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Imagine Derek and Stiles arguing over whose house you’re going to stay at when you mention you don’t have a place to stay.

——— Request for anon ———

“You can always stay at the loft,” Derek offers, shrugging like its no big deal.

Stiles nearly chokes, “What? No way am I letting you stay in a strange man’s house alone! You’re staying at mine, (Y/N).”

“Strange man? Really, Stiles?” Derek looks pointedly at the younger man.

Max : “ What do you mean by dark places? Is the world ending?”

SO. SHE MIGHT BE TALKING TO NATHAN RIGHT. THe only other person who knows about the storm, might be able to see her in that one scene, and has been hinted at knowing something this whole time but Max hates him sO WE NEVER GET TO ASK. RACHEL IN THE DARK ROOM. HIS CAMERA. FUCKCFUCKFUCK

bebliss replied to your post:In other news, I had a super awesome day today.  …

dude i ate 2 donuts today too!

dude! two doughnuts is totally the way to go, one doughnut is never filling enough but three makes me feel bloated and gross. two is totally the way to go

MBTI as Florence + the Machine songs
  • ISFJ:Shake It Out
  • ESFJ:Delilah
  • ISFP:How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
  • ESFP:You've Got the Love
  • INTJ:Seven Devils
  • ENTJ:What Kind of Man
  • INTP:Strangeness and Charm
  • ENTP:Lover to Lover
  • ISTJ:Dog Days Are Over
  • ESTJ:Make Up Your Mind
  • ISTP:My Boy Builds Coffins
  • ESTP:Kiss With a Fist
  • INFJ:Queen of Peace
  • ENFJ:No Light, No Light
  • INFP:Cosmic Love
  • ENFP:Spectrum