sappy post time!!! 

so i got into 1d late….like i became a fan in 2014. and i’ve always felt like i was ‘behind’ because i’d not started out with so many people who’d be there from the beginning. fast forward a few years and i’ve since seen 1d twice in concert. and when i first started liam wasn’t even my fave. the important thing is that when i became a liam stan (and never looked back) i was WELCOMED with open arms. before liam, i just blended in, i was just another fan of the boys and my fave. but as soon as liam happened, i felt like i belonged, even though i’d not started from the beginning like so many have. 

liam’s new song comes out tomorrow! and my point is i’m so happy that i get to be here for this now. i get to join all my fellow liam stans in this new beginning. and it’s a really really exciting feeling. i already felt so welcomed by the liam stans but i’m just so excited to really start from this new beginning with everyone.

the ridiculous and sentimental new year's day post

so it’s january 1st of another year and ha 2015 when the hell did that happen

a year ago I never would have guessed that a blog devoted to bob’s burgers would have become such an important part of 2014. I mean, I started this blog mostly on a whim and figured that it would mostly be me and photoshop and the occasional gifset

but holy fucking hell this whole strange blogging experience has been so much more fantastic and ridiculous and wonderful than I ever would have guessed and that is entirely due to all of you — you amazing spectacular fools and HA this is so unbelievably sappy whatever it’s fine

anyway this is really an unnecessarily long way of saying thank you. 2014 was sort of all over the place but having this blog and this show and this wonderful belcher family has been absolutely amazing.

so really, thank you for everything and shoot, here’s to 2015

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Chicharito Press Conference (1-Sep-2014)

* There is no player in the world who can say that wearing this shirt is not a dream.
* I am very happy. Hopefully things go well, i will give everything.
* Back up role? I come to play for Real Madrid. 
* This is a dream come true. I am very happy to be here. I’ll try to help the team.
* I  want to thank all those people who support me. They will see a player who is going to deliver in the field.
* Hugo Sánchez had a special career in Real Madrid, I come here to have my own.
* I  am grateful to Real Madrid.
* I’ve already had the opportunity to speak to Ancelotti.
* Last season was pretty bad for all players of Manchester, not one.
* I never pledged a number of goals, the most important is that the team wins three points.
* I know what it takes to wear the Real Madrid shirt.
* In principle, no more players will be presented.
* My new home is the Santiago Bernabeu.
* I’m not the tallest or the strongest. But size does not matter if you work 100% with the world’s best.
* I always give my best in every game. I’m looking forward to play the next game, work hard and earn 3 points.
* When I heard about the interest from Real Madrid I had no doubts.