65 Hockey Asks
  • Have you ever:
  • 1. Been to an NHL game
  • 2. Seen the stanley cup
  • 3. met a hockey player (if so, who?)
  • 4. met a hockey player and not known who it was
  • 5. played hockey?
  • 6. gone skating on a pond
  • 7. been to an NHL playoff game
  • 8. Been to a game where a trophy was awarded?
  • 9. Gotten injured playing hockey/skating
  • 10. Gotten injured WATCHING hockey
  • 11. Cried because of a game
  • 12. Cried because of a goal
  • 13. cried because of a player
  • 14. cried because of a team
  • 15. bought a jersey
  • 16. bought a jersey of a team that wasn't your top pick
  • Favorite:
  • 17. Goal
  • 18. Fight
  • 19. Duo
  • 20. Bromance
  • 21. Team
  • 22. hockey city
  • 23. Player under 25
  • 24. Player over 25
  • 25. Player with a hyphenated name
  • 26. NHL player's name
  • 27. Goal song besides your own teams
  • 28. Player not on your own team
  • 29. Player on your least favorite team
  • 30. Color combination of a hockey team
  • 31. Team name
  • 32. Defenseman
  • 33. Forward
  • 34. Goalie
  • 35. Coach
  • If you were an NHL player:
  • 36. What would your number be?
  • 37. What team would you probably be on?
  • 38. What position would you play?
  • 39. What would be your goto celly?
  • 40. What would your nickname be?
  • 41. How many years would it take for you to win the stanley cup?
  • 42. Would you get along with your coaches?
  • 43. Would you play the villain or the hero?
  • 44. What kind of charity organizations would you devote most of your time too?
  • What NHL Team:
  • 45. Would win the stanley cup if winning was only based on being nice
  • 46. Probably has the best parties
  • 47. Probably gives the best hugs
  • 48. Will win the stanley cup next
  • 49. Has the best AHL team
  • 50. Will be a surprise next year, either good or bad
  • 51. Is the cutest
  • 52. Needs a good pep talk
  • 53. Really needs to just chill
  • Women's Hockey:
  • 54. what NWHL team are you rooting for?
  • 55. What CWHL team do you root for?
  • 56. Favorite female hockey player?
  • 57. Most legendary Female hockey player
  • 58. Favorite Clarkson cup win?
  • 59. Favorite National team?
  • 60. Favorite Japanese female hockey player?
  • 61. Favorite female goalie
  • 62. Favorite female forward
  • 63. Favorite female defensemen
  • Create your own:
  • 64. Penalty
  • 65. Team (city, name, colors)
Allen Pt 1

Season 1 Masterlist

Michael Scofield x Reader

Word Count: 1,382

Warnings: Language

Originally posted by sweet-freedom

    Michael had his sleeves rolled up and was using a mirror to see the underside of his tattoos when you glanced over. What the hell was he trying to see so badly? He quickly wrote it on a piece of paper. Funny how he only looks at his tattoos when he thinks no one’s looking, not even his cellie. What’s the big secret?

    A buzzer went off, making you jump ten feet, then an announcement saying, “Shakedown, ladies. Shakedown.” The room got very loud and very messy as all the inmates struggled to throw away contraband before the guards came.

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so I was looking through some Caps player profiles on the NHL website, because I was curious about draft picks, when I noticed something.

here’s Nicky being stoic and dramatic

and then there’s Mojo with an intense acton shot

Oshie also gets a dramatic close-up (feat. his weird mustache)

Ovi’s is what looks like a mid-celly shot

we get super happy Alzner

and even serious Burky

and then…

K U Z Y.


Patrick takes another lap, breaking up some fresh ice when he sees his family start to make their way onto the rink.

He skates over to them. “Hey buddy, you ready to skate?” Patrick asks as he comes to a stop in front of his son.

Mason nods his head in response. He’s all bundled up for the outdoor rink and one of his tiny hands is clutching Jonny’s. Patrick skates up next to Mason’s other side and holds his hand out for him to take.

Patrick and Jonny share a smile. “You lace him up or did he do it himself?” Patrick asks Jonny.

“I did it, daddy!” Mason shouts before Jonny can answer.

“I helped,” Jonny mouths to Patrick.

They skate around the rink a few times, passing by other Hawks and their families. They stop to say hi every now and then, but Mason keeps breaking up their conversations with other people by tugging on Jonny and Patrick’s hands and pulling them forward.

“I want to skate!” Mason says.

“You are skating, bud,” Jonny responds, laughing.

“I want to skate forever, papa,” Mason corrects. Jonny looks over at Patrick and grins.

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anonymous asked:

19 for the fic meme with an OT3 of your choosing

19. things you said when we were the happiest we ever were - polyfrogs because i only got xenoblade prompts lmao 

“Oh my god! Oh my god!!” Chowder’s helmet was already off before the buzzer sounded, signaling the end of the game.  His eyes were as wide as saucers and his grin lit up his entire face.  “Shutout!!

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