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So Toews finally commented on the Kane thing, looks like he'll be sticking by Kaner. Thoughts?

I do not know what planet people live on that they are surprised by Jonathan’s support of Patrick (x x). People think he should have said something along the lines of, “I am not commenting on that at this time”. All the hockey media and so many fans talk about is Jonathan Toews and what a class act he is and he always says the right thing. But if you’re going to bank off of that, you have to feel that his weakness is Patrick Kane and sometimes he is going to have a more emotional response than a politically correct one as someone who loves him so much; even if it was a different teammate you want to believe the best in people. Perhaps his wording was not as eloquent as some may have liked but he is a human being and I connect so much emotionally to that response as someone who thinks the world of Patrick and looks at him the way he does (x x x x x). This whole thing goes back to my philosophy on how people want to dehumanize Patrick see Jonathan as the perfect human but life and love do not work that way and a person’s media persona may not be wholly accurate especially for two people that come across as close as they do. 

shingeki no kyojin asks
  • Eren:when was the last time you got irrationally angry?
  • Armin:what's your favourite book that you never get tired of reading?
  • Mikasa:what's a memento you've kept for a long time, no matter how stupid?
  • Jean:what's the funniest thing that's happened to you this year?
  • Marco:do you agree with world peace?
  • Historia:if you could be royalty of any country - which country would you choose to rule?
  • Ymir:would you expose your darkest secret if it meant saving the person you love the most?
  • Hange:favourite subject at school/college?
  • Levi:is there anyone that you would follow, no matter what order they give?
  • Erwin:if you were king, and rebels said they would burn down either a whole city or your loved ones, who would you choose to save?
  • Reiner:if you play sports, what's your favourite?
  • Bertholt:are you afraid of public speaking?
  • Mike:what's the grossest thing you've ever smelled or eaten?
  • Connie:Tell us the funniest joke you know.
  • Sasha:If you were in a desert island and you can only bring an unlimited supply of one food item, what would it be?
  • Shadis:Do you think that, in this world - what you as a single person does, matters?
  • Kuchel:would you want to ever be a mother?
  • Grisha:do you prioritise romance over your job/school life?
  • Annie:what do you hate most about this world?
  • Petra:do you talk about your crushes/relationships with your parents?
  • Aururo:who do you admire most in this world?

Should ALL Native American Mascots be BANNED? | Decoded | MTV News 

Special thanks to Lauren Chief Elk @ChiefElk for helping consult on this video!

For the Season 1 finale of Decoded, Franchesca (with special guest Nataanii Means!) tackles the racist and destructive use of Native American mascots that continues to portray them as a “savage” and “violent” people. With over 2,000 sports teams using their image in the U.S. and Canada alone, the perception of Native Americans has become so distorted that more people are familiar with fictional native people than real ones. What do you think about sports teams using Native Americans for mascots? 

Special Thanks To Nataanii Means:
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/nataanii_means

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can you write highschoolau wonwoo where's the qb of the football team and he likes you and your just a normal girl?? fluffy please, thank you!!


”And this is Mingyu and Hoshi,” Hansol introduced you to the last of the football players on his team.

“It’s nice to meet you guys,” you politely smiled. Mingyu and Hoshi flashed you one of their legendary grins and your heart melted into a puddle because these boys were absolutely the cutest. 

“You’re even more pretty in real life,” Hoshi gawked.

“And your hair looks really nice,” a boy named Dino piped in. Slowly all the boys crowded around you and interrogated you. 

“So what grade are you in?”

“Do you like pickles?”

“Do you watch anime?”

“Are you a puppy? Because you’re pawfect.” 

Everyone stared at Seuncheol when he said that. 

“What? Y/N is pretty cute. Wonwoo was right when he said that-”

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How much the signs hate sport

Aries: They either hate it very much or it’s their life

Taurus: A LOT, but they still want to look good though

Gemini: What is sport?

Cancer; As long as it’s not competitive, or intensive, or requires movement

Leo: As long as the sport makes them look good

Virgo: Hate it, but it’s healthy so they do it anyways

Libra: How do I use my legs again?

Scorpio: If they don’t win; “Fuck this, fuck everyone, I’m done”

Sagittarius: When it’s obligated they all of a sudden never climb trees anymore.

Capricorn: Sport is the sound of throwing all that precious time straight into the toilet.

Aquarius: Trains their mind only, because who actually cares about the material world

Pisces: Great way to lose their soaked up energy, but stay away from them! (really it’s dangerous)

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What gay sports anime would you recommend to someone who has never watched a gay sports anime before

is2fg i’ve tried to reply to this ask THREE TIMES and then I hit the fuckin backspace on the gif search feature and tumblr decides that it means I want to to go the previous page and all the text i’ve written is lost and i’m ready to commit murder

Ahem… well, first of all, I’m flattered that anyone would take me as a reliable source when it comes to the magnificent subject of gay sports anime! Although I feel I have deceived y’all, cos in reality I’ve watched precisely FOUR gay sports anime (need to get around all those baseball ones. In spite of that, I’ll do the best to fulfill your request, and hopefully you’ll find the perfect gay sports anime to get started in this magnificent genre.

Of course, to find the perfect reccommendation for you, first we need to know what you’re expecting from your first experience

Do you want something that doesn’t focus that much on the actual sport and instead uses it as the backdrop an excuse to show shirtless hunks to portray beautiful character relationships and a coming-of-age story, Free!’s got you covered!

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Aaahhh ripped boys’ skinship beautiful team bonding, just what the doctor ordered

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Now if you do want to have a full focus on the actual sport and its rules, and with a realistic approach too, but with a large cast of endearingly cute and extremely adorkable characters, then Haikyuu!! is the thing for you!

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Also, it has more ships than the US navy, just sayin’

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If you’re looking for crazy character designs, a 150% dedication to a relatively unknown sport and some techniques that may defy the laws of anatomy, look no further than Yowapeda!

Originally posted by notsuki

it’s also really funny because when people have to drop out of a race everyone acts like they died

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Aaaand if you want rainbow hunks performing supernatural sports and shooting laserbeams from their eyes while screaming how important they are for each other, what you need is a good dose of Kuroko no Basket!

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Also known as Magical Gay Rainbow Basketball

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Finally, if what you want is a lot of gay, a strong emphasis on friendship and teamplay, teenagers taking extracurricular activities way too seriously, and handsome boys being very obviously gay for each other, all of the above will get you going!

BONUS: If you’re in for the pain, the feels and the suffering… 

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I really think any of them is a good gateway into the genre, depending on what you like. If you want something short, Free!’s your best option, although it may be a little too intense at times. Haikyuu has a second season starting in a few weeks, so it’ll soon be longer than Free!, but it has extremely lovable characters and the mood is very light and friendly, very easy to get into. Yowapeda is a little bit longer and can get tiring because the races seem eternal, but it does a great job of giving every character a chance to shine, and since the protagonist is a newbie in the sport himself, he’s a good audience stand-in. KuroBas was my gateway into the genre and it has a special place in my heart for that, although it’s quite long and it may be too supernatural for some, but in sprts anime, it’s the characters that carry the show, and they do that just perfectly, plus the animation is brilliant.

Hope this helped :D

Splatoon Ask Game!
  • Inkopolis:Do you like big cities?
  • The Squid Sisters:What's your favorite band?
  • Callie:Are you more extroverted or introverted?
  • Marie:Do you want to be famous?
  • Captain Cuttlefish:Do you have any siblings?
  • Annie:What do you usually wear?
  • Moe:What makes you mad really easily?
  • Crusty Sean:Are shoes an important part of an outfit?
  • Sheldon:Are there any unusual topics that you know a lot about?
  • Jelonzo:Have you ever moved houses?
  • Inkling:Are you into fashion?
  • Turf War:Are you possessive?
  • Ranked Battle:Do you usually get good grades?
  • Rainmaker:Do you like capture the flag?
  • Tower Control:Are you lax about letting people in your room?
  • Splat Zone:Do you like to be the center of attention?
  • Booyah!:What's your favorite sport?
  • C'mon!:Do you spend a lot of time with your friends?
  • Stay fresh, squiddos!