I think older men are attractive but if one of them ever gave me the green light I’d just

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ok but like when u think about it the only real difference between Hannibal / Will and Alana / Margot primarily is that Alana and Margot were fucking smart enough to talk to each other about their FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER AND LOOK HOW MUCH BETTER THAT WENT THEY DIDNT END UP STABBED AND CRYING IN THE RAIN DID THEY 

Allow me to hold you in my arms
Slowly making my way down to your hands and intertwine our fingers
Other hand slips around you like a wrap, pretty funny to think of it that way but what the heck
Eye contact that’ll make you feel like you rule the world
Our world
Because you deserve that much when in the presence of someone who makes you feel invincible
Let’s close this gap between us
Breathing in harmony while our lips dance to the rhythm of our two beating hearts rushed for survival
The feeling of being treated as a delicate rose
Knowing the danger of the thorns but longing for more
And more
And more
I’ll take your roots and grow with you into a full garden and you will grow far more than a single rose
There’s more beauty a rose can give and ways to kill if taken the wrong way or wrong time


What if Yukine falls in love with a human girl who can see spirits but she tragically dies and so he and Yato go on a journey to find her and make her a Shinki so they can be together forever? Just one big happy family! ADJJGLLSJHSHAHDKDJLKSJS. I just want Yukine to find love and make little spirit Yuki babies!

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