when ppl describe having bpd as “literal hell” and all the sudden ur spiraling into panic bc is my life actually hell?? if it’s not, do i Not have bpd??? am i making this all up???? what does “normal” even feel like??? is what i’m feeling “normal”???? is my functioning even at all impaired, or is my level of dysfunction “normal”??????? did things used to feel worse????? bc i can’t remember at all what i’ve felt before????????? who would i be without my bpd label???? who am i???? am i ok??????????

people don’t talk about modern!newsies headcanons enough like 

-they work at Barnes and Noble
-Katherine is an aspiring author/literature student who really loves her maxi skirts and Pinterest

-Davey takes up a part time job to help his parents pay the bills but he gets stuck babysitting Les so he sets him free in the children’s department of the store-
-Jack totally runs an aesthetic blog 

-that’s full of lots of pictures of nature
-and stills from old western movies
-the lodging house is probably a foster group home 

-store manager Wiesel overworking them and cutting their hours

-Spot Conlon works at like Books-A-Million on the other side of the mall
-Jack Kelly in skinny jeans, a flannel, and a beanie
-I’m putting it out there that Crutchie and Davey are total theatre geeks and probably cried watching Les Mis together or something

death knight player: honestly its disgraceful and disrespectful the way demon hunter npcs think they can just carry on about darkness and sacrifice like they’re so cool and tragic. do they even know who i am. they chose to follow illidan, for some reason, and they get cool tattoos and wings. big whoop. what a hardship. death knights had to claw their way free of the lich king’s will and try to fit back in to the world of who they were in life even though they can never truly go back and everyone they used to love distrusts and fears them and they can never stop killing things or else idk some bad stuff happens. who do these “”illidari”” think they are. my character cant get hard anymore 

demon hunter player: i like the big jumpies

Thought vs. Instinct (Nyx Ulric x Reader)

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You fumbled and fell. As you watched your dagger fall lifelessly in the distance, you thought back on what brought you to this moment.

“For once in your life, stop over thinking everything!”

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A/N: yeah the first danvin i write is mildly upsetting wooo what does that say about me

Summery: “‘He was wounded,’ Geoff starts, and Gavin almost starts spiraling again. He remembers the other man’s words earlier: He’s gonna be okay. He breathes.

Gavin get’s a call.

Pairing: Danvin

The room is far from quiet. The usual pre-recording chaos makes the tiny office feel even smaller as everyone shuffles about, and the volume is so loud that Gavin hardly even hears the first few rings from his cell phone that’s sitting right next to him. Almost.

He sighs, tearing his eyes away from where they had been staring at his screen, trying to mess with the brightness on his monitor before they started recording the Let’s Play. The room seems to go silent when he sees the name and number lighting up the screen.

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  • I'm laying in my bed. The room is completely dark. O Helga Natt is on repeat.
  • Mom: Hey honey what do you want for dinne... Aren't you over exaggerating?
  • Me: I don't know, am I? Does anything make sense to you anymore? Everything led up to this day and now... Nothing.
  • Tell Julie it's too late.
  • Mom: I will make a salad...
  • Me: *sigh*
  • Cashier: What's wrong?
  • Me: It's the scent of this place. It's nostalgic. Reminds me of lavender scent of my grandmother's house. Even color of the walls remind me of the bygone era of my childhood; the dim sunsets of a fuzzy summer evenings, and faint memory of fading dreams.
  • Cashier: Ah, you want to start all over do you? I know the feeling. It's enough to drive me to the brink.
  • Me: Verily. At some point, I began to live my life in retrospect. The now doesn't matter anymore because everything has become so bland. What am I to do in this monotonous life when my happy times passed so long ago. It's as if-
  • Cashier: *turns into a 9 foot tall vibrating metal cube that deconstructs me at a molecular level and turns me into pure radium powder*
  • Guy, with that as fetish who actually wrote this post: *doesn't even jack it just looks at the screen all sweaty and breathing heavily*
  • Girlfriend: *walks into the room unannounced* Everything okay? You've been acting kind of strange recently.
  • Guy: *quickly closes all tabs* Oh, nothing. I'm just like. I'm... you know. I've been tired.
  • Girlfriend: *suspiciously* ...sure. Pizza's here by the way.
  • Guy: Okay, cool. I'll be right out. *wipes sweat from head*
  • Girlfriend: *texts best friend* He's definitely cheating. He just closed like twenty tabs on his computer!!!!!!!
  • Best Friend: Did you look through his browsing history?
  • Girlfriend: Yeah, it's all wikipedia pages about radioactive stuff. It's so fucking weird. He's either cheating or a terrorist.
  • Best Friend: That's creepy. I'd break up with him.
  • Girlfriend: I've been considering it, but it's complicated. I still feel so strongly about him. I don't want to ruin our relationship.
  • Best Friend: Sometimes you have to break things off with the people you care about the most. For a little bit anyway.
  • Girlfriend: Yeah, I get that. It's so hard though. I can't imagine life without him.
  • Best Friend: You have to do what you have to do. It's the only way to move forward. Getting stuck in a stagnant relationship can ruin you.
  • Girlfriend: I guess you're right...
  • Best Friend: *is wearing a full hazmat suit.*
  • Doctor: *walks up behind her* Jennifer, stop texting. We need you in the bottom.
  • Best Friend: Sorry, got it.
  • Best Friend: *descends in elevator, sees 9 foot tall humanoid ant corpse on the ground* Fucking gross! Do you know where it came from.
  • Doctor: No clue. It's why we called you here.
  • Best Friend: This isn't like any cryptid I've ever seen. It must be extraterrestrial in origin. Wait... is its body full of gummy worms? *hears the sound of the elevator going up behind her*
  • Best Friend: Doctor! Where are you going!? What the fuck!?
  • Doctor: Waves to her from the elevator.
  • Ant Humanoids: *appear from the shadows in the hundreds*
  • Best Friend: No, no, no, no! This can't be happening.
  • Ant Humanoids: *surround her*
  • Best Friend: Don't fucking come near me! I'm highly radioactive! You'll all die if you eat me.
  • Ant Humanoid in the back: *listening to comic book podcast*
  • Podcast Guy 1: So when it comes to Superman, I feel like there are actually two characters. Clark Kent, the man. Then there's Superman, the ideal. They're the same person but represent very different aspects of him.
  • Podcast Guy 2: Comic books are fucking stupid, my dude. *cellphone buzzes* Hold up, I gotta take this.
  • Podcast Guy 2: *gets an alert that his favorite fetish forum has updated, licks lips fuckingly*
  • Podcast Guy 2: *under breath* Oh yeah. A new radium dust sexual fanfic. Can't wait to tweak my noodle to this! Zoo wee mama!
  • Podcast Guy 1: What did you just say.
  • Podcast Guy 2: Nothing, man. We were talking about Superman. Let's continue with that.
  • Podcast Guy 1: Yeah, as I was saying. Superman would definitely be a power bottom and

[01.23.2016] hello friends, school is kicking my ass but i am alive. heres some spreads from the past few weeks. \o/ ive had an increase in followers even though i havent been posting much?? thank you so much?? you’re all very kind. i will try to be more active again. hope everyone is doing well. \o/

You got me fucked up, you know that?
You really got me fucked up
You’re a selfish ass piece of shit
You only think about yourself without putting me in the picture
What am I even to you?
Do you even care about me or you’re just keeping me around because you’re bored?
Just tell me what you want from me
Tell me what I should do when I’m falling for you and you don’t even give a fuck
Like what am I supposed to do?
If you don’t love me anymore, just tell me and I’ll go my way
If you don’t have feelings for me anymore, let me go
Don’t be a pussy just because you’re scared to hurt me
I’ve been hurt my whole life
You are a fool if you thought you were going to be the first to hurt me
If you know there’s no futur for us, just say it
I don’t want to lose my time with someone who don’t even love me
Like what the fuck?
You know how in love I am with you, you fucking know it
So why are you doing this to me?
Why are you keeping me around if you know you don’t feel the same way?
What the fuck is wrong with you? 
Love is not a game, so grow the fuck up you piece of shit
—  L
GOT7 As Shit Admin Bitter Has Said

Mark: “Do you have a foot fetish, because if you do I’m going to shame you” (said to someone she just met… Wonderful first impression)

Jaebum: “My phone just auto-corrected my name to Emo, and I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life anymore”

Jackson: “I am that prime quality, grade A, free-range, organic, wildly-grown beef that you find for $19 at Costco. That is me”


Youngjae: “DON’T DRINK WEED”

Bambam: “A life without dabs is LIKE A LIFE WITHOUT PASSION”

Yugyeom: “I AM THE BOY WONDER” *steals paper and runs away*

  • Barry: *in a crowd and can't find Len* desperate times call for desperate measures
  • Barry: *uses his hands as a microphone* THE FLASH SUCKS
  • Len: *from across the room* that was a little.... COLD, don't you think?
  • Barry: found him

Fuck. I should have known this would happen. I forgot about Cola’s Sight and what was going on with me, I just wanted Cola to calm down and not do anything rash! I didn’t even think of how I look now.

Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckkfsd I’m nto even human anymore, and there’s no going back, and I /hate/ this, I /hate/ what I am now, I hate everything that’s happened! do you know what happened when he walked into the coffeeshop?? he saw me and /screamed/. everyone in there saw! everyone saw, and turned to look at me, and looked away like I wasn’t even worth a second thought! I wish I could just rip out this inhuman part of me, rub it off my skin, i don’t even care anymore, I shouldn’t have ever made that deal.

I did it all for cola! I saved his life, and in return he just looks at me like I’m worse than dirt! I’m not a demon! I’m not even really Gentry!

things were looking up, too! I mean, maybe maro is avoiding me, and maybe people are warier than they were before, but I saved sputnik! and helped thorns heal dirt!  i have standards, I have morals, I’m not a monster!

but I don’t even know anymore. maybe I am a monster. an abomination. who even cares anymore.

I don’t.

and now people are talking about giving up their souls, and making deals with Them, and i just

how did things go so wrong?

Real talk so like the “If lost please return to ___” “I am ____” meme thing applies to Naegiri in a way you wouldn’t expect. People think Naegi would be wearing the “If lost please return to Kirigiri” shirt but consider the fact that in DR1, Kirigiri is always wandering off and disappearing.

So she’d be wearing an “If lost please return to Naegi” shirt. 

– Ponchy Wipeout


That moment when you don’t sleep, get bored of working on your final projects and end up doodling at 3 AM in the morning… I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore… But yeah,  Adrien learns Marinette likes… Adrien? what?

Oh god… I need to sleep. 

Someone take me away from the computer.

anonymous asked:

My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. Lately we have been fighting non stop. The last argument was about her talking a summer trip in Europe (she is from Asia and I'm in America). She didn't even consider coming to see me. It seems like lately I am just a second thought for her because she also scheduled plans over a Skype date we had planned. She has become such an important part of my life and I don't know what do to anymore.

It’s possible that she forgot about the Skype date or got the date mixed up for that. As for the rest, talk to her. Tell her how you feel