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OCTAVEN PSAU QUESTIONS!!!! how do they meet? who falls for who first? do either of them play sports? what are their majors? dear god what kind of terrible angst do you have planned for them?! do they know what happened to clarke? what's raven's relationship with bell? what are each of their clothes aesthetic? just f me up

how do they meet?

they live on the same floor freshman year. they’re not roommates but they live pretty close to each other and they both have shitty roommates so they bond over that and usually go into each other’s room to hide when their roommate is being the worst. a lot of sleepovers happen that first year.

who falls for who first?

raven but she actively lives in denial for a very long time because it’s octavia and she’s beautiful and she can have anybody what she wants, why would she want her?

do either of them play sports?

octavia plays rugby and raven used to before her accident. now raven’s just octavia’s number one fan, which is actually hella hard for her emotionally bc she misses being on the field and playing but she pushes all of that aside to watch every single one of octavia’s games.

what are their majors?

raven is aerospace engineering and octavia is a duel major in environmental studies and architecture.

dear god what kind of terrible angst do you have planned for them?!

i mean aside from the pining, they’re p happy.

do they know what happened to clarke?

not at the beginning but they know something’s up, octavia especially. she knew clarke in childhood and she knows that the girl who cocoons in her room and has empty eyes isn’t the same girl, isn’t the right girl and raven trusts octavia. if she says something’s wrong, something’s wrong. clarke does eventually tell them once she starts going to counseling but it takes a bit.

what’s raven’s relationship with bell?

raven and bellamy are the broest bros to ever bro. raven’s an honorary brother of bell’s frat, she spends so much time at the frat house. they’re v tight and they drink a lot together. and bell’s pretty perceptive, he kind of knows that there’s something going on between raven and octavia that’s not just friendly but neither of them has ever said anything to him so he only has his suspicions but one night, raven breaks down pretty hard and he doesn’t know exactly what it’s about but raven mutters ‘she just doesn’t see me’ and then it clicks. all he can say in response is ‘i’ve never seen her smile the way she does around you with anybody else’ and raven stops crying.

what are each of their clothes aesthetic?

raven wears more leather than is seasonally appropriate. she’s usually always wearing doc martens. skin tight black jeans that are probably something close to Sinful. wife beaters and baseball t’s is what her wardobe is made of. men’s button ups she wears over clothes a lot. she definitely is more a fan of the androgynous look.

octavia is Sporty Spice. she’s the girl that walks around in her athletic gear most of the time, her hair in a ponytail, and rockin that ‘i probably just rolled out of bed but i still look better than you’ aesthetic. if she’s not in that, she’s wearing muscle tee’s with visible lace underneath and basically she looks hot always.

what differentiates swimming from other sports is that you literally cannot stop in the middle of a race. if you do, you’re in the middle of a pool with hundreds of people surrounding you, looking at you, looking down at you - you’re stranded in the middle of the water, especially if you’re in one of the middle lanes, with your coach watching, your teammates watching, and the knowledge that you’ve already lost your chance, that you lost your chance the moment you gave up. in fact, how will you get out of the pool? the swim of shame to the wall. the timer on the scoreboard is still going. you are alone. of course, swimming is not the only sport. but it’s one of the few in which this is the case, and i think that makes swimmers incredible. 

Mini-profile: Aomine Daiki

Excuse me, but I would really like to gush about how great of an antagonist Aomine is.
For the record, I’m on episode 43, so, spoiler warning for season 2 and stuff.

But anyway: Aomine Daiki.

The prodigy

KnB, for me, is a slow burn when it comes to a lot of the characters, but holy hell, Aomine. Dude has personality. He is also, let’s be honest, a dick. He walks around with a permanent evil scowl and he is dismissive and mean to everyone. The guy is 16 years old and already so done with the world. He is a sports anime character with nothing to challenge him and that is what *drives* sports anime characters. To be the best.

But for the longest time, Aomine *was* the best.

What if, at fourteen years old, there’s no more challenge? If you’re Aomine, you lose your spark. This dude is so disillusioned with life in general. Did you see how happy and cute he was just a few years ago? Once he realized that that’s all there was, he gave up. He became lazy, which is like a capital sin in Japan. He stopped trying, out of disappointment, but also out of fear that he would lose touch with everyone.

The loner

The backdrop of KnB is the Teiko prodigy team and the effects that has on the people around it. You see ‘normal’ kids like Hyuga wanting to give up on the sport, but also, the miracle kids themselves being bored and lonely AF. None of them seem to *enjoy* themselves at all. Early in season 2, Takao mentions that Midorima and him are not friends, but that he does respect him. And this is Takao, the guy who hangs out with Midorima the most. Midorima has no friends. Several of the miracle boys are fully isolated once they move to a new team. They rise so high that they lose touch with the 'normal’ people around them. Aomine definitely has this issue. He already had it in middle school and later on, he only isolates himself more. That’s why you always see him lying on a roof somewhere by himself.

Aomine’s “The only one that can beat me is me” isn’t just a catchphrase. He’s actively looking for someone who can beat him, and bar that, he will be his own downfall (that is actually such a good translated phrase, and I don’t know what it’s like in Japanese but I hope it also has that double meaning, if you know, please enlighten me).

In a way, he really wants to lose. He’s desperate for it. See that face he makes when he beats Kagami late in the match? That is not a triumphant face. That is disappointment. He looks like he just lost his faith in humanity all over again.

All the right reasons

Aomine may be a dick but he has not, I’m happy to say, gone Full Asshat yet. The show makes it clear that there is still some heart there. He will (violently) defend Kuroko when his team mate makes fun of him. He may treat Momoi like shit, but he does listen to her. He cares for his old team mates, because they were his friends in a time when he still enjoyed life. Momoi specifically stays with him because she fears he will go completely off the deep end if she doesn’t. “Who will take care of him if I don’t?”. You see that people still care about him, because of who he was. Especially Kuroko.

And that is what makes Aomine a fabulous character. He makes you root for Seirin in the Touou match, and you’re rooting for them for all the right reasons. Not just because of Kiyoshi, not just because of the power of friendship, but because you want Aomine to be saved. He needs to lose, in order to move on. You (and Kuroko) want to see him smile. So please note how his face goes back to his normal, not-evil Aomine right when he’s lost.

Seirin’s win quite literally gives this dude his will to live back, and that is beautiful.

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Anime by what they’re about: Sports ver.

Kuroko no Basket? Basketball anime

Prince of Stride? Parkour anime

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club? Swimming anime

Haikyu!!? Volleyball anime

Aoharu x Matchinegun? BB gun anime

Prince of Tennis? Tennis anime

Ace of the Diamond? Baseball anime

Air Gear? Rollerblade anime

Log Horizon? Video game anime

DRAMAtical Murder? Gay video game anime

Lucky Star? Anime anime

i think i’m just exhausted with it because sebastian honestly, genuinely deserves better and even now, four years down the road, he stiiiiiill gets treated like crap. there WERE people who cared about him, he WAS a genuinely kind person who wanted to do better and be kinder and just generally not be awful

and he was fully aware of what a fuck up he was and how badly a fuck up he could become and that frightened him. he wanted to (and he COULD) do and be better. he could be a good Prince. he could be a good companion, a good character. he could be so much more. he’s got so much unused potential and people aren’t doing anything with that and that hurts, that makes me so so sad

they’re looking at his valleys and calling them ditches

he deserves better

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so, upon seeing how much you seemed to like OPM, I decided to watch it too. Now i finished the season and really want more. Is the comic as good? Can it convey the action scenes as well? Have you read it?

now okay, my response is kinda weird here but:

I don’t aaaaactually love-love opm?  at least, not the “BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ANIME” way a lot of people seem to.  I think it’s funny and beautifully done, but not genius.  though I do still want that funny music video. mixed emotions.

but, okay, I’m going to shift gears here because “can it convey the action scenes as well”?  YOOOOOO the artist, yusuke murata, is one of my favorite manga artists of all time and my god but he does THE best action.  I mean really.  it was the anime that had something to live up to (whereas his previous manga got the worst anime of all time but had way more heart than opm but I digress I digress).  

but anyway, the opm manga uses its format as a webcomic to its fullest advantage so please do read it online.  it was practically already animated in places.  I haven’t actually really been keeping up with it for a while now, but murata never fails to deliver.  his technical skills are transcendent.