when chanyeol got ring ding dong-ed extra hard by luhan

I’m so annoyed right now! I saw earlier on twitter that thing with yeol saying that love isn’t something only between a woman and a man (and I agree with him) and now everyone is like “omg pcy are you hinting at something” or “my bakeyeol heart”. People can say those kind of things without being gay you know? Plus if he had said the opposite of it I’m sure everyone would called him not so cute names. 



Exo reaction when they come home only to find you on the bed wearing a sport bra and running shorts

Sehun: *diva sehun*Girl just admit that you were  trying to impress me!

Kai: Do you want oppa to give you a little massage?

Tao: Maybe I should come home at this hour more often!

Kyungsoo:*he likes what he sees*

Chanyeol:*startled yeol* Babe what are you doing dressed like that? what if the other guys see you? I better should go and lock the door

Chen:* too excited chenchen*Are you gonna wait for me like this from now on, cause guuuuul you look so damn fine!

Baekhyun:*pervy baekhyun* How about we have our little work out exercises under the blanket!

Lay:That’s a sight I don’t get to see everyday!

Suho:*gif talks for himself*

Kris: *enjoying the view*

Luhan:*gets ready for action* Okay now I’m ready!

Xiumin:*aroused baozi*

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141011 Taeyang calls Ailee on Sketchbook!

Ailee: I want an autographed album from Taeyang. That is my musical concern. (audience laughs) Taeyang’s good at all about the music like R&B, electronic music. His voice is so attractive. I personally bought his album. 

Yoo Hee Yeol: What would you say to Taeyang? 
Ailee: Do you want to go to Phuket with me…?

(Yoo Hee Yeol calls Taeyang.)

Yoo Hee Yeol: You can go to Phuket now?
Taeyang: I like Phuket so much!
Ailee: Is this the real Taeyang?

Ailee: Hello Taeyang-sunbaenim, I’m your fan! (freaks out)
(Taeyang sings Eyes, Nose, Lips to prove that he’s the real Taeyang)

Yoo Hee Yeol: Taeyang, Ailee says she likes you so much, “with music”. 
Taeyang: Ah, really?
Yoo Hee Yeol: Yes, “the music”. What do you expect at the end of the year?
Taeyang: I have no other plans than the group concert.
Ailee: (is still freaking out)
Yoo Hee Yeol: Are you okay?
Ailee: Yes, I’m okay!

Yoo Hee Yeol: Can we expect a collaboration stage at the end of the year?
Taeyang: Yes.

Ailee to Taeyang: I’m really your fan. Thanks for always making great music. I hope you will release more solo and BIGBANG albums in the future.

Taeyang’s message on the album: To Ailee! Congrats on your comeback! I’m a big fan of u! God bless!

translation source: shrimpljy

EXO reaction: When they find his girlfriend masturbating to gay porn.

ohhh this reactions is so special XD~

SUHO:”and then you say you do not like the yaoi ~ !!! liar ~”


KAI:”Honey, do not need those videos, I’m here to help.”


BAEK:”~ I feel offended.”

YEOL:”I’m a little confused?”

LAY:*He is in his world, not even entered the room.*

CHEN:”who cares.It is a stupid video.”

TAO:”For you see that video, if I can do it live. Baek come here ~”

XIUMIN:”Well baby I respect your taste. After that it is not for women, everything is fine.”