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Can we have RFA finding out their dating an idol?~

This is what I was looking for when I realized the ask box was closed!! I took a little (a lot) of freedom while writing this and it kinda got wild, but here’s RFA x a Kpop group~

Spoilers for routes~

• knew he was speaking with the main rapper of a kpop group that debuted a few months ago, who do you think he is??
• as soon as he’s hacked into your phone he’s. astounded. and he thought he was leading a double life???
• You bring up inviting your group to the party without even bringing that, um, you’re apart of them.
• 707 is like hello you’re missing a crucial piece of information??
• Helps assure your manager everything is okay by forwarding emails without telling you all the extra work he’s doing.
• When he gets to the apartment, you’re writing lyrics. Always writing lyrics and humming to yourself.
• he’s pissed because he can’t stop listening, even when he’s turned away doing his work.
• you’re on facetime with your leader and 707 accidentally gets shown and they FLIP. “[Name] is that a BOY?? no scandals!!”
• is even more dead set on you NOT coming with him to Mint Eye. Do you know how much this would explode if an idol ended up dead??
• when everything is said and done he becomes number one fan. bias is [name]. stays strong, no one can wreck it. hacks into every single bad article ever written about you and your group and destroys it with memes.
• very unsure about becoming public with your relationship, because, well, he’s a private boy. He gets introduced on V LIVE once your group is more popular and the world explodes.
• (you help saeran get to sleep by humming to him. he complains and tells you you’re annoying, but whenever you don’t do it, he gets all pouty.)

• he’s at the RFA party, no 707 and no main rapper, when here comes your group.
• he puts two and two together and almost FAINTS straight back into Yoosung’s arms. All this time he was speaking with another idol?? how dare??
• you, leader and main visual, step forward, all smiles and perfect skin and lovely clothes and say:
• “if they come back and are hurt even in the smallest way, we will kill you.”
• such a good hyung/unnie
• Zen is intimidated, and, not gonna lie, just the smallest bit turned on.
• he chases after you for. SO long. each time you’re just like “bye scrub”
• “but we’re both gorgeous!! visual with visual, it was meant to be!!”
• you give him a chance finally. you always thought he was a bad guy but after your date you’re. pissed. he’s not a bad guy at all.
• When he asks you to be his s/o he is SO extra about it. As in, goes to you company’s building, interrupts your dance practice, streams it over V LIVE. so EXTRA.
• you two collab a lot. You expected a lot of hate, and there is, but not as much as there is love.
• surprises you when you’re touring and proposes to you like while you’re at KCON or something. EXTRA.

• you’re a main vocalist.
• and he Doesn’t Get It.
• why would you do such a hateful and dangerous job??
• always complains about it, but the first time he sees you and your group perform, he stops. he Gets It now.
• he sends security with you everywhere. So not only do you have your own security that your own company provided you, you have several members of Jumin’s security team as well.
• “if that stage is wet and they fall I’m suing you for everything you have and then some.”
• There’s no hiding Jumin’s your boyfriend, either, considering how powerful he is.
• that and he uses you for just about EVERY
C&R shoot in existence.
• wants Elizabeth in all your videos and streams. you let her. she has her own fan base.
• your leader starts to tease you more, but Jumin just says it’s because they’ve adapted Zen’s trash humor.

• you thought she was bad with zen??
• you have not seen ANYTHING yet.
• she cannot BELIEVE it when you sing to her. she dies and goes to heaven. rip jaehee 2k16.
• owns all the merch. buy things like your shirts even though she just has to ask if she wants to wear them, but she wants to support you so much.
• she Gets It right off the bat.
• is scared for you in the same way she’s scared for Zen, because, well, it’s a scary profession and she doesn’t want a big scandal. You wait until the group is bigger to even briefly show her in a stream. She doesn’t do well in front of fans, but she does well on your Instagram page.
• your twitter DEMANDS more of baehee. who is this lovely girl from the cafe?? girlfriend? back up dancer? fan? you two trend very briefly.
• when she gets recognized on the street for the first time she. screams. but talks about you so passionately.
• step aside Zen because you just got REKT say hello to Jaehee’s new bias.

• of course it’s the maknae.
• you still intimidate the shit out of him though at first.
• But when he gets close enough and sees a small pimple concealed by makeup, he has a sort of inward realization of “they’re still people.”
• still scared please don’t make any sudden movements because he WILL literally faint.
• everyone jokes about you two being kids and sets up a kids’ table at the next RFA party. jokes on THEM because they’re gonna have to deal with food being thrown at them for the next three hours.
• (you get frosting in Zen’s hair and your leader has to help him wash it out in the bathroom, but neither of you get scolded.)
• after that you two hang out a little more. you game together sometimes and you’ll always get dragged away by your leader.
• he watches your guys’ dance practice whenever he can. he’s astounded.
• will literally set alarms so he can wake up and watch your guys’ streams.
• like Jaehee, he’s uncomfortable and a little rigid in front of a crowd, but he does fairly well on videos.

• they all inwardly shit themselves whenever you guys sing a song about a breakup or anything like that.
• they cosplay as all of you for halloween. except for jumin. also Doesn’t Get It.
• 707 hacks cameras a lot for everyone, especially if you guys are overseas. He’s the one that gave Zen the idea to propose and is upset he already did so he didn’t get the chance to do it too.
• they live for the comebacks. yoosung has never been poorer.

She reached into the pocket of her riding leathers and extended the Amulet of Orynth and a sliver of black stone to Dorian. He balked.

“Elena said Mala’s bloodline can stop this. It runs in both your houses.

The golden eyes were weary–heavy.
He realized what Manon was asking.

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“How very near us stand the two vast gulfs of time, the past and the future, in which all things disappear.” -  MARCUS AURELIUS

This actually made me really curious like really who would win

Cuz like ok Zen (pros):
-is always working out and jogging so he must have stamina.
-knows action moves from his plays and stuff so he must know something about fighting
-used to be in a gang i think (?) So he must have experience fighting
- Pure Spite ™

But Zen (cons):
-is an emotional and reckless person when he’s angry so he might slide into reckless attacks
-(wouldn’t wanna ruin his looks lolololol)
-Is easily provoked especially by Jumin

Yet Jumin (pros):
-is super good at keeping a level head and is good at analyzing
-practically an expert at taunting Zen
-Prob always smells like cat and is full of cat fur that would give Zen allergies
-is taller than Zen

But Jumin (cons):
-has a sheltered rich kid background has probably never fist fought anyone in his life
-works out only like 30 minutes everyday because he has no time
-does he know anything about fighting like come on

So i’m inclined to say that Zen would win if only because he knows more about fighting but i don’t know

(Though I know they’re nerds that wouldn’t actually fistfight because they dont hate each other nearly as much as they say lolololol)

Amdkksksn I told someone this and left them on a cliffhanger and now I want to finish it

 Alright so, remember how in the teaser for S4 of sherlock his lip trembled when someone was rolled in? Well, what if that was Mary’s body after she fell off of Niagara Falls? The reason his lip trembled wasn’t for her, but for John. To his understanding: Mary is the love of John’s life and he doesn’t want to see him suffer through heartbreak. As you could see, just thinking about it breaks him. Of course, as soon as he sees him he has to tell him. Surprisingly though. John is in nothing but mild shock. Sherlock turns furious then. After all, he thinks John should be heartbroken and devastated for his ‘beloved wife’

 “For God’s sakes, John! This is your wife and you-you feel nothing?!? You’re nothing but I’m shock that she’s dead??? Aren’t you supposed to be heartbroken!?! Hell, you should be furious!!!”

 'Course Sherlock’s yelling gets John a bit irritated.

 “Oh am I?? Look, you know what happened right? You remember everything that has happened these last few months! She lied to me since the day we met!! Even about the child, it’s not even mine and you expect me to give a shit about her?! No, I’ve given up on her and couldn’t care less at this point! That’s how done I am with this. Besides, why should I even be heartbroken is she wasn’t the one I actually lo-”

 That’s when everything freezes. Sherlock’s mind spinning over this and calming down while John is breathing heavier by the minute.

 “She wasn’t the one you actually what, John?” Sherlock waited patiently for John’s reply. Waiting for John to compose himself.

 “She um. Hm. She wasn’t, um. Ah, she wasn’t the one I actually…loved. Heh, she never was.” “Then who is the one you actually love?” “Can’t you just, I dunno, deduce it? That’s what you do.” “No. Tell me, who is the one you actually love, John?” Doing that little smirk he usually does, John finally said it. “You. It’s always you. I’m surprised you didn’t realize sooner though.” “Say it.” “Hm? Say, say what?” “That you love me.” 

 Oh now John’s in actual shock. Now being able to say it is Wild for him. After a bit though. He actually looks at Sherlock, really looks. Then he says it. The honest to god words that should have been said long time ago.

 “I. Love. You. Only you. I’ve never loved anyone else since that first day we met I couldn’t stop the way I felt. God help me, I’m in love with you, Sherlock Holmes.”

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*Roll credits for Sherlock S4*

shout out to new vegas for making me get emotional when i hear songs that weren’t even in the game, like auld lang syne and one for my baby, because they named quests with song titles and the quests were so damn memorable and meaningful that i still remember them long after having played it

people: Taylor Swift only sings about her exes
me: *politely shows them “The best day”*
me: *shoves “Change” in their face*
me: *throws “The Lucky One” at them*
me: *plays “Never Grow Up” on repeat*
me: *broadcasts “Mean” across town*

Imagine gently petting werewolf!Woozi, who has his head rested on your lap, until he falls asleep.