I’m starting to feel really low and run down. I have no energy you know when you wake up in the mornings most people have stuff to do or are excited to do stuff? I don’t want to wake in fact just staying in bed the entire day seems to be what my life has become these past few weeks. I’m trying to hold on build myself up get healthy and there’s so many memories and things that bring me back to crying until stupid 0′clock in the morning… My head is constantly running with what “ifs” whys” “how” going back a month ago.. I was happy and was finding myself. Now I have no idea who I am or what I’m even doing. Everything reminds me and everything hurts..  I’m trying to figure out how to even sim or what to do with my sims.. where to put them.. everything is a battle and I just want to be ok.. I really just want to be ok again. Sorry for ranting on.

so *cough cough* i just noticed something in morse code that made me … wow

so you know the


i noticed the “dots” and “dashes” changed on each side, and what really stuck out to me was that the “—” “-.” on each side clearly spell out “no.” there isnt any “…” so idk, it was just something that i noticed.

technically you could make anything out of these lines but i just thought it was interesting that the dots and dashes changed and that they were exact in their size, which could indicate some sort of code. and well.. undertale is no stranger to code

Ok but you know those paparazzi that follow celebrities around just to take ‘ugly’ no make-up photos of them when they least expect it?

Well imagine them doing it with the batfam:

  • Bruce purposefully makes himself look embarrassing to ‘keep up with the act’
  • Dick never looks bad. Like, the photographers have tried anything from catching him when he’s eating to mid-yawn but nope, that boy is gold
  • Cass always knows when they’re following her. She will never be caught unprepared and all that the photographers can catch is a well practiced poker face
  •  Damian is similar. You’ll either catch him with a blank expression or an annoyed one depending who he’s with

And then there’s Tim:

  • Tim is, like, really embarrassing??? he just walks around with his hair pulled back into some messy kind of man-bun thing and just wears old clothes. He can usually be found looking half-dead either with coffee or plowing through a bag of marshmallows. This boy is just a mess