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Request: Can you write a Hayes Imagine Where me and Hayes are watching a movie, but it turns into a tickle session

“Hayes come on!” I yelled to my boyfriend Hayes. I sat down on the couch with the popcorn and put on mean girls. “Y/N really? I probably know most of the lines to this movie since you make me watch it so much.” I chuckled. “I know babe but it’s my favorite!” I said. “I know.” Hayes mumbled. He sat down next to me and took my hand. I smiled. Halfway through the movie he looked over at me and said, “hey y/n are you ticklish?” “What-” I began to say but I was cut off by Hayes tickling my stomach. “Oh my gosh Hayes stop! What are you doing?” I yelled, laughing. He stopped and I got on top of him, straddling his legs. “Oh babe is it about to get fun?” He asked. “No.” I responded while tickling him. “I’m going to get you back!” He yelled.

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oh my god oh my god are you okay? Well obviously you aren't I read your posts but oh my gosh I feel horrible. Babe I know you think nobody cares, and we haven't been talking long, but I think you're really fucking amazing, and wow please don't do anything you're incredible. You're really funny and memetastic and you make my dong go ZING, and honestly when you were talking about what happened on your birthday I was really really angry and i think I was vibrating with anger tbh.

z in g….

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I always find myself checking up on your blog because everything about it is quality and you just seem to get me!! Especially when it comes to why you love Luke. You also seem genuinely sweet and humble. Honestly, I need more friends like you!! Just someone who's incredibly nice and understanding of why I love this dork of a boy. Long story short (before this gets too sappy), you're quite the gem!! xx

oh my gosh, babe this is so sweet :’) thank you?! i don’t even know what to say this is so so lovely :’) come hug me we’ll talk about luke and drink tea and watch vines for hours

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babe heffron! or like, Bossuet?



1: sexuality headcanon: uh probably considers himself straight, but like, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t think about it sometimes
2: otp: I have no idea I don’t really do the shipping thing in this fandom.
3: brotp: Bill&Babe I mean what else? Babse and John Julian yeah ._.
4: notp: ???
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: his hands and nose are always slightly cold, oh my gosh. also he gets super whiny when he’s sick, but in such an exagerated manner than you can tell he’s not serious, even though he says he is.
6: favorite line from this character: ‘’Heffron’?? come on Gene you know my name why don’t you use it?’ and Roe goes ‘uh it’s Edward right?’ and then Babe gets all offended and like ‘Edward, are you serious? Only the goddamn nuns call me Edward!’ and I don’t know I just love the way he says it.
7: one way in which I relate to this character: uh. I too absolutely adore Eugene Roe.
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: his LAUGH i love it.
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? ginger cinnamon roll.

 and Bossuet!

1: sexuality headcanon: bisexual - he likedm ore men than women though and surprised himself a little when he met Musichetta.
2: otp: J/B/M
3: brotp: friendship with Grantaire!!! and also Feuilly, and also Marius, and I need to see more of his friendship with everyone without getting through Joly or R first tbh
4: notp: uh. Bossuet/Unhappiness how about that. it just doesn’t work.
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: he dress up as Santa every year for a christmas event at a children’s hospital and distributes little presents and jokes around for a day. But the first year he lost his hat and couldn’t find him - he was getting frustrated until one of the kids, a tiny little thing who had lost all of her hair from chemotherapy, ran up to hug him and pointed out that they looked the same and how happy she was, because she didn’t know santa was bald too! he’s never worn a santa hat after that (though he does wear the ridiculous fake beard.)
6: favorite line from this character: I don’t have the exact lines but lbr everything he says is gold.
7: one way in which I relate to this character: I don’t relate to his attitude but I want it tbh.
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: I can’t think of anything? 
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll with so much sugar frosting on it!!! 

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hi Chris.I've talked to you before about some guy I was talking to and well it ended bad. I was scared to tell him I was a Virgin because he wasn't and so as time went on stuff happened and right after we did it he asked if I was and I told him the truth. the nxt couple days he acted weird with me then completely ignored me and now has a new girlfriend even though it's been a week. pretty sure he was talking to her the whole time and I don't know what to do. I'm so hurt & they hang in my places

Babe :( oh my gosh. I am so sorry. I know how much this must hurt but I want to tell you something…THANK GOD HE IS GONE!!! Do you understand how shallow and terrible he is for you? Do you know how much more you deserve? You deserve to be treated as the FREAKING GODDESS YOU ARE!!! He is out of your life because someone who is going to take you off your feet is going to come. Believe in that. Believe in yourself. I love you!! <333

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oh my gosh, why does it say you're single what happened? ive never messaged you before sorry but I needed to ask!๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Babe I’ve been single for ages haha! Like way over a year now haha

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I was looking for a specific post-chapter bit in Gunnerkrigg Court (which I recommend if you haven't heard of it yet, great comic). And I saw one with character dreaming about adventuring with Mulder and Skully. From there it should be obvious what my first thought was :P

ohh i used to read gunnerkrigg court omg!!!! i want to start reading it again, i have a lot of time this week to do so. oh my gosh thats so cool????!?!?!!!! ill have to find that, i absolutely love anything with my x files babes in it..i lov mulder and scully both so much….thank you so much for sharing this with me anon! it means a lot and ill have to go check it out/read more gunnerkrigg court! :”D

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Heya, is it okay if I rant here a bit? So there's something I don't like about my body. it's not my weight or my build, I'm very happy with both~ What I don't like is my veins, weird I know ~ mainly on my arms, I'm not pale I've got light olive skin but my veins are just so bright! Lately someone at work has been noticing and I tell them to stop bringing it up but they don't seem to get that I'm not joking with them? I can follow them from my palm to my shoulder and I'm just fed up I guess

Oh, oh gosh so can I! I feel you 100% babe, and although I don’t feel particularly self conscious about it, it does get irritating when someone keeps on pointing out that sorta thing. Here’s my advice (personal experience!) try to avoid any possible reaction in order to make them uncomfortable. Is it mean? Possibly, but it’s the only working method sometimes. What I mean is that whenever they bring that up you should stare at them for like two seconds and immediately go back to doing your thing without any kind of comment. Guaranteed: they’ll cringe and stop talking about it after a couple of times. You see, humans are pretty simple sometimes: whenever put in a weird/uncomfortable situation, they’ll do everything in their power to avoid repeating the same occurrence. I promise it works! 

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wow, really attracted to beefy boys with hairy chests and amazing broad shoulders!? what is that comic about?

Oh my gosh, it’s not really a comic? It’s more of an au for some ocs I share with @golden-eyes- BUT I’M SO HAPPY YOU ASKED ASDFGHJKL
The main characters are actually Clara and Robert, and in this au they’re a knight and a prince respectively, but in their original universe they’re superheroes.
The broad and hairy babe is their friend Marco. Originally he’s their roommate, but in this au he’s the strongest knight they’ve got in their party… you can probably see why :P

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Hi girlie!!!! You are such an inspiration (I feel your pain so hard on running injuries I went through a big spurt of that) and I am SO HAPPY YOU RAN TODAY!!!! Any chance you could do a post on your whole running journey? I'm a new follower and just trying to catch up on what happened/how long you haven't been running/etc! Sending so much love and prayers your way :)

Oh my gosh hi babe!! Thank you so much!! I hope you are doing very well now with no running injuries <3 I will absolutely do a little recap of my running journey :)

I’ve been running since middle school and I really discovered my passion for it summer going into my sophomore year of high school. To make it long story short, it just completely became a huge part of my life and I really accomplished some of my biggest goals. Running became so much more than just running (as us runners know, so I won’t get much into it).

I committed to Seton Hall to run XC for them and had my absolute best and most successful running career this last fall/XC season, but unfortunately, after a 3 ½ week break before training for track, I got some really bad tendonitis in my foot which turned into terrible IT band problems that I’ve been dealing with for 5 months now.

I’ve made lots of progress + I have a remarkable doctor helping me, so praying that things will work out :) x

There’s still stuff that needs to be tidied, but I feel so much better about my blog right now uvu My muses are updated, my theme has been changed, and I’ve got a cute new babe to show off. Everything is well~

i was tagged by- you guessed it, the literal only person who tags me lmao. it was the wonderful legendofclarkegriffin 

1. write your name in song titles

M- Mama by MCR or Beyonce bc i like them both

A- AB/AP by fall out boy

R- Runaways by ATL

Y- for fucks sake what kind of song title starts with a y i mean honestly

2. why did you choose your url?


3. whats ur middle name?

i have two, Louise and Sweeney

4. if you could be a fictional character/being/race, what would you be?

ive thought at length about this before. i would be a shapeshifter that can turn into anything and have those powers/attributes, like morph from the x-men sort of. i would also carry a bag with anything i need in it, like leos workbelt from pjo. whats a wizard without a wand, eh?

5. favorite color?

iridescence B) 

6. fav song?

right now, partition by beyonce but it changes literally every 30 mins 

7. top 3 fandoms?

the 100, steven universe, like all the bandoms (5sos, fob, panic, mcr, etc)

8. why do u like tumblr?

the jokes and tbh it passes the time. also i can talk about things that i cant tlak about irl so thats cool

9. tag 9 more people

sassy-still-classy yejimeatbun ohemmoh nettlewildfairy sheekeepsmewarm meladoodle lmao shes not gonna notice miss-cigarettes walnutsandrain chickenstab

have a fun time be safe ilyall

Do you like COMICS?

Hi, friends, followers, and foes! I’ve recently started a blog called BABES WITH COMICS!

I have, like, one million (or, ten really) reasons as to why I started this. But all you need to know is that I’d love for you to check it out!

And (OH MY GOSH), if you read comics, SUBMIT a photo of yourself! #comiclife (Like thuglife, but with comics.) Open to all humans and animals!


bilbosxbooks said: You don’t owe me a reply or anything but I do owe you a compliment: dang. What a babe. I need sunblock if I’m going to bask in your glory. Could you be any closer to perfect? Just, wow! What a good person you’ve been in this life. You deserve puppies

*hides forever* Oh my gosh ok this was from a few days back but i only just looked at my notes and oh my darling your so sweet!! Thank you so much that’s made my week ily <3 

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I used to be veggie for about half a year and I wish I could still be now, but my immune system fell apart because of it and I was constantly ill, and my vitamin deficiencies mean it's super hard hitting. I wish I could be, and I've turned everything I possibly can veggie. No tested products, limiting meat to 2 times a week and it has to be local &amp; organic etc. I'd kill to be veggie again though! :(

Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry to hear that babe! Well good for you for doing everything you can to stay away from animal cruelty! I wonder what happened to your immune system if you don’t mind me asking what was your diet? Because I might have some theories on that but again really great of you to stay away from testing and limiting on the meat (any step away from animal cruelty is a good one!)