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What is wrong with the hate anon? People stop wasting your time hating on others, do yourself a favor and stop, that's so silly 😒. Ignore those comments, they are just silly people😥😒.

Idk tbh. And it’s hard to ignore now

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I've only seen the mess of your blog from what a friend sent me, otherwise I'd have never wasted my time. It's just disgusting how you all go about this situation with Darren and Jennifer, thought you were some mature adults but guess not!! Oh, and I'm not the one in misery here! ;D

Second message to tell me I’m stupid. Again, nothing else to do? Go pet a puppy. Eat a cupcake. Take a hot bath. It’s going to be okay. I promise.

shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.


A Solitary King… no longer?

Everyone knew that Furudate’s character development skills are unholy, but chapter 224 has honestly just slain me. Naturally, a lot of people expected Hinata to help Kageyama snap out of it again, but who would’ve thought it was going to happen in such a beautiful, stunning and meaningful way. He didn’t just help him get rid of the unwanted title — he actually made him accept it. Hinata showed him that it’s a part of Kageyama’s nature, one he shouldn’t just try to get rid of because others thought it was making him useless as a setter. Kageyama did leave it behind once, but it caught up to him in Miya’s words still, so this time Hinata took no chances: he managed to actually make Kageyama see his own value in a completely new light, and the fact that there was nothing wrong with disagreeing with his teammates as long as he kept his temper in check (and if he couldn’t, the rest of them would certainly point it out). 

Sure, Kageyama realized that he hasn’t been listening to his teammates after the harsh feedback from middle school, and he fixed it with Karasuno, but he also completely forgot that this communication should go both ways, and that it shouldn’t be just him adapting to the spikers. 

Hinata took something that’s been weighting Kageyama down for over a year, and he didn’t just throw it away for it to haunt Kageyama again later — he twisted this dark metaphor into something fresh and something good, something that would definitely help them all become stronger. And he did it with such sincere, and yet ridiculously simple words.

What makes Hinata such a good person isn’t just him seeing the good in people — it’s about making those people see it, and not even just see but also get accustomed to it and start using it to reach their goals. And while Kageyama is just one example, he sure is one of the toughest and brightest yet. 


Glenn, it’s pretty obvious to everyone Maggie loves you, and not just because you’re one of the last men standing […] This is a good thing, something we don’t get enough of these days. Enjoy it.

Iron Fist is the worst thing to happen to the MCU. The lead ranges from boring to annoying, the characters with potential are wasted, the fight scenes range from decent to bad even by TV standards, and the plot and story are an absolute mess. There’s no sense of rhythm or pace. The first 6 episodes feel like they had 2 episodes worth of plot but had to pad it out. Then the final 7 episodes have way too much going on, none of it is allowed to breath or make any impact. And the villains (apart from Madame Gao, who is just borrowed from Daredevil) are a huge letdown. There is some good stuff in here, but the show as a whole, sucks.

And I could not be happier. For one thing, this won’t impact Marvel financially all that much. The Netflix shows generally don’t care about making a profit in the ‘how much ratings does it get?‘ sense since it’s subscription based. But the fact that the most hated ‘thing’ Marvel have put out is also the show that’s filled to the brim with outdated elements of ‘white man better at Asian stuff than actual Asian people‘ is damn near glorious. Granted, the uncomfortable ‘white savior‘ stuff comprises maybe 15% of the reasons this show sucks, but it is a reason.

Hopefully, this will send a strong message to Marvel that we don’t care about another white privileged billionaire becoming a super hero and going on about how ‘enlightened‘ he is and that he’s the ‘best warrior‘ ever.

Deciding to post this now because I figured it could help keep Wander Over Yonder trending a little longer.

Okay, I know there’s actually a canon answer as to why Wander didn’t appear to age a day since Major Threat was a villain, but aged significantly in the time he was working at the Wright Place with Sylvia (For anyone who doesn’t know, some of the crew members said that Wander is actually very old, and aging very slowly (if at all) but pretended to age so that Sylvia wouldn’t feel bad)

BUT, I love seeing alternate theories as to why Wander aged more while working at the Wright Place (Not that I don’t love the canon answer, alternate theories regarding this topic just fascinate me for some reason). I don’t know if the people who make these alternate theories just don’t know the canon answer or, like me, just enjoy alternate theories, but whatever the reason I love them. So I have one of my own, based on this post
If you don’t want to click the link it suggests a world where everyone ages until they are 18, and then stop aging until they meet their soulmate, that way you could grow old with your soulmate

I’ve seen this post so many times with so many different reblogs. Some suggesting platonic soulmates (which I enjoyed) and it got me thinking about Wander. What if the reason he doesn’t age is because he’s a creature who’s from this type of universe. He didn’t age when reforming Major Threat because he hadn’t met his soulmate yet. But he did age at the Wright Place because his soulmate (whether romantic or platonic, it doesn’t matter how you look at it) is Sylvia.

Just think about that for a moment

Bokuaka Playlist!

Like The Dawn - The Oh Hellos
Can’t Stop Thinking About You - Neon Bunny
Islands - Hey Ocean!
Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover - Sophie B. Hawkins
Foolish - Alpine
Making Breakfast - Twin Peaks
Head and Heart - The Wilderness of Manitoba
Knitting Something Nice For You - Aidan Knight
Summer House - Gold Motel
Seasons - Said the Whale

So, I just made myself laugh by imagining these three sending this pic to Joe: 

and Joe’s reaction. 

They will easily be the cutest TV fam on the CW