George Bush trying to put on a rain Mac was the only part of the Inauguration worth watching


ok but concept: kravitz acting as a mailman sometimes and passing notes between magnus and julia 

plot twist: they all fall for each other 

i’d like to thank not only god but also @prinxe for this ship that was truly a team effort between the two of us

Their first kiss takes place at the bottom of the stairs, where their first laugh was. And, that’s where it starts, the ‘double-tap’, Sherlock calls it.

As John slowly separates their lips, he tugs Sherlock’s forehead down to his own and brings their temples gently together twice. Though Sherlock notices it happening, he has no urge at all to question it. Not when his mind is already spiraling after the first touch of John’s lips against his own. Foreheads be damned. 

But, Sherlock notices the double-tap again. This time at night, in their bed. John’s holding Sherlock from behind, arms secured around the detective’s waist. Sherlock is drifting off into the milky feeling of sleep, when he feels a small ‘bump-bump’ against the bare skin along his spine – followed by a small puff of warm air as John sighs contently.

What was it? Why does John do that?

Sherlock applies some rather embarrassing internet searches to the topic of forehead-bumping your partners…but comes up with nothing but juvenile sites for teens venturing off into the ‘Exciting World of Relationships’, as well as sites that gives tips on executing a successful headbutt that will knock out an attacker in one go.

Neither of those help. So, Sherlock assumes it’s just a John-thing. Which is fine, because that means it’s going to be easier to figure out. Sherlock just needs to focus on it better.

Two and a half weeks into the Bump Study, and Sherlock’s not really gotten anywhere.

What originally Sherlock thought was an action done after kissing, turns out to be an action done before falling asleep, after saying hello, before saying goodbye, after an argument, after tea, in the middle of watching a film, etc.

What does it mean??

One day, Sherlock gets fed up with not knowing. He hates not knowing.

“What is that?” Sherlock asks, and in confusion, John looks down at the only thing he has currently.

John waves a hand toward his plate. “Toast with peach jam…?”

“Damn the jam, John.” Sherlock rubs the heels of his palms against his eyes. “The head thing, what is it?”

“Your skull…?”

“Oh, John. I envy you.”

John rolls his eyes. “Yes, yes. I know.” He says. “Lucky John gets to be an idiot, while I, the Sherlock have to lug the weight of my big brain around.”

Sherlock peeks up from between his fingers. “You take that back.”

“You probably only have curls to hide the massiveness of your head that your brain causes.”

“I just. Want to know. Why you bump me with your forehead.” Sherlock can’t believe the conversation they’re having.

“Oh,” John’s frozen for a moment, then he’s shifting about. “It’s just…”

Sherlock is quite literally on the edge of his seat. “Yes??”

John is blushing. “I do it for a lot of reasons.”

Sherlock’s mouth falls open, then snaps shut. “Goodness, John. Your ability to specify leaves our country forever indebted.”

“Prick,” John dry-laughs. “Anyway, it’s words, Sherlock.”


“Each tap is usually a word, and sometimes it’s a single word with two syllables.”

“Tell me. Which words?”

"Okay,” John says. “Warning though, this is very sappy.”

“So be it. Sap on.”

“The words are: ‘thank you’,” John gets out of his chair. “’Need you’, ‘want you’, ‘love you’, ‘hate you’…” He stops in front of Sherlock, leans down until he’s close enough to softly bring their foreheads together twice. “’Sher-Lock’.”

John breaks the name into its two separate sounds to show how it fits into the double-tap.

Sherlock doesn’t know why he feels so near tears.


“Everything is really falling into place in my life…”


“A Dogs Purpose” is a movie about a dog and how he has changed multiple people’s lives.
This movie also happens to be pulled from many self-owned theatres, along with cineplex and cities wanting to get rid of any screening.
The video that went viral was two clips edited together to make the assumption the dog was harassed, on top of it the voice we hear so clearly should not be heard clearly. The water in the background should have muffled the voice even beside the camera as it. The voice is actually edited in.
Due to people’s rash thinking, we assume the dog was neglected and thrown in the water. When the director talked about the issue, he said he was with another team at the time of the supposed incident. Many people didn’t believe him at all cause apparently having two teams is not a thing.

1. We have a 1 long video showing what could be animal harassment.
2.From personal experience and knowledge the voice had been added in.
3. There is such a thing about more then one film crew for a movie. Doing so cuts the filming in half and provides more post-production time. Honestly, you would have multiple crews too to finish filming within 6 months instead of a year.
4. If there was any animal harassment or neglect the movie wouldn’t be screened. Why you ask?
There is a agreement all directors, Producers and AP’s must follow, and if there was any animal harassment there jobs will be gone ASAP. If anyone spotted anything, they’re allowed to speak up. Film crew would’ve walked away and this would’ve been publicized in summer of last year if all these allegations where true. Film would’ve been slatted immediately, and we would never hear of the movie going to screen.
5. You think to rationally and quick and don’t look into the parts of the viral video. You never questioned it.
Whoever had the video had it for months! Before they released it to media, which happened to be 2 weeks before.

If you hate me, go ahead. It just shows who looks into things and knows the fact of a movie.

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Zayn looks like he has dry skin but pop some coppery gold metallic eyeliner on him and his eyes will sparkle I swear

I literally feel like a capillary exploded in my left eyeball at the accusation that Zayn has dry skin. I’ve seen some shit thrown his way on this site BUT the very implication that Zayn Javadd Malik, one of the premiere hair and skincare innovators of our GENERATION, does not moisturize and exfoliate and use serums is a slight on his character that I WILL NOT LET STAND. 


Look at that texture, LOOK AT IT. I bet even babies touch his face and are like 

Even in an amateur photo Zayn’s even skin tone and micro pores make him look like he’s starring in “The English Patient”. WHEN WILL YOUR FAVE EVER

This is a candid but he might as well tell everyone else to go home. He looks like he’s about to star in a Neutrogena commercial 

IN SUMMATION, Zayn has reached the heights of skincare at a mere 24 years old that most will never achieve in a lifetime. 

I wish people will realize that fandom racism/sexism is neither illumined nor solved by scolding people for what they do like and what they do enjoy paying attention to for whatever reason. It’s fine to point out troubling trends and to analyze representation in media and in fandom but as soon as you start telling people that they are obligated to like something over something else lest you “erase” such and such a character/ship or otherwise give them no alternative in order to be declared “unproblematic” you’ve hit a practical and logical dead end. 

Fandom has a lot to do to make itself an equitable and free place, but telling fans not to be fans of their chosen obsession has never and will never work. 

Four years of Trump is four years of demanding our voices to be heard. Don’t stay silent. If you believe in something strongly enough then make it your mission to make change happen. Don’t sit and watch your beliefs get torn apart, get up off of that couch, out of your bed, and into the real world where real things happen that affect us all like it or not. A single voice starts an idea, but only we can make that idea spread. Women’s bodies are their own and they have the right to choose what is done with them. Women are not just pussies to be grabbed at, Muslims are not all terrorists, climate change is real, gay is not a choice, and building walls to keep out “problems” is not the solution literally or metaphorically. What I am saying is real, and if you can’t handle the reality of my words then the unfollow button is right up there. We can conquer this together.