sometimes when i look at seventeen i’m like “look at them already debuting successfully with an album out and gathering a huge fanbase” then i’m like “look at me sitting in front of my computer screen every day what am i doing with my life”

Danger (Jimin)

“You should know better, Y/N” he warned you as he took a step closer towards you and you slowly swallowed, “I don’t want to know better.” your voice was trembling, as Jimin squinted his eyes at you, “why do you have to be like this… You have to stay away from me.” You knew you should listen to Jimin, hell, every organ in your body was screaming at you to do so, but your brain… No, you needed to have him.

You took a step closer to him as you placed your hands around his shoulders, making him look up at you with a mysterious look. “Baby, why are you doing this to me? Don’t you get what you’re doing to me… I shouldn’t be feeling this way.” Jimin sighed as he stared into your eyes. You bit your lip and leaned closer to him, “why are you denying this… I want you, you want me…” you could feel his breath on your cheek and it made you shudder with need. You could almost hear his brain working, you knew he was confused, you knew he was torn in between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing.
“I’m dangerous, you shouldn’t be playing with me.” Jimin muttered as his lips brushed past yours, your eyes fluttering closed for a second. “I’m giving you a minute, oppa. I will walk away.” you lifted your eyebrow at him, tired of waiting for his answer as you turned around. As you were about to walk away, a strong hand gripped onto your wrist and pulled you back. You got swung into Jimin’s arms as he slammed his lips onto yours, making you grin, “Let the games begin.”