Con Gothic

- there is a mountain of sewing supplies beside you.  you are holding the thread, it is the wrong colour. your shoulder sleeve has a tear. the thread is the right colour.

- hot glue burns your fingertips but as the plastic molds together you sigh in relief. you can no longer feel your hands.

- the booths are overflowing with merchandise. there are pokemon plushies everywhere. no one seems to be alarmed as the tidal wave of leafeons crash over them. its beginning to pull you under as you fish out $20 from your wallet.

- you brought with you $100 dollars and you tell your friends “as if i could spend this much in one day” you laugh as sweat pools down your neck 

- there is grey paint everywhere. when did it get there? people look and shake their heads and more grey smears appear. 

- someone wants a picture of your costume. you pose and realize you are taking a photo of yourself, a nicer and much better version of yourself. you take the picture. you always take the picture.

- nobody walks past the ‘free hugs’ guy. if they do they do not slow down. they do not make eye contact and they all walk in pairs. they know the price of their freedom, free hugs guy looks on with a frozen smile. his sign is smudged slightly.

- you see a group of homestucks. you walk past them and head to another room. you see a group of homestucks. you are walking faster. you see a group of homestucks walking towards you, laughing. you look down at your hands, they are grey. you cry out in despair and it sounds like a honk honking in the distance.

- people step out into the sun, and shudder. some things should not be seen in the daylight. a joker’s wide smile begins to drip down onto the pavement and you reach to scratch an itch before becoming overwhelmed with regret

- you have become lost in artist alley, the walls of art loom over you and you are trapped within its winding trails and throngs of customers. your favorite show appears again and again and you become delirious. you buy more and more hoping desperately it will unearth the exit sign.

So I know we’re all about Halloween and the Fall Festival this weekend which I am, of course, super psyched for, but I also wanted to acknowledge a holiday that’s being celebrated in my parents’ native land right now – Diwali. If you don’t know what Diwali is, it’s the best thing ever. Everybody gets dressed up and lights candles and lanterns, draws flowers in chalk everywhere, watches fireworks, swaps gifts… and eats a crapload of delicious Indian sweets. So basically this weekend I’m doing double duty and going to be the size of the house on Tuesday. God bless my parents for immigrating here!

snakeastrology replied to you post:  Imagine Pietro buying Nathaniel like limited Nike stuff and Clint’s like “No what are you doing” are Pietro’s like ‘I am merely guiding him to the right future’ “Pietro my son can’t even walk yet’ “He will learn early.”

And Wanda will insist that he wears red not blue because Pietro can’t have all the fun. Of course Neither Clint nor Pietro has the guts to argue against the Scarlet Witch. So Nathaniel’s favourite colour soon becomes scarlet after his favourite Aunt (much to Natasha’s displeasure) and as soon as he can walk he’s running everywhere because Uncle Pietro is his favourite Avenger. He did save Daddy’s life after all.