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Please let people help you, anorexia isnt funny

thank you. I know anorexia isnt funny. Its the way I cope with things a lot of times, a smile and “oh look everything is ok and fun^^”  I really dont talk about the ugly side of whats going on because I really dont want anyone to worry^^ Its why I dont talk about what my calorie intake is, purges, fear foods, what I actually weigh and what my real BMI is.

I will say this though, real talk. Im doing a lot better then I was 2 weeks ago(I think its been 2 weeks, idk my sense of time is so messed up). Im starting to feel more alive and not like a walking corpse (hint why I went from taco queen to corpse queen) and I dont have anymore chest and organ pains anymore. Its taking time, but Im turning things around. Im still dropping weight because my cal intake is still below my BMR (AN sub type restrictive), but Ive gotten it high enough to at least slow down the weight loss  and every 4 days I try to raise it slightly to show to myself that nothing bad will happen. I try not to do to much to not burn calories. I really do hate having this. Ive recovered and relapsed before in the past, and I know I will recover again. I really need to learn a healthy relationship with food tbh, I dont think I ever had one. 

Anyways Im sorry to worry you or anyone else, just know Im trying my hardest to recover, yes Im having a hard time, but I will recover and everything will be ok<3

What Is A Calorie?

What Is A Calorie? http://wp.me/p3ZWE6-rR

So, What Is A Calorie?

You probably say the word “calories” at least 10 times a day, especially if you’re trying to maintain, gain or lose weight.

But do you really know what a calorie is?

Understanding this unit of energy measurement and how it is released into and used by the body will shed new light on the best foods you can eat for successful calorie management.

This video describes the…

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i get a ton of these messages every day "i am x height and x weight, what should my macros/calories be?"

i cannot/will not respond to anons giving me heights and weights and asking me to give them macros because:
i am not certified!! i am here on this blog to give general advice about exercise and a healthy lifestyle!
i do not know you! an anonymous message with a height and weight is not nearly enough for any trainer to give you the correct macro plan. not every persons body is the same and cannot be treated as such. a simple weight and height does not give your body fat, goals, health complications, history, and specific needs.
please dont trust non certified individuals who give out these things as if they know what you need from an anon message!! please!! you are more personalized than that.
i have tons of tips about intuitive eating and getting started with healthy eating and exercise and will give advice about anything of that sort!