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Mike whipped around to give the strange man behind him a confused look. “What the hell man? Least buy me a drink first n tell me your fuckin name…” He huffed, cheeks bright red as he crossed his arms over his chest. Yeah okay so maybe sometimes he could be a little easy. But not that easy.


May 1: Avengers: Age of Ultron
July 17: Ant-Man
August 7: Fantastic Four (Fox)

February 12: Deadpool (Fox)
March 25: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
May 6: Captain America: Civil War
May 27: X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox)

August 5: Suicide Squad
October 7: Gamit (new addition)
November 4: Doctor Strange
November 11: Sinister Six (Sony)

March 3: Untitled Wolverine sequel (Fox)
May 5: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 
June 2: Fantastic Four 2 (Fox, moved dates)
June 23: Wonder Woman
July 28: Thor: Ragnarok 
November 3: Black Panther
November 17: Justice League, Part 1
(unspecified date): Untitled Sony female Spider-Man spin-off
(unspecified tentative date): Sony Venom: Carnage Spider-Man spin-off (rumored to be dead)

March 23: The Flash
May 4: Avengers: Infinity War, Part 1
July 6: Captain Marvel 
July 13: Untitled Fox Mystery Marvel film
July 27: Aquaman
November 2: Inhumans
(unspecified date): Amazing Spider-Man 3

April 5: Shazam
May 3: Avengers: Infinity War, Part 2
June 14: Justice League, Part 2

April 3: Cyborg
June 19: Green Lantern

Picture Jensen Ackles (Eric, DAYS) in a pair of silk boxers. Pretty picture, isn’t it? Well, that is exactly what Ackles wears to bed.   While boxers are an old favorite, Ackles’ bedroom has a new piece of furniture. “The best part of my bedroom is my new bed,” he says. “I’ve slept on a twin-sized bed since I was 8 - right up until this year. Now, I’ve got a big queen-sized bed, so I have room to roll around. I like to sleep with two pillows, just sheets and a little thin comforter.   Who needs a blanket when you can snuggle up to…a pig! "I’ve got a big, old stuffed pig,” Ackles admits. “He lies in the corner of my bed. I’ve had him ever since I can remember. He’s pink, and his name is Coke, after the soft drink, because I spilled Coke all over him when I got him.”   Ackles is early to rise, but not early to bed. “I usually go to sleep late - around midnight,” he says. “I like to watch TV for a little while just before I go to bed, mostly The Tonight Show.   "I always need a fan blowing directly on my face,” he adds. “The sound helps me get to sleep. Whenever I don’t have it on, all the little crickets and those little sounds outside keep me up. The fan drowns all that out.”   And when it’s time to rise and shine? “A little Timex clock buzzer wakes me. Music doesn’t work, I need an annoying, repetitive sound.”

Soap Opera News.


Thanks to the recent revival of Eight Times the Fun on my twitter feed, I doodled some stuff from this universe. It’s a lot of Eren being fascinated by human things. This octo!eren/superhero!levi AU is actually a lot of fun.