what does it mean when the whole area on the weather thingy is red and there are random polygons

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Nny what r you afraid of? :o:

Uh, well, grey face, here’s what send chills down my spine…
Chihuahuas, they do, with their evil beady little eyes and bodies, no, I don’t trust them. Same with those naked cats, I mean I hate cats in general, but the hairless ones are just as creepy and not to be trusted. Oh, old people, they’re creepy with them living for that long, just what the fuck are they planning, not to mention that they seem to know what can happen since they’re “experienced” SHUT UP YA OLD KOOK, YOU KNOW NOTHING!

Oh… Sorry about that, just… Well, that answers your question, right? Right.

Still Alivee

Just finishing my finals and I can finally be a non-responsible, blessedly slacking and forever immature adult again LOL or at least try, anyway after Thursday I shall have a bit more of time and get to answer EVERYTHING. This has become my life goal by now, that and to survive.

I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long, I need to catch up on absolutely everything in life and would appreciate it if you guys have any recommendations for me to start checking out as soon as my holiday starts!  n__n also, on a side note…what’s this whole Life is Strange thingy going on? What’s all of that about? I NEED TO BE INFOOORMED TT__TT

To those who have stick around thank you thank you thank you (♥ω♥*)

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to crawl back to my hole and study some more………..

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Broken Gyrosphere

Prompt- “hiiiii😊 could you do one where the reader is a tourist but Owen knows the reader. then the reader goes in the hamster ball thingy (i forget what it’s called lol ) and the whole park shuts down but the reader doesn’t know that and the I-rex is there. Owen goes to find them and to protect them. sorry if too descriptive :)" 

 Warnings- Swearing 

 Requested by-


A/N- I used the movie, I hope you still enjoy. 

 "Okay. I heard this was supposed to be playing some video. Why isn’t it?” You had cried out in frustration, you managed to get in a Gyrosphere alone; but it seemed that you had no signal or whatever. You continued steering towards the broken gate; it said off limits, but you honestly didn’t care. Which was your mistake. And that’s how you were here, being slammed into the ground by some fucking hybrid. You quickly undid your belt and bolted only to be met with a cliff. 

 "Shit. Shit. Shit.“ You glanced back and at the sight of the dinosaur you jumped. You opened your eyes under the clear water, the dinosaur had left and you climbed out of the cold water. Hearing the roar in the distance you took off, venturing farther into the woods. You finally stopped in front of an old building that you believed was used in the original Jurassic Park. Pushing the creaking door, you cringed. The darkness seemed to swallow everything up, you took off through the old building and came to a stop by old tools and jeeps.  

"Great. I have no clue how to do this." 

 "Then I guess you’re lucky I’m here.” You spun around to face the owner of the voice, Owen. You wrapped your arms around his neck before kissing his cheek.  

“Thank god.” He smiled. 

 "Let’s get outta here.“ 


I promise they’ll hopefully get longer soon, I hope you enjoy!

@ladielynne from Denver Colorado shares with us: “Nearly 30 years ago my husband learned the truth, made a stand, and was the only one in his family serving Jehovah. My husband’s father intensely opposed him being a witness and we only occasionally spoke. Last February (2014), after learning his father was going through chemotherapy alone, we insisted on bringing over a meal as he surely didn’t feel well. This one meal allowed us to give him a big witness and answer questions and later a study was started. Now, 16 months later, finishing the Bible Teach book, reading the Bible from Genesis to Matthew (still working on it), his Dad surprised us by telling us that he was coming along with us to "our convention thingy”. What a delight! He loved it, said this convention helped him realize he needs to do something and attended ALL three days despite not feeling well! Never in a MILLION years would I have thought that we would see in a Kingdom Hall, let alone a convention and making plans for future spiritual growth! Only Jehovah can do this! I saw more changes in my father-in-law in three days then the last 14 months and never would have imagined he’d say a prayer for lunch today thanking Jehovah for teaching him!!!!“

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Besides being the flaw(less) vampire we all know him to be, what else can Lestat do, besides converting the dying into vampires?

anonymous - thingy headcanon?

I’m having to use wikipedia and what books I have to get the exact wording down, so bear with me. But thanks for sending this in. I never thought of actually writing this kind of stuff down– mostly because I fear for godmodding. Below are only the gifts Lestat possesses, but there are many.

The ‘mind gift’  is the ability to communicate and read thoughts and to move objects with the mind. This is usually used to hear thoughts or hunt other humans, since via telepathy a criminal or amoral human can be sensed, and many of Rice’s vampires refuse to feed on the innocent, this allows them to identify their prey. 

 All vampires have superhuman senses (sight, hearing, etc) and strength, and are able do things many times faster than humans can, with little or no effort. Eidetic memory from the moment of becoming a vampire seems to be natural. However, memories of their humans lives, particularly those relating to sensation, fade over the years, making them prone to insanity and depression in later years. They can move faster than the human eye can detect, see in the darkest of nighttime, pick one sound out of even the noisiest area, and raise the volume of their voice to painfully loud levels. 

Vampires with the fire gift can set fire to an object or being of our choice. Would have been super useful to Louis, right?  Use of the gift on humans was performed by Lestat in Blood Canticle, when he set aflame gunmen on the tropical island. The Fire Gift is specially fatal to vampires, as the “changed” blood found within their bodies ignites easily, thus rendering them extreme vulnerable to fire. 

Most vampires, but not all, can also have limited flight.  Most if not all vampires dislike or even hate flying, as they find it extremely unsettling due to it being a sign that they are truly no longer human. 

Killing Gift. The exact nature of the power is unknown, but it seems to cause numerous fatal ruptures in the entire cardiovascular system. Fun stuff.  This is one of the last powers that Lestat is known to have, but not use very often. Probably because its totally cheating?? 

So a lil about the show; What immediately struck me was that they all looked SO happy!! They were beaming. Smiles everywhere. I think Liam had to stop his lines like six or seven times ‘cause he starting giggling at something lol, and near the end he said that this had been one of the most enjoyable shows they’d done in a while, and I believe that based on their faces :) There were A LOT of water fights between Liam and Louis. They were laughing and annoying each other all the time, flipping each other off and soaking each other. At one point Liam actually ran behind the scene ‘cause Louis was waiting with two bottles near his mic lol. They got so drenched they had to change clothes so yeah, a lot of water involved. (BUT it did go on for a little too long imo…) Liam apologized and said we were kind for bearing with their shenanigans. At one point Liam tried to spray Harry with some water but Harry wasn’t having it, haha. He just playfully turned his back to him. But after the first time Liam got soaked, he did bring a towel for Liam. (cutie.) Niall kept cracking up watching Liam and Louis, it was aaaadorable. He smiled so wide that you could hear the crowd going ‘AWWWWW’ :) He seemed to be in very good spirits despite the chest issues, and he sounded fine to me, he was only off with his voice a few times. There were some cute lirry moments. Liam was singing and serenading Harry a lot during Little Things, I think, and there were some cute narry moments as well, but Harry was primarily doing his own thing and had fun with the crowd. At one point he was sooo dead-set on this little girl getting a towel, she was on her father’s shoulders I think, and he kept pointing at her and said ‘This is for you,’ but it missed her, or someone else grabbed it, and later he came back and mouthed ‘Sorry about that’ to her.’ :) And he had a rose in his mouth again, which he then threw into the crowd ofc. Liam talked a bit about how beautiful it was here, and he mentioned the scenes they shot here for This Is Us, and talked abut the scenes him and Harry shot together, so that was sweet. They said they had good memories from here :) Oh and this girl had a sign that said ‘What does ‘loaded gun’ mean?’ Hahah, and he got the cutest face and was like ‘Uhhhhhh… It’s something… nice.’ and then he just laughed it off, I can’t remember his exact words but it was so funny. And Harry talked a lot actually. He had several speeches and was telling some cute stories (one of them being of a friend in the crowd who stole his girlfriend when he was 14 haha.) and got the crowd chanting and laughing a lot. “Are the girls okay?? Are the lads okay?” “Scream if you’re Norwegian!!”"You beautiful Norwegians.“ A charmer. And we got a wheelbarrow race which was funny! 

Here’s the few pics I snapped of him, I held my phone above my head ‘cause I needed to look at him with my own eyes, and then I just fumbly snapped a few pics :)

A few times he looked me dead in the eyes, and I’m now a more fragile person. Oh oh but before that he looked at this other girl, and she actually FELL down ‘cause she was like OMG OMG lol. Harry’s effect on people is STRONG :p He’s stunning. His presence is so electric. Whenever he came to our side, people were flocking around him and pushing to get closer, it was insane. And he would break into a smile so wide sometimes, and I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life, I swear. His voice sounded amazing and so strong, even though it was difficult to hear all the vocals clearly as there were a LOT of screaming.. (and it’s a stadium..) But I got actual CHILLS when he sang his first verse in 18, you could hear him so clearly, and ugh, he sounded so lush and heavenly. As for attire, he wore my fave boots! And one of my fave shirts!! I had on a veryyy similar outfit actually, so good taste! :p And for the encore he changed into this delicious grey shirt/henley that hugged his body so well and he had his hair up in a bun. (Nice to get both). And then before the last song he went up to the middle of the stage and pulled the hair elastic out and shook his hair, in a VERY demonstrative rockstar way, haha. The time FLEW by though, it felt like half an hour had gone by when they were doing BSE. But all in all it was a fun show. Oh and the fans held up signs that said ‘THANK YOU’ during NC, and balloons were bouncing above us during no Control :) Harry did an amazing show, and in the review in the biggest newspaper in Norway they said he was the most gifted STAR :)

Sugar Allowance - What Form Do You Take It In?


Bank Transfer?

Gift Cards?

Bill Pay?

Pre-Paid Cards?

Square card payment thingy?

What’s really the best method?

I’ve seen this topic pop up a lot but I’ve rarely seen a good answer for it.  Like me, I’m sure many girls out there have wondered numerous times, how the hell do I get an allowance?  More importantly, what about my privacy?

When I first started in the bowl it was cash all the way.  I wasn’t getting very much, typically just pay for play kind of thing and it was around $400-$600 each time.  I didn’t like it and for a while, I stopped sugaring anyway, so it didn’t matter.

Then I met my most recent SD (now previous).  And my allowance was monthly and…substantial.  The first time he gave it to me, we hadn’t worked anything out so it was cash.  And of course, because it was so much, I felt really uncomfortable.  It was a lot of money and I didn’t know what to do with it!  Where do I put it??  Do I deposit this in the bank?  Hell No.  I brushed that off immediately because obviously, I didn’t want to be hounded by the IRS.  Tax fraud, no thank you.  Even though it’s technically considered a gift and I’m pretty sure there are laws out there that mention “mistress” money matters, I’m not that familiar with them to trust putting a large sum in the bank.  

So I did some research.  I didn’t give my SD my real name and kept it that way through our entire relationship - I have a HUGE issue with privacy.  So direct bank transfers and bill pay were out of the question (he’d need all my info for that) - also this goes back to the whole tax thing.  Another thing out because of the sheer amount of my allowance was the gift card method.  No gift cards are worth as much as I was getting monthly and it would be such a hassle for him to have had to buy a new one and load money on to it each month or whatever. So no gift cards.  I looked into the Square cash and Square card reader thing.  The card reader just seemed way too transactional for both my and my SDs taste.  I believe he said the phrase “Guess my Amex really WOULD buy everything.”  Ugh.  And Square Cash deposits right into your bank account.  I looked into seeing if it would deposit to a pre-paid card that’d have no attachment to my name but alas, no such luck.

So I researched pre-paid cards themselves.  I did HEAVY research on prepaid cards.  I’m now like the guru of pre-paid cards.  Which ones hold how much money, how you are able to load each one, which ones carry the highest fees, which ones need your full disclosure, which ones require no info at all.  I’ve boiled it down to a science and this is what I’ve come up with:


This is how we did it:

My SD opened a serve account online and they sent him his personalized card. Having the online account is key here.  You can buy a temp card at the stores but the online account gives you just so many options.  It’s magical.

So, once he opened his account and was sent his card, he opened a “sub” account for me.  All he needed was a name and email address and from my end, I confirm everything and my card is sent out.  Voila.  No, he didn’t need my real name and no, I didn’t need to give any other information besides that.  I made my own account online that he cannot access without my password.  If I change my password, he doesn’t see it.  He can only put money on my card - his sub account card.  It’s that bloody easy.  

Other than being able to use the card just like any other debit card (pay for things as you would a normal card, take cash out of an ATM, etc.) I can also pay bills online.  So things that normally require being paid with a check, I can do that too.  Amex Serve will send places a check when I need them to - I just put my student loan info in online and blam! It sends them a check.  And, best of all, it’s attached to his name, so it looks like he’s making the payments for me.  I’m almost 100% sure there’s no repercussions to someone else making a bill payment for you, you know, tax-wise.  And he didn’t need to know my info.  It is that easy.

So, any sugars out there with big allowances worried about tax things and privacy, look no further than the Amex Serve card.  It has been hugely beneficial to me.  Granted, it takes a few weeks to get both cards set up and sent, but when they are and he’s putting money on your card, it’s heaven.  

Have questions about the whole process?  You know where to find me.

Happy sugaring.  Spend wisely!

This creature is sO FRICKIN CUTE yet I still have no idea what to call it auughaugh 

| actuallarimar || actualazurite |

Her camera was aimed towards an opening in the group leading into a cave half filled with water. It was pretty hard to make out in the five am light but it looked like it had something built, no, formed, inside of it.

So naturally Egan got closer and closer until the airflow coming out of the cave and out into the open air teased her bare feat. She pointed her camera down into the void of the cave and snapped a picture. She opened the picture and, yet again, almost nothing was visible. The photo was black with the occasional light and dark hues of dark blue.

An idea flashed and put her thoughts to a quick halt. She faced her camera to the cave yet again and snapped another photo, this time with the flash on. The teen looked at the photo this time and a breath of air escaped her lips when she saw the full image.

It seemed that some sort of structure or a spire was present in the center of the cave. The water that filled half the cave came to a stop and turned into a waterfall at the spire. It dropped off into the abyss and disappeared from her view.

She crouched down even lower to investigate. First a couple pebbles fell then the whole sheet of earth that she was laying on. Her body tensed with fear and adrenaline ran laps through her veins.

It only took a couple of seconds for her to fall down into the water below her but it felt like hours. A splash echoed and bounced off the walls when her body hit the water.

Egan popped her head up and checked her wrist for the camera that was tied around her arm. To her horrible luck, nothing was there. She let out a groan and rolled her eyes while moving her hand up to move a wet strand of hair out of her field of vision.