underrated ladies in Ghostbusters


Patty Tolan

*History Buff

*is actually strong enough to lift you and your spirits (pun intended)

*Calls Holtzmann ‘baby’ and ‘Holtzy’

*an actual sunshine

*actually has a really cute fashion sense. like Floral patterns with hightops?? that’s adorable

*this scene:

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Abby Yates

*Likes books with Long titles

*honest to god, does not give a damn if people say no. She’s gonna do the thing anyways

*Can taste when somethings off (according to ghostbusters 101)

*Punches ghosts

*Don’t Fight her, you’ll loose.

*Seriously, don’t

Melanie Ortiz

*Not into Peter

*She’s from the FBI AND she Works for the Ghostbusters

*punched Ron Alexander in the face

*and it was awesome

*Joined Ghostbusters because the regular guys went missing and some one needed to kick ghost ass and save the day.

*That some one is her. Because she’s awesome.

Kylee Griffin

*Originally from the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon and then got adapted into the comics

*Has a way better memory than i do

*Also has like 4 dad-figures, 2 mom-figures (3 Counting Jenny), one older brother figure and Ron is that asshole cousin that just stops by and says shit.

*she’s like a gothic version of belle except she likes chinese food, cats and books more than a prince.

*also has a really cute fashion sense.

*For some reason, is heavily sexualized by fans?????? she’s like 18??????? please stop?????

Jenny Moran

*A sweet girl!!!!!

*is in a relationship with Ray

*what a lucky duck

*died from being left behind in hell

*she’s still dating Ray though.

*used to work with Ron but she quit so she can work with nicer people (go, jenny)

Janine Melintz

*Picked up a proton pack more than once and kicked a god’s ass once in the cartoon

*even goes on busts in the comics

*the original receptionist for the original flavor busters

*has a crush on Egon (me too, janine)

*Called out people for their bullshit

*Egon, you better put a ring on it before I do

(feel free to add on if you want)

Staten Island Ferry

New York, NY 07307

Spring day + upper deck + your tears streaming into the river=  a free crying paradise!!!!! This cry is an absolute must. It’s so free and so, so nice.  You may get in a few tourist pictures but so what- you’re a lucky duck riding the best cry in town!!! Nothing can stop your tears now!! Plus, they even offer drinks and refreshments for your intense post-cry thirst and hunger!! It could not be a better crying situation. Get on board and start weeping immediately!!! Oh, and of course, be sure to ride it all day long!!!  A+++++++

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I want that puppy that was in Lili's Instagram vid 😍 (what dog breed was it )

it’s an amalgamation of every small, adorable dog breeds which then created the luckiest mutt on earth (what a lucky duck)

Special Interest Day is the perfect time to put together my Autistic Cole masterpost

First of all; Echolalia

[Cole repeating Sera in different ways ‘cause he likes to]

Echolalia is something a lot of us (autistics) do with certain words mostly because it fun to say (personally; I do it in my head)

2.Unusual display of emotions

When you say that Cole must be sad because he always feels people’s pain, he basically goes “???? why would you think that, of course I’m happy, can’t you tell. I help people.”

Many of us (autistics) have an almost constant ‘poker face’ or show emotions differently. Whether we’re angry, sad, or happy you might not be able to tell by looking at us. (which leads to the lie that we do not feel). Cole often is like this, unless he feels something strongly.

3. Taking things literally

[At The Storm Coast Cole says “I thought there would be more storms”]

He does this throughout the game, and sometimes doesn’t understand sarcasm. This is one of those few actually true stereotypes about autistics. We’ll (autistics) answer rhetorical questions, will not understand or misinterpret sarcasm (and will probably just make us think you’re being rude or ignorant, which we then might ‘correct’ you)

4. Social interaction is hard and say the wrong thing

Cole is often called by others in the game strange/odd/rude etc. for how he interacts with others. irl autistics are treated the same (and often bullied) because neurotypical social rules are weird af and don’t like it when we just say what we mean. Cole, the lucky duck, has the ability to make people forget he just said ‘the wrong thing’.

5. Stimming!

[Cole rocking back and forth on a ledge kicking his legs]

Stimming is a thing autistics do that usually involves repetitive movement. It can calm us and help us concentrate, during this scene Cole is carefully listening to someone’s hurt, as I said stimming helps concentration so it makes sense for him to do it here.

6. attachment to little things.

His hat. He loves his hat, everyone know it looks weird, but its basically a comfort object at this point.

Feel free to add on!

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