160727 — MNET Hit The Stage Ep.1 Taemin’s prank cut + Picking position (via region0826)

1) Contestants watched a (dance) video and a face suddenly popped out. Taemin’s reaction was simply “what’s this?” and laughed. A female “ghost” later crept up beside Taemin and he just looked at her calmly. He had the lower decibels. (source: squishyjinki)

2) Participants had the chance to choose their order of participation. Taemin picked to perform first, but at the end Taemin and Koharu decided to perform in last place. Back to the stage, Hyoyeon asked Taemin if he chose the last, Taemin said he won’t say. Hyo then asked his partner (Koharu) “are you last” in Japanese and she said “yes” and Hyo celebrated. Taemin: “You weren’t supposed to say that!” (source: jasminelep)

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is it just me or is anyone else super annoyed that Felicity is supposedly getting another new boyfriend? fine we had to deal with Ray but now this? after he and Oliver were actually together? like I'm really pissed about this at this point

It is not just you, anon. I’ve seen the outrage about this all over Twitter and Tumblr.

But me?

I am not in the least bit upset about this news, nor am I surprised. 


(Under the cut are my thoughts on their current state - including Oliver’s rebound with Star City and Felicity’s supposed rebound with a boyfriend - and why I’m with Olicity ‘til the end.)

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Them: you like AO3, Tim Burton, Kerrang!, Jeff Dunham, and dancing in your underwear. You can’t sing, you can’t stop shipping people, and you don’t know what snatched means. Face it. Your never gonna make it.

Me: I don’t wanna make it. I just wanna… awesome guitar riff

Them: did you just say awesome guitar riff outloud

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So what's Sam supposed to do delete all the shippery comments bc Cait has another boyfriend? He can't help what people think or read into. He said that the day of the Twitter discussion with you guys. He can't help that people read into things what they want. He posted a beautiful pic of him and Cait bc he was excited to get back to filming. There's nothing wrong with that and Cait is the other lead on the show and any significant other on either side would know and understand that.

No, he can’t help what people think or choose to read into. But he can steer their thoughts a bit with what he chooses to post. The post was ostensibly about promoting season three of Outlander, so why not put up a pic of something to do with Outlander? A BTS pic from filming or one of their publicity shots in costume would have been far more “on topic”. Instead he put up a pic of himself and Cait during a career high point for her- the nomination for a Golden Globe award. The show also got other nominations and if he was intending to steer attention towards that there were undoubtedly many other pics which would have conveyed that message much more clearly. But instead he posted a picture of himself and Cait sharing her highest career moment yet- a moment she chose to share with him by her side as the seating arrangement and her use of her plus one invite for her agent (who sat on her other side) showed. So I guess it’s true that he can’t help what people think- but media savvy Sam was certainly aware of what people would think, and yet chose this pic anyway. The sheer number of comments noting how much in love they look and how beautiful they are together says I am not alone in my “read” of this pic or Sam’s intent in posting it.




  1. you carry stars in your pockets like you have stretched the universe tight around your soul. when i fall, they spill out of your pockets as you try to help me up and i spend years in my head trying to make constellations until my eyes hurt. when i close them, you are still there.
  2. your touch is as soft as the feathers on my back; i sit on the bathroom counter and daydream even though it’s night. you tape the gaps in my wings, and i try to ignore the way your fingers burn. 
  3. you kiss me like you have forever and a day and i only have a few hours. i am a dripping candle and you the sun, so bright i can hardly bear to look at you, but you kiss me again and i forget every warning my father told me.  
  4. there is no happily ever after; there is only you, with fire in your veins and hands dusted with the ashes of what is left of me.
  • Production member 1:well, since michelle won veto, I guess we have to actually put her on the show this week
  • Production member 2:you mean a clip of her walking in the background won't cut it?
  • Production member 1:nah
  • Production member 2:dangit. she hates us tho! how are we supposed to put her on the show??
  • Production member 1:I know, let's give her the worst possible edit – the bitter, catty girl who is hopelessly in love with Frank. No one can know about the Big Meech nonsense
  • Production member 2:great idea lets do it. ...but isn't the hopelessly-in-love-with-Frank edit reserved for miss Grodner in case she ever makes an appearance
  • Allison:ur fired
  • Allison:but also yes
"It's not in the rules!"

“Then the rules are WRONG!”

Do you remember this moment? Sherlock shouting at John for not understanding his Cluedo accusation? We all know from John’s blog that in this instance, Sherlock thinks the victim faked his own death - which plays out through his story in TRF. Not only is this blatant foreshadowing, this is Sherlock rejecting everything ordinary people suppose about the game and pushing the boundaries of belief. The structure to the game doesn’t allow its players a chance to think outside the box and make new deductions, and Sherlock thinks that’s just WRONG. But he was right in the end, since he (the victim) fakes his own death and it was the “only possible solution”. You know what this sounds like? Do you know where you’ve heard this maddening exchange before? It’s on the tip of my tongue, it’s on the top of my tongue…

“It’s not in the books!”
“Then the books are WRONG!”

The argument that romance between characters, ie Johnlock, cannot occur because it is not explicitly in ACD canon is this exact conflict. There’s a way us boring, ordinary people are used to understanding how the story goes and we reject the possibility of divergence because it’s “not in the rules”. Sherlock, someone clever and extraordinary, thinks that excuse is utter bullshit. Who cares about the rules? There’s nothing else it could be! Haven’t you seen all the signs?! Don’t you see all the evidence?!

“It’s the only possible solution!”

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ive been following you for a while but only just now realised that ur header says 'most handsome blogger' and not 'moist handsome blogger'

You’re actually right thats what it’s supposed to be but vile hackers keep changing it in an effort to suppress my artistic vision

The Adventures of Primadonna

There’s an amazing Primadonna sim up for download! I decided to download it and recreate the events of ECHO.

It all started with the Create A Sim process. It didn’t take long.

We then do mundane chores around the house as I wait for the family whose house this originally was to die of starvation- I mean uh… go away forever eternally. Yeah!



Ok! Family’s dead! Time to start a fire!

Finally after 10 million years, one starts! But then…



Now that I’ve got the picture I wanted, we can call the insurance company.

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Can you write a one shot of what Lucas was thinking when he told Riley he chose her?

I suppose its only right I do Lucas POV too! Sorry I cant put this in a read more !! My inbox is being lame ! :) x

Lucas’ POV;

Deep breath. In, out. Now go find Riley. I scan the room. Riley, Riley, where is - nope Evan … Riley.. :) I scurry down the stairs, probably too fast but I cant wait. She’s looking out the window in her sunshiny sweater with her sunshiny face. I tuck a foot under myself as I join her in the bay window.

It’s now or never. “My favourite thing in this world is when you talk to me.”

Her mouth curls into a smile, she’s surprised, she shouldn’t be surprised. “It’s okay for you to talk to whoever you want, Riley.” I motion to Evan. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that… “You know why? Because I am a secure, Western, Hero.” Real convincing Lucas.

“Yes, yes you are.” At least she looks amused.

“But, the important talks…The ones we’re going to think about and always remember…Can those just be between you and me?” Why am I holding my breath?

“Well I don’t know Lucas, how could that happen?” She’s being cute. Who am I kidding she’s always cute. I shuffle closer to her, quickly glancing at her hands in her lap. I want to hold them..

“Well I was thinking, if we were together a little more..” I motion between us. “You would only talk to other people a little bit..and you’d talk to me.. a lot.” I’m laughing nervously, why am I so nervous?

“That’s what you were thinking?” Her voice is soft and sweet.

“Yeah.” I say surely. I look at her hands again and naturally find myself reaching for it. “I think about it all the time.”

She’s staring at our hands but I’m only looking at her. I just told her I want to be together. What is she thinking? Am I too late?

“So if there was some dance or something, maybe we could go together?”

“Yeah.” I nod. Of course that’s what she’s thinking. “Without even asking each other.” I want her to already know that I want to take her to these things. I want to take her to everything.

“And maybe if you went out and got a sandwich or something, you think maybe you’d think to get me one too?” I can’t help but let out a little laugh. Riley Matthews, she’s in the position to ask anything the the world of me and she thinks about a sandwich.

“And a drink.. And cake!” I’ll give you anything you want. She giggles adorably and my heart skips a beat.

“So you’ve been thinking about this too?” I look at our hands still together. This, this is what I want.

“Yeah. I think about it all of the time.” Maybe I’m not too late. She pulls her hand away. Maybe I am too late? I try hold on.

“We always said that the most important thing is that nobody got hurt. Will Maya be okay?” Her face is full of concern. Of course she’s worried about Maya.

I grin thinking about my conversation with Maya. “She’s the one who sent me to you.”

“So this is our moment?” Her mouth curls into a smile again.

“I promised you, that my moment would be, my moment.” I was so young back then but I meant it. “This is it.” Finally.

Jellybean!! I search for the small red box in my jacket pocket. Adjusting my position as I did so. “I got you this.” I pull it out and wave it in front of Riley.

“MAYA!” She panics.

One day. Just not yet, Riles. I open the box “It’s a jellybean.”

“STAY WHERE YOU ARE!” She calls off her friend. “What does it mean?”

It means I was an idiot for every having to think about this… “We put these jellybeans on a scale, when I was trying to think of all the things I like about you.” Which is a lot, like not enough jellybeans in a packet, a lot. “When I was trying to decide what I needed to do.” Stupid me.

“It means you, Riley, I choose you.” Not being about to help myself I giggle nervously but she does too so it’s okay. “And I really want you to choose me too.” We both giggle harder and my voice cracks almost every time I speak. I feel so dorky but I want to be a dork forever if it feels like this.

She takes the ring box off me… “I do.” YES. “I always did.” Thank god because me too.

“I have something for you too.” She reaches into her back pocket.

“You do?” I’m surprised.. What would she have gotten me?

She displays the leaf she had been sweetly looking at when we first arrived at the lodge. She’d been carrying it around this whole time. Awww. She hold it up and does her goofy little grin and I find myself unintentionally mirroring it.

“We have this one little life and for a lot of it we just blow around in the wind, but if we’re lucky, and we believe that life knows what’s best for us, sometimes we land on the right someone to talk to.” I watch her delicate little hands fiddle with it.

She passes me the leaf and I stare at it in awe. She really is such a romantic. “I’m glad I fell into your lap.” She moves closer to me.

“So am I.” He voice wavers again as I hold the leaf up. She giggles again, that may be my new favourite sound and we just look at each other, really look at one another and suddenly we’re on the subway, or in the library or on our first date all over again. I finally have her back.

I think Mr. Matthews is wrong about Ski Lodges, they’re not evil.. They’re kinda fricken great.

peter parker + “stay there. i’m coming to get you.”

words: 222

warnings: mentions an argument with the reader’s father and language

note: okay, so i imagined peter being older than he is in civil war

You hate doing this to him, calling him so late at night while you’re so upset, but you don’t know who else you’re supposed to call. The ringing stops after a few moments, but the only sound on the other side of the line is shuffling and a low grunt.

“P - Pete?” you ask uncertainly.

“Y/N?” he asks slowly. You can tell that you’ve woken him up. “What’s wrong?”

You wipe the stray tears from your cheeks, trying to gather yourself a little so you can explain why the hell you’ve called Peter at some god awful hour of the night.

“I um, I got in another fight with my dad… I’m sorry, I just didn’t know who else to call,” you say, voice wavering with each word.

“Where are you?” Peter asks, ignoring your apology - he doesn’t need it.

“Just around the corner from my house,” you tell him, glancing at the nearby street signs.

Stay there,” he states. “I’m coming to get you.

You sigh, beginning to argue, “Peter, you don’t have to -”

“I’m coming to get you,” he repeats, cutting you off. “Just stay safe until I’m there, okay?”

“Okay,” you whisper, knowing there’s no use in arguing with him.

He’d do anything for you, even when you call him in the middle of the night crying, especially then.


Luke: Are you up for putting some theories to practice?

Ocean: Like what theories?

Luke: Like “Love’s supposed to be stronger than fear”. Or “Woohoo is a great sleep replacement”. Or “There can never be too much ice-cream”. Which do you prefer?

Ocean: May I have all of them?

Luke: Everything you want, strawberry pie. Everything you want.

Friend Things
  • whispering inside jokes/memes during a time when you’re supposed to be Serious™
  • driving nowhere in particular while you try to figure out what to do
  • the “Default Hangout”
  • differing ideas of acceptable movie theater behavior lead to threats
  • ordering from the appetizer menu at 11pm
  • “can we please have separate checks?”
  • borrowed sweatpants
  • the likelihood of sharing food is either 100% or 0% there is no in between
  • “did I leave ______ at your house?”
  • texting each other your weird dreams (capslock optional)
  • using parents’ first names (is it a joke? who the fuck knows)
  • tag-team storytelling 
  • only the shittiest finest jokes 
  • it’s anyone’s guess what fuckery is gonna happen if you make eye contact in public
  • passing the phone
  • aux cord fights
  • why get up if you can just throw the thing to whoever needs it
  • putting on a movie to appreciate while you talk over it
  • *Molly's flat*
  • -knocking-
  • Molly:*mock gasps* I wonder who that could be...
  • Baby Hooper:*grinning* Sherlock! *runs to the door; pulls it open*
  • Sherlock:*smiles* Hello, Wi-
  • Baby Hooper:*pulls him inside* Sherlock! Look what I can do *attempts the Vulcan salute*
  • Sherlock:*nods* Brilliant. You must take after your father *looks up at Molly standing in the doorway; smirks* whomever he may be.
  • Molly:*shrugs* A git.
  • Sherlock:*ruffles Will's hair* A handsome git.
  • Molly:*rolls her eyes* An arrogant git.
  • Sherlock:*looking at Will* All of those things. He has to be.
  • Baby Hooper:...
  • Baby Hooper:*sighs dramatically* For God's sake, Sherlock, I KNOW you're my Dad.
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:...
  • Baby Hooper:*blinks innocently* When's dinner?

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How would nct pillow talk?

What a romantic request ♥ I apologise on behalf of us for taking time to answer this incredibly cute request T^T

Taeil: I strongly believe that as a Gemini, this guy actually has two sides to him. One is his quiet, shy, nervous side; and the other is his dorky and crazy side. I believe that the first few pillow talks will be very shy and awkward. However, as time passes the pillow talks will become as intimate as they’re supposed to him. You can expect him to slither his arms around your waist and pulling you closer, with his thigh resting just an inch away from the junction between your legs.

Hansol: Lord, don’t get me started. He will be such an adorable puppy!!! But again, when he’s serious and more used to it, he will get boldly romantic. He looks like the person who would just want to drown in your eyes and smile innocently, at times dropping bombs of very bold stuff which he usually won’t say. When he will talk about his insecurities, however, I can imagine him facing the ceiling above and talking his heart out, while you are staring at him from your side. When the tear rolls down his temple, you can always go up and kiss him there. You can expect him holding on to your hands with your head on his chest as you two talk yourselves to sleep.

Johnny: Oh boy, the intense guy who’d spoon you as he talks against your hair. His lips are going to be on the top of your head,or buried in your hair. Pillow talk will be the conversation where he will open up the most. He will talk about all his insecurities and doubts, and won’t let you turn to face him as he secretly sheds a tear or two. I feel like he’s the kind of guy who will get on top of you to kiss you passionately, succeeding which will either be sleep or a sleepless night ;)

Taeyong: Taeyong isn’t very good with expressing himself in romantic situations, but I have a feeling that he’ll be EXTREMELY expressive during pillow talk. He will say all the cheesy stuff which rotate in his mind the entire day, how he wants to kiss you in front of the members when they playfully flirt with you, how he wants to kiss off the coffee froth of your lips, or just lick ‘em off. Again, when he’s turned on, he will spoon you, whisper all his fantasies and what he wants to do for the night in your ear, as he nibbles there and starts kissing along the side of your neck, his hand creeping up from your waist, through the valley between you… OK I NEED TO STOP.

So… I think he will hug your side as he buries his face in the crook of your neck. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a sleeveless shirt or t-shirt because he will get frustrated if he can’t bite your shoulders and just tear your shirt off. Now, on the serious note, he looks like a very wise person. He will talk about things that worry him, also release all his pent-up frustrations by biting. He will address the things that worry him, and when you get bored of his serious discussions, he will get fiercely romantic and blow you away with wits and romances combined. He kinda seems like the romantic Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan to me, idk why. So yeah, I can definitely imagine real mushy stuff eliciting his beautiful, soothing smile.

Kun: He is the type of person who will say the dirtiest fantasies with the most innocent smile. When you stare at him with wide eyes or squirm a little, he will laugh at you maintaining the same innocent smile. When you pout and face away from him, he will move closer to you, and kiss your neck to let you know that if you act any cuter, you’re not getting sleep easy. He will be a very low-key mischievous person in bed, and if you end up saying something embarrassing, he will tease you about it in front of others the next day with the most innocent smile possible.

Doyoung: He will talk a lot. What he thinks of you, what he wants the future to offer, how he views you, how you inspire him and make him feel loved when the rest of the world teases the shit out of him, and WHATNOT! 
Okay okay, but apart from that he will sing you romantic songs, and talk about how he wants to be with you while recording, in backstage, and how much he thinks of you. He will whine about being teased by the members repeatedly to, and ask you if he really looks like a bunny. If you say no, he will hug you closer and drift off to sleep. If you say yes, he will show how ferociously a bunny can thump. 

He will keep on smiling greasily at you and say awkwardly mushy stuff, and when you throw him a ‘look’, he will bite on the tip of his tongue and say ‘Sorry’ in that oh-so-adorable-voice-and-accent! He will take your hand and wrap it around his body, and hold your face as he kisses you. He will kiss the tip of your nose, smiling the entire time because he knows you love it. However, if he gets turned on somehow, there will be such deepness in his yes and his face will be so solemn you’ll have a hard time understanding if it’s his smile that melts you the most or his *turned-on* solemn expression.

Jaehyun: This romantic asshole will have you beneath his hold. His one hand will be propping him up, while the other cages you just beneath his gaze. He will tell you what he wanted to do to you in the practice room, in the dinner table, while showering, and while you were cooking and doing dishes for him and his members. He will excuse the boner he got on stage with ‘I was thinking of you, y/n.’ When you try to hide your flushed face, he will take your hands, hold on to them firmly, and say, “Don’t you dare, y/n.”, his voice menacingly, low-key dangerous and loving at the same time.

Winwin: Okay… this baby will be so adorable that you will just end up kissing his entire face. He will say verrry romantic and mushy things in Chinese, or the language you don’t know out of the three, and when you stare at his face with confusion spurring your mind, he will just hide his face in the pillow and wait for you to grab and kiss him. He will talk about how he missed dancing Chinese ethnic dances, and his family. He will also talk about all the gifts and toys he got in the fansigning events, and the ones he wants to share with you.

Okayyy I hope you like it. Thanks for the request, anon ♥

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I’m back. It seems like I was gone for an eternity and I’m sorry for that. But heeey, I hope this one makes up for it. Tell me what you think pleeeaaaseee, don’t leave me hanging.

Request: reader is super punk rock and goth n stuff, like has piercings, tattoos, hair dye, etc. and they’re into mcr. they introduce bucky to welcome to the black parade and he gets emotional and wow look it’s his new favourite song

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She is everything she isn’t supposed to be.

In a world full of neon lights and bright colours that look unnatural, she’s a welcoming exception. A sight that Bucky embraces gladly when he lands eyes on her.

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Bill Clinton wore a fetching navy pantsuit to honor Hillary Clinton's nomination for US president — Quartz

I’m sure this is supposed to be some edgy jab against journalists and bloggers commenting on women’s fashion choices more than they do men’s. I see similar complaints every time an award show rolls around like the Oscars or the Tonys. “Why don’t they ever talk about with the men are wearing??? Muh internalized misogyny!!!”

Has it ever occurred to you that the media tends to be more interested in what the women are wearing at formal events because what the women are wearing is often genuinely more interesting? What do men wear at formal events? Usually they wear suits. A suit is a suit is a suit and once you seen one you’ve pretty much seen them all. Sure they may be slightly different colors or styles or designers but they look essentially the same. Meanwhile dresses can come in all sorts of styles. colors, lengths, designs, etc. I’m sure if it were common for men to show up at formal events wearing bright pink pants with an ostrich feather trim, fashion bloggers would want to talk to them too.