I Didn't Lose Him (L)

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Request: You should do an Infinite L scenario where he lost your kid or smth but turns out that the other infinite members had the kid

Passing off the 9 month old boy in your arms was hard, even if it was to his own father. “Don’t worry I can watch Eunsoo” he promised as his eyes screamed he was tired. “Myungsoo, I can take him to the doctors with me-” “no he can stay with daddy in the dorm, right? You wanna stay with daddy” Myungsoo cooed to Eunsoo who smiled at his father’s tone. “Go, make sure you’re not pregnant again” he says as you crossed your fingers. After taking a pregnancy test a few days back you two worried you were pregnant again after it came up positive but the next one the following day was negative so you weren’t sure what was going on. “We wouldn’t have this problem if you took the time to check” you mumble as he scoffs “go” he hummed as he bounced Eunsoo carefully. You press a kiss onto your fingers and putting it to both of their lips before you headed off sadly. 

Myungsoo carried Eunsoo over into the living room where he sat Eunsoo down on the floor before sitting down in front of him “the boys will be out for a bit so its just you and me” he say as if Eunsoo really understood him. Myungsoo watched Eunsoo fall back knocking his head off the rug, he quickly rushed forward in fear but Eunsoo simply rolled over onto his stomach babbling away. Myungsoo covered his heart as it was pounding rapidly at the thought of his boy getting hurt in anyway. Myungsoo leaned back against the couch listening to Eunsoo babble before he realized he fell asleep.


Myungsoo’s head shot up the moment he realized he fell asleep. His head rapidly looked around for his soon who was no longer in sight. “Eunsoo” he calls as he stands up. He saw a little sock on the ground and began pondering what your son could actually do. He pulled his phone out and called you “hello” “hey hey Y/N. Quick question can Eunsoo crawl?” he asks scratching the back of his head. “No he can barely scoot on his butt, why is-” “nah then don’t worry” he says ending the call as his hands ran through his hair. He didn’t realize he had passed out for nearly two hours and his son could be anywhere in the dorm now.

He quickly started rushing through the dorm thinking his little one squirmed away some how. Room after room he looked as he began to panic more at the thought he lost his son. He thought something could have fallen on him and Myungsoo couldn’t hear him or see him. Then he thought someone took him or something like that. Before long the front door opened and Myungsoo rushed out.

He let out a huge sigh as he saw Eunsoo in the arms of Dongwoo “hey” he says “you took my son” he calls out. “I found him in my laundry basket. I didn’t even know Y/N was bringing him over today” Dongwoo says as he put a plastic bag down on the counter. “We ran out of diapers during his last stay over so I got new ones” he continues as Myungsoo took his son away from Dongwoo. “You could have left a note” he says “I texted you” Dongwoo says. “I left you a message saying ‘if you woke up I took your son to the store with me’” Dongwoo explained as Myungsoo held his son tightly.

“Why is he here? Not that we don’t like him visiting and all. Just curious” “Y/N had a negative and positive pregnancy tests. We’re just making sure” he says “dude if you have two kids already what are you going to do?” Dongwoo asks leaning against the counter. “Take care of them” Myungsoo says as it was the obvious answer “finally move in with Y/N” he continued. “I’d do a lot of things I don’t do now” he says. “Is he staying the night?” he was then asked “depends if Y/N wants to be alone” Myungsoo shrugs.

His phone vibrated as he pulled it out ‘we’re good’ it read from you as he let out a sigh. “No baby” he says ‘celebrating with my friends for the night, can you have him stay over the night?’ he then read. ‘Yes’ he typed back one handed as his son reached oflver trying to take the phone from his father groaningnas it moved farther and farther away. “Yup. He’s staying over” he says to Dongwoo who quickly takes Eunsoo “let’s watch cartoons yeah?” he coos taking Eunsoo back into the living room.

INFINITE REACTION:  When they gf suddenly bite his lips

Sunggyu: “are you teasing me or what?”

Dongwoo: “ahh you scared me, aish”

Woohyun: “omo, omo, It hurts so much jagi” *fake cry*

Hoya: “what was this?”

Sungyeol: “Oh, you hurt me, now you’ve got to give me a kiss to cure it”

L: “hyung… help me”

Sungjong: “I’ll punish you later, just wait”

Only Infinite today

~ADM Cherry~

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One Two Three(Poly Relationship w/Donggyu)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Would I like you to do more poly relationship stuff? HELL FUCKING YES!!! THESE STORIES GIVE ME LIFE! as for which boys, I shit you not I would fucking die for you to write story with Dongwoo and Sunggyu from Infinite.

Summary: A new relationship are always interesting

Dongwoo let out a light groan as he woke up his eyes opened slightly. For the first time in a long time he woke up in the bed not just with Sunggyu but with their new girlfriend, Y/N. New, meaning roughly 4 months she was exactly what they needed in their love lives. Even though the pair were happy together, Dongwoo had always had a thing for her and now he finally had her.

He smiled as he noticed Sunggyu’s grip on her ‘I don’t like the idea of someone new in our love life’ played back in his head from months ago. But now he really knew Sunggyu was mad for you. Dongwoo ran his fingers down your naked spine watching the goosebumps rise as your body shivered. You moved slightly which caused Sunggyu to groan and open his eyes meeting Dongwoo’s for a moment before closing them again and gave him a light smile.

“Good morning” Sunggyu says feeling you curl into him more “you two gonna actually wake up?” Dongwoo teases “we had a busy night” he gets from Sunggyu who’s voice was drifting off already. “I had the same night as you two” Dongwoo says in a quiet sing song voice. Sunggyu opened his eyes slightly as your head moved to glance up at him. Your eyes were closed as you flicked his chin “shut up every time you talk your chest vibrates” you say as he whines “Dongwoo look what you did” Sunggyu says.

Dongwoo grabbed you body and pulled you away from Sunggyu tugging you closer to him. “You spent almost all night clung to Sunggyu you know” he informs as he smiles. “Shut up” you mumble as you roll over to face him opening your eyes to look at him. “You owe me” he whispers you reached up and flicked him in the chin the same way you did to Sunggyu. “I owe you nothing. I already give you love” you say as you snuggle into his chest to fall back asleep.

Dongwoo looked down at you with slight disbelief before he heard Sunggyu laugh quietly. Dongwoo reached over and shoved Sunggyu, who gave him a look. They heard you groan as you sat up “I want to sleep” you tell them “and you two are making it impossible” you say getting out of the bed and grabbing one of their shirts from the floor. “Where are you going?” Sunggyu asks sitting up as well. “Sleeping on the couch, where you two don’t fit” you call as you walked out.

“Look what you did. All you had to do is go back to sleep” Sunggyu says as Dongwoo rolls his eyes. “Its almost 11 AM sorry I wanted us to get up for the day” Dongwoo says getting out of the bed “you’re ditching me as well?” Sunggyu whines “get your butt up and you won’t be alone anymore” Dongwoo says with a smirk as he grabs his PJ pants. Sunggyu sat there for a minute debating if he should before sighing “it’s not worth it” he says as he digs his face into the pillow to fall back asleep.

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Infinte if he came home to find you crying your eyes out what would their reaction be?

Sunggyu: He seems like the type to get easily flustered. He’d probably awkwardly approach you and try to comfort you, but it would be so awkward and unsure (because he wasn’t expecting it, not because your relationship is awkward) that it would make you laugh. He would then loosen up a bit and would properly ask you what was wrong.

Dongwoo: I think Dongwoo would be a super big romantic, so him seeing you cry would break his little heart. He’d wrap you up in a big hug and pull you into his chest and he wouldn’t let you go until you stopped crying. He’d let you cry it out until you were ready to talk about it.

Hoya: Hoya would be the boyfriend to assume that someone did something to hurt you. He’d also pull you into his arms, but he’d ask things like, “Who did it?” and, “Who do I have to hurt?” Which may make you giggle and would in turn make him feel a bit relieved.

Woohyun: We all know how greasy this boy is. I think he’d use all of the aegyo he could possibly know to get you to stop crying, even if it just made you mad because you don’t want aegyo, you want a hug. But once you stopped crying, he’d wipe your tears and ask you if you wanted to talk about it.

Myungsoo: He is the quiet type, we can’t deny this. If he walked in and say you crying, he’d calmly set his things down and sit with you. He’d pull you into his lap and let you cry into his chest for as long as you needed. He’d stroke your hair and rub your back, he’d let you fall asleep if you needed to. He’d just want to take care of you.

Seungyeol: Personally, I don’t think he’d know how to handle a crying woman, even if it were you, his girlfriend. He’d be just as, if not more, awkward than Sunggyu and would offer up things that might make you feel better. In the end, you’d have to tell him to shut up and just hold you, but once he held you, I think he’d say something cute like, “Don’t cry. You’re prettiest when you’re happy.”“

Sungjong: The baby! I honestly feel like Sungjong would be very manly in a situation like this. If you were sitting down, he’d stoop down in front of you and wipe your tears away. He’d cup your face and ask you what was wrong. If you weren’t ready to talk about it, he’d kiss your forehead and squeeze your knee until your were.

[TRANS] Pikicast - INFINITE “The group that said that they didn’t want to see us again has returned” (2/2)

***T/N: LONG POST ALERT. More under the cut!
Part 1 is here

Piki: We heard that Hoya bought pollack soup for the fans, but that’s not right, right? It’s a rumor, right?

Hoya: Ah, that was on my birthday. Fans were at the filming site cheering me on from morning till the next dawn. I was really thankful so I took them to eat a meal together
Sunggyu: How much was it in total?
Hoya: Around 500,000 won? 600,000 won? (T/N: Around $425-$511 USD as of 150805)
Piki: Then if we throw a tantrum, will you buy us pollack soup?
***T/N: wordplay on tantrum = 생떼 (saengdde) and 생태 (saengtae) = pollack
Hoya: Of course
Woohyun: Bring on the tantrum, bring it
Piki: Hahaha! We’ll go on to the next question
All: Puhahah what’s up with them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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INFINITE REACTION: Coming home from a really stressful day at work to see their s/o on the ground cuddle up in blankets, yelling out "Welcome home my prince!”


“Oh god… What do you want?”


“Let’s go for our cuddle time!”


“Why you did not expect me to cuddle up in blankets?”



“Ooh you aren’t sleeping yet? You must be tired of waiting, my love.”


“Thank you my love, I missed you”


“You’re the princess/prince here!”

~ADM Misso

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140725 Dongwoo's Twitter Update and Sunggyu's reply...and Dongwoo's reply!

nyanya~.~ quality than quantity! Direction than speed!! Understanding than misunderstanding!!! Action than words !!!! Love than hate!!!!! Duck! ‘♤’ Pig! '00’ no-face (kaonashi)*! ¡□¡ blow fish! •※• rhino’s side face! £• Nemo’s full body from the side! €°{{ hmm..what’s your opinion inspirit members?
냐냐~.~ 양보단 질! 속도보단 방향!! 오해 보단 이해!!! 말보단 행동 !!!! 질타보단 사랑!!!!! 오리! '♤’ 돼지! '00’ 가오나시! ¡□¡ 복어! •※• 코뿔소 옆얼굴! £• 니모옆전신! €°{{ 음..인스피릿 멤버들 의견은?

*kaonashi (no-face) is a character from the anime 'spirited away’

cr: Allaboutmang7

Sunggyu’s reply: @inspiritddww ?

Dongwoo: @kyuzizi '♤'¿

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Illuminate [Sunggyu]

I so badly wanted to title this one Light *laugh* But I can’t since I’ve used that already O 3O Boo. Instead he gets another variation of the word. Hahaha!
Well. I, in the spur of the moment, bought yet another copy of Season 2…because I saw it in the usual K-mech shop I go to down here. And it was on the shelf and I couldn’t resist ; A ; My order is still waiting to be shipped OTL So…I’m listening to the CD right now as I type. My inspirational song, if my first sentence wasn’t enough of a hint, is Gyu’s Light. ; 3; Wow. So yes. That’s all I’ve got for this one :) I hope you enjoy? [It’s kind of got the same vibe as all these Fail!Gyu’s *laugh*]

Also, the bolded text is lyrics O U O I took a little bit of creative liberty with them so they might not be accurate. Though they probably weren’t too accurate even before that *laugh*


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