Unfinished Business.{Open Rp}

It had taken a lot of work, but Able had managed to get himself good and legal in the states finally, which meant a passport, which meant…flying…Leaving a note on the  door of his home that simply stated

“Going Back to Handle something, text me at -insert number- If you need to talk to me”

The plane was landing, he’d forgotten how  hot Australia was, making his way home was easy, he knew the way, it never really left.

Soon he was in front of a obviously abandoned house, the paint was peeling, and the doors were locked tight, why hadn’t anyone moved in it?

Oh well~! 

A quick test of the lock showed that his old key actually still worked, huh they didn’t change the locks hn? Curious.

Heading through the living room, and up the stairs, to his childhood bedroom which was actually in the attic.

Heh funny, everything was still where he left it…His mom must still own the property, leaving the house as a grave of sorts.

Moving to sink into the old, dusty sheets, he sighed softly and took out his phone, just checking for messages.

anonymous asked:

Why did it take you a half an hour to sort spike? For me personally, I would sort him in Slytherin.

It took me ages because I couldn’t choose between gryffindor or hufflepuff. He’s got traits from both, so I was just bouncing back and forth for what feels like 30 minutes.

I wouldn’t sort him into slytherin because i wouldn’t say he has much ambition, and I also wouldn’t necessarily consider him to be clever or resourceful (or cunning, really). Slytherins usually have a lot of ambition and will “use any means to achieve their ends.”

However spike would definitely be a gryffindor. He’s got most of the traits: brave, daring, nerve, etc. He’s not a thinker, so that crosses ravenclaw out immediately. Gryffindors tend to act quite recklessly, which is pretty much what spike does. Another point for gryffindor (pun not intended, but appreciated) is that others tend to see them as arrogant, and I would say that spike can be quite arrogant.

He does have some hufflepuff qualities as well. The main reason I chose not to sort him into hufflepuff is because his hufflepuff qualities are not strong enough parts of his personality (they’re more “dig a little deeper” qualities). The main thing about hufflepuffs are that they’re kind to everyone, and spike is not. What drove me to consider hufflepuff was the fact that he does have a aspect of him, and the fact that he values love (possibly above all else). For example, when drusilla was weak, he did everything he could to help her back to health. I would say he did this out of pure love and loyalty. He was also very loyal and protective towards dawn, and he’d do anything for her. The fact that he is very love-driven is probably the reason I even considered hufflepuff. Although spike and william are the same person, it’s a lot easier to see his hufflepuff qualities when he was a human rather than a vampire (william the poet is definitely a hufflepuff). 

He may be “love’s bitch”, but that is often what makes him act recklessly (bringing it back full circle to why i would sort him in gryffindor). 

for spike it would be 1. gryffindor 2. hufflepuff 3. slytherin 4. ravenclaw

anonymous asked:

ok, sorry for the dumb question, but what does "bloke-ifled" mean? I'm not sure i've written this correctly, it's from the interview with Elizabeth Olsen, when Seb is upset by the question asked to her. I hope you understand what i'm saying, because I feel like this question it's all messed up and i cannot put a link here

Basically the interviewer was asking “did you have to pretend to like typically masculine things, behave in a more stereotypically male way whilst on set to fit in with such a male dominated cast? did you have to act extra feminine for them to treat you with respect?” and Seb was like what sorta dumb ass fucking sexist shit is this prick spouting, and Elizabeth was like “um I was just myself??? thanks???”

embarassing midnight confession: when i was like 18, i thought ftw stood for “fuck the what,” like a dumb shitpost inversion of wtf, what was i even drinking to assume that??