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Hey Edd, what's your reaction when there's no more cola in the house? also your my favorite dont tell anyone💚

EDD: That is a fate too terrible to imagine…
EDD: Which is why I always make sure to keep the fridge stocked!

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For the drabble game, may I please request #20 with Doyoung? I work at a Walgreens and I think it would be make me feel better to read a story about my one of my least favorite things to do at work if it was my ulimate bias who was doing it. Thank you and have a good day/night 💞 💞

Asdfghjkl; a Doyoung stan omg you are one of the only ones I’ve met. Thank you for recognizing the gem that he is omg. Also, this turned from a drabble into a 1k word scenario, I hope you don’t mind! I got carried away aha.

20.) “You repeatedly come into the store I work at and pick up a head of lettuce then halfway through the store decide you don’t want the lettuce and you put it back on the shelf next to you regardless of what aisle you’re on.”

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Characters: Doyoung

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1k I got carried away omg

Working retail wasn’t the ideal job for you, but it was a job and you could not complain about that. Thankfully, the store you worked at didn’t have crowds of people day in and day out, it made for a less stressful job for you.

While walking through the aisles one day, you noticed a head of lettuce sitting on the shelf beside boxes of hair dye. At first, you didn’t think anything of it. People leave things sitting around places they don’t belong all of the time. So, you simply put it back. However, when you started finding heads of lettuce all throughout the store multiple times a week, you began to question the situation.

You started to pay close attention to the customers, trying to spot people who were in on the days that you found lettuce. Your search didn’t go anywhere, but then you had a breakthrough. You noticed someone carrying a head of lettuce up and down the aisles. Seeing that one of your coworkers could handle the cash register, you came out from behind the counter and went to follow this person.

After searching many aisles, you finally found your person. You peeked out from the main aisle into the aisle that held the cards. After getting a good look at the person, you saw that it was a guy. He had picked up one of the cards and laughed at its contents, then picked up another and laughed at its contents. He did this for three more cards, then he put the last card back and went to walk out of the aisle—but not before sitting he lettuce down on the last shelf.

Once he vacated the aisle, you went down it and snatched the lettuce up from its place. You went to confront the man, but he had already exited the store before you could get to him. The next two weeks following that, he had found a way to keep himself hidden from you and would sneak in and out of the store. Of course, leaving lettuce behind every time. You were beginning to think that he was doing it on purpose, maybe he just liked to inconvenience other people, or maybe he just liked messing with you. Whatever reasoning he had behind it, you knew that you had to catch him in the act. You had invested too much time on the clock to let this slide, you just didn’t know how.

That day never came, though. While on your lunch break two months after the events started, you came face to face with him. Not at your work, though, at the small Italian restaurant next to your work. You sat down on the patio outside, skimming the menu to see what you wanted to eat. That’s when you saw him. He sat on the other side of the patio, the menu he had in his hands hiding his face until he put it down to order. After ordering, he felt your heated gaze and looked at you. He smiled brightly, either being cheeky or not recognizing who you were. You scrunched your face up in response, the waitress coming to take your order drew your attention towards her. During your lunch, you could feel his little glances. You continued to ignore him, determined to give him the cold shoulder no matter how many warm hearted smiles he shot your way. You two finished eating at the same time, and you made a beeline for the door. Just when you thought you had it, he caught you. He had hopped over the fence to the patio and to the front door just so he could catch you. Impressive, but not impressive enough to make you drop your coldness.

“Please, leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you.” You said, shrugging him off and attempting to leave.

“W-wait! Why? I just want to talk to you!” He called out. He ran in front of you and put his hands on your shoulders to stop you from walking, “Why are you being so cold towards me?”

“Do you want to know why?” He shook his head ‘yes’.

“You repeatedly come into the store I work at and pick up a head of lettuce then halfway through the store decide you don’t want the lettuce and you put it back on the shelf next to you regardless of what aisle you’re on.”

He gawked at you, “Let me exp-”

“No! Do you know how annoying it is to have to scour the store nearly every day just to find a stupid head of lettuce that you keep leaving in random places? It’s so inconvenient! It’s my job, yes, but my goodness! Can’t you just put it back where you got it?”

You brushed past him again, looking at your watch to see that your lunch break would be ending in five minutes. You took three strides towards your work, before he grabbed your wrist, “Please, I need to explain!”

“Two minutes.”

“Okay,” He took a breath in, “Honestly, the first few times were me being careless, but then I did start doing it on purpose. I saw you watching me one day and I thought I could get your attention that way. I didn’t know how to approach you and I’m really sorry for troubling you. I didn’t mean to do that.”

You looked at the time again, three minutes left. “It’s fine, now if you’ll excuse me I really need to get back to work before I am late.”

“Wait! Let’s go out sometime!” You didn’t bother to turn around, at this point you were going to say anything to get him to leave you alone. “Sure, whatever you say. Let’s talk about it later,” You waved him off, mentally high fiving yourself for getting him to leave you alone. Before you went through the entrance of your work, you saw him having a mini-celebration over your acceptance.

‘Why the hell did I agree to a date with such a strange guy…’

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ive always loved @fanartcity‘s oc asshat jones (and super m! what a goofball), but this character development as of late has me feeling many Emotions. anyway ive had a memo on my desk for a couple weeks now saying “draw asshat” in all caps but its never come up til now. hope im not being weird