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about two weeks ago someone in my family told me that my dream job was pitiful and shameful and its still bugging me but i wanna be a farmer cuz i have so much love for the earth and what lives on it i was wondering if youd write something like farmer s/o x ignis in the sense that the s/o would make the vegetables he cooks with? sorry if it's silly i feel like it's a great idea to prove that what i love isnt dumb and shameful

I am so sorry to hear that! Just so you know, I support you 100 percent! I’d be honored to write this! Please don’t give up on your dreams!  I’m rooting for you!


You sighed softly, another hard day, but you had just returned home, a 30 minute drive everyday out to the outskirts of the Insomnia to the orchards and farmland that you worked your fingers to the bones for. It wasn’t what a typical ‘City’ person would consider a nice job, but it made you happy.

Stepping into the apartment, you noticed all the lights off, meaning you had gotten home before your boyfriend, who was possibly putting in a little more extra hours. Which made this easier, as you stripped in the vestibule, not wanting to drag the dirt from your coveralls all over the nice clean apartment.

It was one thing to work in dirt all day, but to live in it with your boyfriend. Not a smart or wise choice. First you’d take a nice long shower, to get the grime and dirt off of you, than start prep for dinner, as you had bought a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit home.

Stepping into the shower, you allowed the warm water to rush over you, washing away todays tensions and bring back memories of when this was all a dream. Everyone told you it was just a dream and rather silly one at that. Who now a days would want to be a farmer?

Yet Ignis didn’t, when you first bought it up to him, he seemed a little off put, but then he begun asking questions. What did you want to plant? Was it just a hobby or something you wish to make a living out of? What budget did you have?

The questions through you off, yet you answered each truthfully as best you could, only for at the end  of the week, Ignis had placed together a budget for you, along with helping you find a plot of land that would be best your needs.

“Why did you do this?” You asked, staring at the paperwork before you.

“No one should tell you what you can or cannot do. Your dreams are not foolish and I will assist you best I can to make your dreams a reality. As you are so passionate about it.” Ignis replied. “We can go look at everything tomorrow.”

It was honestly a dream come true, despite the first few months being quite the struggle. It was one thing to have cute little pots on your balcony and windowsill, and reading about the environment, a completely other thing to suddenly be in charge of 2 acres of land.

It took quite a bit, yet you finally saw your work start to flourish, and were able to hire some helping hands to take care of the area. Yet the thing that made you most happiest was how passionate Ignis has been throughout the entire thing. The man would ask how your crops were doing, and even stayed up late one night to help you ensure that the your large beautiful apple tree didn’t get blown down in the highwinds of the storm.

When Ignis had suggest that it might be profitable to sell your labor, you were kind of put off, you weren’t expecting to make a profit really, having love the earth and watching everything grow. Yet still you both had a lot more produce than you knew what to do with it.

There was only so much zucchini that you both could stomach and Ignis could come up with ‘New Recipe-ehs’ so you begun to sell at the local farmers market. You figured your prices were reasonable, and had actually sold out on your first day with the first couple of hours. By the end of the month, you were getting special request and demands from Five Star restaurants in town of carts and crates full, so your acres extended and you ended up having to build a little office space out there.

Where Noctis, Prompto and Gladiolus would come keep you company, when they helped with work on days off. Well not so much Noctis and Prompto, they were having more fun playing with your work Chocobos.

You gave a deep sigh, as you entered the kitchen, holding your little woven basket full of fruits and vegetables, placing them in the sink to be washed off. When you heard the front door open, “Hello!”

A chorus echoed you back, meaning that everyone was over tonight, yet only Ignis moved into the kitchen. Neither Noctis nor Prompto were welcomed in the kitchen after the spaghetti incident.

“Hello Dear.” Ignis chuckled, leaning forward pressing a kiss to the cheek your present him, as he removed his suit jacket.

“Hello, Iggy.” You cooed back, “Full house tonight, good thing I brought home so much, I’m worried that I won’t be able to sell it and the Chocobos will have to eat it.” You explained, rinsing off the vegetables.

Ignis smiled, “We’ll just have to make certain that we use this up.”

You smiled to the man, happy to have someone within your corner throughout all of this, because there were certain times you didn’t want to do anything but give up.Yet Ignis always pushed you through and always knew exactly what to say to push you through, and sometime physically push you out of bed to keep doing what you loved.

“You know, Ignis, I know I’ve thanked you before, but thank you again for believing in me.”

Ignis stopped preparing his half of the meal, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.  “You don’t need to ever thank me, I love seeing you be happy doing what you love, and I will assist you in every way I can.”

You smiled, softly wrapping an arm around the man’s waist, hugging him tightly in return, “Thank you for that as well.”

Ignis chuckled, “Besides, your vegetables are the only ones that I can sneak into Noct’s food without him noticing.”

You giggled softly as that.

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I try to ignore the anti Sansa rhetoric in this fandom but it seems like every time a new epi is out, people are upset with Sansa because she dares to have a different opinion than Jon 🙄

Yeah, tell me about it.

It’s really so dumb. What about Sansa that upsets them so much? I really want to know. What has she done that has been so cruel and horrible that people are so distrusting of her? 

All I see are comments like “she’s heartless and cold” but there has literally been no real evidence of this whatsoever. What has she specifically done that suggests she is? 

Ugh. I just want to fight everyone at this point lmao. Like yes, I know she’s not perfect, but Sansa always seems to be judged at a higher standard than everyone else on the show. It’s utterly bizarre. 

a little gray area (where I can keep you safe) - DivineProjectZero - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Peter thinks he doesn’t need to be protected.

(Some adults disagree.)

This was eating my brain up after my second viewing of my spider boy so here, have a quick fic about adults wondering what to do with their dumb neighborhood kid superhero.

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Reboot question: how often does Ben use Alien X, and when was the first time he used him

The first time Ben ever transformed into Alien X was during a major battle with an upgraded Vilgax with an even more malicious intent. Not only was he planning to kill Ben, take the omnitrix, and rule the galaxy, but he was going to enslave all man kind and destroy Earth itself. Azmuth gave Ben his entire new set of 10 (the AF aliens). In the final showdown, Ben turns into Alien X and beats Vilgax. However, Alien X takes a toll on him. 

A major weakness for the most powerful alien in the universe is simply coming to a decision on what to do. Sounds dumb right? It should be easy knowing what to do immediately. Wall crumbles? Just rebuild it using your thoughts. City being wiped out by typhoon? Just reverse the effects of the planet to calm it down. Bad guy going on a rampage? Teleport him to the nearest dimension. Well, it wouldn’t be hard to actually do those things, but it depends on every variable you could dream of. Ben often goes to Serena and Bellicus (the two other halves of a Celestialsapien that they all have) to see what to do. Serena tells Ben how one decision can solve the situation, while Bellicus tells him how it could also mess with events going on ANYWHERE in the universe. Not only that, but Alien X’s powers are so difficult for Ben to manage that any one of his abilities can mess with the fabric of reality itself. While in this form, Ben would have to be absolutely emotionless and analytical. All three must come to a conclusion that ends up solving the problem, while not damaging any part of the space-time continuum. You can probably imagine how that sort of thing can be really difficult for an 11 year old who barely knows what cereal to get at the super market.
Not only that, but turning into Alien X takes a major tole on Ben’s psyche. After transforming back, Ben still hears voices and gets major headaches. He has trouble sleeping at night, thinking about every action he takes that could have a negative or positive effect. It really messes with him for a while, making Alien X one of his most powerful, and harmful aliens to transform into.

So in short: He uses Alien x very, VERY, VERY rarely. 

someone: skinny people are hailed as stylish no matter what dumb shit they wear and fat people have to put hyper-gendered effort into their appearance every moment of their life to receive the bare minimum of basic human decency and this is pretty shitty.

every skinny person in a 300 mile radius:  this is targeting me personally, i will have you know that every morning at breakfast my own mother callously asks if i want seconds. seeing my figure praised in literally every form of media humanly possible is actually extremely traumatic because i hate knowing that i’m societally idealised. i was born with glass bones and paper ski


in the Best Possible Ending where everyone gets to live on earth together and another garnet is born

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GOSH OKAY burdens au in which burr is a vampire hunter and laurens is a vampire and burr freaks out that the boy he's been crushing on is a vampire que awkwardly overcoming prejudices

okay but burr as a doctor looking for vampires and he meets john who tries to drink his blood but burr is dumb and thinks hes just flirting

Listen. That AHWU though.

Everyone knows no good comes of trusting information ascertained through interrogation and threats without checking to ensure it’s honestly truthful. Sure, most at this point are well aware of what the FAHC do to those who double-cross them but there will always be assholes trying their luck and the Fake’s didn’t get where they are by being sloppy.

Which means someone inevitably drawing the short straw, left behind to babysit a bound hostage while the others go out and check the accuracy of all their shiny new information. It’s necessary, sure, but that doesn’t make it any less tedious for whoever is stuck twiddling their thumbs and ensuring an increasingly frustrated captive doesn’t somehow worm their way free while the rest of the crew is out having fun.

The latest lovely volunteer, a paunchy red-faced benefactor of a rival crew, is kindly hosting this week’s little sit-in at his multi-million dollar mansion out in the hills, conveniently private and filled with tangible displays of his ill-begotten wealth. The man spilled the beans embarrassingly quickly, rolled over on his allies at the very first sight of Ryan looming into view, but despite the ongoing helplessness of his position the departure of the more notorious members of the FAHC quickly led to the resurgence of his overpowering arrogance. Which is unwise really, considering it’s Trevor who was left behind to keep watch.

Trevor is a bit of a mystery outside the Fake’s, his reputation full of contradicting stories and inexplicable behaviour; he is a background lackey or a secret member of the upper management, he is alarmingly energetic or disturbingly apathetic, utterly naive or hiding violent depths, he is simply support or yet another of Ramsey’s unstoppable killers. Whatever he is, Trevor is unquestionably unnerving as all hell, inscrutable and unscrupulous with the driest humour, silly jokes undercut by biting sarcasm delivered so impassively it takes a moment for the insult to hit.

Trevor is busy. Trevor is bored. Trevor has time on his hands, an idiot at his mercy and countless priceless objects at his disposal. Increasingly loud complaints from an entitled millionaire combined with ongoing updates indicating that the information is checking out and the victim need not lose any fingers leads Trevor to all of 15 minutes of restraint before he channels a cat and starts knocking things off shelves. 

It starts small, heavy objects dropped more for the sound than the damage, crashes used as punctuation, as punishment, but as the hostage’s anger grows so too does Trevor’s grin, escalating to smashing glass and porcelain, shattering statues and fine china, all the while running his mouth in exaggerated surprise; I wonder what will happen if… oops. Well how about this one? Oh no. Oh dear what a mess, better try this- no? Oh. Well this is pretty! I’ll have to be more careful- oh darn, butterfingers thats me, now i hope this isn’t important…

By the time the other’s swing back around the entire lounge room is a disaster zone, newly gagged hostage snarling muffled yells from his seat in the centre of the chaos, visibly incensed as Trevor pats his back on the way past in an unhurried stroll, tutting and tisking all the way; gosh what a mess, who could live like this? Someone really aught to clean this up, you should have this taken care of man, have some pride in your home.  

On Off Topic Gavin talks about doing a shot with gold flakes in it, and RL Gavin is of course like listen to this utterly ridiculous thing i did, but FAHC Gavin would just be like yes. This is the acceptable way to consume liquor, from now on only this.

FAHC Gavin who carries his own real gold flakes, sprinkles them into anything from obscenely expensive cocktails to $4 rotgut with equal enthusiasm. It’s a quirk the rest of the crew don’t even blink at anymore but it has the other patrons of whatever dive bar they’ve ended up in watching on with fascinated disgust. Has any unfortunate enough not to know who they are looking at turning up face down in a gutter come dawn, greed pulling them in like moths; ignorantly mistaking Gavin for pretty flame rather than raging inferno.

When Los Santos’ finest manage to grab a Fake they’d pin them with any infraction they can manage, desperately trying to make anything stick in an attempt to finally reclaim the city. When frisking Free reveals a handful of little black baggies they think they’ve finally got him for something, concrete evidence he can’t possibly wiggle his way out of, until of course the bags reveal not white powder but fine gold leaf. It’s as unexpectedly absurd as it is devastating, a blow made no easier by the smug amusement radiating off Gavin, lounging in the harsh metal chair like it’s a throne, golden from his hair to his accessories to the flecks still on those sharp white teeth.



You know what head cannon I live for

Marinette and Adrien fighting over who is better Chat Noir or Ladybug pre-reveal, like just imagine.

(Angry) Marinette: Chat Noir!!
(Angry) Adrien: Ladybug!!!
Marinette: Why so defensive of the bug, got a crush?!
Adrien: Yeah obviously, me and half the city, though I will say I think I love her the most. 

*Marinette starts screaming inside* 

Adrien: Why so defensive of the cat, do you have a crush on him??
(clearly lying) Marinette: What no! No! That dumb cat? No. No. Me????? no. 

*Adrien starts screaming inside*