List Your Top 10 Favorite Characters ( 1 per series/fandom ), then tag 10 people 
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1. Steven from Steven Universe

2. Fiddleford from Gravity Falls

3. Wander from Wander over Yonder

4. Mordin Solus from Mass Effect (10/10 would have pursued a romantic relationship with him if I was able)

5. Greg from Over the Garden Wall

6. Nick from Left 4 Dead

7. Arcade from Fallout New Vegas

8. Clint Barton from Marvel

9. Intern Maureen from Welcome to Night Vale

10. Abe from Forever

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anonymous asked:

what's your favorite type of swan queen fanfiction?

Omg the more angst the better, seriously, I’m all about that angst

and smut, I know it’s silly, but I don’t really read anything that doesn’t end up in them having really intense sex in whatever division of the house lmfao

anonymous asked:

what are your favourite drag queen/ race blogs to follow on here?xxx

omg i follow so many amazing blogs on here but the ones that i consistently check and love looking at are fvck-yeah-pearl pearlfection trixiechachki rpdr8 pearletchachki dragqueenmakeup maxmalanaphyscollective ru-girls missfameschicken violetchachkismanbun fla-zeda flazeda-chachki comradekatya popcultureobsessed and rupaulskatyarace 

i literally love all these blogs so much