I’m having so many feels because VICTOR- HE WAITED SO LONG FOR YUURI TO COME AROUND. He definitely had a crush on him after that party (look at those EYESSS) and then Yuuri basically disappeared from the skating world. And then, when Victor went to him in Japan, he used his flirting techniques and nothing worked, had to step back and meet Yuuri where he felt comfortable and now he has this beautiful person next to him that loves him for who he is, just Victor, something apparently he hadn’t thought about in a long time and im not sobbing you are sobbing.

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On your KuroMahiSaku art you posted, you said it was one of your two favorite ot3's in the series. I was just curious, what is your other ot3?

The one I like to call The Canon One haha

tbh they’re my whole life and I adore them *deep sigh*

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i'm an exhausted larry. i should probably not take this step towards what will inevitably be my doom. but do you believe that zayn and liam are currently in a relationship (or have ever been) and if so, would you please direct me towards some trustworthy sources?

Ohmygiddygod’s trousers, R.I.P. ::clutches you to my bosom:: Today is Ziam Day in this trash heap, so I shall cradle you gently and lead you boobs first to your inevitable ruination, so we can be ruined together!

 I do, in fact, believe Zayn and Liam are currently in a relationship and have been since 2012. 

There’s a fuckton of evidence and proof about Ziam ( to the point where I want to eat my own head trying to think of where to begin), BUT i will do this as a public service and try my very best (this is long af, I am suh sorry).  I invite you to be your own Hoevestigator and take to the Google & Tumblrwebs, but I’ll try to lay down some key facts fer you.

Since today is Ziam Day in this landfill, the first place I would recommend you start is to watch ILikeYourSkirtMary’s The Story of Ziam videos. Someone give ILikeYourSkirtMary a Pulitzer for investigative journalism, because they are the most comprehensive in terms of timeline, proof, and analysis:

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6C I Part 6D

Putting the rest of this under the cut, because we have tattoos, accessories, and other assorted emotional kicks in the boob to go over.

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i’m just saying, supergirl sens8 au. cat and kara were in the same sens8–since everyone in a cluster are supposed to be born on the same day, it’d have to be someone cat’s age. except, since kara was 12 when she went into the phantom zone, and asleep, she never met any of them until she got back to earth (except, none of them know how, but when superman appears on earth somehow they all know the bright red ‘S’ means ‘stronger together.’) and once kara crashes, they sometimes get strange flashes, overwhelming sense of hearing and smell and sight, although they decrease a lot more as time goes on (kara getting more control, less freak outs), but still it’s just weird???? sometimes they think they hear/see a child and just. it feels like it’s one of their cluster but how can that be????? the whole thing is supposed to be they’re all the same ages how could there be a child all of a sudden??? but yes. sens8 au

Considering David’s story is revolving around his father and his inner darkness, something they’ve already given us a hint at… it makes sense that the person they also established would be his support system - Killian - would be confronting some demons too…

Oh my gosh. (cries)

I just read the chapter where Honey gets a cavity…. and I wish the episode had followed along with the original plot line a bit.

It was actually the Valentines Day story, and so when the Host Club turned down sweets it was actually including all the chocolate they would get on Valentines Day. 

And then at the end of the chapter, after things are resolved with Honey, Tamaki announces that they’ll be celebrating Valentines day in the club and the twins are like: “Nobody is going to give us chocolate, it’s the day before, it’s too short notice to make any.”

And he’s like: “No, we’re going to celebrate it the European way!”

And then: 

They give all the girls a rose. 

And it’s just so cute, dANG IT.