well they say I gotta habit that I’m just a drug addict and I’ll never be nothing more

well they can just have it, I don’t care if I’m damaged, honestly I just think I’m bored

and alcohol is just a flavor that I wanna try and savor every second that I’m on tour

I’m gonna do what I want, I don’t care if it’s not what you want anymore

so now I’m drinkin’ coca cola with some whiskey and a soda I’ve been sippin’ since 10am

and every morning I wake up I just wanna give up but I guess I gotta deal with it

oh my god, it’s like boo fucking hoo, it’s just all about you, and man you’re so sensitive

and do you really think that I wanna be that guy that dies without any friends

but don’t go so sentimental now, I’ve got my whole life to figure it out, I’m gettin older and I’m freakin out cuz I got nothing to show and I’m still fucking broke

and now I’m one week sober and I’m still hungover and maybe I should take a break

and I think I need help cuz I’m playing with myself at least three times a day

and what’s the big fucking deal if I don’t wanna feel, but I got some reservations about rehabilitation

cuz I drink ‘til I’m mad
and I love being sad
oh my god I’m becoming my dad

Just Haven’t Met You Yet

Christmas gift for @tonythegirl because they’re an adorable smolbean who’s also a super fucking talented artist and I just need them to know they’re gr9

Gabriel Novak was the unluckiest man on Earth, and everyone knew it. Not because he was a sarcastic and handsome devil who liked sweets just that bit too much, leaving him with a small chubby stomach. Nope, Gabriel was the most unlucky person because his soulmark, inscribed on the inside of his wrist, said Hello.

 He threw the drink he was holding back, swallowing and scrunching his face from the cinnamon burning of the fireball whiskey.

I’m not surprised,

Not everything lasts.

He ran his thumb over the hello on his wrist and sighed as the barman poured him another drink. A woman slid into the chair beside him, already drunk, chest half out her dress. Gabriel just turned his head as she purred a ‘what you drinkin’?’ into his ear.

 “None of your business.” he mumbled back, and she looked hurt as he glimpsed a Fireball on ice on her wrist. Good thing he didn’t take ice.

I’ve broken my heart so many times I’ve stopped keeping track.

It was true - he had had his heart broken so many times. The amount of people who’d said hello to him, and he’d gotten hopeful, only to find out it was a waste to get all excited. So he stopped getting excited whenever someone said hello. What was the point?

Talk myself in, I talk myself out

I get all worked up just to let myself down.

So many times he’d heard a hello, looking up from whatever he was doing, and spotted someone who he wouldn’t mind being his soulmate. And he couldn’t help but let himself worked up over it because what if this was the one? But it never was.

I tried to very hard not to lose it.

I came up with a million excuses

I thought I thought of every possibility.

With every hello that came and was ultimately unsuccessful human being he tried not to lose his goddamn mind. He’d spend hours staring at himself in the mirror, trying to convince himself that one day the right hello would come, though it didn’t feel like it a lot of the time. He’d look at himself, and think up of so many reasons why he hadn’t seen his soulmate yet. All the usual things, he had a too common mark, maybe his soulmate lived too far away, maybe Gabriel was the one who spoke first What could he say that ended in a hello? He’d spend hours pacing his apartment floor, debating how, when, who. At 25 years of age Gabriel Novak decided he wasn’t just the unluckiest man, but he was the loneliest too.

And I know someday that it’ll all turn out

His own personal mantra. He’d know. He knew that one day, one day it had to work out, right? He wouldn’t, couldn’t be alone forever. One day he’d find the person he was looking for. And it might take him a while to find him or her, but i would be so worth it when he did.

You’ll make me work so we can work to work it out

And I promise you kid, that I’ll give so much more than I get

 “Hello?” a voice said from behind him, and Gabriel spun on his seat, the voice sending a shiver down his spine as he looked up at the giant of a man, with a soft smiling face and glittering gentle eyes. He was handsome, so fucking handsome, handsome enough that he knew that were was no way he was talking to Gabriel. But he humoured him, because… well. He could work for it. He’d work for it if this was his soulmate.

 “Is it me you’re looking for?” he raised an eyebrow as he sipped his drink, and in that moment Pretty Man’s smile faltered, before coming back twice as strong, nearly throwing his drink onto the bar as he grabbed Gabriel by the face and crushed his lips to his in a kiss. “Mmph!” Gabriel squealed before realising that the man was a very, very good kisser, and he let himself kiss back, eyes closing into it. As the man pulled back, Gabriel’s lips parted as he blinked, trying to clear his head from what happened, the man pushed his sleeve up. And there was the shitty joke that Gabriel just made.

I just hadn’t met you yet.

Gabriel dropped his drink as he stood, ignoring the height difference between them as he dragged the man down for another heated kiss, heart swelling in joy.

 “Sam.” he whispered against Gabriel’s lips and it took him a moment to realise this was an introduction.

 “Gabriel.” he murmured back, ignoring the people around them who were cheering around a small TV set as a countdown started.

 “So, hello was your soulmark?” Gabriel nodded with a laugh. God it sounded so fucking shitty but it didn’t matter, it didn’t matter anymore.

 “Listen - kid, I’ll - I know, I… fuck. I promise you kid, I’ll give you so much more than I get, you’re - god, I never expected someone like you -”

 “Gabriel, I don’t even know you, but you’re perfect.” he whispered as the countdown hit ONE and party poppers exploded around them both, hough neither noticed. Honestly? They were both just lost in the others eye.

Elderlies say the darndest things

Elderly lady patient: I need somethin to help this constipation. Sometimes my bowels get all locked up.

Wayfaring: Well why don’t we try some Miralax first. You just mix a capful into whatever you’re drinking. It doesn’t really have a taste.

Patient: What if I’m drinkin whiskey?

Wayfaring: Depends on how much whiskey you’re drinking. 


Although the follower count is different now, this number felt super special and like good luck or something!

So I wanted to take this moment to say thank you all SO SO SOOOO much, I’m so glad I can share this game and these characters with you and you all really are what keep this blog going. I love making you guys smile, this blog and these comics really just feel like I’m hangin’ out with a bunch of friends, tellin’ jokes and drinkin’ soda. Because that’s what you all are to me, a bunch of friends!! We’re more than blog-mates, we’re buds.

I cannot thank you enough, it means so much to me and I really enjoy the time I spend with each and every one of you! I know I’m not always able to answer all my asks (believe me– there’s a lot!) but know that I always mean to and try to answer as many as possible! If you send me something off-anon, I will always try to respond with a private message so if I don’t chances are I just got overwhelmed or busy and I’m sorry! Regardless, you all really mean a lot to me and from here on out we’re Forever Pals ;^ ) okay? Thanks again, guys! Let’s continue to enjoy these silly characters and comics together and have a great rest of the day/night!!


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oh god, you are so adorable,” Harley smiled, “whatever you’ve been drinkin’, I clearly need one. Hang on, what made you get this drunk?”

      “Plant thing for babies,” Ivy wobbled over to lean against Harley. Was everything spinning? “Do YOU know… Harls’s smell like sunshine?”

You’re insane

Words: 873

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Blood, graphic violence, knife mention, death

Parings: Troffy / Ross

Summary:  Trott tries to break off his relationship with Alex, who comes home drunk. Everything gets taken out of proportion and Ross is too late.

Prompt Inspired by auburn-trees. Some Troffy angst for you all

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