can’t, and I especially can’t do it with you here, so far away…”

His words came out shakily near the end, and with every one of them you had to fight your own tears that threatened to form. Your heart sank—you’d been so concerned and worried with your own fears and sadness that you hadn’t even considered what Harry must have been going through.

“Love…oh, love, you underestimate yourself so much,” you spoke softly, running the pads of your thumbs across his cheeks. His droopy lids lifted a little bit to look up at you, and you continued quietly. “You are so talented, and the world knows that. You have managed to make the entire world fall in love with you just by being you. And your fans, your real fans are going to stand by you no matter what. I’m going to stand by you no matter what.”

You flashed a small smile, and your heart felt a bit lighter when you saw that he lifted his own lips in a half-hearted simper at your words.

“This is what you’ve been waiting for for so long…and you’ve got to do it. You have to do it, my love, because you owe it to yourself,” you stated, and even though you knew you were going to miss him terribly, you knew that every word you said was true. “The world already loves Harry Styles from One Direction, and they’re going to love Harry Styles, the solo artist. But you know who I love?” 

I paused for a moment to make sure that he was still with me—sure enough, he was looking right at me, his beautiful green eyes puffy from crying.

“I love just Harry. Harry, my best friend. Harry, the love of my life.”

His features spread into a wide smile at your statement, and you leaned in to press a soft kiss to his mouth.

“I…I would be lost without you,” he said softly, and this time when you went to sleep you got to be the little spoon. He needed to hold you, he needed to feel your heartbeat against his palm and he fell in love with the way you curled against him, like he did every night.

A few hours later when he had to get up and catch his early flight you watched him leave with a heavy heart, and you cried for hours after he drove away from your home.

But you knew that he was going to go make his dreams come true, and that was enough for you. 

He was worth the wait. 

DQX thoughts

You might have heard about SQEX saying they’ll consider bringing DQX to the West if there’s enough fan demand these last days. Mr Fujimoto apparently said that during the Q&A at the DQVII PAX West Panel, about three weeks ago. I didn’t want to post about it here on my blog because the best source for that “news” was a random reddit user. But today i started feeling more optimistic, dunno why.

Today i’ve seen a post like this in two different places (1 & 2):

Greetings DQ fans!

I’ve been doing some research with Square Enix Support in an effort to get Dragon Quest X localized.  I’ve had some pretty good success so far.  Square Enix communicated to me that if they see enough support tickets requesting Dragon Quest X, they will consider the localization.  They have been very helpful and even offered to put me in contact with their developers, so this campaign has some realistic weight to it.

What I will need you to do is go to the Square Enix support page for any Dragon Quest game (for example, here’s the one for Dragon Quest IX https://t.co/7wtaGp04gN ) and create a support ticket.

Here are the steps:

1. For Contact category choose Products & Services and for Contact Sub-Category choose Product Specifications.

2. Enter a subject line under contact details, and keep it to under 40 characters.  For example: “DQX”.

3. Hit Next.  On the next page, hit Next again.  Now choose Proceed to Email Support.

4. Enter in your contact information.  Enter your email address twice.  If you plan on creating multiple support tickets, please use a different email address per support ticket.

5. In 4000 characters or less, write a polite message to support asking for Dragon Quest X’s localization.  Once you submit your ticket draft you can preview it or edit it.  Once you are satisfied, click Submit.

Please keep the message focused on Dragon Quest X for this campaign.  If this experiment works then we can try focusing on other DQ games in the future.  We can really do this!  Thank you for your support.


(here’s the EU link, btw)

I personally didn’t have any faith on SQEX releasing DQX here, but there are two facts that give me hope: 1) SQEX just released it in China now, 4 years after its original Japanese release; and 2) SQEX admitted that we wouldn’t have gotten the 3DS remakes if it wasn’t for us, the fans. So why not give it a try? Why not try doing what that guy suggests to make DQX happen? Maybe we won’t get the Wii, Wii U or even the 3DS version, but there’s still hope for the PC version and the yet-unreleased NX and PS4 versions. 

We can do it (again), my slimes friends.


One minute you were passionately locking lips with the “mega-powerful” Kai Parker and the next he was being yanked away from you by your fuming brothers. You didn’t even notice them walk in, you were just too wrapped up in what you were doing with Kai. 

“Damon, what are you doing!?” You screeched out as Damon threw Kai into your bedroom wall. “Stop! Don’t hurt him! Stefan do something.” You pleaded as you turned to the kinder of your two brothers.

“(Y/N), why is he in your room? Why were you kissing him?” Stefan asked, not sparing you a glance as he glared daggers at Kai. You thought through what you were going to say, but then opted for just pulling Damon away from Kai and stepping between the two men. 

Kai gave your brothers a confident smirk and mumbled, “See ya,sweet-cheeks.” as he gave the top of your head a kiss. And with the snap of his fingers and a quick wink, he disappeared from his place behind you. You huffed in annoyance as your brothers’ anger shifted right to you.

“Well, I guess you’re gonna start yelling now…” You grumbled sadly. Your brothers never yelled at you. They saw you as their sweet sensitive little sister and, even though you’re not an innocent little girl, it still hurt every time they even came close to yelling at you.

“(Y/N), why do you have to make this so difficult for us?” Stefan said disappointingly. You gave him a confused look and he continued, “How are we supposed to protect you when you are chasing after sociopaths? He could kill you and not even bat an eye, you know that right?” His voice rose as he spoke until he was almost yelling, but not quite. You remained quiet, your head hung low.

“Yeah, what were you thinking?! How could you be so stupid?!” Damon roared at you. you quickly wiped away a tear that fell down your cheek and you shoved past your brothers, walking out your bedroom door. 

“I don’t need to take this from you two,” You grumbled as you walked out and to your car. You ignored your brothers as they ran out the front door, calling out to you. It wasn’t long before you found yourself at the Mikaelson’s front door. You knocked twice before a smiling Rebekah opened the door.

 “(Y/N), I didn’t know you’d be coming.” She spoke cheerfully, pulling you into a quick hug before continuing, “What brings you here?”  

“I had some problems with my brothers…and Kai.” You let out a large sigh, glancing down at the toes of your shoes before meeting Bekah’s knowing eyes. Of course she knew that you and Kai were a thing. She read you like an open book, so as one of your best friends, she never let anything go unnoticed. 

“Please, come in. Tell me all about those wretched brothers of yours.” Rebekah hooked her arm in yours and guided you into the sitting room that held the rest of the Mikaelson siblings. Elijah sat besides Klaus and Kol was perched on the arm of the chair across from them, but instantly stood when he saw you enter. 

“Well, hello (Y/N). I must say that you look ravishing, as you always do.” He spoke with a smirk as he took a seat on one of the sofas, patting at the spot beside him. You gave him a small smile, taking the seat next to him with Rebekah at your other side. 

“Love, why do you look upset?” Klaus spoke up, eyeing you as he sipped whatever liquid was in the glass he held, probably whiskey by the looks of it. 

“Damon and Stefan found out about Kai.” You spoke quickly, feeling the hurt from your brothers’ anger tug at your heart again. Elijah gave you a sympathetic look as he looked between his siblings. 

“Well, what happened?” Elijah asked gently. Reaching over to place a comforting hand on your knee. 

“They…They freaked out. Damon threw Kai into a wall and then when he left they started yelling at me about making stupid decisions. And…” You didn’t finish, instead you sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose in frustration.

 “Well, you’ve been alive for over a hundred years.” Klaus started with a light chuckle. “I think you’re old enough to make decisions for yourself.” Klaus clinked his glass with Elijah’s as he nodded in agreement. Elijah was about to make a comment about how Kai definitely wasn’t the best guy for you to be seeing, but he kept his mouth shut because he knew that you just needed support, right now. 

“You’ll be with whoever you want to be with. It doesn’t matter if what you have with Kai is just a fling or if it’s a long-term relationship. They should not be screaming at you for doing as you please with who you please.” Bekah stated with finality. 

“I mean we could always kill them for you…?” Kol spoke with a proud smirk, but that quickly changed to a scowl when you gave him a swift smack to the back of his head. 

“I would rather keep my family alive, thank you.” You said, barely holding back your laughter. 

“Well, you know you always have a place here. If the Salvatore family isn’t suiting you then you could always come here. We all consider you to be part of the family.” Klaus said as a boyish grin spread across his face, revealing those charming dimples of his. They all nodded along, smiling their own unique yet similar smiles. 

“Oh, I have an idea!” Bekah jumped up happily. “You can stay in my room! We haven’t had a sleepover in forever!” She pulled you up from the couch happily.

“Well I guess staying here is better than getting screamed at at home.” You smiled, giving a shrug, before Rebekah started pulling you to her room.

“Now tell me everything that happened with Kai and your brothers, don’t leave out any details.” She spoke excitedly as you rolled your eyes and began to tell her the story.


A/N: I had done an imagine similar to this a while ago, so when it was requested I tried to make it a little different from the first one. Thank you for requesting! 

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Hi. I am a 3rd year vet student but it's getting worse every year with me. I can't study and I don't know where to start from as there are a lot of subjects and information. I feel so stupid between other students and friends and i become more stressed. Im having depression and anxiety and my GPA is really low for the past two years as i wasn't study in a good way. What can i do to solve this ? And if you don't mind recommending a very good pathology and pharma books ? Thank you in advance

Vet school is extremely stressful and the amount of information you have to learn is daunting. A very difficult but very necessary first step is to stop comparing yourself to other people, even your friends. I know how disappointing it can be when you studied just as hard if not harder for a test and got a lower test score than someone. Remember that in the end, you are in this to get a degree and become a veterinarian. Once you graduate it won’t matter what grades you got or if you were the bottom of your class. Your friends and classmates grades will have no bearing on your career.

You need to go seek professional help for your depression and anxiety. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing counseling or even medications. You need to do it for your self but also because it will help your grades. Seek out help on your own or ask the school if they recommend anyone. Some vet schools even have counselors on staff.

As for studying, it is personal. Every person has their own way of studying and even that can differ depending on the subject. What I did was read over my notes or look back over powerpoint presentations, re-watch lectures if possible, and make flash cards and quizzes. For things that were just memorization I would write them over and over again on a white board or even on my bathroom mirror. You need to find what works for you.

I was VERY close to failing anatomy my first year. I failed several tests and barely scraped by with a 70% at the end of the course. Therio was another class that I studied 8+ hours a day for and nearly failed. In my 3rd year clinics I was told I would not make a good veterinarian and probably wouldn’t pass. I passed the NAVLE by 2 points. Two. And guess what? I’m a really good vet. Clients like me, I have a very solid understanding of medicine and I can handle complex cases just fine. A good portion of my classmates that made nothing but A’s and were the stars of clinics are having a difficult time in the real world. They know it all but can’t implement it.

Vet school is not the real world of veterinary medicine. You are not going to use or remember a good portion of what you are taught. You will also find there are several ways of doing things (all of them right) and you will pick the way that works best for you. Some things you really are learning just to pass a test. Are you going to be an equine vet? If not, pass the test, remember it all for the NAVLE and then forget it. Don’t stress about it. 

As far as books go, I can’t recommend any. I didn’t have a pharmacology book and I never bought the pathology one. See if you can just check them out from the library or borrow a friend’s before wasting money on them.

“I may not know the meaning of love, but I do know what it is. It’s actually a lot simpler than people make it out to be. See, love is like running through an open field. 

Love is spooning on a Sunday morning, and tackling the world as two. It’s holding hands and feeling complete; it’s wiping away the crust from someone’s eyes.

Love is a bubble bath as a couple. It’s sensing their eyes on you, sending their presence every second. It’s just knowing that they are there, even when they aren’t. 

Love is wearing PJs and eating nothing but takeout. It’s being home and wanting nothing else. It’s connecting with just how much you enjoy being in the company of the other person, and smiling spontaneously because you realize how lucky you are.

Love is a home made out of your favourite human being. It is the adoration you feel for every flaw and quirk you see in someone you consider inspiring. It’s that feeling — that indescribable feeling that surges through you when you know you’ve found your person.

Love is silly facs just for laughs, it is bursting with joy just because. It is feeling like you have won at life, and hand squeezes at the movies. It’s best friends who have sex, it’s saying so much without saying anything at all. 

Love is fighting without thinking that it signifies the end. It’s knowing that everything is actually going to be okay, because love is support through the ups and downs. It is agreeing and always deciding to move forward — together.

Love is a choice. It is building something bigger than whatever you are, it is making the decision to do life with someone, and sticking by that commitment. So love is ups and downs — it is forgiving even when someone is wrong, and then the next second it is laughing so hard at their jokes that you pee.

Love is finding yourself in someone else. It is awe, it is appreciation. Love is this next level comfort and understanding, this soothing effect. Love, is ease. It is valuing someone just as much as you value yourself, because at the end of the day, love is the only reason to keep going. It is the meaning of life.“

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this is the cruelest poem i can ever concieve: i feel like we’re already breaking apart. i feel like i’m trying to hold water in my hands and i’m already failing. i feel like the river has split apart in two, no matter what i do, feel like the curse fell anyway, even if i tried my best to keep my love for you safe and never spoke a word about it to anyone outside the boundaries of a poem. but that’s the problem: i told you in the end. and everything fell apart

or at least that’s how i feel. this is the cruelest poem i can ever concieve: i’m sorry. this is what happens when you broke the mirror, saw the cat, didn’t do things in threes. this is all superstitions but my love for you has been superstition, too. i thought it would keep me safe. i thought it would kept us safe. i thought if i held on to it

the ship would carry us all safely to the shore and dawn will break and we will all be okay again. it wouldn’t be our old world, but we would be okay. this is the cruelest poem i could ever concieve: brutal honesty. i said i would be fine but i’m not. you said you wanted to marry someone who will make you feel like a poem. well, here’s the thing: i’ve written so many poems about you. my breath is a poem for you. the night sky is a poem for you. this is not the last of my cruelty:

you tried your best to tell me that my curse isn’t my curse, that it’s somehow not my fault that out of all the cards in the universe, i’ve had to draw this one, but it’s my curse and i will name it like it is, because sweetheart, it is a curse. it is a curse that kept me awake at night. it is a curse that turns my body into a haunted house, into the dark space between the stars. even light is finite. here’s the thing, here’s another knife i stuck in your chest with this poem: i wished i was a girl so that you could like me better. you lied when you told me that it didn’t matter. it did. it would make a whole world’s difference. all my life i wished i wasn’t born as a boy with a girl’s body but i met a girl

who makes me wish that there is no broken splinter, no split river between my brain and my body. i met a girl who makes me feel as if i shouldn’t been born. this is the cruelest poem i can ever concieve: you make me hate myself and you don’t even know it. you kept wishing out loud that someone would have loved you but here i am. you’re drowning in love but you feel as if you were flailing in dry land and no one can save you. what’s that if not ungrateful? what’s that if not ironic? this is cruel, you know: me telling you how ungrateful you are, you fairy tale girl,

and not even to your face. it’s not your fault. this is your story: all of us, mad, desperate, with our love for you. but you wanted to die. i wanted to tell you: so am i. i wanted to tell you: so am i, love, since the day i fell in love with you. this, is cruel. this is salvation. this is holy, this is burning, this is unnatural and this is the end. || H.M

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I ordered two stickers today - one for me (Meaning not found) and one for my friend (Are you ready to embrace uncertainty?). I have been meaning to for a while. I sincerely appreciate what you do. I get some weird masochistic and miserable enjoyment from this blog. So thanks.

Dear user, enjoyment is not an incorrect reaction actually. Nihilism is never truly about pessimism, even if it seems so. Nihilism is a liberation from the biggest burden mankind has ever invented, the greatest lie: meaning. The meaningful seeks the martyrdom of burden; the struggle to be of significance is a cute yet pointless narrative. An absurd one since all meaning must be constructed, so there’s no point in pain. We must carry this illusion over our shoulders our entire lives; but no matter if you’re king or beggar, a pile of bones is a pile of bones. All life is truly an accident and I don’t say this with any sense of sorrow.

Even if it’s a cliche, the universe is indeed indifferent.


well i failed at not getting sick… apparently pretending you’re not getting sick isn’t enough. I definitely have a sinus thing going on. I thought I was doing ok but today it started getting worse. I had the nurse take my temperature and I had a low-grade fever going, is what always happens with my sinus stuff. I also had two education grad student observers in my room all day today so I had to be extra on and I could tell I wasn’t feeling well because it was really difficult. my principal is wonderful and told me to stay home tomorrow even though I’m off on friday for the nashville trip. I stayed late after school and prepped for both days. i’m going to the doctor first thing in the morning, going to get some meds and I’ll be damned if I don’t get to enjoy this little weekend away with hubs.

God fuckin damn. I tried to talk to my fuckin sister about how illogical it was to be dating a fuckin worthless drug dealer who obviously doesn’t even sling dope that fuckin well, because he cant afford shit. I talked to this dumb cunt for an hour straight, trying to get her input on it, and what does she do? She fuckin bitches to my fuckin mama about me fuckin smokin fuckin cigarettes. Yeah, cunt, that’s the fuckin problem at hand. The fuckin cigarettes that I’m smoking. Not the drug deal you gave your virginity to unprotected, letting him fuckin finish inside you. My smokin is the fuckin problem you dumb fuckin whore. Yall haven’t even been dating two god damn months, god fuckin damn. 

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Denki is adorable and I can see him doing something really cute in the dorms with his s/o. And I headcanon that he listens to classical music, along with others, too. [Admin Denki]

“What do you mean he dies in the end?!” You exclaimed as you threw your book across the room at Denki. The two of you were hanging out in his dorm and reading when he accidentally spoiled the ending of your book.

“I thought you knew!” Denki exclaimed, bringing his arms up to shield himself from your book.

“God, why do I even read with you?” You pouted, crossing his arms. You sat at the head of his bed, while he sat at the foot of the bed. He took your book and placed it on the sheets.

“I didn’t mean to spoil the ending of the book for you.” Denki sighed. He looked through a few in his pile. He passed you another book. “Try that one. At least then you don’t know the ending.” He suggested.

“The Great Gatsby?” You looked at the book. “Does anyone die in this one?” You narrowed your eyes at Denki.

“No.” Denki lied.

“Alright. I’ll trust you.” You shrugged. You opened to the first page, then closed it again. “Do you have a radio or anything in here?” You asked him.

“Yeah.” Denki got up from the bed and clicked a button on an old radio. Music started playing, filling the room up. You smiled, liking the new distraction. You stood up, too, letting the book drop back on the bed.

“Oh, and check this out!” Denki rubbed his fingers together, adjusting the channels on the radio. You giggled, thinking that was pretty cool. He switched to a classical music station and took your hand.

“What are you doing?” You asked, as Denki put your hand on his shoulder and his other was placed on your waist.

“Dancing. Won’t you dance with me?” Denki asked, swaying to the time of the violin. You rolled your eyes, but swayed with Denki, holding his hand in your own. You giggled when he accidentally stepped on your foot, apologizing profusely.

“It’s ok.” You laughed, putting both your hands on Denki’s chest. His hands both moved to your waist as he looked into your eyes.

“You know there’s a real-“ Denki was cut off as you kissed his lips, wrapping your arms around his waist. The kiss was sweet to the nice music.  .  . and it was so he did not say ‘spark’.


Alina sighed. <<And you know what the irony is? Had you just asked for us to see other people, I would have been fine with it. I didn’t want another serious relationship like the one I had with Emm. But you wanted us to be a couple, and then you go out and do this behind my back. It’s a shitty thing to do even for you, Pierre>>, she ranted.

Pierre frowned. <<Alina, I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me…>>, he tried to apologize, but Alina simply shook him off.

<<She’s gonna come out any moment now, I should leave you two to your date>>, she said. She stood up, and left a gentle kiss on his cheek. <<Bye, Pierre. I’ll see you around>>.

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Hey! I just wanted to hear your opinion on Calvin's weight. He made a joke about it in one of his most recent videos where he was showing how skinny he was (and he is) but I've also noticed in literally his last two vids that his face looks WAAAY more angular and gaunt than it did even say, a couple of months ago. And there's an old video of him pretending to drink bleach, and compared to now his face looked straight up FAT in it. Why do you think he's getting so thin and what's caused it?

Okay so I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed this myself, but honestly I don’t think it’s my place to comment on anyone’s weight or anything like that, purely because I know I’d HATE it if someone did that to me, you know? So I guess all I can say is as long as he’s happy and healthy then I’m happy too! :) X

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Everyone is going nuts over the leather collar (which I totally get) but my little daydream has always been Harry with painted nails + now I've got it. I'm a beautician + it makes me imagine that I painted them for him one night + he just never took it off. My two passions combined 💟

And maybe you made a big evening out of it. He’s sat at the table across from you and you brought out all your different polish bottles in every color you have and you’re letting him choose which one he wants.

“The red will be really bright,” you tell him.

“S’what I want.”

“Alright, hands out then; spread your fingers.”

And you take your time because it’s a lot different than doing your own nails, especially since he’s a guy, and you have your face furrowed in concentration and your tongue stuck out. Harry thinks you’re the cutest thing he’s ever seen.

When you finish, he holds his hands up to the light and nods in approval.

“Looks amazing, love. Thanks.”

The only thing is, you have to spend the next half hour yelling at him to not touch anything!

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Hey I just saw your post about the differences is greeting people in different countries, and if you don't mind I'd like to use the opportunity to ask you a question? As a non-native english speaker I don't know what's the right (like, polite) way to order a thing??? 'May I have a cup of coffee, please?' 'Can I have a cup of coffee ,please' 'I'll have a cup of coffee, please?' 'A cup of coffee, please?' Help me please?? (It's fine if you don't want or have time to, obviously!)

Well I guess that post proved that even the predominantly english speaking countries do things different (the more you know heh) but if you’re after the Aussie experience I have you covered!

Typically servers will go for a two part greeting over here, so something like, “Hi, what can I get you?” or “Hi, how are you today?” so I guess as a customer you take your lead from them. 


s: Hi, what can I get you?
c: Can I please have…etc

s: Hi, how are you today?
c: Good thanks! Could I please grab…etc

Any way you spin it, as long as you’re courteous (ie: use your please and thank yous) or seem like you’re trying to be (hospitality staff in Aus are very used to interacting with non-english speakers so intent tends to trump the end result imo) you’re golden :)


Dredan: “All I see is you avoiding me for days, and you sleeping in the same room as him.”

Alina: “Don’t even start with me. I have to take care of him because YOU hurt him. And Serran, Malia and I have to stay with him at all times because YOU can’t be trusted.”

Dredan: “How does any of that equal you sleeping in the same room as him?”

Alina: “I volunteered.”

Dredan: “You did what?!”

Alina: “You heard me right. I do it because one, you can’t be trusted to not try and harm him in the dead of night. And two, because I don’t want to spend any more time near you that I have to right now.”

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I think it is disgusting you are asking for money so Kendyl can do a second solo. Dancing at all is a privilege and two solos aren't necessary. How about instead you donate that money to charity for kids who have absolutely nothing. Have you heard of Parker loves Life? She's Kendyls age and at best has 6 months to live because of a brain tumour. She was a dancer. I bet she wishes she could trade anything including two solos for life. What are you teaching your child.

These are all things that I considered and I did it even against my own judgement. I have not promoted or advertised it because I have been uncomfortable with it from day one. It was meant to reach out to close friends and family and the most important thing is it’s not something anyone has to do. I could have asked for money to fix all the things in our house that are broken because we put everything into our children, but I didn’t do that. It was honest and straight forward that it was for a second solo which is clearly something extra that is not necessary. The campaign has been cancelled and all donors will be refunded which by the way were just two friends, my dad and my sister. I teach my kids to be kind and humble which is something you should consider in the future.

I have so much love in my heart for this duo! And after reading this gem, i have these feelings??? and i cant get rid of them so you go read it now and suffer with me (I promise you its really good!!!)

This is for you @mandelene! I know you love these two and now because of you so do I.

and what even is shading??? just try to not zoom in and your eyes should be fine  woop

Truth Time

I wasn’t gonna vote, after only voting once, and being swayed by my parents who to vote for (They’re very Republican) I just decided that there’s no point. I don’t think the popular vote works, blah blah blah.

But I have just registered to vote, because this time I feel like it matters. I can’t sit by when there is a very real possibility that this angry cheeto could be president, I have to do what I can. 

Please. Even if you don’t like Hillary, hell I don’t really like her, she is the lesser of the two evils here OBVIOUSLY.

Do your part in making sure our country doesn’t go to complete shit, please. 

Register to vote.

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How do you handle criticism and editing your work? My thesis adviser isn't clear on how she wants me to edit my drafts and her criticism is vague at best while being very harsh. I worry that I will do everything she suggests and it still won't be enough (which is what has happened in the past with a seminar and even my first work for the thesis). I'm not discouraged yet, but I am very frustrated that no matter what I do it won't be enough for her. Any advice would be very helpful.

It seems to me there are two issues here. First, the feedback you get is not clear; second, dealing with the actual feedback.

1) The first part should be easier to deal with, from what I can tell, at least from my experience. Literally asking “But what do you mean by X?” or “But how do you suggest I tackle Y?” could help with that. But I also think that, once you get some work of feedback and change that specific point, work needs to be done around it as well, even if it’s not obvious. Your advisor might not be pointing out what else she expects to be changed following the one point she mentioned.

A lot of people have different approaches and practices when it comes to writing, editing, and revising. I wouldn’t know what your approach is (I don’t even know what my approach is, except that “going with the flow” seems like a good bet) - but advisors don’t always take into consideration that your approach and theirs might be radically different, and that you may need some, for lack of better word, coaching. I went through some not so unlike what you’re describing, and I found that it can be really helpful if you can get some “models” - what kind of article/thesis/proposal/book she finds well-written/well-structured/well-argued. It doesn’t solve everything, and it may get a little overwhelming, but in the very least it gives you some idea of what kind of outcome she’s looking for.

2) The second part is harder. Because basically, when reading your very first sentence, my automatic response was “Poorly.” I’ve cried on more than one occasion reading feedback on my papers, to the point where this one time I had to leave the house and walk it off before I could come back, re-read it, and realize it wasn’t that bad.

Now, this is the tricky part, because it involves zero practical knowledge but it’s at the same time fundamental for academia: You’ll have to grow a thicker skin. A lot of the frustration I feel when it comes to a bad assessment of my work, and that I see my boyfriend and friend going through, has to do with the fact that grad students tend to conflate personal worth with academic performance, and most of the time we are expected to meet standards that are higher than what we normally deliver.

And it’s brutal, and it’s scary, and it can destroy you if you let it, but you have to repeat to yourself, again and again, that you are not your work.

This means that we have to learn to dissociate criticism on papers from criticism to our person. I woke up today feeling like one of the dumbest persons in the entire world because of a comment I received in my project, and went to a meeting with my advisor feeling like crap, and she had very harsh words on the problematic points she found - and I took a deep breath and said I understood what she was saying and that it had been a difficult thing for me to do and I explained why. And this has a lot more to do with my change of posture in regard to myself and my work than in regard to her.

And you will have to find this weird balancing spot where things will still hurt but you will be able to move past them and beyond them and tackle the problem as objectively as possible.

The problem, as I’ve come to see, is that many professors find it okay to be disrespectful towards students when they’re criticizing their work, and I find it appalling. But on the other hand, it’s very easy for a student to hear something that feels a thousand times bigger and meaner than it was because, as students, we are often fragilized by the experience and taking everything more with the heart than with the mind.

It’s okay to feel upset, it’s okay to feel angry, it’s okay to feel discouraged. I’ve had less-than-perfect experiences in the past, and I’ve felt it all. But use that as fuel, instead of taking it as a deterrent.

More objectively: try to talk to her; try to talk to professors in you field (or adjacent fields) who may be willing to read some of your material. Above all: step back and assess the picture as practically as possible. 

I apologize if I rambled; this one hits home in more ways than one so I guess maybe I’m not being as objective as possible - but please send me a message if you would like to talk more about this, okay?

And if anyone has more advice on the matter, please reblog and add your comment!