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Time sensitive~ Shelby, I'm scared, I don't know why.. But I feel like I can't do anything, I'm only 16, but I haven't learned how to drive yet, I'm not in college yet, I don't know how I'm gonna survive in the world.. Please, do you have any advice?

Hi darling,

Let me share something with you, I am 18 years old and I do not have my licensee and I’m nowhere near getting it. I understand your concerns and quite honestly, they’re so valid because I can relate to them. But you know what? Everyone learns and grows at difference paces in their life. Need some examples?

  • I didn’t learn how to tie my shoes (on my own) until about 2nd grade (back then I lived in my Velcro shoes)
  • I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 13 (and the guy doesn’t even matter to me anymore.)
  • I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 14 and it was my mom’s old flip phone.

Those are 3 very good examples of myself for example learning and growing and living life at a different pace than others and guess what? Its totally okay to be doing things at your own pace. You simply have to keep moving forward.

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Life has its way of making things turn out okay in the end, everyday is a new chance for YOU to make a choice on what you want to do and say.

My advice to you? Enjoy your ride with life as much as you can, don’t let anyone or anything stand between what YOU want. This is your life and your life only, you only get one so follow your dreams and do everything you want. You are going to okay, I promise <3

I envy those that can get over heartbreak easily. I envy those that get am explanation for someone leaving them. I envy those that get to keep the ones they love. I envy those with second chances. Hell, even third. I just wish.. That my heart would stop aching. I wish that I didn’t feel like a huge gaping hole was in my chest. I wish that I could be genuinely happy again. I feel like a huge part of my life is missing, and I feel alone in the world. No one understands how horrible and broken I feel. I miss him, and I don’t know what to do to distract myself anymore.


Wow I’m gonna make this short, sweet, and to the point ( mostly because of the crushing guilt of not being entirely done with my last giveaway’s prizes, but I digress. ) It’s been around a month since I made this blog, and every moment with you wonderful little superstars is fantastic. Instead of mentioning a few dozen people in specific who I adore, I’m gonna go ahead and say that I love roleplaying with everyone who writes with me, and that’s the gospel truth.
Now onto the part that people actually read.


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FIRST: ( one person. )
75 icons of a FC of their choice
25 gif icons of a FC of their choice
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That character is Gilderoy
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My eternal love 

  • Barry:*in a crowd and can't find Len* desperate times call for desperate measures
  • Barry:*uses his hands as a microphone* THE FLASH SUCKS
  • Len:*from across the room* that was a little.... COLD, don't you think?
  • Barry:found him

A/N: yeah the first danvin i write is mildly upsetting wooo what does that say about me

Summery: “‘He was wounded,’ Geoff starts, and Gavin almost starts spiraling again. He remembers the other man’s words earlier: He’s gonna be okay. He breathes.

Gavin get’s a call.

Pairing: Danvin

The room is far from quiet. The usual pre-recording chaos makes the tiny office feel even smaller as everyone shuffles about, and the volume is so loud that Gavin hardly even hears the first few rings from his cell phone that’s sitting right next to him. Almost.

He sighs, tearing his eyes away from where they had been staring at his screen, trying to mess with the brightness on his monitor before they started recording the Let’s Play. The room seems to go silent when he sees the name and number lighting up the screen.

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Episodes according to Marinette Dupain-Cheng

(international order)

1. That time Adrien waved at me asdfghjkl
2. That time I forgot to sign Adrien’s present
3. That time I stole Adrien’s phone
4. That time there were two of me
5. That time Chat Noir moonwalked
6. That time I smashed like 12 phones
7. That time I convinced everyone I’m 5000 years old
8. That time I accused my classmates of thievery
9. That time I dated a supervillain
10. That time I kissed Chat Noir
11. That time I almost kissed Adrien
12. That time I tickled an armoured knight
13. That time I stole Alya’s phone
14. That time I got a world-famous soup named after me
15. That time I was the best gamer in Paris
16. That time I got eaten by a dinosaur
17. That time I beat up Chloé Bourgeois
18. That time I whistled my own theme song
19. That time I stole Chloé’s phone
20. That time I rode a dragon
21. That time I was practically adopted by a rock star
22. That time I saw Adrien in the shower
23. That time I threw Chat Noir in a river
24. That time I totally roasted Lila
25. That time I tried to kill Tikki