not gonna lie, I totally love it that a brand as huge as the Billboards is taking advantage of BTS’s fame to get more views??? Like, who would’ve ever thought that 7 boys from different cities of Korea that started out in a tiny company with little resources and a whole lot of hard work and passion could make Billboard want to use THEM??

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Hello! I'm still relatively new and I notice that a lot of people refer to an incident where Harry cried because of the "womanizer image" that they were selling? Can you tell me the whole story about that or tell me where to see it? thanks in advance!!! Hope you're having a good day :)

hi anon! so glad you asked because this is actually a fandom fallacy and is completely FALSE lol. i think that whole incorrect fandom belief started with this one text post that someone made and said that this gif:

was harry crying about being called a womanizer. that’s NOT what happened. the gif is from this interview:

@5:00 the question is “who is the most popular guy among girls?” and of course, all the guys say harry is. zayn elaborates and says “harry just has an impeccable way of going about…making girls attracted to him. look at him, look at his nice, curly locks…what more do you want?” and at @5:33 harry says: “he’s wrong” and then he laughs right after:

this particular video is cut so you can’t see his head shaking before he says “he’s wrong” but i think the other video that solely contained this interview was deleted from youtube. but anyway - this is the moment in the interview that the gif is taken from. so…no. he wasn’t crying over his womanizer image here. 

and don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that harry liked his image and he did subvert it in many other ways (check my tags x,x x,x - i made the links in chronological order so it should start 2012/2013) but this particular moment in fandom history is incorrect.