super extremist atheists honestly sound just about as bad as extremists of any religion

more gallagher girls headcanons (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

cammie morgan

  • eventually gets a pet cat named suzie
  • has seen parks and rec one too many times
  • probably really good at field hockey
  • learned all the constellations on her father’s lap in nebraska on summer nights
  • knows all the words to every popular NSYNC song

bex baxter

  • her english accent is not posh at all like have you heard someone from london speak lmao
  • punched a boy who tried to grind on her at a frat party
  • her favorite disney princess is mulan
  • really involved in the black lives matter movement, advocates for diversity in the intelligence world
  • thinks sean connery was the best james bond

liz sutton

  • makes the best goddamn grits you’ve ever tasted
  • is the dorkiest dancer that ever was
  • blushes beet red when bex compliments her what a dumb
  • cries watching children’s movies
  • fiercely, fiercely protective of her friends, probably the most out of the four

macey mchenry

  • went as batman for halloween when she was five
  • pursues the more overt side of the intelligence agency i.e., through politics, government relations
  • spent a summer working at the MAC counter in Macy’s without her parents knowledge
  • likes her parents’ house in DC the best (because it’s near preston whoops)
  • would have 90s romcom movie nights with cam when they lived together

zachary goode

  • played peter pan in the school musical when he was 10, and joe still has the incriminating pictures
  • wore a lot of skinny jeans when he was 14, which catherine 10/10 teased him about
  • he and cammie get married in nebraska i’m crying
  • loved the power rangers so much he wore the red ranger suit for a week straight
  • met grant and jonas because they were all in detention

rachel morgan

  • went to yale. i don’t know why i’m so passionate about this but i am
  • definitely has a green thumb - her beautiful flowers make up for her god awful cooking
  • she and joe have definitely worn matching flannel at some point
  • she’s always gonna love matthew, okay? but you can have more than one soulmate, and she and joe love each other and they love matthew and they’re so happy for once i’m dead
  • likes the spice girls. is that even a headcanon or fact at this point?

joe solomon

  • has drawings from when zach was little all over his cabin refrigerator
  • has a vinyl record player. he doesn’t understand how it’s hipster. he probably listens to hall and oates and bob dylan. 
  • this boy is so self-loathing and so full of guilt? i cry for him at night.
  • he met rachel first. he met rachel before he met matthew, actually. and he was never jealous he was their friend he would never be jealous ugh
  • joined the circle because he was an orphan and he just wanted to be somebody and do something important

abby cameron

  • is a huge runner. has probably ran the new york marathon. idk why i associate abby with jogging but i just do
  • definitely took a gap year before uni/cia shit and just travelled around the world and met so many people and was your average twenty something for once
  • because i think, most of all, of any of them, abby is the one who sometimes wishes she was normal
  • drove townsend crazy with her cravings while she was pregnant
  • owns over 30 pairs of shoes

edward townsend

  • was a scholarship kid. came from a broke af family with eight kids in east london and worked hard to get into eton and cambridge and for everything else in his life
  • loves a good cable knit sweater
  • talks to his siblings frequently, tries to keep up with his ever growing number of nieces and nephews
  • is super vigilant about his health but still got malaria in mozambique anyway
  • once met the queen but was too nervous to say anything what a nerd

catherine goode

  • such a fucking yoga hoe oh my god, always talking about her chi and shavasana and how good her practice was 
  • is a piano prodigy, is obsessed with debussy, practices constantly
  • would have studied astrophysics, like black holes and dark matter, if she wasn’t busy being a terrorist
  • really likes the ocean, probably from growing up on a goddamn island
  • lowkey loved eating zach’s leftover dinosaur chicken nuggets

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The thing is I can see Mick Rory/Amaya Jiwe kinda... working?

This is… not really a spoiler, just based on other people’s speculation that the CW may make that a thing based on a couple of throwaway maybe-allusions to Mick finding love and the two of them having some type of dynamic in recent interviews. A lot of people, still traumatized by the numerous contrived romances from last season, were all THIS SHIT AGAIN???? at that speculation - and trust me, I was one of those people, but the more I think about it - hear me out here, y’all. It could actually be kinda cool.

Yes, he’s twice her age(ish). But isn’t he a guy who’s been sort of alone and wild for a really really long time, living entirely under the shadow of a much stronger and more controlling personality for most of his adult life (Chronos years included)? You can see how having this relatively insular existence has made Mick emotionally stunted, inarticulate, insecure and lonely. There’s an almost childlike naivete to his simplistic hedonism in “Star City 2046.” He shows interest in people, but he doesn’t know how to get close without putting off the people he’s attracted to (”YOU SMELL NICE”). He’s horribly scarred - both inside and out - and defensively self-conscious and self-loathing about that. 

Mick’s new to healthy, egalitarian, mutually respectful relationships. He’s pushing 50 and he’s literally only ever had one friend his whole life, and that friend was his everything, and now he’s gone. If the plot is going to move him forward, it’s going to have to push him out of his comfort zone to figure out who Mick is without Len, and I agree with Phil Klemmer that a genuine romance would be an actual organic narrative growth for the character.

And Amaya is gorgeous, and brilliant, and strong and fundamentally heroic and good. She also doesn’t know his whole ugly damaged history. He’s a blank slate to her, and she’s from an era where people took each other at face value much more readily. And if she sees something good and redeemable and even desirable in a big ooky mess like Mick Rory, well, why wouldn’t he fall for her? 

hes still complaining hes like ‘i wish girls liked me youre the only girl that ever really took me seriously’ im like LMFAO What was a dumb bitch THINKING lmfao hes repulsive to me now or like a small baby. actually what i was thinking was that he had a lip ring and was a good kisser and love to eat ***** so like that was that but like now with distance im like….. hes a child