hey, uh, real actual tip from a borderline. if you feel hurt because of something someone did, don’t second guess or ask yourself “am i really hurt or am i over-emotional?”

your feelings are there, aren’t they? you’re hurt.

you’re feeling hurt, no matter how “over-emotional” you are. you’re hurting and your emotions should be treated like anyone else’s. just because you’re borderline doesn’t mean you’re “not actually hurt” or “you’re faking” emotions. you get emotional easily, yes, but those emotions need to be dealt with regardless.

“Pardon me are you Aaron Hamilton, Sir?”
“That depends who’s asking?”
“Oh well sure Sir, I’m Alexander Burr. I’m at your service, Sir. I have been looking for you.”

In which Aaron is the young immigrant and Alexander the heir to the Burr legacy.

This blog will be 100% Cheryl's Baby-Free

For my own peace of mind, I would not reblog any post that relates to Cheryl and HER baby. Yep, you read it right HER baby coz I don’t believe Liam is the father. Really don’t care how Cheryl conceived her child (I highly suspect it’s through IVF though) but I believe Liam’s sperm did not fertilize Cheryl’s egg. Sorry for being a bit blunt in there but I just want to make it very clear as to what I believe in.

I have nothing against her baby (and I never had tbqh) so I wish him all the best and I hope he has a fruitful and happy life ahead of him. I’ve always believed that a baby is a blessing to any parent so as much as I’m pissed at Cheryl right now, I congratulate her for having a bundle of joy to cherish and love. But that’s about the positive thoughts I’m willing to extend to her. There’s a saying if you have nothing nice to say at someone then say nothing at all so no comment about her though I’d like to point out she’s a persona non grata in this blog.

I’ve always hope that Cheryl and her baby would not be a talking point in solo Liam’s publicity and will be blacklisted but given that Capitol UK has posted about it (do record labels really post about their artist’s personal life?!) I’m not keeping my hopes up. Which is such a shame coz I feel like they would compete for attention with Liam’s music and Liam himself. I’ve always wished that the publicity surrounding his solo career would center around him and the music he created so I completely resent Cheryl piggybacking on his solo career through her baby in order to gain relevancy.

So that’s about what I have to say on the matter. I’ve really considered to get away from my blog for awhile. I love Liam so much though and I want to be here to support him so I’m staying put but I also have myself to look after too and BG 2.0 stress me out so I’m keeping it off my blog. If the Larries is still persevering with Louis’ version of babygate so can I and I’m going to take this day by day in order to cope with it.

That’s it and back to regular programming for me.



So this little thing that @garrulousgibberish​ and @ancientouroboros​ tagged me in ( ahh~ thanks a lot! ♥♥♥) reminded me how I’d meant to change my phone to reflect my playstation theme again (cause having a sony phone makes me want to match them ♥)

So firewatch home page! And Night in the Woods lock screen cause it’s gorgeous.

Also I rarely take photos, and so far today I have been swimming and gardening so… yeah you get an old selfie ;p It was this or my Grunkle/Grauntie Stan costume so you’ve got me and Little Light from MCM London last October ♥

I have seen a few of these and a lot of tags so lets see - @trashofdoom, @renconner, @mythomagically-delicious, @yourlocalviking, @howtotrainyournana and  if you wanna do it, feel free! This is your tag 8D

Maybe it’s better that Bellamy and Clarke were separated this ep tbh I don’t know how Bellamy could’ve handled Clarke’s hair down without brushing it away every four and a half seconds

What I liked about Power Rangers


-The very first scene with the cow.  If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.  I’m still cackling.  If you haven’t, basically a football player jerked a bull off.

-The fact that twenty one pilots played when they rolled the truck.

-Jason got in real trouble for doing a stupid thing.  Like, house arrest.  No light punishment because he’s the star football player.  Real consequences.

-Billy’s character.  His whole self.  Pure.  Wonderful.  Very intelligent.  Loved him.

-The sassy robot.

-Zack’s relationship with his mom.  He adores her.

-The nuns crammed together in the vans singing songs.  Reminded me of a friend.


-Clapping along to “HandClap” during the training montage.

-How Elizabeth Banks went all out with her weird-ass character.

-Zack keeps hitting on Trini and she just ignores him bc she likes girls.

-Kimberly admits her mistake (albeit only to Jason, but whatever) and owns up to how she handled it poorly and feels ashamed.

-Trini is made out to be the one who will betray them all, but defies the weak-link stereotype and sticks by her team.


-Did I mention how much I adored Billy?

But despite the things I liked about it, a lot of the acting was mediocre and they really needed to elaborate on character backstories (especially Zack’s and Trini’s).  It also was a lot of exposition.  Like, a lot.  And the way they all met was sloppy and entirely circumstantial.  I want to see where this goes, though, because I feel they could do a lot with the characters they’ve established.

(idk why the header came out a lil blurry sorry)

hello! my name is Jennifer and welcome to my studyblr! I’ve been following the community for a while and it has helped motivate and inspire me in my studies, so I decided to start a (side-)blog myself to hopefully do the same for others!

a few general facts about me:

— location: Canada
— currently in my last year of high school
— am headed into life sciences next year 
— I also like watching kdramas and am into kpop c:

in terms of academics:

— currently taking enriched english, calc+vectors, data, and economics
— (prev. semester: ap bio, enriched chem, adv func, music) 
— I play flute (and piano),
— and am (slowly) learning Korean in my spare time

also s/o to some blogs that have made a big impact on me (thank you so much for being so inspirational and motivating!):

@studylustre @tbhstudying @mango-studies @studypetals @bookmrk @aetudes @estudiablr @milkteastudies (+ so many others)


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