lightning week day 7 - why i love lightning

Why do I love Lightning? Well, to say the least, I was coming out of a dark period of my life when I first got Final Fantasy XIII. I didn’t know much about the game other than how great the graphics looked at the time. Lightning ended up making a real strong impression on me. In a world where male protagonists still dominate most forms of media, it’s really important to me that Lightning had an entire trilogy to shine as a protagonist. What I admire most about Lightning is her determination to rescue her sister Serah. Even when she was thrown out of the timeline and went up against an actual god, she never backed down. That determination is what inspires me to keep going when I’m having a hard time in real life.

The Sphinx water erosion hypothesis contends that the main type of weathering evident on the enclosure walls of the Great Sphinx was caused by prolonged and extensive rainfall that would have predated the time of Djedefre and Khafre, the Pharaohs credited by most modern Egyptologists with building the Great Sphinx and Second Pyramid at Giza around 2500 BC. “I came to the conclusion that the oldest portions of the Great Sphinx, what I refer to as the core-body, must date back to an earlier period (at least 5000 B.C., and maybe as early as 7000 or 9000 B.C.), a time when the climate was very different and included more rain.”-Robert M. Schoch. Sources: Wiki and http://www.robertschoch.com/sphinxcontent.html

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Hey! I've sent you a few asks before and I just wanted to say I'm really, really sorry if any came off as aggressive or demanding, it was definitely not my intent. I've been meaning to write in for a while and thank you so much for running this blog and answering my questions. It's really helped me so much. This is one of the few abuse blogs I actually feel safe on. Thank you so, so much for doing this. I hope you have a great day, you deserve all the best. :)

Thank you so much for this kind message! I’m not sure which message you’re referring to since you’re on anon and all but nothing I’ve received in that time period came across as rude to me. Text is a difficult medium, a lot of communication is lost so yeah please don’t worry about it! 

What I was referring to in that post are the messages I sometimes receive that are essentially sent in bad faith and are combative, where (for example) people claim I don’t care about certain people (e.g. one person claimed I don’t care about male victims in response to a post I made seeking additional resources for male victims of CSA so what was weird!), complaints about lack of resources that are along the lines of “you’re overlooking/don’t care about victims by not including this” when it’s actually that i’m one person trying to cover a very broad issue (and most of the time, I actually do have resources on the resources page but they didn’t look), people saying i’m ignoring them because I didn’t respond to or they couldn’t find my response to their message, people who obviously didn’t read the submission guidelines, that sort of thing. 

The character limit is very low so while I do appreciate pleases and thank you’s, I totally understand when people send messages just explaining their situation. As long as they include info about what sort of help they’re after, they’ve read the submission guidelines, and the messages are sent in good faith (assuming i’m coming from a place of wanting to help) then I’m happy :) 


I had no idea! It’s taken me completely by surprise, but that’s always the way it happens. It’s when you least expect it. I signed on for this role [Lexa] at a time in my personal and work life when there was a little bit of a lull period. I was like, “I don’t know what I’m doing!” It was one of those actor freak-out moments. So, when this came along, the potential for what I could do was so exciting for me. I was like, “Wow, there’s this great show with great actors who are a part of it, and I’ve got this character that I could do a lot of things with.

Student Suspended After Saving Classmate’s Life

A 15-year-old boy who carried a fellow student to the nurse’s office — seeking help for her while she was in the midst of an asthma attack — has been given a two-day suspension for leaving class without permission.

“I was like what? I’m suspended for this? Like, I was trying to help her,” Anthony Ruelas, an eighth-grade student at the Gateway Middle School in Killeen, Tex., told KCEN-TV.  Anthony’s mother, Mandy Cortes (pictured above with him), added, “He may not follow instructions all the time, but he does have a great heart.”

Anthony reportedly made the decision to leave his classroom on Tuesday while his friend was having an asthma attack, gagging and wheezing while nobody helped. According to a form about the incident filled out by the teacher, as shared on the local TV station, “During 5th period another student complained that she couldn’t breathe and was having an asthma attack. As I waited for a response from the nurse the student fell out of her chair to the floor. Anthony proceeded to go over and pick her up, saying ‘f*** that, we ain’t got time to wait for no email from the nurse.’ He walks out of class and carries the other student to the nurse.” …

Twilight Vamps Preference: Special Abilities



Edward: You had the ability of astral projection. Basically what is was was that you could project yourself outside of you. You could walk around outside your body for unlimited periods of time. It was like having an out of body experience, and came heavily in handy, especially when tracking an enemy.

Emmett: Your specialty was geokenisis. You could move the earth with a wave of your hand. You could shape the earth to your advantage, almost like an earth bender. One of the great quirks was that you could also create earthquakes at will. That’s something you kept for a rainy day.

Jasper: You, like Eleazar, had the ability to sense powers. You could look at a vampire and sense what abilities they had. When you met Jasper, you told him about it. At first he didn’t believe you, but when you predicted everyone else, they had to believe you. It also worked on humans, which was pretty cool.

Alec: You had the ability to mimic any vampire’s powers. They would have their power still, but you could manipulate that. Once you mimicked the power, you kept it forever, or until you decide you have no use of it anymore. This proved to be very advantageous for Aro, so you stuck around.

Demetri: You were very powerful and dangerous with your power of biokenesis. You could manipulate any moving body with a flick of your hand. Anything that walked or talked could be under your control, even vampires. Humans were the easiest, which is why you were in charge of gathering the food.

Felix: You were never afraid of the dark, which is why you manipulated shadows. You could project shadows of “people” and use them to do your bidding. They would spy, collect information, fight, you name it. It was like having an entire army all to yourself.

Chocolate and Hickies

Period’s sucked, you felt uncomfortable in your own skin, not to mention your pants. Nothing was yet again fitting right, even the things you knew fit you great. You had bought them for when you bloated up a few pounds. PMS…what…a…bitch.

Laying on the couch face first with one socked foot hanging off the couch.

Steve walked in cocking his head to the side as he stared.

“You okay there sport?” Your face rubbing itself into the blanket. Hands pulling the pigtails you had redone three times.

“I’m not a guy! I’m a girl, I have breast and ovaries. These shiny little things called feelings that flare to life upon occasion.” Your hands flipping into the air as you spun and stalked towards Steve. Cheeks flaring red as you stormed out of the room.

Steve setting down the ipod his eyebrows furrowing together lips pursed. Did he go after you or not? You weren’t his girl but he did like you. Spending most of his time between Bucky and yourself.

His fingers drumming on the counter he decided. Give you a few minutes to cool off then check. Minutes later you could hear a knock at the door.

“Friday who is it?” Whispering to the AI.

“Who is at the door presently?” Friday inquired while you face palmed.

“Open up, Y/N” Steve managing to sound commanding and adorable. Gods were you fucked.

“Friday open the door.” You said falling onto your pillow. Making shapes on the purple material with your fingertips.

“Sorry for earlier Steve.”

“You want to tell me why?” Steve sitting on your bed mainly because you had hung out on it before. Most people ,however, wouldn’t have Steve in their bedroom; ever.

Working your face together into an adorable scrunchy mess. Kind of like a pug. Sighing you finally told him his thumb rubbing circles onto your calf.

“I’m PMSing.” Steve giving your leg a squeeze while he handed over a chocolate bar.

“Doesn’t explain the outburst. I’m assuming you’ve had more than one period the three years I’ve known you.” Steve smiling while continues his message.

“I don’t want to talk about it. It’s stupid. I shouldn’t let it bother me, it usually doesn’t.” Nibbling the corner of the chocolate bar. Steve frowning, it was the first time you hadn’t shared something with him. You were a fairly open and honest person. There were a few things you refused to tell anyone but he respected those boundaries. All the Avengers have those secrets.

“I understand but if it’s bothering you it can’t be that stupid. You’re too smart for that.” Steve trying his hand at being charming.

“Oh goody I love being the smart one. everybody loves an awkward nerd.” Turning your back to Cap again. Fighting the urge to cry again. Damn hormones.

“I-” Cutting him off you started your tirade. Unable to handle another placation from Wonder Boy.

“I feel fat, ugly, and worthless. I’m the only single person here. Day in and day out. Natasha doesn’t even try to set me up like with you. Not like it would even work cause no one wants me anyways.” Curling up into yourself to try and contain the pain.

“I’m single.” Steve tried to offer.

“Yeah but you could have any girl you wanted in a heartbeat.” Sitting up snapping your fingers to accentuate your point.

Jeans hugging every curve that Steven could see. A Salem, MA sweatshirt keeping your body heat in. What it wasn’t keeping out was the self-loathing. Nor the fact that you have been crushing on Steve for 2 years, six months, and three days.

Your lavender and chocolate brown pigtails cascading down to your shoulders. Eye’s peaking up at Steve as you held the bar of chocolate in your hands.

“Why don’t you want me Steve?” Deep set eye’s gazing up at him. Whether it was the hormones or what self-respect you had left, you had to ask.

“I……It’s not that I don’t. I just.” Steve giving you a pleading look.

“WHAT?!? You tell everyone not to wait too long. Then you vacillate about your feelings for me right in front of me?!?! After three years of friendship! 2 years, six months, and three days of me being IN LOVE with you!” Tears pouring out of your eye’s as you covered your mouth. Eye’s wide as you gasped and sobbed. Turning your back to Steve to give some semblance of privacy.

His hands going to your back.

“Please Y/N. I’m not trying to hurt you. I just thought I was protecting us both. We’ve both-”

“Protecting us? What kind of crap is that?!?” Turning to face him in your rage.  Your hand crushing the chocolate bar. Eye’s wide as you stared him down. His hands flying up to his chest palms out.

“Y/N, I just, we’ve both admitted how much pain love has brought us. Nothing good seems to come of it. How we weren’t sure we wanted to try again. I just would rather have you as a friend than nothing at all.” Sad eye’s staring at each other.

His lips meeting your’s as his fingers tangled in your hair. Pushing yourself into his lap. His neck going back as you kissed him hard from the new angle. Leverage was definitely on your side in this case.

His hands sliding down your body as his fingers cupped your ass. Gods how he had stared at it more times than he ought too. His hands massaging you as you rocked your hips in time to his strokes. Stroking Steve’s cock into the erection you had alway’s dreamed about.

When you you unanimously pulled off your sweatshirt Steve tried to speak.

“What-” Covering Steve’s mouth with your hand. Hips grinding into his shamelessly. Steve’s eye’s getting hazy and dark.

When his hands grabbed your waist you were curiously shocked. Steve lifting you up onto your back. Crawling on top of you supporting a majority of his weight while he kissed you.

Steve just enjoying the sensation of kissing someone his hands wandering over your body. It was like Peggy’s but different. You were leaner but all the curves were there. Soft and warm in his hands his hand cupping your right cheek. His erection rubbing into you. Steve had never made out with anyone before. Well except when Bucky was teaching him how to kiss.  He was 99% sure that didn’t count.

Putting your leg over his thigh you pulled him down. Wanting more friction and contact with the 90 year old Avenger. Let Tony make his jokes, you’d chose this old man over him anyday.

“I’m not hurting you am I?” Steve asked when you both pulled back for air. His hair falling over his eye’s. The gel coming out of it due to humidity and sweat.

Grabbing you placed a sweet kiss to his lips. Gyrating your hips against his at the same time.

“Nope.” Sliding your noses together while you laid kiss after kiss upon each other’s lips. Spending the entire night kissing hands exploring concealed skin. Lips exploring whatever the eye’s could see. Kissing until lips were tinged with red. A possible bruise forming on Steve’s lip from one of your love bites. Each of you sporting a few hickies.

“Tony’s going to tease you for those tomorrow. “ Fingers trailing over his neck as you smiled. Placing a peck over the bruise.

“Like Nat’s going to let you live that one down either.” Steve nipping your soon to be hicky then laving it with his tongue.

“Hmmm…” Was all you could eak out. Crawling on top of him your hair creating a curtain around the two of you. Smiling while you proceeded to kiss him senseless yet again. A lull so you could both breathe setting in.

“You really waited almost three years before you said anything?”

“I nearly crawled into your lap last year at Valentine’s day. Pepper stopped me thank god.” Blushing at the not so proud memory.

“Would have been interesting.” Steve’s head lolling to side to look at you. His arm draping over your waist as you two talked the night away.

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Hi! I need some advice if you could help me out... I have been with my daddy for a month or two now and I feel like I'm bothering him a lot of the time... Like I want more attention than once or twice a day for a very short period of time, but I don't want to loose him if I say something..... What do you think I should do?

Your submission is a gift.
Go through my tumblr and you’ll see me say that..over…and over…and over….

Its a great gift. Its a priceless treasure better than Jack sparrow could ever find.

Its yours and yours alone to bestow on the person YOU have come to decide that can steward it best.

Its to be treated as such. As though it were the last drink of water in an endless desert… As though it were more valuable than all the gold in fort Knox…

Ask yourself…. Is this how daddy treats your great, unique, one of a kind, beautiful priceless treasure?

Would you treat him the same way he treats you?

Would you only talk to your stuffie once a day?

If you had a puppy would you only pay attention to it for 5 minutes everyday and then lock it in a box and ignore it?

No. The answer is no.
You’re a princess.
Treat yourself like one and get a real daddy.

You’re a little. Any man who rests the mantle of daddyship on his shoulders should expect you to be needy… Should expect you to require his attention.

He’s your teacher…your guide… Your complete caregiver.

If you were a nurse and your patient had a chronic issue, would you only check on them 5 minutes a day?

If you only water a flower once a week..how long will it last?

Awaken yourself.
Realize your worth.
Do what needs to be done to be truly happy… ( even if it means being alone until you find the one that EARNS your gift )

You deserve better…and you know it.

Wake up.
You….are in control.

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Lately I've been starting to get into studying. What are your top 3 tips for studying? Ps; I love your blog

Hi, that’s really great that you are getting into studying! Here are my top 3 tips for studying that are really effective for me :)

1. Little and often - I think that the best way to learn things is to revise/study little and often. Much better to work 20 minutes everyday rather than 6 hours one day a week. If you work for long extended periods of time you will start to lose concentration and study less efficiently after a few hours, and therefore you won’t retain as much information. Working regularly will help you get into a routine, as well as keep the knowledge topped up, helping move things from short-term to long-term memory.

2. Start early - One of the best things you can do for an exam period, is to start revising and studying for the exams early. The worst thing you could do would be to wait until the few days before and try to cram. Starting months in advance of exams will mean you can make notes and then have time to revise in different ways (watching videos, debates and discussions, mind-maps etc.). It also means that you will know the information inside and out, a lot of it you will have gone over so much that you just ‘know’ it, it’s ingrained in your knowledge. This will leave more time to spend on yourself coming up to exams, to avoid it being such a stressful experience.

3. Past papers - I find that once you have fully understood what you have learnt in class, and made notes etc. then the most effective way to revise is to do past papers. Doing practise questions will really test your application of the information you have learnt, and getting used to exam technique. Looking at mark schemes can also be invaluable; they allow you to see exactly where the marks are gained, and by looking at lots of mark schemes you will start to recognise the similar questions that come up in papers often.


I like seeing all this Annalogia stuff going round, I think it’s great. But, everything I’ve seen them in had Acnologia in human form. What about if he met her as a dragon? Just imagine:

The great Dragon King falling in love with a human mage and having his love be forbidden.

Their time being cute short by people attempting to kill Acnologia and causing him to leave her for long periods of time.

Anna having to keep her secret of being in love with a Dragon from everyone else. 

Acnologia killing hundreds of people to protect both himself and Anna.

Anna eventually disliking the way Acnologia is simply killing people.

Anna then deciding to help send the Dragon Slayers to the future to kill Acnologia in the hopes he might somehow return to human form permanently.

I think there’s a lot of potential for the ship, be it with Acnologia being in Dragon form or Human form.

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Can you please pray for me? I know it sounds silly, but sometimes it is so hard to be patient about waiting for God to send the right guy into my life. I love your blog so much, God bless you!

I will pray for you. This is my prayer as well haha. BUT we have to wait for God’s timing. Do not stress because it isn’t going you way, be in prayer instead and let God lead you. Draw near to God and God will draw near to you and show you what you should do in this situation. If he tells you to wait, you can know that he has also promised you that the best is yet to come, so keep on waiting! Waiting periods are difficult, definitely in these kind of things, but when God tells us to wait, he does it to build us up for something great. He does not just let you stand there and think, but he is doing something great in you to prepair you for what is to come. So hold on to His word, and do not let it go. It will come, but not in our own timing. God bless you!!



now that i’ve calmed down a bit (not really), i’d like to thank these amazing accounts (who all have been very nice to me and/or are my studyblr inspirations) ily:

@studying-for-the-future @studystruck @studybuzz @elkstudies @gracelearns @cmpsbls @chasingdiplomas @jessastudy @kimberlystudies @muji-princess 

So I’m sort of half-watching that ‘Britain’s Bloody Crown’ documentary (for gif purposes- even vaguely period headdresses will do) and I’m only five minutes in, and not even personally that much of a Wars of the Roses buff, and already it’s painful.

I don’t know what I expected. I’ve never been much of a fan of documentaries- even the best of them have to fit complex stories into a short time period. But this is just abysmal. 

Further Thoughts on Outlining

I’m completely overwhelmed by everyone’s response to my post about how I improved my writing speed. Thank you so much! It’s very gratifying to hear that it resonated with so many of you, and I’d love to hear more about your results. I also got some great questions, and quite a lot of “But what do I do if I HATE outlining?” so I’d love to address some of the common ones.

I hate outlining because it robs me of the joy of discovery [or other reasons]. Am I a lost cause?

Of course not! Different things work for different people. I know there are writers who can really get into the “zone” on a story, and crank out an entire novel–without an outline–in extremely short periods of time. I do think that on the whole, however, un-outlined stories are slower to draft because of the cognitive load problem I mentioned in the original post. So if you really, truly hate the idea of outlining because you think it will ruin the joy of discovery, then try finding some other aspect of your writing that you can offload in advance. Give yourself a starting point and ending point for a scene, and sketch in some sensory or thematic details. Then you’re doing less of the “setting the stage” work in your head while you write while still feeling the joy of discovering what your characters will do next. Or you can do a lot more character work beforehand–worksheets with information about how they speak, their dark secrets, their feelings toward other characters, etc–that you can refer to as you go rather than having to make each up on the spot.

No matter what I try, I can’t seem to push past XX words a day. Any tips?

Usually, when I’m having a hard time meeting a word count goal, it’s because I either a) haven’t done the work to know what the thing I’m writing is actually about, or b) have run my creative well dry and am not keeping it suitably refilled. I can usually tell if it’s the former because I just get blocked and stare aimlessly around with no idea what should happen next; I can tell it’s the latter because every sentence I write sounds the same and my characters are just empty mannequins who shrug their shoulders and frown a lot while having lengthy stretches of dialogue that goes nowhere.

If your problem is A, try this: pull out a piece of paper. At the very bottom, write the next major thing that you know you need to have happen. Then use the remaining space to chart a course toward that thing from where you are right now (or possibly even a little bit before).

If your problem is B: take a deep breath. Step away. If you have time to spare, give yourself some time away to read, watch an inspiring TV show, take a brainstorming walk, or otherwise do something that isn’t beating your head against the keyboard. When you’re ready, put yourself back into your story, but focus on those sensory details you’re missing. Reconnect with the worldbuilding and setting, whether it’s a middle school cafeteria (sticky tabletops, green linoleum, noseprints on the windows? go nuts) or a fantasy high cathedral (thin shafts of light streaming into the darkness, dust motes on the air, your character’s heavy mantel making them sweat and slicking their hair to their neck). For me, the challenge in keeping my writing feeling fresh is in inviting others’ words and worlds and phrases and thoughts into my head, and that means not neglecting my fiction reading, either. Fresh exposure to new storylines and language helps my brain slowly digest and remix things into something hopefully new, and keeps my sentence-writing muscle all limbered up.

I just can’t write every day.

Neither can I. So I don’t. My creative energy is really awesome Monday through Wednesday, sucks dirt on Thursdays, and is a total mixed bag through the weekend. And when I finish a big project, I always take a week or two off (schedule permitting). So I write when I can. Just don’t use it as an excuse. There’s a big difference between “I cannot write right now” and “I really could write right now and really should write right now but I’m going to let inertia carry me on to scroll through Tumblr for a few more hours until I fall asleep.” If you’re procrastinating, and you know you’re procrastinating, look at the reasons as to why. Procrastination usually comes from fear, a lack of confidence about one’s ability to proceed, and/or a lack of understanding as to how to proceed. With outlining, you are breaking the steps down into manageable chunks so you can at least tackle the last of these. The other two, we’ll address at a later time.

Have you tried changing up your writing process? How is it going?


Further Thoughts on Outlining was originally published on Lindsay Smith

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I feel like a freak because I miss being abused and I don't know why. Is this even normal?

Hey anon,

You aren’t a freak. It’s fairly normal to miss being abused. Abuse alters the way you view attachment and relationships, so it can be hard to connect with people outside of abusive situations. Abuse also includes “honeymoon periods,” which are often times where the abuser makes you feel great, and it’s possible to miss those as well.

What you’re going through is normal, anon. You will get past it, you are strong.


To be sure, throughout the “Year II”— from September 1793 to September 1794, following the new Revolutionary calendar— the spirit of ’89, the idealism and fervor for the improvement of humanity never disappeared. In some respects they became even stronger. The period was marked by a series of measures that sought to create a more just and egalitarian society. […] 

[One of them] was the decree on February 4, 1794 abolishing slavery throughout the French colonies. France became the first great power in modern times to pass such a law. Indeed, the end of slavery was the occasion for a major popular celebration in Paris, attended by thousands of men and women, including a number of Africans living in the city. Even [Nicolas-Céleste] Guittard— who had lost all his investments in the Caribbean after the slave uprisings there— was surprisingly enthusiastic: “So now all the slaves are free and on their own.” And in honor of “this memorable day of emancipation,” he drew a little sketch in his diary of a black man and black woman holding hands.

The Coming of the Terror (Timothy Tackett)

(WARNING: Spoilers for Episode 17 of Miraculous/Miraculous Ladybug)

I get why everyone is freaking out over the slow-mo run scene/the possibility that Adrien knows that Ladybug is Marinette now (because holy frickin’ shit the love square might just become a triangle), but how come NO ONE is mentioning the fact that Hawkmoth is actually capable of manipulating/possessing two people within the same time period now?! Timebreaker doesn’t count because 1.) it’s the same person and 2.) that was only due to a time paradox/loop. 

How come Hawkmoth is able to do this now? What changed? Is he getting stronger? (Because I find it hard to believe that this fool just now realized it would be a great idea to posess multiple people at/around the same time.) Will he try to manipulate multiple people around the same time in the future? Is this foreshadowing for Volpina?! 

And let’s not forget that the lucky duo know it’s him behind the akuma attacks. (This is the first time they’ve shown awareness of Hawkmoth, I think.)

Wildflower (Ch.1-2) by eala-musings

This fic takes place in a point in history I have some particular interest in. The history and lore of the American Frontier is a fascinating point in history, seeing the transition of settlers to frontiersmen establishing borders and states across the country. And I love reading about Everlark in period pieces, especially in the Americas (it feels right and natural for them, doesn’t it?).

The first two chapters of this fic already have me excited. Without spoiling anything, there is a bit of a time gap between the first and second chapter that really leaves you wanting more. I want to know what has happened in that time, almost as much as I want to know what’s ahead.

Like I said, the setting is great and Katniss and Peeta each have their own stories that are intriguing and fit with the times quite well. They act and behave with stubbornness at times, but they also have a sense of maturity about them that is always nice to read. I feel like when you’re writing about characters around this age, a sense of maturity has to be conveyed on top of Katniss and Peeta’s natural traits that we know from the books.

Eager for more, a strong start that gives you just enough information to be satisfied, while leaving enough questions in the air for there to be a certain sense of suspense.

[Ed. note: Review by @thegreatorangedragon. Story by @eala-musings]

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Hi SomethingLikeaLawyer. Huge fan. I'm curious to know your thoughts on Ashara Dayne. A lot of people say she had sex with Brandon. Did he rape her? Or was it Ned nd consensual but then she had his stillborn and she was sad? Thanks!

I think it’s more credible that Eddard slept with Ashara more than Brandon. Eddard was already mentioned to have been attracted to her, and for Brandon to get Ashara and Eddard to dance only to immediately turn around and sleep with her seems to be crueller than Brandon is depicted as being.

As to what happened, I don’t think there’s any great conspiracy. Ashara wanted an end to the conflict, and when Eddard returned, Ashara lost her beloved brother and Eddard could not marry her, as he fulfilled the Stark-Tully alliance instead. She lost a great deal in a short period of time, and jumped from the tower in her grief.

Thanks for the question, Anon. Sorry to make you even sadder.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Happy Sunday everyone!!! We hope you’re enjoying whats left of the weekend!

Over the period of time we’ve been active on tumblr we received a lot of messages about what a great guy Wes is. Some from people who have met him, others are from people who have seen him interact with others, and some who know someone who’s interacted with him. All messages have been so positive and we felt like it would be so much fun to share these with you guys! So we are going to start Wes Wednesdays! We will share some of these stories with all of you. If you have a story and want it to be shared hit our inbox with a message! We will keep it anonymous if you would like or we will credit you. We are excited to kick off Wes Wednesdays!! Lets show Wes some love. ❤️

You guys rock,
-Wes Bentley Fans