Almost Adults Rewrite 2017

Yup, your eyes aren’t broken. You read that correctly. I’ve decided that my next big story to tackle after Sky Full of Stars is finished ((single tear)) would be to completely rehash, rewrite, and fix Almost Adults. I say the term “fix” very loosely, because yes, while Adriana and Sarah have their reasons for making the film, it is still a good LGBT+ film for the community. They tried. But, after talking with a lot of the fans, it seems the general complaint or wish they all had for the film was that Mackenzie and Cassie ended up together. 

So I thought about it for a while and wondered what the whole movie would have been like if Cassie, along with Mackenzie, was also struggling to identify herself. Also, some of the fans I talked to expressed their concerns about the jokes in the movie regarding the community actually being offensive/not funny. Another was that Mackenzie and Cassie were absolutely horrible friends to one another. Who does that? Completely yell at their best friend because she/they wasn’t ready to come out? I’m sure many of us could relate to being in a position where, regardless if they’ve known the person for years, the thought of rejection from their favorite human being is a hard pill to swallow (take Kory and Colleen Ballinger for example, if you’ve seen that video). So, in the story, I’ll be dumping that fight scene entirely, because Mackenzie will come out to Cassie first before telling her parents in a safe environment. 

Also, I will be keeping some scenes from the movie to make the story coincide with the film, while others I’ll take out completely. (like that sex scene between Mathew and Cassie. Ew. Not happening.) 

Guarantee: By the end of the story, Mackenzie and Cassie will end up with each other and fall in love. 

Here’s where you creampuffs come in. I really want this to be a community effort, so that way it can feel like we all pitched in to create something wonderful. If any of you have requests, concerns, or inklings about what you want to see in the story, feel free to send me a message! I’d love to hear what you’d like to add in! Also, artists, if you want to create fan art of the story/this new alternate universe, send me a message too.   

This story is still in brainstorming mode, so forgive me if this all seems like one whole babble. Or if it takes a while to take form. But I just wanted to type this out and get this to ya’ll before I go crazy. As of write now, I’m struggling with the title for the new story and summary.

These are the contenders for first place: 

1. How to Be Gay: Mackenzie’s Survival Guide 

2. The Inside of Out 

3. Cassie’s Choice  

And thus, every good story needs a summary, right? Here it is: 

    Growing up is hard. Coming out is harder. Falling in love with your best friend sucks. Until it doesn’t. 

  In Mackenzie’s life, she was always certain of these three things: one, she loves food. Two, she’s a lesbian. Three, she’s in love with her best friend. After coming out to her parents goes horribly wrong and not what she expected to hear, Mackenzie and Cassie’s relationship takes a surprisingly strange turn that neither girl was prepared for. Meanwhile, Cassie is struggling with her own sexual identity after her horrible break up with Mathew, and her own parents unable to grasp what went wrong. In this new, strange life they share together, they both come to realize that no matter what you identify as, learning to be an adult sucks. 

What do you creampuffs think? All in favor for an Almost Adults rewrite say “aye”!! 

Do I wanna look like a pretty girl or do I just want a pretty girl.. like I have no problem with my proximity to femininity but I’m rethinking it and thinking like do I do all this to how I lookand dress  because I like how it looks ON ME or because it’s what my gay ass is attracted to..

you know what has like, multiple gay characters, multiple characters of color, multiple gay characters of color, a dedicated antifascist rhetoric and narrative and all the while does not ever need to resort to horrid AUs, turning beloved superheroes created by Jewish artists into literal Nazis or shoving Nazi imagery into its audience’s face? DC fucking Bombshells

God, okay, I need to work on something original for once what do:

Ghosts and detectives

Gay fantasy

Supernatural gas station

Depressed evil overlord

Gay ghost story

the other day I was thinking what the gay greeting should be and I thought that when two gays hug they should whisper 'a unicorn just farted a rainbow'. why am i like this.

I’m hilarious. 

anonymous asked:

In that vídeo where Darren says "I am gay" what does he say before? Bc I think he says "it's nothing I haven't seen before" and idk if they are talking about taylor Lautner but if it is it just get funnier.

Unclear what Taylor they are talking about and I’m not 100% sure what he says. Anyone?  But no question he follows it up by clearly stating “"I’m gay” and then acting “surprised” like nothing interesting was said.   

But make no mistake. It was intentional. This happened two days after one of the worst nights this fandom has dealt with- satangate.  Events that I believe we’re greatly exaggerated by his team but effectively gave PR fans something to swoon about and made Darren look like a complete jerk yelling at a young girl.  I doubt we will ever know what actually went down. But not one person filmed it?  Makes it highly suspicious. 

Point being I think Darren was completely pissed and rebelled the second he had the opportunity.  Next day he traveled to London and wasn’t seen for almost a week until the work portion kicked in. Amazing how he can travel privately when he wants his trip to be private.  And he returned with a renewed energy.   I’d imagine he spent some much needed quality time with his “mysterious” travel companion. 

gay chat - a discord server

what is gay chat?

the gayest discord chat on earth

what kind of features does this chat have?

pronoun roles (that you can request for if we dont have yours there)

cool emotes

channels that pretty much cover anything you need from selfies to a place to vent ur feelings to a place where you can “ironically” search vore.

a nsfw voice chat we never use

cock and also balls.

how do i join?

message me on tumblr for me to make sure ur blog description isn’t like the amazing atheist’s or some shit

can someone please explain to me how Jackson and Ethan got together? Like they didn’t even know each other? Ethan was dating Danny? How did Jackson just suddenly become gay? What happened to Danny? JACKSON AND ETHAN MAKE NO SENSE. obvious pandering is obvious.

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