Anyway, how about a round of applause for Ben Solo killing the fuck out of his abuser


> What is I-Lovelies?
> Ah, I’m Jimin
> I don’t know this term
> I-Lovelies is cute
> Are ARMYs A-Lovelies?
> I’m Ji-Lovely
> It doesn’t sound cute
> Both Chim-Lovely and Min-Lovely sound weird
> I’ll be Jimin-doongie/lovely
> Alright~ I’ll just be lovely
> The reason why I posted the English word “yippee” a while ago
> Is because its pronunciation is similar to “ippi” that ARMYs call me by haha
> I posted it because I was fascinated by it
> I’m lovely, you all are lovelies
> I’m in my room sitting on a chair
> I was dozing off earlier since I was sleepy, but I’m awake now and sitting
> This is fun because it feels like I’m chatting (in KKT) with you guys
> I need to go, but since you all are asking for a picture, I’ll upload one and leave
> You guys have lots of questions? I’ll listen to them next time, now I must go
> Sleep well everyone
> Heart

I-Lovelies (International Lovelies/외랑둥이가) is the nickname Korean fans made for Bangtan’s international fans. In return, international fans call Korean fans by K-Diamonds.

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the first thing Feyre saw when she entered the night court were stars

It's not murder if they're dead

I’m DMing a oneshot in a spooky village. At night the village is vibrant and alive, but during the day the townspeople become terrifying undead. A dracolich rules and flies around by day, but at night masquerades as one of the townsfolk. It’s basically a whodunnit, but the murderer is a terrifying draconic beast. 

Paladin: So we should probably just kill all the townsfolk, right?

Rogue: Oh yes absolutely.

Warlock: That seems like the most logical way to flush the creature out

Barbarian: Makes sense to me 

Ranger: I mean if you guys are down with it, I am.

Me: …..alright, I’m sure at least ONE OF YOU is good aligned! 

The whole party: THEYRE ALREADY DEAD!!!


Later, in the woods…

Rogue OOC: So wait… If everything on this island is technically dead… does that include the wildlife?

Me: Well yeah, but as long as the sun is down they’re regular squirrels and birds and stuff

Rogue: Then I’m going to stab EVERYTHING. Finally, a murder spree without consequences!