A new Junior Scientist Power Hour, just a few little comics to brighten this week.

This conversation only took place in my head but I had to stop what I was doing when I finally realized the drinky bird does nothing. Why would we have it drink if it does not drink? Why would we play at it having a purpose when truly its only purpose is to teeter aimlessly while we watch. What are we

Avpol week 2016

Day 1: Stands

So okay I had a hard time drawing chariot and magician so I was like SHIT time to bring back these babes. 
So yeah surprise its stand Pol (Vie en Rose) and stand Avdol (Killing Me Softly) from the last standswap week ayy
@dailyavdol was away for the week so it was a shame we didnt get to see more <3


2400 hours and 2 minutes. subject declining rapidly. all procedural interventions have failed. outcome will be death. dr. silas stone suspending all clinical protocol. us gov, object 6-19-82 is successfully activated. 

Game of Thrones may be set in a magical realm with fictional creatures that have make-beileve powers, but the science behind the stories is sometimes not far from reality. For example, there are species on Earth that share a surprising number of similarities to the crazy critters from Game of Thrones.

Take the hyperthermophilic bacterium Pyrodictium, which grows in deep-sea vents and can withstand temperatures as high as 400 °C. The Targaryens, then, may just be another example of a hyperthermophile.

You guys, my article finally got published! It was supervised by a geneticist/genetics instructor so I promise you the science in it is fairly legitimate :)!  

Honestly there should have been a warning sign on the beach  ‘Warning: Beware of attractive lanky boys with tawny curls and pretty faces’. Sirius could admit there’s always attractive boys on the beach but none this pretty before. Every weekend James, Peter and Sirius all spent their days at the beach a town over from them.

Today though a new very much so attractive boy showed up with a pretty attractive red haired girl, the two were pushing each other into the water and laughing. Where the boys were sat they had a clear pictures of the possibly couple, Sirius admired the way the other boy’s neck stretched when he threw his head back with laughter  

“Do you think those two are dating?” Sirius asked, leaning over to look at James. James looked to where the two were chasing after each other along the shoreline

“Possibly, want me to find out?” James answered back a wide smirk on his face, before James could stop him he was already up and running towards the other two. Peter was beside Sirius laughing his ass off while Sirius watched in horror as James flexed in front of the girl. Red laughed but happened to show up James by flexing herself, Sirius cackled loudly when she muscles just as big as James

Sirius noticed the curly haired boy smirking at him slightly, cursing to himself and promising he’d kick James’s ass when he came back over to them.

Sirius was busy joking around and paying attention to what Peter was doing he hadn’t noticed the boy with fluffy curls walking his way until Peter laughed and walked off on his own

“Peter what the – oh hi” Sirius meant to curse Peter off only turning around to find a very much taller boy standing in front him with a bright smile on his face

“Sirius right? James said you were the one with shaggy dog hair. I’m Remus by the way” Remus chuckled, using finger quotes around 'shaggy dog hair’

“Uh yeah I’m him but my hair is not shaggy and dog like” Sirius scoffed silently cursing James

“I never said I agreed with him, I mean my best friend even had bigger muscles than him” Remus smirked, and now Sirius could cross off Remus having a girlfriend

“I happened to see that and trust me I’ll never let him down for that” Sirius laughed looking over at Remus who smiled at him

“James also happened to mention you wanted to know if I was dating the girl I was with. Lily” Remus teased, sitting down on the blanket laid out beside Sirius

“Oh fuck him” Sirius groaned, hiding his face in his hands. Two large hands moved his own away from his face

“Don’t hide the pretty face” Remus whispered, the blush that came across Sirius’s cheeks was a thing that never happened. Sirius was always the flirt who made people turn into blushing messes but here Remus was turning the table around and making Sirius become a major blushing mess

“Let me take you on a date?” Remus asked

“Please” Sirius muttered, looking up into Remus’s eyes he smiled

“So polite” Remus laughed, grabbing the phone next to Sirius and punching his own number in

“I do have to go now but I’ll be seeing you soon” Remus smirked, pressing a light kiss to Sirius’s cheek before running off back towards his own friend while James came back to him

“Admit it, you love me” James laughed, knocking his shoulder into Sirius’s trying to break his gaze from where Remus and Lily were walking away

“Oh fuck off you ass” Sirius groaned shoving James away but a smile plastered onto his face


inspired by this post and the brilliant @softejohn