Beach Jealousy- Alec Martinez

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Ok I didn’t realize Alec Martinez was American… Look what happens when you learn about the Kings! Anyway! I hope you like this anon! Enjoy guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Hey! I love your writing! Could you write something with alec martinez? Maybe him getting jealous and the reader reassuring him she loves him and then tons of fluff? Thanks!


              You were walking along the sand, Hank running ahead of you and sniffing around.

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Somewhere along the lines of..
Keep your enemies close, for centuries.

For the lovely posey, mehcoffee! It’s kind of what you said? Kings AU and gta shenanigans..? Anyways, you gave me the idea for this, like the two have been frenemies for centuries. This was fun. (If someone wants to use this in a video, feel free to! #goals)