I’m having feelings about aomomo sleepovers with momoi spending the whole night talking about her tetsu-kun and how lovely he is and what a gentleman he is and how much she loves him and one day dai-chan you’re gonna be in-laws just wait for it and aomine having his whole how do i make kagami understand i’m in love with him without actually telling him i love him and also still keep up the act about me not caring that much about him at all while still kind of hinting that i would kiss the ground he walks on NOT THAT I WOULD - with momoi rolling around on the bed hugging th pillow and aomine eating junk food in front of his computer and both of them giving advices to the other and listening to the other and momoi being all openly supporting and aomine being his tsundere and rough self but still lovely with her and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i need to write poems about the aomomo friendship