• Me Ten Years From Now:So, okay, do you remember Sterek? So yeah, lemme just say...
  • Me Twenty Years From Now:Oh man, remember Sterek, it was so awesome, and I just want to say...
  • Me Thirty Years From Now:Have I told everyone lately about how much I love Sterek?
  • Me Forty Years From Now:So, yeah, Sterek...
  • Me Fifty Years From Now:I know I haven't talked about Sterek in awhile-
  • Me Sixty Years From Now:Okay, children, let me introduce you to a little something from my day called Sterek, it's this awesome ship that-
  • Me On My Death Bed:So anyway, as I was saying - Sterek is so awesome, lemme-

what’s your favorite nintendo game?

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Off topic: I rewatched a BTS interview showing how Suga shows his love and care for the members, thinking how it would be for his partner, wouldn't it be cute if he left things around the house with notes like "I know you'll need this" ahgh my heartu

there are instances where yoongi knows you’ll use something he bought without your knowledge and somehow, some way, you’d find it in the moment you need it.

he didn’t believe in predicting the future but he believed in knowing what your other half might need and getting it in case they do. so yoongi does just that. and moments like these absolutely blew your heart away to the point where it reaches the stars like the many times yoongi has done that (because it’s a mix of his somewhere in between, along the lines of you throwing him off so hard but hey let’s not get sidetracked here).

it’s one of those mornings where you get up and you’re feeling rather inspired to paint something. no big deal - something usual you’ve come accustomed to doing. just as you open your toolbox, you find that one of the colors you usually use is empty. and fuck, really? on the day you’re so pumped to start painting and what the hell is that - ‘on the day you finally want to paint but realize that you ran out of this color. here it is.’

a smile starts to form at the new bottle of paint lodged between your paintbrushes and you peel the sticky note that comes with it. reaching for your phone along in the process, a quick snap of a photo and targeting a receiver sends in no less than five seconds.

it was you, wasn’t it?’

his reply is cheeky, as if he knows.

do we have anyone else living with us?’

so was yours.

i’m only going to let that go because you bought me paint. and… yoongi?’

‘oh yeah? ahaha, yeah sure, y/n, whatever you say.’

‘i love you’

‘i love you too’
‘tho it would be better for you to just stock up all your paint rather than wait for the last minute. just saying’

‘okay you were so close to getting a reward when you got home but apparently not anymore. go suck your own dick.’

‘…that was uncalled for.’

{Shows up to the Cipher Hunt fifteen minutes late with Bulfinch’s Mythology}

{with apologies to my followers who actually read this blog for “real” content}

So I couldn’t help myself. Here is my contribution to the ongoing Cipher Hunt from my place here in Northern MN.

So you are all out there cracking codes and solving (literal) puzzles in order to try to find this guy:

Which I didn’t believe until the hunt officially began was ACTUALLY a statue that people could find. Liked the idea that it might be but didn’t think it was really hidden in the woods somewhere.

ANYways, loving the fact that this whole Cipher Hunt is like a real-life sequel to ‘Gravity Falls’, so let’s look at the plot a bit, shall we. 

So what is the deal here?

(see what I did there)

So we’ve got Bill fracturing in Stan’s mind in ‘Weirdmageddon: Take Back The Falls’

While he’s screaming backwards:


So basically fandom theory is that he is either referring to this guy:

Or to a salamander.

I mean, after all, in the second of his three books of collected mythology (hah! Take THAT tangent where you will) Thomas Bulfinch DID classify salamanders as mythological monsters right along with unicorns:

Bullfinch goes on to include an account of a boy and his sister who witnessed a salamander happily surviving in the flames in a fireplace and actually uses the phrase “the power of the salamander” before stating.

“According to [Aristotle and Pliny], the animal not only resists fire but extinguishes it, and when he sees the flame charges it as an enemy which he well knows how to vanquish.”

Well isn’t THAT interesting?

But that’s NOT what I’m trying to get at. I went off on a tangent there. Sorry

To get back to my original point, Bill calls on Ancient Powers and the general assumption is that it’s the power of Xolotl or an Axolotl. The whole Axolotl/Salamander thing is fascinating BUT if you take amphibians and Aztecs out of the equation, what would a writer of the show who KNEW there was going to be a real-life treasure hunt months later that kiiiinda’ functions as a sequel to the show, be referring to?

Well, look at this page from Dipper And Mabel’s Guide To Mystery And Non-Stop Fun:

First of all

Second of all, look at this:


So let’s recap:

Bill Cipher invokes an ancient power so that he may return

Code cracking is referred to as an ancient power

The Cipher Hunt is a bunch of people cracking codes to find Bill Cipher

In conclusion:


{we now return to our regularly scheduled blogging}


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