that feel when your incorporeal Dark Lord cbf coming up with a Cool Villain Name for his least fav follower X)

based on this post, and because I can’t get over learning that Asmodean literally means “Musician” in the official Wheel of Time companion book, I’m still flipping out poor Asmo, this is why I love you

Here is my very last commission for this year , a Monochrome Commission I got from Saturn’s Coach ,an awesome lad! 

Hope you enjoy it! I had great fun with it and tried to do a right mix of both Comic&Realism! (Click for Higher Resolution )

I am a sucker for affectionate intimacy like this, so thank you!


Because he did say “make puddings & babies.” XD

Twelve is trying convince the Vikings not to wage war…by giving them alternatives to do! Except he himself gets distracted because of a certain someone.


They convinced the Vikings to not wage war by throwing a wedding party!



(Oops I made a new team somebody stop me)

  • Copper Helios
  • Oak Lee
  • Ace Spaid
  • Lumis Alden


soooo~ apparently i liked this ridiculous crack enough to follow it up with this?!?! HAHAHAH! XD i’m pretty sure Kylo was drunkenly telling Hux “i hate this fucking gawd damn ugly fucking sweater…” just moments before this! HAHAHA!!! (though, months later, he will confess that he actually thought Hux looked incredibly hot in the “gawd damn ugly fucking sweater” heheh!)

(EDIT!! @countofeightadded a narrative to the second part of this!!! I’M FREAKING OUT!!! <3 <3 <3 <3)

Galaxies in his eyes

Pairing: Jimin/everyone
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Genre: Fluff, angst (? …kinda)
Word Count: 2 458
Request: My sweetest happy vitamin, @luvarin requested me to write some non-AU Jimin/everyone fic in which the members love to stare at Jiminie~ So I wrote a ficlet where Jimin is everyone’s and nobody’s haha I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. (*๓´╰╯`๓) ❤

1. Namjoon

Jimin always comes at the right moment.

He always comes exactly that moment when Namjoon wants to collapse. When Namjoon wants to scream because he feels like shit, when feels like he is still not good enough. When he feels like the whole world is against him, and the stress and exhaustion and responsibility becomes unbearable.
These are the moments when Jimin comes in, quietly like a cat, a plate full of sandwitches in one hand and a mug of hot tea in the other. He glances at Namjoon with worry while sitting down next to him.

“Are you okay, hyung?”

“Yes,” Namjoon sighs. I wasn’t, but now I’m okay, he adds internally. “Thank you,” he points at the plate and a ghost of a smile appears on his lips when Jimin’s whole face lights up. Jimin’s smile burns his skin more than the tea.

“Did you read some rude comments?”

“Yeah, but I’m alright. It doesn’t matter.” It doesn’t matter but it hurts. Words are creeping under Namjoon’s skin and eating him from inside.

Namjoon likes to think about Bangtan as artists, not just idols. He likes to pretend that he is a tough guy, a totally ’manly’, strong leader with deep voice and unbreakable heart. They supposed be bulletproof, after all. But his image is a paper-thin mask made from ice and sometimes it scares Namjoon how easily that mask melts when Jimin is around.

“C’mon, hyung! Eat some sandwitches, food will lift your mood!” Jimin says encouragingly. “I made them for you.”

Namjoon hums and Jimin – to demonstrate how delicious the sandwitch is – grabs one and starts eating it. Namjoon studies the younger silently, Jimin is chewing on the food happily, mouth full and eyes sparkle. Like a little child, so easy to please him: only a few praises and thank yous, or some food is enough. He is slender, sensitive and small. Still, Jimin is Bangtan’s wall – they are punching him verbally with endless, playful teasing but in the end, Jimin is the one they can all lean on when everything feels too much to handle.

“What are you lookin’ at, Monnie hyung?” Jimin blinks at him with wide, innocent eyes, and Namjoon has to fist his fingers in order to fight down the urge of pinching or caressing the younger’s round cheeks.

He looks away, Jimin always makes him feel weak and embarrassed and dumb: despite his high IQ, his thoughts become messy and mind gets empty when Jimin is this close.

“There are crumbs on your chin,” he murmurs and watches as Jimin quickly wipes his lips.

Too damn cute. Park Jimin should be illegal.

Still, Namjoon is more than thankful for Jimin’s presence, even though it’s hard for him to admit it. Jimin makes his thoughts messy but at least he is not thinking about the negative comments on twitter, either. Jimin makes his mind empty but his chest is full of warmth. Jimin makes him feel weak, but Namjoon knows that without him, he – and the entire Bangtan – would be nothing.

“Thank you,” he repeats suddenly, voice barely above than a whisper. But Jimin hears it and smiles, widely and dazzling, and even though Namjoon didn’t eat a single sandwitch, his mood is definitely a lot better. “Thank you, Jimin.”

“Woah, what’s with you today, hyung?” Jimin giggles and Namjoon quickly stuffs another sandwitch into his mouth.

“Just shut up already and eat, okay?”


2. Seokjin

Jimin sniffs and grins widely when the so-loved smell of chicken reaches his nose. The boy walks towards the kitchen and hugs the other male from behind. Jimin barely can wrap his shorter arms around the broad shoulders.

“Do you need some help, hyung?”

Seokjin smiles softly and nods a little. He turns on the radio and they continue to prepare dinner in perfect synch while singing their favorite songs. The older almost cuts his finger while staring when Jimin tries to reach some ingredient on his tippy toes and his shirt curls up, exposing his tummy.

“Yah, Jimin-ah, stop distracting me!” Seokjin shakes his head while frowning but his voice has no bite in it.

“Hyung, do you need any help?” Jimin asks the next day as well, but now it’s dance practice time and Seokjin is not in the mood to smile.

“Yes, please,” he huffs resignedly and watches in awe as the younger boy dances that difficult choreography without problems.

“You’ll learn the dance really quickly, I promise,“ Jimin gives a thumbs up to him and takes off his sweater, exposing his toned biceps.

“Yah, stop distracting me again!” Seokjin punches his dongsaeng lightly and laughs at Jimin’s confused look, but on the inside he wants to melt into a puddle right now.

"Hyung~” Jimin singsongs as he walks in the older’s room and plops down the bed, right next to Jin. “Tomorrow will be your birthday! Are you excited?”

“Mhmm,” Seokjin is half asleep, tired after the rough and long practice.  

“I prepared something for you! A gift!” Jimin says enthusiastically, while looking at him with shiny puppy eyes. “I hope that you’ll like it.”

“I’m sure that I will,” Seokjin pulls the other into an embrace and caresses the younger’s back. Jimin’s body is small and warm and smells like cinnamon – and he wants to tell him that he doesn’t want any gift as long as Jimin is on his side. But before he could say anything, he falls asleep with colorful, sweet, cinnamon-flavoured dreams; and Jimin between his arms.


3. Yoongi

Yoongi is not staring. He just collects inspiration. That’s it – inspiration.

Sleeping, dancing, singing, inhaling and exhaling – it doesn’t matter, because Yoongi could watch him forever. Every flutter of those eyelashes is a pull on Yoongi’s heartstrings, the sweet note resonates inside him and then later embodies in the form of lyrics and music.

Every bump of Jimin’s spine and the knuckles of his hands are art themselves, and there is poetry written on the smooth crook of his neck. There are invisible lines and patterns drawn on his soft skin but Yoongi can see them, he follows every shape and curve with his gaze, and every inch is so beautiful, so achingly perfect, he could write a million songs about Jimin’s jawline only.

But Yoongi’s favorites are the eyes, always the eyes. They are closed right now but Yoongi knows them well enough without looking at them. Those dark irises are sometimes calm and eternal like the sky, sometimes full of undulating emotions – and Yoongi swims in the depth of them.

His fingers are hovering over the blue paths of veins, but he never touches Jimin. It would burn his hand, it would burn him down like a ruined building.

“I want to see you playing the piano again, hyung,” Jimin suddenly opens his eyes and smiles at him.

Shit! He was awake the entire time?! Yoongi flinches away and there is no air in his lungs.
There is no air but flower petals and ash.

“Then dance for me,” Yoongi grumbles, his raspy voice cracks on the words ’for me’. He can hardly say no, not to Jimin. His eyes linger on the younger’s plump lips just a second more than they should before looking away.

Yoongi is always cold and Jimin is like the sun – life-giving, radiating warmth and brightness. But if you are too close, then dangerously torrid and blinding.

“Okay,” Jimin chirps with a toothy smile. “Could you please play ’I Need U’?” He suggests innocently.

Innocence grows in your brain and as the time goes, it eats itself alive. Yoongi nods, his long, bony fingers are trembling nervously. Love grows in your heart and eats you alive.

“Of course.”

His fingertips are tracing over the piano’s keyboard and Jimin dances; gracefully and elegantly like some gorgeous butterfly swirling in the wind. Yoongi could watch him forever. Every movement is like breathing and every smile is like rebirth. But Yoongi doesn’t want to rebirth, he wants to burn down like a ruined building.


4. Hoseok

Hoseok stares at him, pretending to focus only on the accuracy of the choreography. Jimin’s face is gleaming with sweat and he bites in his bottom lip while concentrating. His brows are furrowed, his muscles are jiggling and tensing. Every movement is sharp and clean, powerful and lithe. Hoseok can feel those strong emotions boiling in his chest, it always happen when he stares at Jimin too long. He is not really subtle about his feelings, though – but Jimin always shrugs them off like some overused joke.

“How perfect you are,” Hoseok murmurs, eyes never leaving Jimin’s body. Not for a single moment – no, it would be a big waste of time.

“Hm?” Jimin stops and turns to him, he couldn’t hear Hoseok because of the loud beat but somehow he just knows when to stop and ask.

Jimin always knows. He knows when to keep quiet and listen obediently. He knows when someone needs a hug or an encouraging speech. He knows when someone needs harsh but honest words. And he doesn’t only knows; he always does his best at comforting others, helping others, notice their wishes, too. It’s some magical ability what Hoseok could never understand but admire.

“Nothing, Jiminie. You did very well, please continue~”, Hoseok shakes his head, but when Jimin nods and flashes a smile at him, he can’t hold back himself anymore.

He walks to Jimin and hugs him tightly. Jimin always knows when someone needs a hug, except if that someone is Hoseok; because Hoseok needs a hug, his hug every second.

“Yah, hyung, I’m all sweaty~ Don’t hug me, it’s gross!” Jimin giggles, and Hoseok only pulls him closer.

“Someone who is almost perfect is never gross, Jiminie,” Hoseok whispers into Jimin’s ear, the younger shudders at the hot breath against his sensitive skin.

“Almost?” Jimin laughs but Hoseok doesn’t reply.

Yes, almost, Jiminie. Your only flaw is that you doesn’t love me back the way I want you to.


5. Taehyung

The interview is boring and Taehyung looks at his best friend to whisper something funny, a great pun – but the words die in his throat and his breath hitches when a smile spreads across Jimin’s face.

They are living together for four years now but Taehyung sometimes forgets it – and then the reality slaps him in the face with its full force. He sometimes forgets how beautiful Jimin is – and when he notices, when he realizes, it makes his mind numb and mouth dry.

Taehyung stares at him and hopes that the cameras are showing the talking Yoongi right now. He hopes that he is not that obvious, when wraps an arm around Jimin’s shoulders because his body is suddenly aching for contact – it’s a friendly gesture, best friends do this, right? The expression on his face softens when Jimin starts laughing at Jeongguk’s weird jokes and antics. Jimin’s voice is Taehyung’s favorite sound in the world, it makes his spine tingle and head dizzy. It makes Taehyung see stars at daylight.

Taehyung was a huge space enthusiast as a child. His dream was to become an astronaut; flying where nobody else, explore what nobody else. He liked the tales about aliens, he liked gazing at shooting stars and learning about interesting space facts.
Then he had to grow up and change his mind. But since he met Jimin, he sometimes feels like an astronaut or a little kid again, exploring a foreign universe.
Because Jimin is warm and bright like the sun. Jimin has whole galaxies in his irises and when he cries, it’s as if stars are falling from his eyes. He is so breathtaking Taehyung sometimes can’t take off his eyes of him.

“V-sshi, please answer the fan’s question,” the MC’s voice wrests him from his thoughts. “Did you have any other dream besides becoming a singer?”

Taehyung steals a glance towards Jimin. Normally he would answer this question like ’model’ or ’actor’, but–

“Yeah, I did. I wanted to become an astronaut.”

“Aw, so great, so unique! But don’t be sad that you couldn’t fulfill that dream, V-sshi! At least the other one came true!” The MC winks at him with a grin.

Taehyung smiles back while pulling Jimin even closer. “I have a third dream but that’s a secret. I will tell you when it’ll came true!”

The MC laughs and Taehyung squeezes Jimin’s shoulder. His third dream will came true; he will make those galaxies in Jimin’s eyes his and only his, as soon as he will able to gather enough courage.
But until then, he has to be content only with exploring.


6. Jeongguk

Jimin is gentle wake ups in the morning and the one who always tugs back the slipped down blanket to cover Jungkook’s sleeping body. He is optimism and sunshine filtering through leaves. He is beaming smiles and sparkling eyes, always filled with kindness and passion. He is steaming coffee in a colorful mug and long singing hours in the studio. He is diligent practice and the freedom of dance. He is the massage for aching muscles and the one who always takes care of him and listens when Jungkook needs it. He is occasionally used Busan satoori. He is safety, a shelter – Jeongguk can nuzzle his nose into Jimin’s soft hair, or bury his face into Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin is home.

But sometimes it surprises Jeongguk, how small and fragile and tired Jimin is. When Jimin is sleeping peacefully, between 3 and 4 A.M., that’s the time when Jeongguk likes to stare at him and listen to his drumming heartbeats. That’s the time when all layers of worry and pressure fall down, there is no make up on Jimin’s face and his eyelashes are painting long stripes of shadow on the canvas of his milky skin. Jeongguk counts them, all of Jimin’s eyelashes. His stomach tightens with some weird, joyful feeling when he presses a tiny, light kiss on Jimin’s eyelid, he can feel as the skin flutters under his lips. Darkness covers him and his blushing face when he noiselessly slips out Jimin’s room.

He is not ready to face with these emotions at daylight, he is not ready to tell Jimin about this. Not yet. It’s not about trust – Jeongguk doesn’t trust anyone as much as the members of Bangtan –, it’s about cowardice. Jeongguk is not ready to face with that how much he likes Jimin, needs Jimin. How much he craves his attention and affection.

Only darkness is his, yet; only the time between 3 and 4 A.M. But Jeongguk feels like he could never get tired of watching Jimin and counting his eyelashes.

Thank you so much for reading this!!! (*^ワ^*)
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Ahaha shit.

(A.K.A: Tfw an anon encourages you to make a self insert RWBY OC, It’s 1AM, and you have zero self control)


After Dark || Robin & Camila


After Robin’s conversation with Camila, they decided they’d get the items they needed for that night while they were still out. They sent a text to their dealer detailing what she wanted. Robin then went to My Sweet Tooth and got both her chocolate bar and her swirly rainbow lollipop. Getting a discount was one of the perks to working at a candy store, even though Robin didn’t have a huge sweet tooth. After they were finished with those destinations they drove home and got their swimsuit and a change of clothes ready. By the time they were done it was still only 7. “Fuck…” They said under their breath as they turned on the TV and mindlessly watched it. The next few hours went by slowly, but as 10:30 drifted closer, Robin could feel themselves getting more excited. They loved the thrill of sneaking into the pool and possibly getting caught. Sure it was a hefty fine that they definitely couldn’t pay, but it was worth it.

So at 10:00 they stuffed the candy, the six pack, and their swimming trunks into a bag along with their towel. They then walked out the door and hopped in their car. Robin knew they would be early so when they arrived, they just jammed out in their car until they saw Camila pulling in. At the sight of her, they climbed out of their car and walked over. “Hey. You made it.” Robin said with a smirk, slinging their bag over one shoulder. “I see you didn’t get lost.”


RWBY OC - Shade L’uomo

  Well looks like I finally designed a villain! - (I couldn’t decide which colour scheme I liked more though so hey why not post both XD)

  (Gonna design some villainous colleagues for this guy after I’ve actually done some college work - this character was so fun to make!)