Constrictions II Innuendo II Jaspar fanfiction

Summary: Josh was sure that Joe was only trying to throw him off track for the video, but as turns out, he couldn’t have been more wrong and he couldn’t have been more surprised at what Joe and Caspar have in mind.

A/N: I got so many requests to write something about Josh’s video with Joe and Caspar – so I did, but it turned out very different from what you probably had in mind and no, I cannot believe that I wrote this. Also the first time I wrote something like this, so bear with me! I am also very sure that I haven’t read this ship before and I think we still need a proper ship name – Jasparosh?

Anyway, guys, if you have any innocence left inside your souls and wish to keep it, refrain from reading this.

If you still wish to read it, you can do so on Wattpad or on AO3

Isn’t it awkward when someone asks you what your hobbies are/what do you do in your free time… like what should I answer to that? Watch animes and cry over 2D fictional characters? Stare at the ceiling all day long? Do completely nothing but exist? Make graphics?? Do you even know what graphics are? Procrastinate?? ?? What do you expect from me…


That moment when you don’t sleep, get bored of working on your final projects and end up doodling at 3 AM in the morning… I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore… But yeah,  Adrien learns Marinette likes… Adrien? what?

Oh god… I need to sleep. 

Someone take me away from the computer.

The sleepover

based on this post I posted a couple days ago



Sagittarius: I brought something !

Cancer: will i be angry ?

Pisces (from the other room): you will.

Cancer: please wait till i don’t have a knife in my hands, I don’t want anyone to get hurt…



Taurus: I’ve never been to a sleepover before.

Virgo: I figured.

Sagittarius: *offering a bottle of vodka to Taurus* here, have a shot

Taurus: what should i… I mean are there any rules for it ?

Virgo: yeah ! First of all, shut up



Pisces: what the hell is this movie about


Scorpio: since when are turtles interesting 

Libra: i don’t sea the purpois of your anger

Scorpio: Libra I swear to god…

Leo: guys, where’s Aries ?



Taurus: *asleep on the kitchen table*



Sagittarius: I’m hungry !

Cancer: Here, have my cookies ! It’s kiwing me to see someone hungry…

Sagittarius: -_-

Sagittarius: You butter back of, my friend !

Leo: seriously, where’s Aries ?



Pisces: tell me a joke

Leo: my love life



Gemini: what do horses think about ?

Aquarius: Gemini, what the actual fuck



Gemini: i can’t sleep

Scorpio: welcome to the club

Pisces: shhh



Aquarius: hehehehehe






Virgo: guys

Virgo: guys can you smell that ? it’s like…smoke

meanwhile Aries:

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